Thursday, September 20, 2012

"It Was Too Late"

Sam says about Jason because she saw him with Liz. In the meantime, Jason's trying to find the baby. IT's their anniversary. John saved one of the dragon things!!

Joe and Tracy. He's trying to make her think he's innocent of rape and murder!! Good luck with that. Although all he has to do is kiss her and..melt. I love them together! 

YEAH Sexis!!!  Alexis probably knows what being young and PG was like.  NLG was so good when she found out about Trey. They so remind me of BO AND NORA!! get the junk food out! 

Maxie and ConKate..heh.  "Chains and Lucite..not big chains, little ones" heh "the Connie 
side of you may be less demanding"-- says Maxie LOL.  Maxie wanted HIGH TEA ahaha. Connie wants Tequila and Strippers for her bach party :)

SO Krissy and Trey had sex.  And it was good by the look of her face. 

CarJohn:  Josslyn's with Jax? Okaaaaay. Maybe Jax can be a silent manny now for his own kid. 

Does Starr work? Ummmm. I know she's rich but...

Jason and Steven Larz. Steven is getting the truth in his face. He KNOWS ABOUT TEA'S BABY! Woot!!  

WHERE THE HELL is Anna? Her getting home is only taking about 88 days. Geeze.


  1. Johnny's home: Johnny is home!!! Carly is taking care of him. She has a surprise for him! She signed the divorce papers! Carly and Jax are divorced. :( Carly went to go get a blanket for him, when his phone rings. It's Connie! :) She talks to him about getting hitched. I WAS RIGHT!!! She DOES want to marry Johnny!!!! Hahaha! :) Johnny isn't happy to hear from her and doesn't like the plan! He hangs up and Carly thinks the person on the phone, is one of the men from the mob! She wants to tell them off the next time they call! ROFL!

    Tracy and Joe Jr: I so want them back together!!! Joe Jr tells her that he didn't murder McBain's sister and that he didn't rape Kate. I believe him when he says he didn't rape Kate. I mean geez the way Connie is when she is with Johnny! I think there is more to the story with that one. And Joe Jr has explained what happened. I could be proven wrong in the future, but for now I'm on Joe Jr's side. Anyway they kiss!!! She walks away from him after the kiss, and says she doesn't trust him. Come on Joe Jr tell Tracy you put the anti serum in her water!!!

    Sonny's home: Connie and Maxie are talking about her wedding! Maxie is going to help her. Too funny. :)

    Alexis's home: Sonny says he needs to talk to her and that she is the only one he can talk to and trust!! Awwwwww! :) They talk about Trey being Joe Jr Jr Jr! Joe Jr's son! It looks like Maurice Bernard has a bug bite on his forehead! :) Anyway, Sam and McBain are outside talking about Jason and the divorce papers. McBain has the dragon thing that he found in the lost and found. Come on McBain KISS!!! :)

    Jason and Steve: Steve knows the truth now!!!! :)

    Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr's home: Oh great! Now that Joe Jr Jr Jr and Krissy had sex, they can't get an annulment!! Starr REALLY wants to tell Krissy the truth but she doesn't. Krissy changes her mind about getting annulment! Oh so THAT is why he slept with her!!! So that she would change her mind!!

  2. Maxie and Connie were great. I hope they keep Connie, she is much more fun than boring Kate.

    Tracy is just a fool in love, All Joe has to do is kiss her and she forgets everything. I like Joe, they need to exonerate him of everything.

    All of a sudden people see, smarter. They can Put together facts and come to conclusions without having someone bash them over the head with it. that pathogen must have increased brain function. I guess Kristina should have stayed in PC she might have reaped that benefit too.

    Love Alexis and Sonny together.

    Was it my TV or did a lot of people wear purple today?

  3. I think Trey is doing a very convincing job at acting Straight.

    (ha ha ha)

    For now.

  4. Sonya, If he tells Tracy he put the antidote in her water he'd have to explain how he got it.

    I like the fact that things are moving faster and Connie is indeed more interesting than kate. I can't wait to see what she has planned for the wedding. Maybe she wants to hire Johnny to "take out" Sonny since she got shot last time. lol

  5. The Connie/Maxie scenes were a riot!!

    So over Jasam and their stupid dragon thingys. Although, the dragon thingys actually have more chemistry than Jasam to be honest. lol!

    Put that boring couple down once and for all and let's get on with McBam!! Very much enjoy their real chemistry :)

    Really loving the Tracy/Joe chemistry even though I could give two (bleeps) about Joe Jr. Just nice seeing Tracy in a storyline!!

  6. After watching the return of Sean Kanan on B&B this week, I am convinced he is going to be a recast Jason. He has bulked up some and has such a resemblance to Jason. Can't wait, although I love him on B&B -their loss and our gain. Kind of disturbed about the spoiler of JaSam renewing vows - Sam and McBain are sooo much better. Loved Maxie with Connie.

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  8. Di said...Sonya, If he tells Tracy he put the antidote in her water he'd have to explain how he got it.
    No he doesn't!! He can make up a story on how he got it. He could say he stole it from Jerry! :) And that he couldn't get more because he didn't have enough time, because Jerry was coming. :)


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