Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Yeah, A Krey Day

Chad Duell turns 25 today
Krissy and Trey. Whatever... blah blah, don't care

Alexis and Sam!! 

Spinelli trying to get the girlie to do some testing for him. go. 

Liason day!! While Sam is talking about Forgiving Jason. 

You haven't had a man since the Industrial Revolution! Tracy to Monica!!! LMAO

NEWS BREAK--those poor guys from Libya. I got to see about 15 min of he show today. 


  1. Liked Tracy and Monica's dialogue and the barbs back and forth! Liked Liz telling Jason her feelings and the kiss. Of course Sam would decide she wants to forgive Jason and work on her marriage just as Liz/Jason are getting closer. We know Cartini will have jason find out the baby is his and have the big jasam/baby moment before Steve leaves. Then Sam is supposed to fall into McBain's arms , unless , Kelly Monaco decides she is leaving and they go away together with ( spoiler ahead- jason running from police ).
    Kate finding out trey is her son and Scully is trey's dad was o.k. I just have never been interested in Sonny and Kate's relationship. I still feel that kate is the alter and Connie is the real personality because of Olivia's description of her cousin kate's personality since they were young. I think they will write the story that maybe she wasn't raped but that Connie calls Scully over to have sex like she did with Johnny and then her alter kate comes out thinking she is raped, but that's just a guess at Ron's writing. Trey and Kristina , I find, are dull.

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  3. Karen, what is your take on the firings at Y&R? Is JFP trying to put Ron out of business by bringing in Jason & Sonny??
    Would like to hear your thoughts.

  4. Monica and Tracy: They had a great scene!!! Monica talking to Tracy about Joe Jr! :) Tracy tells Monica You haven't had a man since the industrial revolution! ROFL! Monica wants to do a background check on Joe Jr. They talk about how Tracy doesn't know the guy's last name hahahahha!

    Jason and Liz: Today is Jason's birthday! Liz took Jason home and Jason's place was all decorated. Liz's shirt was cute. Liz was going to tell Jason how she feels, when a newsbreak came in! Those poor family members who lost their loved ones. :(

    Alexis's home: Alexis has the divorce papers!! What are you waiting for Sam? Sign them!!!! No don't talk about how it's not Jason's fault! UGH! More roller coaster ride!

    Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr's home: Joe Jr Jr Jr and Joe Jr are talking. Starr shows up and asks if he is his father. Joe Jr Jr Jr says no. Starr says don't even! You both look alike!!! Hahaha they sure do! Starr gives attitude to Joe Jr! Yup she is Todd's daughter alright! :) Father and son talk in the hallway about how his son spilled his guts to Starr. Starr is watching them through the peephole. :)

  5. I hate the thought of Patrick dating this week. He's supposed to go out on a date with a new Doctor and the spoiler that Karen mentioned with that new nursing student- she will try to get Patrick's attention. I just feel like its too soon and I wish he could find out about Robin.
    JFP is cleaning house on Y&R, 3 women fired, another woman may be next, and 2 men to follow. Seems like she's making room for GH's flock.

  6. How long before Y&R completely tanks? Now they need Guza....

  7. Avalonn said...How long before Y&R completely tanks?
    Probably in a year or two. :(

    Now they need Guza...
    Oh that would be icing on the cake! :)


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