Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Count the Kleenex Boxes at the PCPD

Liz and  Jason hug...Liz is a sweaty macaroonie. Geeze. Patrick isn't...Jason isn't too bad...maybe it's her pale skin! 

Everyone is in the PCPD yelling at Jax. Did you see that MOD Kleenex box on the desk? LOL The police don't even care that Jax/Sonny are almost fist fighting.
Sonny: "Why won't you Jacks boy just stay dead"? 

The note in the safe said "You're right. Find the cards, find the cure" but the safe isn't where they were. and Sam faints.  Then, John takes her to GH where Liason and McBam end up in the same room. Awkward. 
Jerry is working for Duke, btw
The cure was in the fireplace hearth in that shed that Ewan took Liz to. He obviously knew it wasn't there. Jerry finally gives it to Joe. 

Jerry is on speaker phone at the PCPD. 

Maxie "I haven't been here in a long time" (referring to the hospital) but I think they did a little nod to KS coming back. Maxie translates Robin's handwriting. 

Ewan is dying, finally Patrick goes in..and Ewan says--"Robin..Robin..." and flatlines.

SO many holes today.
Why didn't ANYONE from PCPD listen in on Jerry's phone call?
Where the hell is Dante? Dolores?

MAC? He'd be in there, "retired" or not. Maybe he and Coleman are having a "Pathogen Party" at the Floating Rib.
It's taking DAYS for Anna to get home. 

Work  Situation: Looks like I'll be home around 2:30 everyday--if I hurry.. lol. Damn it. I really like to be here live. I'm not sure how this is going to play out at ALL. ;/ 


  1. How was KS? I bet it was good having Maxie back!!! Can't wait!!

  2. KS was wonderful today! Didn't realize how missed she was until I saw her!!

    Anna is on a long flight. Either it gets delayed or lost, we won't be seeing her for awhile.

    I so agree about Mac. Will we be seeing more Feliia now that Maxie is back? Doubt it.

  3. Kirsten was great. Really nice scenes with Patrick. Tomorrow she has scenes with Spinelli.

    We get the Sam/Jason "what if" daydreams tomorrow.

    They are testing Tracy's blood, so she might be the cure.

    Although the scenes with the 1% weren't as good as yesterday, they were still entertaining.

    Loved Sonny and Jax going at each other in the middle of the PD.

    If they really want to redeem Joe, then he should leave the antidote out for the Patrick to find.

  4. Kristen's hair looks great...I love it longer and full.

  5. Oops...Kirsten. That was a complete typo...I know her name!!

    Kirsten's hair looked great!

  6. Jerry and Joe Jr: Joe Jr wants the serum! Jerry is confused because he gave him one. Jerry laughs because Joe Jr saved Tracy Q hahaha! Jerry won't give it to him more! Joe Jr makes him feel guilty. Jerry wants to prove to Jerry he has a heart, so he gives the serum to Joe Jr.

    The police station: Cops running back and forth ROFL! Todd and the Port Charles one percenters are there to save the day!! :) ROFL! Todd said that line again about his band hahaha! Jax and Sonny argue and bring up the past. Jerry is on the phone with Todd, and Todd puts him on speaker phone. The one percenters (which Jax has joined) are all quiet ROFL! Carly and Todd want to know why Tracy is feeling fine! :) They advise her to go to the hospital to check out why she is okay and maybe help the people who are sick.

    Haunted Star: Something else Sam found. It's a note. I thought the note said congratulations, but I was wrong. Sam passes out and McBain takes care of her! Oh just kiss again! :)

    The hospital: Kristen Storms is back!!!!! YAY! Altho I do miss Jen Lilley tho. :( Hey I love Kristen Storm's hair! Normally I don't, but this time I do! :) She has changed her hair. I like Patrick and Maxie working together. Altho she was very rude to Tracy! WOW! I'm sorry, but shut up Maxie. There was no reason to be rude. Meanwhile, Ewen is there to get his appendix out, oh wait he was shot I forgot ROFL! Ewen is being all nobel now! He tells Steve to let him go and go help other people! Ewen wants Patrick. Steve gets Patrick, and Ewen brings up Robin! And just as he was about to tell Patrick, he flatlines! DOH!

  7. Yes I also can't believe how little Dante and Lulu are being used during this storyline. I just hope Dante and Lulu get to be heros during this storyline or I will be one upset fan.

  8. OMG Karen! McBam were so hot today! why didn't you mention that? :)

  9. In the early scene there was Sam opening a safe. At one point she said "wait. there is something else in here"

    did anyone else hope that she pulled out the Ice Princess?

  10. Karen, Can't you just DVR the show, and comment on it as you watch it? I DVR it every day, and watch it when I finish working (or sometimes in between clients), you don't have to watch it live. I guess it's hard to change your routine, but, c'mon, we're counting on you for your daily input, you can't desert us!!

  11. Ok, maybe it was just me but when Steven Larzzzzz used his mouth to open something and put the bloody glove up to his mouth I nearly vomited. Not very hygienic, doc!

  12. I have to say it is SO great seeing the faces I have missed so much on the canvas!! Kirsten, Ingo, and Sebastian.. Love love love!!!

    Deb K... I like your icon, its funny too bc of the arguments you get into sometimes. hehe

  13. Mrs. D said...Ok, maybe it was just me but when Steven Larzzzzz used his mouth to open something and put the bloody glove up to his mouth I nearly vomited. Not very hygienic, doc!
    Yeah I noticed that too!!!!! Geez Steven Larz aren't you afraid the blood will get on you?

  14. Maybe Steven Larzzzzz is a left over vampire from Port Charles.....maybe they he figures ah screw it we're all dying anyway no need to be hygienic. Did anyone else think nooooo Patrick don't let Steven Larzzzzzz touch the research he might screw it up! Missed Todd's quick comments today :( yesterday's show was like Christmas for him. So, happy to see Kirsten Storms back. She seemed more toned down today.

  15. Yes, I can DVR the show. I am OCD about watching it live when I blog/tweet though. It's just something I'm going to have to get over!!!

    I loved seeing KS too-- I loved Jen but KS just fits.

    I was hoping someone's HEAD was in the safe!! LOL
    But I'm weird like that.

  16. I was hoping Sam's baby (alive) was in the safe, LOL. So sad that the baby has bonded for so long with the fake mom. McBam were soo hot, but I think it's because of McBain, not Sam. Loved seeing Kirsten back - JL was good but her voice was kind of grating. Anna needs to be back to run this epidemic for the police. And, how are all of the people in PC supposed to get the antidote when there are only a few dozen maybe in Jerry's attache?

  17. I enjoyed the episode yesterday too. Liz is sweating pretty bad. Her and jason were cute, but again...
    Love Sam and McBain together and he almost didn't want to leave her at the hospital.
    Yeah, I don't understand why Dante isn't being used more? McBain is. I don't like that at all!!
    Maxie being rude to Tracy. I loved it ONLY because Tracy was rude back and then gave the death stare to Maxie, who got uncomfortable. Tracy likes to intimidate and Maxie needs more of those death stares to keep her in line.
    Maxie trying to help Patrick. She isn't the best fit in this scenario. Just because of how not bright she is. Why wouldn't other doctors or nurses be helping Patrick?

  18. Nice having KS and her Maxie snark back. She didn't miss a beat. Really miss Jen Lilley though. *sigh

    Great Liason scenes with the emotional eye sex. Same with McBam!!

    Not having Dante and even Mac, in on every aspect of this pathogen storyline is ridiculous. We're supposed to believe Mac would go volunteer at a nursing home w/Felicia rather than find Jerry??

    Also dropped the ball with no Monica! So the chief of staff is just MIA during biggest health crisis?

    Not sure I'll be tuning in for today's "What If" with Jasam. I was over that couple before they were a couple. They just don't do it for me. Steve Burton never looks like he enjoys working with Kelly Monaco. Their scenes come off very forced.

    I too was grossed about by Steven and the bloody glove thing. Ick!

    LMAO Stephanie!! ;-)

  19. I will also not be watching today. I don't like that they are doing the "what would have been" with Sam and Jason. Jason still acted like a jerk to Sam after she was raped. Even if the baby lived, there was still that. Are the writers saying that if it was Jason's kid or if the kid lived, then Sam would forgive him for how he acted towards her? Probably. The women on this show don't have any balls.
    And, it isn't like Jason never had a kid before. He had Jake, who he easily gave up on because of his life and we had to watch. How about a what if scenario if he decided to claim Jake? He would have two lovely sons that got to play with each other and carry on the Quartermaine legacy.


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