Monday, September 3, 2012

Pop Goes the Wub!

Haven't done one of these in ages and I need to talk about some stuff out there!! So on this Labor Day, if you have the time sit back and relax and read on!! (GH is a rerun by the way.)

1. Gwen Stefani. Well. Hell. Give me some of what she's eating. Two kids and she looks like she did in the beginning-- of like,  HER TEENS.  

2. Clint's empty chair: Now come on. There are no words and the simple fact people are talking about this more than Mitt's speech speaks volumes. (and we got a TON of awesome memes out of it!) 

3. Best Show I've been watching: Arrested Development. Hard to believe it was 9 years ago-- and I'd forgotten a lot. My son started watching it on Netflix this summer and Wubby Hubby and I joined him. It's so awesome in so many ways. I know they are going to have another season at soon. Yes.
4. Most looking forward to: Once Upon A Time. And it's not a typical show for me. It's so well written and soapy I just love it. Can't wait to see Hook and what happens when the Magic is back!! 

5. Breaking Bad never gets old. Amazing show.  Amazing cast. Amazing Amazing Amazing. Did I say Amazing? Last  night's finale was perfect. Can't wait for the last 8 shows. Jesse's relief was just palpable.

6. I didn't go to the movies ONCE this summer. Can you even believe it? I wanted to see Moonrise Kingdom but never made it. Same with Prometheus. Time slipped by and I have to admit I loathe paying $10 for a movie. It's just not right. You used to be able to afford to go even when times were tough. I went every Friday with my HS boyfriend and then went to the Texas Hot. We could afford that and some Boone's Farm wine too. LOL. 

7.  Bridezillas: I don't get We TV for some stupid reason but we do get it On Demand. (go figure) That's how I see all the new Bridezilla shows every week. It is HANDS DOWN the most hilarious show out there. The sound effects, narration, editing? Brilliant.  Just cracks me up. Who the hell would marry these bitches? Well, we see the dupes who do. Oy.

8. My iPhone. Woooot!! Oh my gosh. Best invention ever. I'm not dissing Droids or other smart phones, I just happened to get an iPhone because I had an iTouch. I am LOVING INSTAGRAM!! It's so fun and so much more interesting than twitter.  I get to see my nieces in England's adventures. Since they are in their 20s I can live retroactively through them. 

9. Pintrest is a great site. I actually am also on We Heart It which is very similar but more fashion oriented. The amount of visuals out there is astonishing. Plus hooking into all those recipes  I want to make (but probably never will) is awesome. Photo Hoarding --gotta love that. 

10. Snooki's baby: I'm only mentioning this because I think the girl needs a break. She's been really focused on the whole thing and I'm happy for her. Plus her boy was born a day after my birthday. She has a late August Virgo kid to deal with.  Throw her some love.

11. Kids React...Elders React on You Tube. If you haven't seen this series yet, go check it out. Teens and Older people watch You Tube clips and make comments.  Insightful and funny.  Go to The Fine Bros channel to see them!

12. Football: I'm a Bills Fan. No comment

13.   The Hunger Games--finally started reading the trilogy. Loved the 2nd book the best. So happy Phil Hoffman is going to be in the second movie. I am reading Mockingjay now. Haven't seen the movie yet. Hard for me to watch the movie after loving a book so much. 

14. This summer has been pretty quiet I guess. Other than Prince Harry's weenie romp, there's been no epic star stuff.  KStew was a big news bomb but I don't care about them. Sorry. LOL

15. FUN. If you like alternative music, put your Pandora on FUN. channel. I even heard great Matt and Kim stuff on there. FUN. is popular now but if you want old school, check out The Format.  

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  1. Hi Karen --
    If you haven't caught Jon Stewart's take on Clint and the empty chair, it's a must-see -- hilarious and insightful.

  2. Oh I did...!! and I watched Colbert-- Jon was RIGHT ON!

  3. Arrested Development is brilliant. So many subtle jokes in addition to the loud bellylaughs. I never get tired of it. Can't wait for the new episodes next year. Just saw online this morning that Judy Greer (Kitty) is going to be back for one. "You'll never see these again!"

    I saw Moonrise Kingdom. Sweet film! The kids were the stars, all the big movie stars had supporting parts.

  4. Where on earth do you go to only pay $10 for a movie??? The rest of the world pays up to $15, so don't complain. LOL!!

  5. 12. Football: I'm a Bills Fan. No comment
    ROFL! I'm a bills fan too! The season is going to start on Sunday! Right? :) They better win this season!

  6. Karen did you ever watch Revenge on ABC last fall?? It starts again soon... That was pretty good, I don't think there was one boring episode.


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