Monday, September 17, 2012

John Ingle Passes Away

This weekend  we lost a beloved member of our GH family, John Ingle who took over the role of Edward Quartermaine in 1993. With a twinkle in his eye, we grew to love him in the part. Did you know he was also in the movie "Heathers" as the principal? Mr. Ingles  also guested on several TV Shows in the '80s such as Silver Spoons, Newhart and many others.

 From 2004-2006 when he was let go from GH for a time, he played Mickey Horton on DOOL. Fans wanted him back at GH badly and he was rehired to play Edward in 2006. 

I had the privilege to interview John in 2003 and he was such a wonderful man. When he was let go at GH, his son-in-law made a point of saying that he loved GH and all the cast like members of his own family.  

Oh wow. RIP John Ingle. I wish I had stayed in touch. Never had a granddad, but he was the next closest thing, for me. I'll miss him deeply
Totally burning dinner and getting pizzas delivered in honor of Edward Quartermaine. Rest in peace, John Ingle. You were loved by all, sir.
R.I.P. John Ingle... Thank you for all your years as our beloved Edward Quartermaine. Hope you flew to the angels & found your wife. xo

A great husband. A great father. A great friend. A great actor. A great man. We love you John

John Ingle was a class act, a professional and the sweetest man you'll ever meet

Mr. Ingle, I have such admiration for the way you lived your life. You will be missed sir.
I had the privilege of talking with John Ingle a few weeks ago when he was on set. He was a kind man. I'm humbled to have known him.

John Ingle has passed away. He was a kind man who taught me a great deal about what it means to be an actor and a man. Rest well my friend.

I love you John ingle

My heart is broken by the loss of a great man, an inspiring talent, a wonderful mentor and a classy spirit that is so rare in this world.


  1. Oh goodness. How sad. He will be missed.

  2. RIP to John Ingle - he took up the character from the great Emmy-winner David Lewis and made it his own while keeping him comfortably familiar at the same time.

    Time to put to rest the character of Edward I think...those two played him so well that a 3rd recast isn't necessary.


  3. OMG my mouth flew open!!
    And we had the priviledge just a week ago of seeing our friend.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. John Ingle had 5 daughters, 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. No sons, i'm afraid...he always said his son kept sending him his sister instead, lol...such a gracious and lovely man. He will be missed by all the GH fans and family... makes me so sad.

  5. So sad. "Edward Quartermaine" will be missed.

  6. So sad and so glad we got to see him for one last time last week. He was probably the best recast ever, filling some pretty big shoes. He will be missed.

  7. It had to be his son in law then!

  8. That is so sad! I will miss him on GH!

  9. So sad to hear this....he was a wonderful actor and seemed like a really nice person. At least now he is with the love of his life. My grandpa died when I was like 3 so I don't remember him I always thought Edward Quartermaine and the way John played him (good and bad) is what a grandpa was suppose to be like! R.I.P.

  10. I cried when I heard about his death. God bless him. I loved that we got to see him one more time. I think I may replay that scene many times now. It was such a poignant moment.

  11. I am so sad to read this. Lovely really, that we all had that last glimpse of him and he did such a great job.

    My boys always loved the Land Before Time movies when they were little and I always heard John's voice as the grandpa dino.

  12. I rewatched his last scenes and when he told Tracy he loved her I couldn't help but cry. What a beautiful man

  13. I rewatched his last scenes and when he told Tracy he loved her I couldn't help but cry. What a beautiful man

  14. Karen, been trying to tweet you the following all day but my tweeter on twitter is broken, so I'll suggest it here.
    In honor of John Ingle, tomorrow during #GH east coast time, lets get #RIPJohnIngle trending to show our appreciation & love for him and his many years of pleasurable viewing as Edward Quartermaine!
    You'll have to pass the word, like I said my tweeter done tweeted out. lol Thanks for thinking about it.

  15. So very sad. I still have that episode on my PVR, I will be watching that again tonight with a box of Kleenex. John will be in heaven now with his beloved wife. RIP Mr. Ingle, thank you for entertaining us, you will be missed.

  16. Heartbreaking he is gone. Grateful we recently got one last Edward moment. Another thing done right by by Valentini & Co.

    We think of his acting credentials but I think he meant so much more to the Hollywood community as a teacher and mentor than anything else.

    And selfishly I wonder what GH will be like with no Edward Quartermaine.

  17. So sad, it is the end of an era. He gave us so much, he never will be forgotten.

  18. I read this online today and just had to post it.How wonderful that it was his wish and that they fulfilled it in a most touching scene.

    His final appearance in the series, taped on August 24, and aired September 11, fulfilled his wish to play Edward one last time.

    Read more:

  19. No one could top David Lewis as Edward, but Ingle remade the role an was terrific.


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