Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh Dear.



  1. Did she look guilty to anyone else but me?

  2. SHE DID IT!! I guess Liz is back to her bratty ways!!

  3. I like what they're doing here. Yes, it's horribly wrong for Liz to do this but as for drama's sake I think it's a stroke of genius. Shake the character up a bit.

  4. They are sure making it LOOK like she did it.

  5. I agree with you Frank, but I don't want her to turn out like Sam did. They made me really dislike the character of Sam after they wrote her doing such bad things. What I like about Jason and Liz is their friendship. They always find each other in their time of need and trust each other completely. To do something like this to Jason is not the Liz I know. Now if she did it to someone else and Jason wasn't involved, go for it!! I'm ready for her to quit being a doormat. Just not Jason!
    I loved the dialogue between Carly and Liz. I was hoping that Carly wouldn't go to Liz being all Bitchy like she normally is, but she came and actually sounded friendly and said she didn't want Jason or Liz hurt. I wish Liz wouldn't have been snarky back, but it really wasn't Carly's business.

    Can I just blame Jason for all of this?

  6. I don't think Liz did anything with the results. There has to be another explanation.
    I am just waiting to hear it.

    Also..I read that Jason finds out the baby is his...I wonder now that he is leaving if that is still going to be true?

  7. I'm betting it was a mistake with the results. Someone in the lab gave her the wrong one. Corrects it, by giving Liz the real results, which leaves her with the decision to tell or not to tell. Even more drama...

  8. She kept having this guilty look on her face!!!! She switched the test didn't she?!!?! :0 LIZ!!!!!!!!!

  9. If the writers did have Liz switch the results it would not hold true to the character of Liz, as in "Liz" the mother who just recently lost a child, would never do that and that's where I would have a huge problem with Ron.

    Looking forward to how this will play out because right now, it makes zero sense to me.

    I'm having lots of trouble with the way Ron has been writing for the GH characters. Some days GH just simply does not feel like GH at all and that makes me sad.

  10. I wouldn't put anything past these writers. The lab could be wrong. Or maybe Liz did do it. Or maybe the baby Tea has isn't JaSam's son at all but an entirely different baby that somehow got switch somewhere. This is just a really good plot twist. CarTini are GREAT at keeping people guessing.

    As a Liz fan, I hope she didn't switch the results...and I don't think she did.

  11. I don't think Liz would ever do something like that. And considering that she knows exactly how Sam feels about the loss of her child, and how she'd give anything to have Jake back, I can't see her denying Sam or any mother a chance to reunite with a child they thought was dead.

    I'm personally hoping it turns out the Todd has someone in the lab watching to see if anyone checked on DNA and ready to switch the results.

    I also think she probably looked quilty because she was secretly hoping it wouldn't be a match and when she saw Jason's pain she felt terrible for hoping that.

  12. For a writer wanting to raise rating, as a Liz fan I say this NOT a way to do it!!!!!

    Im so tired of Elizabeth being made to look like the fool, to pimp Sam.

    I am holding on by a thread to keep tuning in but this really Pissed me off.

    If they want all those past Liason fans to tune back it, then try showing Elizabeth some respect.
    Because Im getting really sick of this. Either Becky gets no air time at all or they use as as filler to pimp Jasam.

    Why is it all the GH writters want to use Liz as a door mat.
    Dont get me wrong, I know Elizabeth can be a bitch, and I enjoy it when she is, but she would NEVER EVER do this! Never!

  13. I'm all for Liz embracing her inner biatch, as long as it's far away from Jasam. It's bad enough Jake was killed so Sam could get her brat. Now keep Liz away from the 2 douches of Port Charles.


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