Friday, September 21, 2012

Today's SHOW??

Should I watch it?? What's up!? I have it on DVR.. 

Sorry if I've not been keeping up. Today I was in an all day workshop on R and S articulation methods. :) It was actually pretty good!

I WILL be doing a full Sunday Surgery..!!

QUESTION: ARE YOU LIKING THE NEW DOC/NURSING STUDENT GIRLIE?? Do you think we need these girlies???!!  


  1. Jason's home: Sam shows up to deliver the divorce papers, and she explains to Spinny why she delivered the divorce papers herself because Spinny wanted to know. He called foul! He really wants her to wait one more day!!! Cus of the miracle that he thinks is going to happen!

    Chinese restaurant: Maxie is talking to the Chinese guy for Kate's wedding! Patrick shows up and she tells him she can't babysit Emma tonight, because she is busy working on Kate's wedding shower and wedding. Patrick is relieved because he isn't ready to go on a date!! Meanwhile Sam is there with the dragon thingy and so is Jason. He found his dragon thingy at the floating rib!

    Sabrina, Brit and Patrick: Sabrina is so funny! She has this daydream about Patrick choosing her instead of Brit! I love Sabrina!!! :) Patrick shows up, and tells Brit he has to cancel because he has no babysitter. Brit asks Sabrina to do it! SAY WHAT?!!?! Brit you have no right asking Sabrina!!! Sabrina is a stranger to Patrick and Emma you bitch! I really can't stand Brit! She is way to pushy!!!! LAY OFF BRIT!

    Jason and Steve: They are talking about Tea and the baby, but the baby isn't Tea. And they talk about Heather. :) The pieces are all being put together.

    Anna and McBain: Anna is back!!!!!!!!!!! They catch up. McBain is waiting for his date with Jason. He can't wait! :) That new bartender, is HOT! :)

    Jason and McBain: They have a nice date. :) They talk about Tea, the baby, and Heather. The pieces are put into place. :)

    Johnny's home: Todd shows up and more one liners from him!!! He tells Carly that the chicken marsala is salty! Todd leaves and talks to Anna. Carly is taking care of Johnny.

    Heather and baby Cheeto: Heather is all alone with baby Cheeto! Heather spills her guts to him. She wants to take a road trip with him!!!! Oh oh McBain knocks on the door!!!

  2. Anna is FINALLY back from Paris. I guess she took the slowest plane ever. Her biggest priority is looking for Heather.

    Why is no one concerned with finding Jerry? Jax survived the explosion. Jerry survived from the LAST blown up boat he was on the LAST time he was presumed dead.

    The new nurse is seriously crushing on Patrick. Having visions and fantasies of Patrick taking her away... She needs to meet Spin, they would get along well.

    Jason and McBain talk in the floating rib. Jason tells him the theory that Tea has Sam's son. Tells him to get a DNA test on Tea's baby. That McBain has to go to Llandview to do this. Why doesn't Jason go to Llandview himself?

    Heather recounts the whole baby switch and kidnapping(to VicDan), just in case the audience has had its head in the sand for the last month.

    Sam and Spin talk, when she goes to drop off the Divorce papers. He tries to talk her out of it. Your love...

    Everyone is at the Chinese restaurant today. Maxie who is planning the Connie/Sonny wedding feast and Patrick who is picking up food. Sam and Jason wind up there at the end.

    There wereScenes with Carly/ Todd and Johnny but I missed most of that.

  3. Andrea: I hate that too. GH is so bad about having people say the same things over again, like we have forgotten the other 30 times it was brought up. I don't know how many more times I have to hear Jason say he was at fault for Sam's baby death and then go into explanation about it. NOW, Sam is doing the same thing. Honestly, if the writers can't come up with something new for them to say, maybe they should just have dead air. That won't make me roll my eyes as much.

  4. So sick and tired of JaSam.

    I don't mind Sabrina but can't stand the Brit chick.
    I want to smack her

    Why is it these new girls are getting airtime yet Elizabeth is no where to be seen.

  5. I don't know why we need Brit. Is n't she the third female doctor who's come on to pursue Patrick? It's getting ridiculous.And she is a biatch.

    I don't know why Patrick would be dating this soon anyway. He's barely gotten out of his funk. And I can't see him hiring someone he's just met to babysit just because she works at the hospital and seems nice. Lisa worked at the hosptal. Look who she turned out to be.

    Sabrina I like. And am I the only one thinking that if they SORA'd Kristina they'd get Sabrina? lol That girl lives inside a romance novel.

  6. Di said...And am I the only one thinking that if they SORA'd Kristina they'd get Sabrina? lol That girl lives inside a romance novel.
    Di, don't you mean sora'd Molly? :) And yeah you are right hahahaha!

  7. I thought that the Chinese restaurant was in another city.

    Can someone answer me, the jukebox in the Floating Rib, wasn't it playing the song they always use in the background, especially for Jasam? If it was, does anyone know the name of the song and who does it?

    I couldn't stand the 2 new chicks in a fantasy daydream already. It was jarring to me to see 2 absolutely new actresses used in this way, while we all pine for our vets and regulars. The doctor is horrible, the nursing student is cute, but annoying.

  8. Robin has been "dead" like 3 or 4 months and they already got Patrick going out on a date.....goodness!

  9. I never watched "Ugly Betty" when it was on. I certainly dont like the poor imitation called "Ugly Veronica". Or whatever her name is with the red glasses.

    I know that according to soap opera writing 101 that there will come a day she will get contacts and undo the braid in her hair and be this lovely swan and someone will say "why betty, er, Veronica -- you are beautiful"

    (ps. get it? ugly betty. ugly veronica. I guess Patrick is Jughead?

  10. May the ratings keep on dropping! This show is unwatchable.

  11. Sorry, sonya. I did answer you yesterday. I don't know what happened to it.

    I definitely meant Molly. I don't know where my head was.

  12. How could Patrick be such an idiot as to leaving precious Emma with a total stranger just because another total stranger suggested it? Don't want to see two new annoyances when we have plenty of other real cast memebers we would like to see. Glad Anna is back finally.



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