Thursday, September 6, 2012

AH! Happy Fantasy on GH!

OMG LOVED the Lamaze class--- The SHOWER WITH MONICA!! Why can't this be true!!!?? A HAPPY SOAP!

I LOVED it. LOVED it. I want some of that sheeze for real dang it-- ;/ MONICA! MONICA! MONICA!! 
Spin and Maxie trying to find her over night bag!! LOL  It was so awesome. And Spin and Maxie kiss (in her dream). Spin gave the baby a little black tshirt. 
MONICA  and Jason had their talk they should have had years and years ago!! I was almost crying...
Alexis holds the baby and Edward sends over gifts. They name the baby Daniel Edward  Morgan.  Awww, that's the name a lot of people wanted  for him anyway.
Then THEY SHOWED A BABY GIRL!! Her name is Emily! Happy family. And Yes, I'd be happy if they did a JAKE  fantasy too--this was just a happy soap day.
I really needed it. 

Steven Lars looks like a walking corpse. Geeze. Heather killed the nurse guarding her and decided to go get that baby for herself. Watch out Tea!  She knocks on Tea's door and Tea opens it.
Took Heather 2.2 seconds to get to Llanview!  LOL 

PS> note the MOD Kleenex box at Ferncliff!


  1. The what if day: Some of it was boring, and some of it was hysterical! Like Sam in labor, and Alexis at the hospital says my daughter is having a baby! And Krissy says my sister is having a baby! ROFL! That was odd They both were odd ROFL! Then as Jason gives her ice, he eats the ice and quickly! ROFL! Sam in fantasy la la land thinking of WHAT IF she didn't listen to Heather. At the baby shower, MONICA WAS THERE YAY! :) Maxie and Spinny kiss YAY! So, Sam goes into labor, which brings Maxie and Spinny back together ROFL!

    Steven Larz and Heather: Awww Steven Larz.. :( Heather wants to make things right and for you to forgive her. So sad. Forgive her. :( She is your mother. :(

    Heather and the nurse: So on Heather's outfit it says patient. How come the nurse doesn't have on her outfit,that says nurse? :) Heather wants a do over!!! She says this is a new Heather Webber!! So she kills the nurse and escapes. The new Heather Webber isn't any different than the old one ROFL!

    Heather and Tea: Heather goes to Llandview!!! To tell Tea the truth!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know what Heather ment, by this is the new Heather Webber!!!! She is going to right the wrong!! :) Oh wait Karen!! You think Heather is going to keep the baby for herself? EEP!

  2. i thought the older Daniel was Jake for a minute there

    Good show. They should do this in real life. Want to see Monica.

  3. I LOVED Jason eating the ice too . . . Hilarious!!

  4. I for one hated today's show. Would it be great if it was real? Hell yeah, especially the stuff with Monica. Unfortunately none of it was. My biggest problem, though was that it was smack dab in the middle of a crisis. It made no sense here.

  5. THe worst show in years. Seemed very out of place with the crisis going on. Watched 5 min then stopped my DVR.

  6. As a Liason fan I didn't mind today's show it was fun and light hearted something GH needs more of. I just think they should have did it the day after Sam's baby "died". Have Sam have the dream but wake up on the hospital to find out her baby is "dead".

  7. I wasnt a big fan of the show. Actually, I was if it was aired at a different time and place but not in the middle of big storyline. It seemed like it was created solely so that they would have a stand-alone show to re-air the day after Thanksgiving or one of those holidays when a new ep. isnt airing. (Mark my words...)

    And Karen. You seem surprised Heather got to Llanview in 2.2 seconds. Why? All she had to do was jump on her broom.

    (and ride side saddle. she is a lady of quality after all)

  8. First I want to congragulate Dr Steve today. He finally grew some balls!! Loved his exchange with Heather.........more to come, stay tuned. Will we be seeing Scott soon??? Probably. For now we have the baby story unraveling. FINALLY! Was Tea surprised to see the NUT case at her door??!!

    I know there are alot of Liason fans here, and I am neither a Liason or JaSam fan. However, nobody can deny Jason's love for Sam was like none other in his past. Courtney, Carly, Liz, Robin, etc...NOTHING compares to his love for Sam. This man is completely emotionally unvailable for any women in the near future. That is why he is leaving the show!!!

    I am a sap. I cried at the mention of Edward, the gifts he left, and the fact that because he hasn't returned to work yet, that he has not been forgotten or LOVED by his co workers.
    Daniel Edward Morgan!!

    Monica & Jason's scene...if only it were true. Still we know their love is real.

    Wasn't that shower fun?? Monica was there! Doc Alan was mentioned! LOVED what Ron did with todays show. BRAVO!


  9. Sorry, I am on the side of people who hated today's show...thought it was pointless, boring, and out of place. FF'd through most of it!And Steven should have hung up on Heather long before he finally did, so he is still a wuss in my opinion!

  10. Loved it! Wish we did have more like this. Doesn't always have to be danger and strife, happiness is welcome, too!

    And more Monica, always more Monica!!!

  11. The Sam & Jason story was how it should be in reality. Together and surround by family and friends to share in the happy times.

  12. I thought today's episode was awful; completely misplaced--it really ruined the great pace of the virus storyline. I fast-fowarded through all but the beginning and end.

  13. Episode was for JASAM fans period.They are still trying to pimp jasam/ kelly monaco/steve burton. Can't stand them and only thought of how they had to kill Jake to try and sell them to the audience and that didn't work.

  14. As nice as it was to see a family just enjoy and pregnancy and birth without all the drama, this episode was so contrived and useless.

    Another blatant attempt to sell Jasam to the audience as a great tragic love story. This, they are not! Far from it if you ask me.

    Jasam was decent the first time around. However, since they were put back together it's been at the expence of one half of the coupling. Yes, say it with me, Jason Morgan.

    The Jason Morgan I know, would have not got involved with Sam after finding out what she had done.

    And, to imply he's loved her like no other is a stretch. She's the only one that has attached herself to his hip in all aspect of his life. Agenda. Make her popular as it didn't work with Sonny nor Jax.
    They've tried to make her his soulmate.

    Sam is no different than Courtney, Liz, Carly or Robin. Jason has pushed all of them away eventually for their own good.
    He did that with Sam too. She was the only one other than Carly that was vindictive.

    So to have them be more than what they really were, we got round 2.
    Gag me!!!

    Has anyone else noticed that her fantasy mirrored her fantasy when Jason was in surgery? Everything is perfect with them. No problems. Their love is bigger and better than anything.
    That is how Sam sees her relationship with Jason. Perfect. She's perfect for him.
    That's why I dislike this pairing because it rings so false.

    Atleast the other fantasies were true to reality. They loved him, he back, but it wasn't perfect. And, that's how it's been in real life. Messy!

    Just hope his exit story has him leave with Robin or to go find Robin. That is his soulmate. She is his conscience.

  15. I wasn't sure I liked the show--like others said, it seemed an odd thing to slow down the hot storyline. Timing was what seemed oddest.

    I also felt Jason was very UNJason-like thru-out this fantasy. He was actually smiling away! I would not like this fantasy to be real because it would be boring soap. Still, it gives us some idea of how it might be if we got all that happy-happy fans say they want. I don't believe for a moment that the things we saw today would be the way it would have been if Sam hadn't listened to Heather!

    It was nice to see Monica again.

    Maybe it is because I have no interest in Sam-Jason that I was luke-warm about it. But it was certainly an imagintive idea. Especially with Steve leaving--a gift to his fans--or some of his fans.

    Maybe they felt everyone would be watching the NDC tonight so they didn't want to move story along too much. But in this day of the DVR, that seems unnecessary. I saw both.

    I will say, the show was beautifully done, well produced. But the timing was well, off.

  16. It was sure joy to see happiness on a soap opera. I don't care who played the roles.

    We got Monica and though Edward wasn't there, he wasn't forgotten.

    A happy soap? Very becoming GH!

  17. I liked the show... And I still say that KS has a chemistry with BA that NO ONE else can match. They are what makes Spixie great, JL didn't quite have it...

  18. soaplover said..I also felt Jason was very UNJason-like thru-out this fantasy. He was actually smiling away!
    Haha well I enjoyed it! I loved seeing him smile! He has a nice smile. :) He always had. :)

  19. I also thought this was really out of whack with the crisis going on, but I did enjoy seeing Monica and Spixie. I took the whole show to be a fantasy when Heather apparently walked out of her facility with just a badge, found some new clothes, "flew" to and obviously had the address of Tea in Llanview. Good idea but so glaringly unbelievable for any intelligent viewer to swallow.

  20. I didn't like the episode when I was watching, apart from Monica, because Monica is amazing and should be front and center during the pathogen crisis. Reflecting on it as I was arguing on twitter with my satellite provider about the poor video quality of the sub they ran over top of my HD ABC (stupid Canadian providers), I realized that it wasn't the episode I hated, it was the placement. It kind of killed the pathogen momentum for me. Hopefully it doesn't hurt the overall arc. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the guys (especially Shawn, aka Chocolate Jason... yum) in action on location next week.

  21. I've never been a big JASAM fan, but yesterday's show really hit me. I thought KM's acting was stellar and I was so moved by Jason and Monica's scenes.

    And Heather...well she's my favorite crazy :)

  22. Good for the JaSam fans. But, odd timing indeed. I have mixed emotions, didn't hate it but, didn't really enjoy the episode. Kind of like the one where the ladies all fantasized about different Jason's while he was in surgery.


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