Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday's GH

OMG..well. Ugly Betty redux or what? Where's that nerdy nurses' braces?? She already has the stupid glasses. AND I JUST GOT THE SABRINA reference.!!  There she is...Sabrina herself. 

I mean.  Please. Really?? Not digging that. Then the DOC looks like a Cindy Crawford wanna be. This show was going so well. *sigh* THE Fantasy? AHAHAA. 

You know the doctor probably works for Duke. 

OK, Jason got everything in like a DAY with the blood types. I do enjoy him making Steven Larzzz Look like a moron though tee hee. THEN McJam figure out the entire timeline of events in 2.3 minutes at the Floating Rib and John gets to Llanview in about 2 minutes. lol

Johnny and Todd talk with CARLY IN THE KITCHEN? If she was really CARLY she would totally be listening in. 

Spinelli and Sam are still fun. He's like their little brother. 

JaSam meet at the Chinese Restaurant! awww with their little dragon things. 


  1. I have not seen the show this past week but habe seen several "Ugly Betty" comments. Im wondering if it is also like the old Lucy storyline? Mousy Librarian to Sex Pot? What if the nurse was secretly Scotty and Dominic / Lucy's daughter?

  2. Frisco...except that Scotty's daughter was Serena and very blonde. Do you mean this one would be like Brook Lynn came Lynn?


  3. I don't think Sabrina is really Serena. Serena was born in late 1993 which in soap years would make her in her late-40's.

    Can Jasus leave town already??? I'm so sick of him. More than ever.

  4. YES totally the old Lucy. I thought that too, her name is close to Serena.

  5. Maybe she's another kid of Lucy's we don't know about lol. ONE of them has to be working for Duke, btw

  6. I dont think Sabrina is really Serena either but it would be a fun twist. As for whether timelines / ages mesh up, who cares, it is a soap. If soap timelines were real, Jason is 30 years old, Michael is 15 and Lulu is 18.
    Oh, and as for hair colour, Lulu had dark hair as a child.
    Serena has been off the screen for so long they could bring her back anywhere from 15 to 25 years old and any hair colour!

  7. Oh, Ron. If you really wanted a redo of Sabrina, you should have kept Matt on to repeat that younger brother/older brother dynamic. And does that make Patrick Humphrey Bogart? Yeesh.

  8. kdmask said...
    Maybe she's another kid of Lucy's we don't know about lol.
    Oh Karen!!! If that is true, that would be a wonderful miracle! Since she couldn't get pregnant! :)

  9. Can't compare Sabrina to Lucy Coe, who was in such a well written storyline and so convincing that I was shocked at the reveal. Some things just can't be duplicated.

  10. McJam sounds like something they would sell at McDonald's to go on your breakfast pancakes. lol

    I would love it if Sabrina was the one working for Duke because she seems like such a nice girl. The doctor seems like such a total bitch, and I think it would be great if they turned that dynamic around.

  11. Maybe Sabrina is DUKE'S DAUGHTER!! let's start that rumor!!

  12. You're right, friscogh, Lulu DID have dark hair as a child. Also looked a lot like Nikolas, back in the day.

  13. HaHa I thought I was the only one who remembered the little raven haired toddler that played Leslie Lu back in 1996 or 97. She was adorable.

    Something Julie Berman isn't. Let's get the brunette LuLu back!


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