Monday, September 24, 2012

Jason and Sam are cornered at the Chinese Restaurant, having to pretend  to be all happy. The poor Old Lady is sick routine. Now they HAVE to stay! Those are the same actors that were there last year.  Sam was crying pretty well. 

Trey gets about a lifetime's worth of information in 2 minutes from Dad. LOL "I know it's an awful lot" YOU THINK!!??  They had matching shirts on. 

John would have totally smelled Heather if he was that close! LOL He swabbed Victor Jr's cheek for DNA with a giant swab..geesh. 

NuKrissy..well.  Don't care.

Spin and Maxie were even boring.

ConKate has Johnny sign something. Not sure what. I think it's a marriage certificate or something? Not sure--that's the rumor.


  1. I switched from GH to Days of our Lives today. The beginning bored me so much, that I didn't even record the rest.

  2. I think it's a marriage certificate too. That will effectively stop the wedding even if it was "Connie" who signed it. It should also make for a funny episode. ( Well, not so much for Carly and

  3. The Chinese restaurant: They flashback to when Jasam got married. It's funny, when they got married, Jason had the boo boo over his eye. And today Sam has the boo boo over her eye. :) Jasam kiss at the end UGH! Good to see the Chinese guy and his grandparents!!! Poor grandma is ill. :(

    Alexis's home: Yeah too late Alexis and Sonny! She already consummated the marriage!!! It looks like Sonny wants to tear Joe Jr Jr Jr's head off!!! ROFL! Joe Jr Jr Jr is all poetic with Krissy!

    Tea's home: Tea and McBain today, it made me feel like I was watching OLTL! :) Wait so Natalie is in seclusion!?!?! All because of a kiss?!!?! Come on now!!! Natalie it's time to let McBain see his kid!!!

    Johnny's home: Yeah must have been marriage certificate that he had to sign! :)

    Joe Jr Jr Jr and dad: Hey that hotel they were in, it's the hotel from OLTL!!!! :)

  4. I also switched from GH to Days of our Lives today as the jasam show was on .Boring.

  5. I've also had enough of the Jasam tears and the on again/off again relationship. I've never been a fan of the pairing to begin with and having this go on and on and on is way too much for me. If Jason really is going for good I hope he takes Sam and the baby with him. Or else if the baby is gone with Heather they can both go looking for it.

    Sonya, I also laughed at the reverse boo boos in the jasam flashback.

  6. She's no longer NuKrissy. She's NotKristina.

  7. Di said...Sonya, I also laughed at the reverse boo boos in the jasam flashback.
    Oh good you saw it too!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed it ROFL!

  8. I agree GH is boring with Jasam too.I wish this baby story would pick soon too. I think Days is boring somtimes too.

  9. I noticed the cuts also--too funny!!

  10. The cuts were the talk of Twitter!LOL Eyebrows matching!

  11. kdmask said...The cuts were the talk of Twitter!LOL Eyebrows matching!
    They were the talk of Twitter? Hahahha too funny! Yes eyebrows matching. :)


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