Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Blood, Sweat and Sweat...

If you could take the drops sweat we had this week on GH, you could probably just about fill Jason's Box of Pain. Almost. 
They were sweating in the streets, bedrooms and hospitals. In the PCPD and on the docks. All over the place. Kleenex boxes lined the desks and in the mental hospital.  And yet, people still were standing up! 

Here we go...get some antibiotics and hunker down... it's SCRUBBIN' TIME!! 

Weird week. Short one that stared out with a rerun. Kirsten Storms came back, Ewan died. All hell broke loose with the sweatin' and the faintin'.   Molly and TJ almost took their pants off. 

I think I've told you I'm personally OVER all the fever, virus'..toxins. Yawn. We did get a location shoot (in some old stinkin' warehouse full of fishin' gear), Heather, Tea and a fantasy that included maybe it was worth it.

I'm still going to complain about the pacing of this show. Characters are absent (Dante) from crucial scenes and then pop up out of the blue. Where did Lulu go? I just found a lot of things odd. Why was Spinelli in Alaska? He does everything by Googling, so why did he have to go there? Hell, he could track Liz' phone call by sound, he could surely find out dirt on Ewan in cyberspace.
Speaking of Liz... I really am tired of having her be all captive and sheeze.  And can we talk about that shack? Notice that Jerry and Sweaty-bottom Joe didn't notice any blood around.  People went to and from in record time. We were watching maybe 24 hours into the "pathogen" and they were just all over. Except Anna...she couldn't manage a transatlantic flight in a day. Did ANYONE CALL HER? 

I did like the fantasy show. Sue me. I don't like all fantasy stuff and I know that if a soap was like that all the time it would suck but I just needed it. I needed some smiling and MONICA and cute things. Epiphany as the Lamaze coach. Spinelli and the black tshirt. Steve Burton chowing down ice chips. Baby Emily Awwww. Yes, it was a JaSam-centric dream but it could have been with Liason and Jake, I would have been as happy. 

Thank you that Krissy and the Junior Mints weren't on this week.  Thank you. It also showed me we really don't need them much. 

Todd was a show-stealer to be sure. At the Q Mansion his one-liners were priceless. Great to see the Vet GH cast with a fast-mouthed show off.  RH is just blooming during his stint.  It's a joy to watch. 
Ewan couldn't spit out the Robin reality even though he took enough time fumbling around. *sigh*. I'm sure St. Jasus will figure it out soon. He was the one after all to notice the blood type difference in Sam's baby's file. It's only BEEN ALL OVER THE PLACE--- even in the autopsy room. :eyeroll: 
Why? Why couldn't Patrick have noticed?? Or Dr. Lee? Or even Liz?? Nope, give it to Jason. 

Heather's going on her baby hunt and will probably steal Victor/Jason/Danny soon. It's Alison Perkins/Marty all over again. That kid will probably get passed around all over the place. LOL 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Even though it was a fantasy, Monica and Jason were so good. Loved the things she said. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  ConKate and Sonny-- pointless scene and THEN she gets up and tries to tell Steve to save Ewan. Sit down with yourselves and regroup. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: rejoice in the MOD KLEENEX BOX!!  I give you Heather's Room,  The PCPD and the hospital as proof this little sucker got around a lot. They must have bought an assortment of the new oval boxes and went to town. I bet if I looked hard enough, I could find a pink one in Molly's room!! Yes, I am a PROP FREAK. :) I haven't seen Bob the Badger in Sonny's office in so long, I'm terrified they've thrown him in the back room!! Keep your eyes peeled for these boxes--I think they are special guests for the "Pathogen Story" because you know, people with sweat and fluids need them. 

REMEMBER:  General Hospital moves to 2pm/est and 1pm/central and pacific. I am NOT HAPPY. I will not be able to live tweet and you should know the blog will be done around 4 ish like before. It will be a hard change for me, as I've really grown to love tweeting. Work won't wait however, and 2pm is just too early for me to get home. It's still so important we watch-- GH is still on the edge. How will the time change effect you? 

thanks again to Lisa W's  GH caps for this weeks pics! 

Some tweets from Nancy who seems to be so happy with the changes. She's finally got something to do!! Yeah!! Jerry wants her, so does Shaun. About time.  
Under old regime at ABC & GH, I was relegated to "Just be glad you have a job" status. Suck it old regime!!!!!
Vicki Dummer and Paul Lee are the new ABC regime. Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are the new GH regime


  1. I don't think one needed to be a JaSam fan to enjoy Thursday. It was a nice change of pace and it was how things are suppose to be. Happy!
    Either way, I loved the happiness all around as well as Monica & Jason scenes.

    Dante & Lulu missing, no Mac, Coleman, or others we care about. If they aren't going to be shown, they should be mentioned someone checked on them.

    I for one, am liking this show again. Is it great?? Its a hell of a lot better than it was a year or 2 ago! LOTS better!

    Do we see Edward next week??

    Junior Mints?? LOL Michael & Starr?

  2. Junior Mints; Trey, Krissy, Michael and Starr. TJ and Molly might be getting into that group soon to if they keep getting on my last nerve.

  3. Bring back FAISON! He has to be behind this, not Duke.

  4. Karen,
    Is Todd not a permanent addition? When you talk about his stay on the show it sounds as though it's only temporary. He's my favorite aspect of the whole show right now. I would hate to see him leave.

  5. LOVE the name Junior Mints you gave to the fab 4!!!

  6. Roger is on contract but I always think of him as "the OLTL guy" LOL. Sorry, don't mean to imply like he's leaving.

  7. Karen, did you notice when Heather went to Tea's house, the house was different then it was on OLTL? The livingroom was right there as you walked in the front door. Remember the OLTL house? lol

  8. Baby..the house was different, that is why I was confused when Karen said it was the same house she shared with Victor.

    Karen-I think she moved. She couldnt get all the blood stains out of the carpet. lol

  9. Karen, glad you liked the 'happy' episode but I did not.Twitter lit up on friday as Ron Carlivati was grilled by fans about plot/storylines. You can see some answers/ questions on Ron's twitter page.
    The goal of the episode was to appeal to Jasam fans. This is to launch the plot of jason finding their baby and all truths being revealed and jasam reuniting before Steve exits. This was to promote this couple yet again. When you have had 3+ years of this BS you are sick of it. People tweeted Ron on twitter about why the hell he couldn't have Monica doing a 'real' scene with Jason about her and Alan not being present in Jason's early life. Ron tweeted that the actress was not available and that they will try to insert Monica when they can. Monica should not be in a dream sequence. This was Sam's fantasy about her family and friends.
    Karen, you say you would have been happy with Liason/jake fantasy, but the point is that TPTB will not do that. Liason fans are roadkill right now, just like jake. Any scenes we have are few and presented as if Jason never loved or was about to marry Liz.
    I will not sit through an entire show with Sam daydreaming about jason. She can't handle his mob life any better than the others could.Ron revealed upcoming jasam moments ( it will be their wedding anniversary ) in the chinese restaurant of their wedded bliss. Jason must be redeemed so of course he must head the search for jasam baby.Ron tweeted that he felt Jason was quite capable of treating Sam the way he did ( poorly ) and that's why he wrote it that way and he said Jason did come around unfortunatley late but that doesn't mean that the couple can't heal. unfortunately Liz will be written as the fool chasing Jason when , in fact, it isn't one sided as he has always sought her out and always wanted her ( some of which Ron has tried to show of late ). I read through all twitter comments and found it interesting but, as far as liason fans are concerned, you will likely have more disappointment ahead. If you're a Liz fan ( I am that too ) , you will be happy when Steve leaves and a the new storyline is written to empower Liz and she finds new real love. Rebecca gave an interview with Steve Burton recently ( can see on you tube ) , and no one is more tired than her about Liz having to be rescued again. When Rebecca was asked who she wanted to rescue her, she replied, " I would like to see Liz rescue herself. " Steve replied that that is basically ridiculous and not going to happen. Why? Steve Burton must always be written as the hero. Women can't be written to kick ass as well ( except Anna Devane). Ron was also challenged about how women are portrayed on GH.

  10. Finola was busy doing something else when this was being filmed. I did not care for the Jasam one on Thursday. I like Todds digs at Johnny.

  11. The moment I can't wait to see is the one Frank Valentini is talking about now and that is the upcoming emotional Edward Q scene with Tracy, Patrick and Emma. All I can say is bring on the real scenes with VETS!!!

  12. The only thing I learned this last week is that, not only is Jason smarter than the PCPD...He is now smarter than the Hospital staff. Maybe he should find the cure to save everyone. Talk about a scene that really ticked me off. Jason barely glances at Sam's hospital files (does he even know what he is looking at)? and see's automatically that the blood type can't bve right. EYEROLL. I also really don't like him stringing Liz along. This week I was not a great fan of Jason.

  13. I totally remember the house like walked in the foyer and the stairs were on the right, then you walked into the livingroom?

    I'm not arguing about JaSam vs Liason. I told you what I thought about the fantasy eppy. I liked the joy. ANY joy.

  14. The fantasy episode sucked big time.

    The only good things last week were Todd's scenes with GH's 1% club.
    "It's kind of like It's a wonderful life staring Joe Pesci"
    "You know that cash that we stashed in that place next to that thing where we buried that person, I need it"
    "You do know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried don't you?"

  15. I did not see the Kate/Sonny scene, but the Jasam fantasy takes the cake of why? It did not need to take up HALF OF EPISODE. The fantasy could of been summed up in five minutes. Basically it was filler. Heather's scenes were good though, but I don't know if it is really possible to break someone's neck, by stomping on it????
    I was happy that Kirsten returned to GH(and Jen Lilley did a good job as Maxie).
    I think GH shoots certain parts of a storyline in a whole and then cut them up and scatter the scenes, so there is more variation per episode, maybe?
    Karen, I recomend to watch, if you haven't seen it yet, Downton Abbey. It is addicting.

  16. And another note about Downton Abbey, is that Isobel reminds me a lot of Monica on GH.

  17. I think one of the reason nobody noticed the dead kid was AB- is cuz it's also Alexis' blood type. I distinctly remember them saying it was during the monkey virus incident. One of those things I tend to never forget since it's also my blood type. *lol*

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Karen I didn't see the stairs. That is not to say they weren't there. I am good at not noticing things.

    WOW there are some HATERS out there concerning a fantasy of a family that came together and was happy.
    We all see things differently, however I remember Jason offering to marry Liz because she was pregnant.
    He married Sam because he loved her.

    The one thing I agree with is that Monica should be in a scene, not a fantasy.

    I thought what Ron did last week was excellent, and from the majority of blogs, mostly everyone loved it. Not because they are JaSam fans, but because it was a happy episode.

    NOT looking forward to the chinese episode. I thought the wedding sucked so I doubt I will like the upcoming episode.

    So JaSam is reconsiling before he leaves the show?? This is news to me.

  20. Jason asked Liz to marry her because he loved her and always has . Here is the proposal , well after Jake's birth. They had been seeing eacother for awhile: Watch on you tube : clip called LIZ ACCEPTS JASON'S PROPOSAL!!!! 4-7-08

    Then Carly's life ruins Jason's plans as Michael is shot.

  21. Jason DOES love Liz. As a friend.

  22. Perhaps Jason can marry both Sam and Liz and all three can move to Utah...that way both sides can stop the fighting over fictional characters.


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