Monday, September 24, 2012

DWTS Tonight!!

KeMo goes out on the dance floor tonight!! I say as GHers it would be great if we all supported her, even if we split the votes if you have a dancer partner fave.  NO matter who was dancing, I'd say the same thing! It's great PR for the show--and Kelly sure does how how to hoof it!! 


  1. Same here. I started boycotting the show when Bristol Palin kept getting the votes to stay on, but will watch for KM!!

  2. KeMo said yesterday on twitter that she will be dancing 11th (out of 13 contestants). I will be tuning in late in the show to see Kelly dance (and I will vote) but I won't tune in for the whole show until Bristol is voted off.

    I hope all of the GH fans vote in full force!

  3. Love Kelly! She will get all my votes all season long.


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