Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FRANCO Fevah!! James Franco on today's General Hospital!!

ANOTHER PIC OF Alberta and Franco
Cause that's how WE ROLL!!

I even tuned into The View to see FrancoFrenia... and my Whoopi is there!! He was as charming as always. We are getting so much PR on this!! What the heck!! They showed a Maxie and Franco clip where he gives her roses. Joy really buttered him up. LOL He said he was doing GH for research at first-- for a movie. He even said that Judd Apatow is a fan of the soap!! He was very gracious and if you didn't see it, look it up on YouTube! James also said that he taped over 3 days for 20 days of viewing. Good ol' block taping!! He said that the experience helped him get 130 Hours with Danny Boyle. Nice Interview.

Today is the day! After inviting so many fans to the remote shoot at the art gallery, I do have a respect for the writers and producers. (don't faint) Involving fans is so great. We deserve it!! Most loyal, most charitable..most "hanging in there for YEARS/DECADES"...
Franco's MOM is named  KAREN!! I feel so connected. LOL.  (let me dream, will ya??) I'm way to young to play his mama but they could have picked me! @@
You have to see Funny or Die with Franco doing Justin Bobby from The Hills. Yes, I watch and I've even seen the Episode they are doing a parody of!! He's perfect!! LOL
Have you read my EXCLUSIVE Spoilers about the Brenda Franco connection?? One story isn't going to happen like we thought!! Things will unfold Getting the Gelato cart out for "Italy"...IF they do the Skye/Money story that is. Hmmmm.

Luke's off on his vaykay!! bye!! I'm going to be leaving too for about 10 days. GEDSTERN (@laurahinds) will be taking over for me!! Give the Geddy your WUB

FRANCO'S first SCENE is with DIANE!! woot!! (although I don't think she would have stopped to talk to a homeless man, but that's besided the point!!) he's got his wind up MONKEY!! Diane gives him gum. This is already 100x better than the first guest stint he had. BTW, NLG was due to be in that scene but couldn't so they put Diane in. Wubs Crackie (insider) told me that!
Spinelli was so happy Jason was out, he cleaned up the PH! funny. And he told Sam she could "Stay"!!  Loved his Jason daydream!!!
Geesh, Luke's goodbyes sounded like a REAL goodbye!! He never does that. Oh well, I guess since he's gone until Sept. it is longer than usual. And he really didn't want to see Tracy, he took 10million of her dollars!!
"I'm a little groggy....reminds me of the '60's"-- hahah. Shirley. Mushrooms. Ahhhhhhh I wonder why they couldn't have made her Audrey's sister? Or have some ties to Port Charles to weave into all this. MUST I DO ALL THE THINKING??!! Guza! wake up! LOL

No "Mad World" today-- what happened?? Cost too much now? LOL.

Here's a nice thank you from Project Precious Life-- our charity from last month. This was a baby shower for Annie Wershing. (Former GH actress Amelia /24). It was a giant success!! The Wubs Net sent a Lobster Book for baby!! Everything was donated to a shelter in LA.

NEW INTERVIEW up with FLAT MEGAN and Megan Ward today!! It's a fun interview with a great fan idea that has "FM" traveling all over the USofA

Daytime Emmy Score well in the ratings-- MARCIL signs for two years!

Lexi and Nathan

First of all, go to the slide show on SOD and see more red carpet photos. Early results show that the Emmys won their timeslot and was WAY WAY up from last year when it was on the CW. Up 83% according to TV By the Numbers.

In other news, Nelson Branco of Canada's TV GUIDE is saying that the rumors are going around again that OLTL may be canceled. SO WATCH!! It is such a great show...and the last one left in NYC. He also reports that Vanessa Marcil signed to GH FOR TWO YEARS!

Line of the Day:  (on OLTL) David to Matthew: "We're brothers, you have to watch out for me while I watch out for myself"!! LOL. Do you think Vickers has his own writer? This show had better NOT be canceled. I so love it.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY:  Luke was so good with Sonny!! Telling him about Rivera! HEH  It's a LukeSonRita day for all you vet Wubbers!! Oh for the days when they were on all the time. *sigh*

And who the hell does Kristina think she is!!????? Going in runining my Jolivia scene!!  It was pretty hysterical the way they have her talk/act. She's doing such a great BRATTY acting job. She's gotten better and better. And BTW, Johnny would never think that about Olivia.

This Dante/Jason thing is hilarious. Like I said, trying to be Eddy Murphy and Nick Nolte.
Still hating Lisa. Anyone like her?? Wait until she sleeps with Patrick! EEK!

Talked to Michael Park's Mama today..she is over the MOON with his win!! It's big news in this here neck o' the woods! He's our big celeb. She also mentioned how great all his fans are.

HOLLYWOOD PATROL: SANDRA BULLOCK'S divorced was finalized .  Glad it was quick. I hope she finds happiness with her new boy-- you know she will!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sonya Eddy is on Twitter!

She's finally on so HATERS move aside!! Follow her on @TheRealSonyaE . Why people have to imitate other peeps is beyond me. Characters, I can's funny, but not real actors. JUST sayin'!! Here's a list of GH Peeps on Twitter.

It's Tuesday How's Your Soap Going??

I don't know how you are feeling but I'm just bored to tears with GH lately and hope that Franco can inject some excitement for me. Hell, anything would be good at this point! LOL

I liked Kirsten A singing on One Life to Live. Nice.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:   OMG, HATE this Lisa and Patrick stuff.
I told Nancy Lee Grahn my newest idea is to have Kristina get a "Johnny 4ever" tattoo across her back. HEH..can you imagine? I would LOVE to write for Krissy. I'd go nuts.
Lucky and Sonny...remember then? Nice. I really love JJ and MB together. Just sayin' I got a little nostalgic there.
LULU is on my LAST nerve today. I don't usually get sick of her but I so wanted Livvy to kick her into the dang water. ugh.
I also like the Shirley story. She could have been on more, and more consistently but I'll take it. It's in the hospital, a nice arc and I'd like them to do more of that type of story. Not as a back burner filler either. Kind of like St. Elsewhere stuff.
Yeah for some more Luke as a roomie scenes. Monte Carlo Con: Code for 'I'm going on vacation until the fall' ...
Maxie's hair is just driving me insane as are her clothes lately. It's like she's trying to live in Milan or in a Katy Perry video.
So, WTH are they doing having Kate come out once a month to go to Jake's?? GOD! Crimson could be such a good story about the fashion industry. ;/  MAN. Her laying into Olivia was interesting!! WOW..Olivia calls her snot face. CAT FIGHT! heh

Happy Town Fans: The 7th and 8th episodes of HAPPY TOWN reportedly will be on TONIGHT! This was tweeted by ABC's Happy Town account. I really am mad that this show got taken off air for stupid sheeze like "WipeOut"..ugh!!

Who is watching "You're Cut Off?? (VH1) GOOD LORD!! Is it real...I mean, do you think those girlies are really that stupid/clueless/bitchy?? I want to send Chrissy and Gia to a refugee camp somewhere! Entertaining though. Summer TV usually is!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

37th Annual Daytime Emmys--Red Carpet Photos and More


Bree Williamson looking fab on the red carpet. (wire image)

Eden wearing the same color!

LaLucci Looking Lovely!

I've decided I can never go interview these ladies on the carpet because I'd look like a HOUSE next to them! LOL...Even Bree who is PG! Everyone has been saying how tiny they are. I guess size 0 is the new 8!!

Well, the "Red Carpet" that was supposed to stream tonight on the net was full of techinical problems. Not SON's fault, it was their first time.  PLUS, at least they TRIED! I still think SoapNet and Disney should be ashamed. Daytime fans are the most loyal out there.

Lisa LoCicero says she's seated next to Nathan Parsons at the show! Hmmm, interesting combo!

Goodness...David Copperfield starts the show... interesting. hmmm. I'm glad Regis is hosting, he's a good choice. I saw Bradford and Scott Clifton in the audience. My fave boys.
BOO, Carolyn Hennesy lost to Julie Pinson For Outstanding Supporting Actress. Wahhh. I so wanted Carolyn to win, dang it. She is the best thing on Daytime, imo.
Was there enough for DICK CLARK?? I guess least Ryan Seacrest showed up. He always gets ratings?? Or the oldies tuned in for all the 50s people. They could have had a whole show just for Dick Clark, btw. Wubber Lisa's son said Cher looks like Lady Gaga!! LOL.
THE LION KING? uh...ok. I thought I was watching the TONYS!

Supporting Actor went to: Billy Miller of Y&R-- the ONLY person I don't know!! LOL People said though: Billy Miller: IS AMAZING as Billy Abbott RT @Lautnerfan94: @WubsNet He deserved it! Trust me...he was amazing on Y&R! I really thought JJ would get it, wanted BA to get it or RPG. Oh well.

BLUE MAN GROUP? OMG, Who knows about the mummenschanz???? They scared the SHEEZE out of me when I was a kid. WPIX NYC had commericals on for them. I can't even believe I'm talking about them during the EMMYS but that was the entertainment. *sigh*

Drew Tyler Bell won best younger actor B&B --damn it for Drew and Scott Clifton. I so wanted either one of those to win. Here's a comment for that: from @Buzzworthyradio:  umm...i have no words

Outstanding younger actress: JULIE MARIE BERMAN!! Her speech was so nice-- thanking all the actors.  I want to see her dress again,  not sure I "got it".  LOL some loved it, some hated it on twitter.

Nice tribute to ATWT. Will be missed. I watched it with my Mom back when. Michael Park's mom is a friend and I so hope he goes to another soap--I would love for him to be on OLTL!

BEST DIRECTING TEAM: General Hospital they submitted the Carnival eppy. It was a great thing to watch-- tons of fun and a locale shoot.

BEST WRITING TEAM: Bold and Beautiful. Now, GH wasn't even nominated. And the show that SHOULD have won, OLTL, wasn't nominated either..

BEST ACTOR: MICHAEL PARK..mentioned CANANDAIGUA!!!!!! wow!!! And his mom  Rosemary and I watched his very first day on the show. HOW WONDERFUL!

BEST ACTRESS MAURA WEST: She did such a CUTE thing with her daughter!! awww. I'm so happy for them.

Vanessa Marcil's dress was underwhelming, just sayin'.

This was a fun tweet:  @Soap_Dude If Chuck Pratt wins an emmy, I hope they stab him with it. Just saying.
Another: SoapOperaSource These acceptance speeches get longer than the ATWT tribute. Unacceptable. #ATWT #DaytimeEmmys
MrsGoose1 @WubsNet tweeting from my iPad with the wubqueen while watching the Emmys is AWESOME
LisaLoCicero (from her seat): No one mentions that Agnes also created Loving!

Melissa Archer--Worst Dressed.

Rebecca Budding. LOVED the Funky look!! Loved!

PEOPLE noticed Vanny Marcil's new last name...not sure if she's married or not. I googled it and nothin'. Someone said she's married to: Carmine Giovinazzo. Will check on that!

GOODNIGHT! I was in twitter jail for the end of the show...LOL. "Over the limit"!!

Daytime Emmy Podcast and Red Carpet info...

Carolyn Hennesy Shines on the Red Carpet

The Podcast is up on Daytime Confidential. Jamey was sleepy but coming in from Vegas to dish about the fun that was last night's gifting party!! It's the show that is dated today. I only commented on the ABC stuff so my mouth is running as much as usual. Heh. I love those guys, we have so much fun.

If you are trying to find the Ustream of the Red Carpet tonight, good luck. Soap Opera Network is trying to bring us live coverage but it's overloaded. Keep trying the link.
This points to stupid Soap Net NOT SHOWING any Red Carpet of it's own damn stars. I know they are going off the air but if CBS can broadcast it live, they could have given an hour to the carpet. Idiots.:throws up hands:

ON a Good note: Giant kudos to Jim Romanovich, the man that got the Daytime Emmys produced. Without him we would have nothing.

From the 37th Annual Creative Arts Technical Emmy Awards , Here's a photo of Sarah Joy Brown and Jill Farren Phelps. See all photos and  list of winners on DC.

Full blog after the show!!

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Ratings/Questions and Emmy Broadcast!


That's right! Tonight are the Emmys! I will be on Twitter from 7pm on out to dish about the Red Carpet show (On . Find me on @wubsnet. If you tweet, please use #daytimeemmys as your tag so we can timeline each other.  I will also try to fit in #GH on there too.

People have been arriving in Vegas all night-- many pics are up all over twitter! Alberta Wubs (my lobster) even went to a party for all the stars!! Photos will be coming soon. GH cast members up for awards are: Sarah Brown, Carolyn Hennesy, Jonathan Jackson, Julie Marie Berman, Drew Garret  and Bradford Anderson. Interesting that two (Drew, Sarah) are no longer on the show. Much excitement about the whole event...a lot of fans are there as well. I think Vegas was a great venue for this. Happy Place, Party-Friendly and many hotels for all to stay at. I wish I would have gone. I think there will be a ton of great stories to come out of this celebration!

On another note, I asked a question yesterday about Vanessa Marcil's return. I wondered if people thought her return would help the sinking ratings. Here are a few of the responses I got:

Maybe for a little while. I think it depends on how it plays out. Personally, I am totally looking forward to #Franco ! LOL-- strebekah

No! They just need to get off gangster stuff it turned into crime drama instead of a soap n I've been watching 30yrs!-- justmema

No. Too late. RT @WubsNet: Question of the Day: Do you think Vanessa Marcil's return will help the sinking ratings? #GH why/why not?-- NYcovergirl
WubsNet I think there will be a nice boost in the ratings. Whether it is sustained or not depends on if the stories are better than now .@jflowlu

No Marcil won't improve ratings. They need some decent writing.-- mamccw

Yes. So many of her fans tuned out when she left. They'll tune back in to see her again. Now for holding them, story must be good.--SonnyandBrenda
Don't think Vanessa's return will bring any viewers back unless writing improves #GH-- nygal33
I hope the ratings go up! What would the networks put on during those times that would actually be better ratings? Nothing!-- kristbhotctt
No Vanessa will not create more long time viewers because we want Quality writing for the stars who stayed not stunt casting!-- @Belinda
Her return will cause a temporary spike at the start. If she has a crappy story, the numbers will fall--telebuddy
So, there you have it. Some say yes..most say  IF THE WRITING IS GOOD--then we'll see a better turn out.  I think her return will help ratings in the short run, then it's all up to the stories. A lot of people have left GH--many, many more since Vanessa went years ago. Will they come back? Not sure. It will be interesting, that's for dang sure. I'm waiting to see if the Franco-stunt will bring in numbers. It didn't last time. Not even close. At least GH is getting huge press from it all. 

I am doing a podcast today with Daytime Confidential !! It will be up later in the week.

PS. How much have you loved all the Alberta photos?! Wonderful or what!?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Lobster is having a VERY GOOD WEEK!!

Dang..first Franco and Burton, now with one of my fave ladies, Carolyn Hennesy! Wubber Kelly has Alberta in Vegas for the Emmy Show--and stopped by Carolyn Hennesy's book signing. How FUN IS THIS PIC!!?
Carolyn was signing her Pandora books which she's been penning for quite some time. They are on Amazon...all four books! Here's hoping Alberta gave Carolyn some good luck for tomorrow's Emmy Awards!

Exclusive: Brenda's Italian "Package"

Hmmmm, what you think is going to happen will be turned on it's head... and it will happen in Italy where Adrienne Barbeau runs a Children's House. Franco will leave something there, and it will then involve Brenda. Can you guess what it is???!! I will be talking about it on the Daytime Confidential  Podcast Tomorrow!! Follow the clues on WUBSNET, they'll be coming in daily!

Friday, June 25, 2010

General Hospital Friday

Oh, where to start. Since when can an attorney tell a cop WHAT THEIR job is going to be?? Where the hell is Mac in this?? How many people can Dante babysit?? He's already watching Michael. Now he's supposed to watch Jason too??

Carly and, Carly just erases everything. Goodness. Okay, I guess they got whatever they wanted out of that!

Livvy talking about Johnny..awww. "I guess we had a built in expiration date" sniff.

I asked Lexi Ainsworth what kind of purse Krissy is carrying (the plaid one)'s Juicy!

Sarah Joy Brown and Drew Garrett, both noms for #GH....both off the show! :/
See more photos on Daytime

There's a great slideshow on SOD that features the emmy noms...nice pics of Carolyn,  Bradford and others on there.

James Franco Signs Alberta WUBS...!!


OH YES, Alberta is in HEAVEN!! She got a tattoo from Franco and took a bite of his apple!! WOOT!
She loved the shoot--Dante and Jason chase Franco up to the roof. Right before Franco plunges into the Route 66 sign, he says "But I know where the baby is"..

The airdate is July 22nd (so far)!! Alberta was thrilled that Wubber gwaddie (Karla) and her hubby took her to this special remote filming. She's in heaven. I'M IN HEAVEN!
More photos to come this afternoon, or you can check out Alberta's Fan Page on Facebook!

James Franco, General Hospital MOCA shoot with Alberta Lobster

MOCA's Fake SOAP Mag... LOL.

BERTA WITH Wubber Fan Sally!!

Yes, She was there!! Gwaddie and Ghubbie took her to the filming, how fun is that? Alberta got to meet some stars (Dominick Z in the elevator) and saw Steve Burton and Franco walk on by!!

FRANCO signs for fans in line!!

Karla even got a pic with Steve Burton on her digi camera...too blurry to put up now but when it's processed, you'll see it! Alberta is schmoozing around the MOCA set. There's even a plexi-glass box there, just like Franco put Sam in!

FRANCO in a tux!!  photo by Lele

The crowd is seated on the lawn and there's a giant video screen up. Looks cool! Can't wait to see the show when it airs July 22nd. (take that with a grain o' salt for now). "Bodies" were dropping as part of the "Show"-- performance art, you know!!

On another note WOW...look at these ratings!! Soap Opera Network reports that GH hit lowest ratings for 18-49 year olds! Here's hoping this big Franco arc is going to pull them out of the basement. Either that or Vanessa had better get her magic on but quick.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,953,000 (-9,000/+184,000)
2. B&B 3,008,000 (-61,000/-134,000)
3. DAYS 2,565,000 (-2,000/-25,000)
4. AMC 2,477,000 (+51,000/+48,000)
5. OLTL 2,355,000 (-21,000/-179,000)
6. GH 2,338,000 (-74,000/-87,000)
7. ATWT 2,299,000 (-26,000/+67,000)

More on the GH Shoot tomorrow. I am just so happy that GH Fans got to be there-- and of course, I am jealous!! What better than to be at a Franco-Circus!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Franco MOCA shoot today-- Casting News. General Hospital POPS!

BOOM, Guza's fave word is on SID this next week!! LOL

Well, today is the big MOCA shoot with Franco and Burton!! Alberta was in line, waiting to get in. Franco is just a circus and I so need a circus right now!! LOL. His photos from the Clocktower Gallery (below) crack me me the heck up. Take a gander at the monkey masks and just plain weird sheeze.

One Life TO Live:  It was a joy to see so many real outdoor scenes. Rex seeing Christian and Leyla neekid was great. David/Vicky/Charlie/Dorian were great as well. David to Vicky about his tan: "Friends don't let friends go pasty". hee hee Loving the whole thing.  The new SID that's out says at the bottom Michael Park "IN" at OLTL (with a question mark) OMG, I can ONLY HOPE! I love him!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  They said Franco at least 34x today in the first five minutes. Just sayin'. I wonder how long the "search" for Franco will last...I think the airing of the taping today is July 22nd.
Loved Luke and his boys. I don't care if they sit there for an hour and talk about eggs. It's that fun.
How the hell can Dante be Jason's caretaker if he's "taking care" of Michael?? I mean, for reals. What the heck.
They are so writing Johnny into a corner with this Kristina  story...also going against Sonny. We know what happens to those guys. AJ. Alkazar (1 and 2)... Ric. I'm not happy. Also happened to Faith and Claudia.
Tracy and long shall this go on? Well, I'm not complaining. And the Q's address is 66 Harbor View Road. Just in case you need it for a trivia ??

WHO'S in Vegas for the Daytime Emmys on Sunday?? First of all I'm jealous...secondly, Carolyn Hennesy is in town at a book signing if you need something to do on Sat!! GO MEET HER!

2190 N. Rainbow Blvd. VEGAS, BABY!
Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 2pm!

GUESS WHO'S doing another Daytime Confidential PODCAST this Sunday? :bats eyelashes: ME!! Can't wait. I'll let you know when it's up. I love dishing on that show!!

Adrienne Barbeau Joining General Hospital!

70's TV star Adrienne Barbeau joins GH as child advocate, Suzanne Stanwyck. She's coming on around the same time as Vanny Marcil. Ergo, if the part is a "child Advocate"...could it be that Brender has a child? Hmmmmmmmmmm.
I loved Adrienne on Maude!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exclusive interview with FRANCO on the EVE of GH Shoot!!

It all went down at Wolfgang Puck's CUT Restaurant today--- Read it and laugh!! There's even a nice portrait of Jason Morgan done by the performance artist himself!!

UBER Franco and THE WubQueen!

OMG, update: Here are some pics from Franco's NY Clocktower show... Tonight, James Franco’s first solo art show opens at the Clocktower Gallery in New York City. In a recent review of the show, the Wall Street Journal called it a “sort of creative schizophrenia” and now that we’ve had a sneak peek we can understand why. ON Location Vacation


OH...Earthquake here today...just a mild one but you could feel it. Twitter was immediate-- everyone was saying they got it from Toronto to Ohio to Buffalo to Rochester! We've had them before..there is a big plate/fault that goes from PA to Canada.

OLTL: Did you spot the lobster behind Hannah's head??!!


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke/Lucky Roomies..that's fun. I guess Luckys sold the old homestead?? Where  is LESLIE? Luke said the Diner was in CANADA? :thud: Damn it. NO it wasn't. LOL It was filmed here!! Say Palmyra dang it.

Of course, Diane was fun calling Max "large' in front of Jason. heh

Tracy and the Q's!! About time....glad to see Eddie and Monica. Ethan had on a little bun!! I really hate Ethan's wallet chain too.

Nikolas and Shirley and an Emily mention. Tired of this ongoing scene after scene after scene. Why can't they have Audrey or Leslie be a friend of hers??

Michael and the whole Carter thing. Guza is going to string this out for months and months. Just go with it. Liked how Claire asked if he had any "interactions" with Carter. heh. You think?!

Jason's visitors today: Diane, Carly...Alexis.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Triage!! General Hospital INFO

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wubber Leesy!! :) Hope it's filled with JOY!!!

I am having a LOT of stuff coming in about the end of the summer and fall but right now, I'm sitting on a lot of it because so much can change. Especially with the big BRENDER's back "theme" that will be running. I have to say, what I've seen so far is WAY underwhelming-- I think I've been watching soaps for far too long. Tough to surprise me!! Some spoilers are up that I've gotten for the short-run.

I asked this question on Twitter today:  Out of Matt, Maya, Steve and Brooke whom do you want to stay--or go?? The clear winner on that front is Steven Lars to stay. Most people like Matt too but think poor JC needs to be able to move on. I'd like to have Brooke and Maya live in the Q house (with actual Q's shown a LOT) and being enemies. Steven,  Matt and the newbie surgeon that's coming could all live together too. Then again, I could do without all those characters. The writers are just not trying with them AT ALL.


GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: The new promo where Jason is released into Dante's custody? "48 Hours" if Jason had a sense of humor and Dante had the grit! LOL... that was a fun movie, wasn't it??

Patrick punched Steven Lars-- uh...okay. AND First chance Sonny gets he goes to visit Michael even though it could hurt his parole?? NOT COOL!!! He totally doesn't see it's not about him. They are writing Sonny so stupidly now, it's criminal.

Kristina is SO LAURA Webber-ish right now! Laura was this bratty or more to Leslie back in the day! Heh...Who's David Hamilton!??? Will Ethan be her "Luke"?? Hmmmmmm. I so remember Laura being such a snot to Leslie when I first started watching the show. David Hamilton then Scotty... she was always liked older guys!

Kirsten's real life foot injury is in the show, and she has Pink Crutches!! woot!! Very cute. She goes into see Claire? Whatever.  Many people are not liking KS's hair--too blonde. I like it a lot.

Brooke and Johnny--NO! NO! I do NOT want them near each I want Livvy PG with Johnny's kid. I just do. I have an idea for SleezyBrookstir. Have her go sex up depressed Spinelli and make Maxie jealous. Turn the tables. yeah, that's it.

Editing mistake? Huge rainstorm and Olivia and Sonny are out on DRY docks?? Hmmmm.

I have to go-go!! Have a good one.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Medicine Monday: General Hospital Breaking up Key Couples?

We know soaps are famous for breaking up fave couples---it's what keeps them going year after year. GH seems to be a bit more frustrating than most because even when couples are "together" we rarely see them. It's like Guza has no clue what to do with a stable couple. Scrubs? Off to the back burner after the Robin PPD storyline. Spixie? Their non-wedding was one of the most fun thing in ages but that pushed them into couples no-man's land quick. L&L2 never really got back their footing-- and of course fooling around with Nikolas didn't help matters. Now Liz isn't really with anyone. Neither is Nik..and neither is Lucky. CarJax is fighting, making up, fighting--Carly's off on some revenge rampage. The only couple we see (and SEE EVERY DAY) is Lante. 
Scrubs is going to have big conflict because Patrick cheats on Robin with--LISA. Now, this character is just disposable because as usual, she was brought in quick, hardly any backstory, shuffled around, off canvas for days, weeks--- look at Matt! Here's a guy that is supposed to be getting with Maxie (??) and he's STILL not on screen for more than 10 min every other week. WTH.
Then there's Ethan. :throws up hands: are they really going with Maya (another poorly introduced or used character?) if so, there's zip excitement there. Showing the two of them in the deserted Haunted Star gets you NOTHING. Speaking of Nothing--Steve and Lisa?? Random. Yes, they work together, yes, they've been in scenes but it's not like the hospital is a bustling center of sexual tension. It's not shown enough!!
I've like Jolivia since the start because I think LL and BB have great chem together. I so wish they would have taken it to the next level instead of making them argue about Sonny all the time.
Bringing us to Sonny--who's going to kiss Claire. As if that hasn't been done 300x in the past. Ugh. I thought she and Lucky had some good banter going. But see, showing characters together in such isolation rarely works. Just like Spixie and Jolivia, those relationships came out of key scenes together with natural chemistry just sparking. Another case in point? Alexis and Mac. What did the writers think? We'd just be getting used to them--then we never see them again. When's the last time? Valentine's Day? ;/ guess when they need filler, they drag that whole thing out of storage.

So--that's my comment today about the couple spoilers coming. We all know Brenda's back  in August, and we also know where that leads.

They are filming the hospital lockdown now--when Liz' baby goes missing. Just an FYI!!

NEW FATHER'S DAY WUB up!! woot! enjoy!! hope you like.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY:  Spinelli has on the most boring hoodie, just like his depressed mood. LOL. Did they get it at KMart maybe?? Basic editions?
Maxie's hair....pretty short. I like it. Super blonde...she looks uber-cosmo. Loved her yelling at Jason for being in jail. She and Brenda are going to talk so rapid-fire to each other it will be a Gilmore Girls moment. heh
Emma's on and she and Patrick have to be interrupted by LISA and Steven. Good Laws.
Olivia and Brooke could be related. And why isn't Livvy seeing right through stupid Krissy's plan?? EEK!! NO one can ever tell me that Olivia would believe that Johnny is really sleeping with Kristina. ugh
YEAH..Tracy's on!! And Luke in a suit!
Sam coming in for a Brenda visit!! LOL.. and Sexis! Day's not totally shot. Nice congugal visit set up! OMG! Like they really look like that! LMAO how stupid.
MOGAN: "Jax already feels like my dad, the courts just have to put it in writing".... hmmmm. Guess I should have seen that before I wrote my Father's Day Wub! LOL
Alexis going to Johnny's: You wanna Scotch? You wanna pig in a blanket??
I also noticed how tall Michael is...AJs his dad? LOL
Oh I miss you AJ!!

James Franco Comments on Soap Actors in Lapham's Quarterly

James Franco says some  really interesting, respectful things about soap actors and their constraints as actors given the time frame that daytime shoots.

This isn’t to say that soap opera performers are worse than film actors, or that their performances are inferior. The soap opera performance should always be perceived in context: it involves actors working in a tradition that soap audiences have come to expect and love. Soap actors are delivering exactly what they are supposed to—they are in tune with their audience and they are not attempting to transcend it.

The full article about acting is on Lapham's Quarterly where Franco appears as guest blogger. You all know my wub-hate relationship with Mr. F... on the one hand I'm thrilled GH is getting the press it is and on the other, interrupting everything for "stunts with movie stars" can really piss me off. Soaps aren't start-stop...they flow (something Guza needs to go back to school for).  But hey, I am super excited for the MOCA location shoot (with 200 GH fan extras there--that's a PLUS) and seeing where they go with all this. You know I want to own a Franco original someday when he goes through his "Lobster" phase!

Sorry there was no Sunday Surgery. I spent the day with hubs and Dad--in my parents pool, floating around in bliss. Cyberspace seemed far away. Thank you for writing about the trouble with comments. There are about 4 of you that can't seem to  post--and I'm looking into the Windows aspect of it to see if that's a problem. I'm sorry and it sucks!!
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

General Hospital Down in Ratings...

Take a gander at We Love Soaps ratings list for June 7-13th. GH is down to 1.8. It had bounced up to 2.0 for a bit but is down again. People not liking the jail sheeze? With the impending break up of both Spixie and Scrubs, one has to wonder if the Franco stunt can pull them  back out of the basement.

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NEW SPOILERS are up!! Please go, hit an ad for charity (lots coming up on that front) and see who's kissing whom!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


That's right...our fearless weirdo first shows up in Port Charles as a homeless man June 30th...and leads Dante, Jason and Lulu to LA, straight to his big ART ready?

Franco Art Sample

'Francophrenia: Dissolving the Boundary Between Illusion and Reality'

And I am NOT making that up.  200 extras are going to be cast for the taping and a little lobster told me some Wubbers may be there?? One can only hope to breathe the same air as Mr. F!!

Franco will taunt Jason about Michael's jail stay and possible rape. Jason isn't going to deal with that too well. More Details: (all on Seattle TV) Franco's real life MOM is playing "Karen" Anderson starting July 2nd.

Call it a case of art imitating...well, art. Franco (the actor) is also working with MOCA and has been shooting a video documentary about his experience on GH that will screen at the museum later this summer. (In a recent Los Angeles Times article, MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch called the Franco-GH connection "the ultimate extension of Andy Warhol guest-starring in The Love Boat.") The actor's posse of videographers — who seem to trail him everywhere these days — will play versions of themselves on

One has to wonder if he's making his own documentary in the process?? Just sayin'

Guza has also confirmed that Brenda will have ties with Franco--from her time in Europe. Get yer boots on, the summer is going to be pretty uber-hipster.

Well...HERE It IS!

The Cover that SOD has been jonesing for now for YEARS AND YEARS....they could finally run it!! "with a MOVIE STAR and a MAJOR Secret"... Can she fix the GH snooze fest?

Getting My Real Housewives of NYC On!!

There's a LOT more dramaz going on with the RHONY  gals than there EVER could be on GH. So, for those of you that watch that show and caught the 3 part reunion show, this is for you!!

Who CAN'T watch this show with moments like these!!?

First of all, this season was more catty than usual. Seems like everyone was fighting. Friends were enemies, enemies were friends. Seeing Ramona embrace Simon and Alex McCord was well, a bit shocking. Once the season rolled on however, it was easy to see why the sane went to one side and the overly dramatic, singing nutjobs went to the other. Jill Zarin, once the centerpiece of the show was reduced to apologizing every two seconds about her "behavior". Oh, Jill...I'm sure you tried your damnest to get the gals to gang up on Bethenny..but she's the fun one!! She's the one the public likes...the one being asked to do all the talk shows. She has her own show! You just run some fabric store!! Now, I loved Jill and Beth--they seemed on the same page and pretty cool. Watching Jill tell Bethenny she was "done" over and over again did it for me. SO, go hang with the Countess and Krazy Kelly.

Speaking of that wack-a-doodle..if you missed the reunion at least try to watch clips of this train wreck doing her thing. I'd love to try to explain her but it would take a PDR and a psycho DSLM scale to do it. Although she's been an airhead in the past, this season she took the cake. (or er..gummy bears).  On a trip to the tropics for Ramona's pre-wedding celebration she completely flipped out. Screaming, telling people Bethenny was going to kill her, crying on the phone to Jill. There's been subsequent US magazine articles of Ms. Bensimon telling the world she was "bullied". Which, if you watched BRAVO's awesome montage, you'd know was all hogwash. Kelly says one thing, does another. During the hilarious "What What Happens Live" with Bravo Andy and Kathy Griffin, Kathy wonders what Kelly is "on".  Andy giggles, looks around and then looks uncomfortable. I guess the ladies don't have to pass pee tests to keep working.

Watch Kelly's PSA (yes she filmed one) on "systematic bullying" it's sad she thinks it's true because even IF Bravo didn't show all-- they showed enough to let us see that Kelly is as big of a bully as anyone else on that boat is.

The newest housewife, Sonja was actually a godsend this season. At least she could look at things from newer eyes. She's spunky, comes from a real "old American Money" marriage, and seems to take things with a grain of salt. I can live without the Sex-Maniac angle but whatever.
 I'm going to say some nice things about Luanne now, so CountessHaters to the left!! She was the one that called Kelly out on  her "ho -bag" comment to Bethenny when the Krazy got back from the boat. She also had MANY moments during the reunion show where she tried to get Kelly to see how stupid she really is. (didn't work) We all saw Kelly say Bethenny was a "cook" not a "chef"... and refuse to sit across from her at dinner. Yes, the Countess sings a horrific song-- but least she's having fun. (loved her on The Dish)

Ramona...Ramona..Ramona.  She's the girl from HS that just says whatever she wants and gets away with it because she's so hyper and not really paying attention most of the time you cut her a break. Plus, she drinks like a fish and spends a ton of money on her friends. What's not to like??! She looks fabulous and seems to really love her hubby. Plus, she gave it to Jill in a spectacular display of frenzied screeching. Loved it.
I am also an Alex and Simon fan because they just are so funny to watch and really seem to get that this is all a bit silly. They would be people I would have to dinner just to hear the REAL skivvy on the show. Loved that Alex found her voice this season too. Jill really did make way too many snide comments about her boys and Simon to let it go any longer.

I think the best thing about the Housewives from NYC is that they are on the fringe of "high society"--- because lord knows, the REAL society mavens wouldn't be caught DEAD on a reality show.  Plus, I bet their lives are a tad shocking then these ladies.  Every one of them are trying to sell something..from books to shows to fabric to jewelry to skin products to Skinny Girl drinks. It's actually a giant show filled with promo ads for Kodak, catering companies, designers and even NYC stores. Ah, the American Way!! It's totally pure escapism at it's best.

Great moments on the Live Show:
Bethenny's Face when Kelly was talking (think Angela of The Office)
Kelly saying she supports Peta and is against the abuse of animals but "wears furs when she wants to" she also thinks Gummy Bears are their own food group.
Jill's Bracelets and Shoes. They needed their own cameo.
Alex McCord defending her nude photos while Jill is yelling "Spread EAGLE" at her.
Andy and Bethenny's side glances to each other when Kelly was talking
Ramona's eyeballs and "dress fanning"

My husband came upstairs and watched for about 2 minutes.  He's seen some of the shows during the season and was howling, shaking his head that BRAVO actually airs this stuff. I told him be happy I only watch 2 Housewives shows...NYC and OC. I told him to go back downstairs to watch the BBgame. (after yelling STOP TALKING WHEN I'M LISTENING TO THE CRAZY LADY SPEAK!!)

Biggest hope? ALL the footage from the BOAT trip into Madness is aired by BRAVO.  They could actually make a movie out of it. We could all go on Twitter for 2 hours and dish. (all the ladies are on there!!!) I think those of us viewers really REALLY want Kelly Bensimon to fess up to her lunacy or have her show up on Dr. Drew. Her poor girls.  Oy. I can also totally see this show being used as a study in sociology at some college someplace.  heh, extra points if you can diagnose each of their neurosis!!

PS. LOVE Bethenny's new show--she's hysterical. Even her one-liners have one-liners and her hubby? Cute and fun. Loved it when she was shopping for her wedding dress.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Real Andrews goes to The Bay!!

The Bay, a new web based soap starring Mary Beth Evans and Tristan Rogers just cast Real Andrews (Taggert, GH) as "Dr. Kieth"!! woo!! Although I'd rather see him back on GH as our man Taggert. We have him coming in as Dante's superior working out of the FBI. I'll just have to be satisfied watching him on the computer.

GH today: Sorry, fell asleep.  I saw that Lulu and Dante had MORE sex-- Kristina was pretending to drink wine at Johnny's when Olivia walked in and Sonny had Alexis all  in a lather about their "kissing"...Someone needs to get them to buy a clue about what teens will do to get their parents pissed off! LOL. I know the age of consent in NYS is 17, so they did their homework.

Ok,  that's it for today! I'll be looking around for more spoilers and hopefully, some will magically pop into my mailbox.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guza to Logan of TV Guide: "Lisa Has Viewers on Her Side"...

Oh, that's right!! In the newest issue of TV Guide, the ever delusional head writer of GH says Patrick will cheat on Robin --and Lisa will become obsessive. Her character is safe for another year though because "the viewers are on her side"!! Pfffffffffffft.  NOW come on. COME ON!! I have nothing but respect for BB--but the character or Lisa is boring...BORING and just plain not needed. If Patrick's going to cheat at least do it with someone interesting.
Gedstern got the newest Guide in her mailbox-- she had to run and email me that tidbit. @@ Here's part of the article on Daytime Confidential.
I personally would love to see two working parents trying to deal with the stress of a kid an being doctors. (not that we ever see Emma). Give Lisa to Matt-- and let Maxie fight her or something!


OLTL that they did graduation 2 years in a row. Nice tradition. They are so cast/family oriented! David Vickers is THE reason to tune in, imo. He's a blast!!

GH: JUSTUS mention! Eddie Q on...:thud: Justus got a raw deal. He really should NEVER have died.

Tracy was so sad with Luke today "You made a fool of me and you broke my heart"....
Helena looked awesome today!! Connie is stunning.
AND when Hells walks into the room--we have Helena, Luke and TRACY!! awww.."I'm sure my sweet little rats are missing their new best friends". Oh, how Helena taunts Luke!!

I noticed that Dante had a designer Kleenex box in his apt... I notice stuff like that. Guys don't buy those. LOL--ok, maybe Lulu did?
What do you think about Johnny and Ethan together? We need to make up a mob name for them.  "ZLove"??  I like it...ZLOVE it sounds gangstah.
That new "Street set" that is being used is so funny--because there's NEVER ANYONE on it but the 2 people talking. LOL EVER... it's the new docks!!
Molly was so cute with Sonny. "She needs a little space".
Michael had more visitors in one day then I have in a month! Goodness. Hotel Pentonville.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Idiocy on General Hospital Today--

I'm letting it all out about the show today....
Where to start??

Hmmmmmmmm, let's see. So...Jason is in a Maximum Security Prison and they HAVE NO CAMERAS? Not even in the shower (Where we know most of the shanking goes on)--no, they have to ask the DISHWASHER and Laundry guy if they "saw anything"!!! brahahahahahaaaa. just gets screaming, crying hilarious.  Anyone else waiting for Aunt Bea to show up with pies for "the boys"!??

NEXT? Lisa and Steven. Two characters brought on to stand around and do a whole lotta NOTHIN...except they are now sleeping together!! I watched just to see Scott Reeves abs. (nice) Then, we get Ethan and Maya. HEY! about having Maya reconnect with the Q clan!!????? Too difficult? See, problem is, just like with Ethan, just like with Steven, just like with Lisa...these characters are fillers.  That's about it.  Shoved in there when nothing else is going on. I'm not saying they have to be in the mobular story either, I'm just saying that having them hang around Jake's or the empty Haunted Star doing zip.

Well, Skye didn't get to be with Luke so Jax comes to the fave part of today was him telling Carly he was going to dine with someone else!!

Jolivia were good...but I wish they didn't just fight about Sonny all the time. And, er...Kristina must not care that Johnny is going to get killed by her father if she pretend fools around with him!? Lexi Ainsworth is doing an awesome job as a snotty faced brat though...perfection.

BUT, on the's show was a SNA-NOOOOZAH!

Guza Proves his WUB for the WUBQUEEN!! Franco's Mama...

Franco and his Monkey

Oh, you knew he loved me. He loves to torture me..what better way than to name Franco's mother KAREN??!! LOL. I'm dying laughing. It's like the ultimate IRONY for me. All I can do is laugh. AND she's in "upstate NY"...which is interesting because that's where Port Charles is supposed to be..maybe they meant DOWNstate? Or, who knows, maybe she's in Buffalo. Of all the names in all world..oy. Here's hoping it changes between now and then. :hint:

Franco and his Mommy

Scrubs Fans are Pissed!! OUCH!!! Rumors are coming in that Patrick sleeps with Lisa. I don't have confirmation of this yet, so it may not be true.  There is supposedly a kiss so we shall see.  If so, too bad it's with a character that I can't stand because she's so milk-toast. Not that I want Patrick to sleep with anyone else, but come on---LISA?!

HEY! Kassie DePaiva is hosting The View today! Tori Spelling is ill, so she's jumping in to fill her shoes. Thank goodness she's a NYC gal..tune in and show your daytime soap support!!

The Bauers are due back in July--WHY?? Why does Guza bother?? Tell a story in a straight line someday, will ya??

ROSA Balasi will be playing a woman tied to Alkazar's fortune in Spain.

More Spoilers are up on the WUBSNET !! See ya later...


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...