Wednesday, June 23, 2010


OH...Earthquake here today...just a mild one but you could feel it. Twitter was immediate-- everyone was saying they got it from Toronto to Ohio to Buffalo to Rochester! We've had them before..there is a big plate/fault that goes from PA to Canada.

OLTL: Did you spot the lobster behind Hannah's head??!!


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke/Lucky Roomies..that's fun. I guess Luckys sold the old homestead?? Where  is LESLIE? Luke said the Diner was in CANADA? :thud: Damn it. NO it wasn't. LOL It was filmed here!! Say Palmyra dang it.

Of course, Diane was fun calling Max "large' in front of Jason. heh

Tracy and the Q's!! About time....glad to see Eddie and Monica. Ethan had on a little bun!! I really hate Ethan's wallet chain too.

Nikolas and Shirley and an Emily mention. Tired of this ongoing scene after scene after scene. Why can't they have Audrey or Leslie be a friend of hers??

Michael and the whole Carter thing. Guza is going to string this out for months and months. Just go with it. Liked how Claire asked if he had any "interactions" with Carter. heh. You think?!

Jason's visitors today: Diane, Carly...Alexis.


  1. Baltimore Sun reporting the shaking was felt in Maryland as well. Saw some FB posts from there mentioning it. Crazy!

    We have many small tremors here in East Tennessee. The New Madrid Seismic Zone runs through the western part of the state.

  2. I missed today's show but got from the recap that Luke moved in with Lucky?

    If so, I have to ask...

    No room at the Brownstone? Bobbie is his sister after all.

  3. Actually the original story diner WAS in Canada in the story. Back in 1993 when L&L returned, it opened at that diner in Canada and Lucky was on his bike. Then the diner blew up and they knew they had to move on, go back to PC and try to regain their lives. Lucky made his way back alone--he was 11 at the time. It was an exciting story, with L&L flying over the falls, etc.


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