Monday, January 31, 2022

Pick Your Poison


Much going on this week and I'll be in and out. For today... you can be the one to choose how Peter goes! We all WANT him to go...but how? Hail of gunfire? Bus? I personally am hoping I can see his demise and it's FOR REAL AND FOREVER!! He'd better not: Fall off the Parapet (at Bell, Stefan..bunch of other people_ , Fall off the Bridge Ava, Sonny), or blow up  (Robin/Anna/Robert all came back from that). Even with organs donated (Jake) we can't be sure. Maybe dissolving in a vat of acid --or is that too mean? 

Let me know in the comments!! 

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Every Little Breeze...


A few twists and surprises for me this week, huge outcry on Twitter and a few interesting speculations and here we are! It's SUNDAY already. 

I put that baby up there because she's adorable and I needed adorable today. It was a serious week on the show and that face makes it better. 
Let's GO GO 

Friday, January 28, 2022

Virgin No More


I hope today's show isn't as crammed full so I can type fast enough LOL !

Esme, Joss..Cam fight about Trina. Esme says she can't hold her liquor. Joss asks Spencer to pick them..or Esme. He asks to check on Trina. Esme runs out "crying".  Then goes into another bedroom and looks like she has a plan!! Spencer defends her behavior. Cam is like, I'm with Joss, she was mean to Trina. Esme stomps out, tells Spencer they are leaving. Says Trina is asleep.. Spencer goes with her. Joss and Cam get all lovey dovey. They go inside to make ze wub. 

Laura and Martin have coffee at Corinthos..LOVE Laura's shirt. She warns him about working for Peter. She finally convinces him not to. 

Curtis and Stella have coffee at Charlie's catching up. She says "you believe that Marshall was in the witness protection program"?? Looks weird. They say stuff. It's nothing as per usual. 

Temp recast Marshall is with Epiphany at Kelly's, apologizes for their date going bad. Epiphany is still sad about her dream of a doctor being squashed. 

Peter .. ugh, Dante tells him he's going to Pentonville tomorrow. Peter laughs says No, his charges will be dismissed. Dante's like: NO.

Val and Victor talk about Bailey in the GH Hall. Vic wonders why Val is getting her records. Valentin says Brook Lynn is hiding something. 

Chase is at GH...not sure? Getting a check up maybe? Brook comes in and he's in his skivvies. He's getting a check up and he's fine. Brook says she wishes he was Bailey's real dad, he's good at it. 

OH! Peter and Dante run into Brook and Chase in GH!! with Baby Bailey and Peter stares at the baby..and Brook stares at Peter!! Chase is on alert!!  Peter says :Yes, I see it now, Bailey resembles HER MOTHER! Brook @@...Peter gets on the elevator and smiles an evil smile. Martin goes in and tells Peter he's not going to be his lawyer anymore. Peter's like Ok, no biggie. 

Laura overhears Brook and Chase "Peter can't possibly know the truth"...they make up some BS about what they were talking about. No biggie.


ESME TAPED THE WHOLE THING!  Joss and Cam on camera having zex! 

Val finds out that Bailey is O positive and he thought she was O negative or the other way around. 

Victor kidnapps Valentin and throws him in the trunk of his car...probably because he knows that Bailey is Louise. 

Thursday, January 27, 2022



Here we go it's Thursday and the SUN is out here and it's 28!! That's HUGE!! 

Austin tells Maxie he knows she's lying. Tell him the truth. He tells her that Britt told him about the plan with Brook Lynn and it didn't happen but he thinks it did. She tells him about how hard it's been, tries to convince him the voices he heard was her talking to herself. He says no.. two voices. He presses the fact. She ends up kissing him to shut him up! hahahahaa

Valentin and Martin are talking about Bailey still, figuring it out. Oh, Valentin gets it. "Brook Lynn isn't Bailey's mother"... Then he goes to GH and talks to Monica. She says they moved to Jax's house. Fired Yuri. Yuri says Maxie took care of Bailey at work..Monica says she was very maternal to Bailey. Valentin says "almost as if she's her baby". 

VICTOR TELLS PETER THAT BAILEY IS LOUISE!! Damn, he tells him the whole ruse. Peter is like: DERP! Jaw drops. Peter all of a sudden gets a British accent during this time and says he was traveling the globe and she was here all the time. She must SUFFAH!! Tells Victor he has to break him out or he won't give him the Drew info. 

Sonny's still at GH... the doctor is late. He paces, waits..finally leaves. Monica catches him at the elevator; is everything ok? They talk a bit about Jason. She says "don't self medicate"..he says he's not. She leaves. Brando steps out of the elevator and says "I need help" to Sonny. He says his PTSD is bad and losing the baby has been awful. Sonny says he needs to see his shrink. Brando doesn't think he needs it. Sonny tells him he needs help with things and they should get some help together. 

Esme drugs the drinks. They play "never have I ever".  Trina has to drink first. Then they ask about dating your best friend. Trina drinks. Joss is like WHO DID YOU DATE? Then Esme gets in Joss' face for basically taking Cam from Trina 'you took your BFF's crush"!! Trina says she couldn't really say anything to Joss about it. Then she jumps up and goes to the bathroom. Isn't feeling good, sweating.. 

Nina and Carly at Yoga...Nina tries to tell Carly about Sonny. Carly's a snot.. Nina thinks better of it. Then Sasha comes in all bouncy and happy. Carly and Nina are like, um, you ok? She says she knows Liam is gone but she's getting on with life. Carly's says grief is hard. 

Carly still won't listen to Nina

Sonny is going to get Brando help (not sure about himself)

Monica goes in to see Peter before he goes to Pentonville

Valentin asks to see Bailey's medical records (he can because he's her dad) and Victor overhears him. 

TONS of dialog today, watch if you can! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 Sonny is still manic, trying to get Donna and Avery's tree house all ready for a WINTER PICNIC..he was up all night, no gloves...yada yada. Nina freaks out. FINALLY calls Britt. Says she did try to call Phyllis but no answer. Describes what is happening to Sonny. Britt tells her to keep him calm and try to get him to see his doctor. He has to realize that he's having an episode. Later, Sonny grabs Nina hard and she finally convinces him he's having an episode and he cries. Done really well... she gets him to say he'll call the doctor. 

Chase and Bailey are in Kelly's..Val comes in. Valentin asks if she's on solid foods. She likes Bananas. Val meets Martin. Oh, he's still Bailey's legal father!! Valentin asks Chase why they haven't changed the birth certificate yet. 

Maxie, Anna, Felicia and Austin are in the woods. Maxie recreates the birth. All flashbacks at this point. Austin doesn't remember being knocked out but remembers someone else there. Oh he's remembering!! 

Britt goes and taunts Peter says he's going back to Pentonville tomorrow. He asks if Maxie knows. She says shut up. LOL 

Victor goes to GH to find out who owned the photo of the sonogram. Nurse leaves for a minute and he looks at the computer. Britt says what are you doing. They yell. She says he should be in jail for what he did to her mother. He asks if she has symptoms of her Huntington's. She says she doesn't have it. He says "why did your mother leap to go to the conference" ..Britt says it wasn't real. Oh maybe she'll figure out he knew she had it, and ergo changed her test results. 

Ava finds Carly in the yoga studio. Asks about Avery and Carly says she'll have to talk to Sonny but she does see the girls daily. Ava is pissed they were with Bobbie the night before and no her. OMG GREAT CATTY FIGHT lol. Ava basically says that Nina will be waiting for him. Brook Lynn is there and tells Ava to buzz off, family is family. Ava leaves. Then Brook Lynn talks to Carly about moving out. 

Teens are in the cabin. Spencer tells Esme they are going skiing as per Trina's suggestion. Esme isn't happy. They all go skiing. Come back..Trina feels like the 5th wheel.  Spencer and Cameron talk about zex protection. 


Austin remembers the baby story

Valentin realizes Brook could be lying about Chase

Victor REALIZES the baby switch and goes to talk to PETER damn it

Sonny is at GH to get his meds, Britt is with him

Nina ends up at Carly's yoga class

Esme puts pills in the hot toddies. 


Tuesday, January 25, 2022



Yesterday's show: I LOVED Easton (who plays Leo). SO perfect for the role and to know he's on the AS is just icing on the cake. 

Does Victor live at Charlie's?? Like that he talks Russian.

Easter EGG: Tulips at Luke's memorial--did you see them on the Haunted Star? Many red ones. 

Loved Jennifer Smith's Dress. 

SO, Austin is going to figure out about Bailey-Louise. 

I do like Joss and Carly. I also wish Sonny would have jumped right in the lake LOL 


Sonny is all manic at The Savoy, interrupts Curtis and Marshall. Curtis is like, um, this is Marshall. Sonny says he doesn't care, he WANTS THE SAVOY LOL for a romantic date with Carly. He rants/raves

Carly and Joss eating at the Metro

Maxie runs into Victor at Charlie's...drops Louises' sonogram photo 

Esme sees Spencer and Trina being friendly and talking in Kelly's. Which you know, is a sin. 


All my stuff is gone. I'm such an idiot. Here's rundown: 

Nina takes a manic Sonny home and she won't leave him because he's so out of control

Victor is figuring out that Maxie and Brook Lynn switched kids. 

Esme has pills and a burner phone for the cabin

Austin says his brother is on the spectrum

Krissy thinks it's ok for Alexis to be friends with Harmony. Harmony gives Alexis a little gift for her new office. 

Drew is acting weird, especially after Sonny yelled at him. 

Looks like tomorrow the kids go on their cabin adventure, the gang goes to Pawtucket to figure out the 'baby' kidnapping...Sonny yells at Nina more. Carly and Ava have a spat. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

Not Today


Well I was up last night heartbroken about The Bills - had an early morning and just need to rest. So use the blog for comments!! 

That's Tillie trying to get outside in the snow!!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Dust In The Wind


What if you threw a party and no one came? I guess I was hoping this would be more like Purple Rain : Dearly Beloved We are Gathered Together--and a huge guitar riff comes out. Instead I got a banal, dull generic service usually reserved for secondary players. The Haunted Star looked like a nursing home. 

Yes, I'm THAT crabby. Save yourself while you can. 

 Disclaimer:    I do love this show. Remember that. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Jennifer Smith: Backstory


Ruby, Frank Smith, Luke, Jennifer (played by Lisa Marie) and Rick at the GH 4th Picnic 1980.

Since I know a lot of you don't remember her (and lord knows I barely do), I thought I'd give a brief rundown of Jennifer Smith, minor character in Port Charles' history. 

Jennifer Smith was the mob boss Frank Smith's daughter. She was played by four people: Lisa Marie, Roseanna Barr, Sally Struthers and finally Holly Gagnier in 2015. Holly was back yesterday at Luke's memorial. The two times she was played by Barr and Struthers it was more of a running joke about her obsession with Luke.  Tom Arnold actually played her husband, Billy Biggs when they met up in Vegas in 1994. In 2015 she kidnapped Lucky to get Luke to sleep with her. Well, not exactly. She didn't really kidnap Lucky so that ended up being nothing.

Yesterday she shows up in Widow's garb to the end of his memorial to confront Laura. Did you know that Holly is the acting coach for the kids and teens for the show? Easy and at the ready to pop in! 

Will this go anywhere? Is Jennifer the one that Brick was talking about taking over all of the territory in the West? Was she the "surprise" Victor was laughing over while drinking at the bar? I honestly don't remember her 2015 gig.  I guess I wasn't paying attention? 

Were you? Do YOU remember Jennifer Smith? Would have been way more fun if Roseanne came back. Huge PR too. But you know...Roseanne. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

In A Jar's here. Luke's Death has been such a nothing-burger it's hard to muster anything for the memorial. Seriously. We had a day-then.. nothing. People talking about everything else BUT Luke's death. 

Haunted Star: Anna, Felicia.. Laura, Curtis.. Spencer. Victor comes in. Ava and Nik are there. Lucky can't get out of Africa and Nathan will go to the funeral in Amsterdam... off camera. Victor leaves after everyone tells him to go. 

Felicia and Anna are alone in the "Luke Room"...boring. 

Tracy is outside with the urn. Alexis comes up. Tracy snaps at her "I have Luke in a jar"!!! 

Sonny is pre-loading at Charlie's . Dante thinks he shouldn't go. Sonny don't care. Robert and Scotty walk in. "Who do I hate more, Luke or Sonny Corinthos"? Says Sonny by a photo finish.  OMG Sonny and Scotty are going to fist fight. Victor walks in. Scotty and Sonny hate Victor more than each other so they all fight. It's just... :eyerolling: anyway, they stop and go to the memorial. 

Carly and Bobbie talking at Kelly's. Lucas IS WORKING :eyeroll: They talk about Bobbie's family. Luke. Ruby. Then they talk about Carly's marriage. 

Yeah, Helena was on a big TV talking smack about Luke. "If you're seeing this, I went first and Luke finally is following me". She disses him. Laura finally turns off the TV. Carly, Sonny and Bobbie finally make it. Tracy does the eulogy. 

Tracy lets the ashes go and they fly right in Scotty's eyes. 

UM, JENNIFER SMITH SHOWS UP. I can't. ...seriously? LOL okay

Wow, underwhelming is all I can say. I'll save my bitching for Sunday Surgery. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022



Francos' art studio burned down, ARSON! I hope Elizabeth did it and has an alter heh. Dante asks about keys. She has them and the building super. Her keys are still in the box. Liz puts a ring in her pocket.  Dante questions Cameron. Liz says he was home because of his head injury and she woke him up on and off all night. Cam thinks it was Peter because the studio was the scene of the crime. Thinks Peter could have hired someone. Liz still looks weird. She wonders if anything can be saved. Dante says between the fire, smoke, Liz looks at Franco's ring in her pocket. Cam makes tea. Says it's weird about the ring and the fire. Liz says he listens to too many paranormal podcasts. 

Valentin and Anna out for nosh. He says he loved NYE. They flashback to kissing. She asks about Victor. He says Laura asked him to keep and eye out. Anna isn't happy Valentin is seeking revenge against Brook. Anna says that's not them anymore. Val says oh yes, that's still me, I though you knew that. 

Felicia meets Austin, wants to talk about Maxie. She gets Austin to agree to go to the cabin but he's like no way in hell I'm asking Maxie to go lol. She says "I like you" because he's looking out for Maxie. Maxie comes up later, accuses them of talking about her. Says no way she'll go back. 

Peter is saying his back hurts and has to talk to Finn "It feels like someone threw me down a flight of stairs"... He's trying to get Finn to let him stay at GH and not be transferred. Finn: NOPE, try again sucker!! Marty his lawyer comes in after and Peter wants Finn charged with attempted murder. Martin says No..there's no proof, there's nothing. 

Later in his office, Finn and Chase talk about Peter. Finn slips and starts telling him about the roof. Chase is like: WHAT? (we get flashbacks). OMG!!!!!! wow.. he TELLS CHASE! Tells him he pushed him down the stairs and he thought he was dead. Leaves Liz out tho. Tells him about the freezer. Chase says he doesn't blame him at all. Hates Peter. 

Brook and Chase tell Maxie Tracy figured out Bailey is Maxie's daughter.  Ned comes in and wants to talk to Brook alone. He wonders what Tracy is going on about with Brook being "in trouble".  She says they moved because they wanted privacy. He think she's falling for Chase. She says no, just trying to be good parents to Bailey. 

Peter says he has an ace up his sleeve..the person that helped him escape GH long ago. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Zexus Interruptus


TIME For the show. I feel like they are spinning wheels until Luke's memorial the 21st. That's Friday so you know it will continue into Monday, right? 

Today, Chase and Dante use the gym. Geesh, getting the whole thing used as much as possible. Sonny storms in, wants to talk to Chase. Says he's glad he's Bailey's dad, Valentin doesn't deserve her. Then asks if he's serious about Brook Lynn.. "WHY ? She not good enough for you"?? All pissy. Chase goes to take a shower and Dante is concerned about Sonny's attitude. He tells Chase he's staying with Sonny to talk. Which is probably a good idea. 

BLQ is at home...looking for a battery charger and someone comes in the door but it's not Chase. She grabs a vase to go investigate.  Hits someone over the head. Calls Chase. He leaves the gym. (see below) 

Hospital: Curtis is there, everyone is in the waiting room but say Marshall is going to be OK. Portia says she's there for him. Dr. Rose comes out to tell everyone what's going on. He says the medication was off. Epiphany thinks something else is going on. She talks to the doctor. He tells her to mind her own business, HE's the doctor. Curtis asks Marshall about his High blood pressure. Marshall is like NEVERMIND! 

Epiphany thinks Marshall needs a second opinion. He says no. 

Finn and Liz are going to continue their date. Then Cam calls. OMG!! ahahaha. Joss and Cam went to Jax's thinking it was empty and BROOK clunked him over the head. They probably wanted ZEX. ahahaha. 

Carly is in her hotel room. She looks at a voice mail from Jason ..almost plays it but Sam's at the door with beers. Weird scene. Anyway, they have a beer. Carly rails against Nina, Says they were having fun at BBQs and Hoe-Downs. She says as SOON as Sonny came home she and Jason shut "that door" on their feelings but Sonny hasn't shut his off for Nina. 

Shaun and Alexis talk about the paper... she invites Harmony to sit with them while they are at the Metro. Harmony says no, goes to pick up her food says Shaun doesn't like her too much. This Harmony Alexis thing is kinda strange. She says Harmony is a victim of Shiloh's too. 

CAM and Joss talk about not being able to DO IT. They are waiting for the cabin. Finn and Liz are going to go out again. 


So, time passes and Liz gets up the next day and Dante is at the door saying "something terrible happened last night".. I'm wondering if she's dreaming???????? WEIRD!! WHAT? Tomorrow they show Cam too with Dante.. What can it be?? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It's just a BOREDAY

 Epiphany and Marshall are out to dinner at the PC Grille. They talk about the past.. her wanting to be a doctor, yada yada. 

Curtis throws some guys out of The Savoy who were exchanging coke. Drew comes in. They talk about Marshall. 

Brando and TJ are at the gym. Brando thanks him for saying he was sorry about the baby. Brando thinks Sasha is acting weird. 

Gladys and Sasha are at Yoga... Gladys thinks Sasha's not grieving. 

Brook and Chase move into Jax's old place. No rent because he knows Lois. Finn is is helping them move in, so is Dante. Finn leaves for his date. Dante talks to Chase about Brook Lynn. She overhears Chase dissing her. 

Felicia and Maxie at Yoga. KW looks spectacular. She tells Maxie that Peter taunted her with being a bad mother. Maxie doesn't wanna go back to the cabin where she went into labor. 

Liz, Terry and Portia are at the nurses' station. Liz is ready to go out with Finn, she's afraid something bad is going to happen. She can't figure out how her ring got in her locker. She leaves. Portia sets up a dating app for Terry. 

NOTE: Jax left his surf board 


Marshall is having a heart-attack at the Grille 

Terry has  a match on her app already

Brook is mad at Chase. 

Portia calls Curtis to come to GH 

Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK and Betty


Today is of course MLK Day. Who can forget Emily Q and her report on the Ward Family that Edward helped her with? Loved that. 

Also today would have been Betty White's 100th birthday and the country wide movement is to have people donate in a local animal shelter in her name. What a wonderful gift to give! Remember my little Tillie was a rescue. She spent her first days with a wonderful foster mama who bottle fed her. 


Marshall goes to GH with a hurt wrist. Epiphany helps him. Oh he's faking it to ask Epiphany about singing in his band. Anyway, comes out that Epiphany wanted to be a doctor. She said life got in the way. He asks her out on a date. 

Carly sees the girls. It's MLK day so they are going sledding. With PILL-are (Pilar)?  I guess I forgot that is their nanny? LOL She asks about Sonny's meds because she was tagged in his alert from the pharmacy. He says don't change the subject.  Brick comes to the house. Carly leaves. Brick wants to know what's up with he and Carly. Then he tells Sonny there's a "new player' in the mix of the mob. Sonny doesn't seem to care. 

Carly meets with Diane at the Metro.  Says she's sad.. mad..yada yada. 

Britt goes to see Nina. Wants her to talk to Sonny about helping...BRAD? This is just..weird. Like why wouldn't Britt go to Sonny herself? It's just..ugh. Nina says no. 

Michael and Drew box. Drew talks about getting his shares back for ELQ. They are acting like Drew and Sam were together when he left? UM..No.. he was with Kim and she was with Jason!!  Anyway, Michael talks to him about Aurora. Then about the fact he's angry with Sonny.  Michael's hair looks so much better. 

Laura and Curtis ...she tells him about Curtis being all into Jeebux. Curtis tells her all about Marshall. She says he might have to just accept him. 


NOTE: I LOVED the Nixon Falls Fallout Story. Now I don't care at all about it. I don't want another Sonny's off his meds story. It negates all the Nixon Falls Growth. PERIOD.

Britt finds out through Avery that Carly moved out when she called. 

Epiphany and Marshall are going to the Grille for Prime Rib after her shift

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Brunch with Brad


SUNDAY! Brunch Day! And since the best part of GH this week was BRAD, he's agreed to sit with us as I *itch about a mostly "meh" week.  Going OLD SCHOOL WUBS today! Scripted just for you. Narrative at the end. 

Eat ya bagels. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Bad PantSUIT


FRIDAY!! So far this week has been a .... let down. Let's see if Friday picks up!! 

Michael and Sonny. Michael's mad. Sonny's mad. They are mad at each other. Michael thinks Sonny protected Nina... Sonny says he didn't. Michael yells. Sonny yells. Dante comes in and tells them to calm down. 

When you see Laura... you'll get this reference. It's horrible !!! Wardrobe stop. 

Laura and Kevin call a family meeting. Spencer and Nikolas are there. Spencer says he misses Nikolas and Nik misses Spencer. Esme comes in to put a monkey wrench and things. 
Kevin takes her out for coffee. Laura says Spencer needs to forgive his father. He says "you sound just like Victor". 

Kevin asks her how often she sees Ryan. They talk about his family and his books. When she goes to the ladies' room he calls Pentonville to restrict her from seeing Ryan. 

Nina and Ava. Nina tells Ava about firing Scotty and hiring Martin to help her see Wiley. I don't care about Wiley. Just don't. Whatever.  Marin leaves and Ava and Nina talk about Carly's visit. Ava says Carly's running scared. 

Brad tells Britt he didn't know the poison was in the food he gave Peter. But you know his Aunt did it LOL . Dante stops in to talk about transferring Peter to Pentonville. He also asks Brad why he'd be in with Wu Crime Family. Brad's like SHE'S MY AUNT. Dante makes Brad nervous. Dante Leaves. Britt tells Brad to grow a pair and stop acting so twitchy. He's scared of his Aunt. 

Carly and Drew talk about whatever she is going through. She wants to hear about Scout to cheer her up. They talk about Scout. Then Carly talks about leaving Sonny. He has beer. She has wine. They eat peanuts. 


Drew and Carly are glad to be friends

Sonny yells, Dante is worried about him. 

Ava says to not ask for visitation with Wiley because Sonny will be happy if she doesn't. 


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Two For One

 Austin and Brook... it's weird because I don't even think of Austin as a Quartermaine. 

Alexis and Sam are spending a LOTTA time together. WHAT Is with Sam's SWEATER AHAHAHAHAA? 

Loved Jane Elliot ...Tracy was awesome yesterday. Leona Helmsley reference... awesome. 

OMG Sonny saying Carly won't let it go because of JASON .. WHOOT!! 

Olivia and Robert. I like them flirty friends. I like Ned and Olivia so... 

Tracy is FREE!! Alexis saves the day 


Shaky cam at the Qs... Brook tells Chase that Tracy knows the truth.  Tracy also suggested to Brook that Louise be taken across the ocean to be 'kept safe'. OFF CAMERA. Geeze. Brook says she wants her to move to Amsterdam--and Chase says he'll move into the Q house. Oh no, wait he wants her to move in with HIM. Oh they are going to rent their own place and have Tracy pay for it. WEIRD.

Drew sees Victor at The Metro. They bark at each other. Sam tries to stop them. Sam then tells Drew she gave Valentin his ELQ shares that were in trust with him. 

Maxie and  Anna talk. Maxie is like: Louise? Yawn. Anna is worrked. Maxie is just bored. Anna goes over the 'evidence again'.  Stupid. 

Felicia gets in to see Peter. Pretty lame, imo. He does call her Princess. 

Brad and Britt eat brunch in her office. He's upset because he has no husband..and  Wiley's fam hates him... and no one will hire him for lab work. He also tells Britt his Aunt has a hold over him and he did something horrible for him. Oh he tells her he poisoned Peter. 

Austin plots with Val against Brook Lyn. On the phone so far. Comes to his office. They don't say much. Then Victor comes in. Maybe he'll figure out the baby stuff. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pick a Side...Any Side!


Again today my REAL WORK interrupts my ONLINE FUN... DAMN IT. They need to stop doing that!! 

SO...Carly or Nina? Both or neither? Carly is just too easy to hate. You know SOAP Character hate. So I'm usually on Nina's side. Do I think she was in the right? Hell no...but it's my daytime show and I can be as illogical as I wanna be! Sonny has explaining to do too but I'm enjoying all this too much to have it end. 

You know where Carly would be if Jason was alive. Heh. We ALL know where she'd be!! 

See ya tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Dating Game


Felicia and Maxie at Charlie's talking about Luke, drinking whiskey. Say that Holly, Sean and Luke are gone and Robert must feel awful. Felicia still wants to talk about Louise. Maxie doesn't. Maxie tells Felicia that she wants Austin on her "phone chain". 

Laura is mad Victor is in the house... Spencer and Ez are in the kitchen. Laura calls him Smarmy. LOL He says he's not leaving PC. He wants to atone for his family sins. Spencer and Esme made tea. Laura tells him to stay. Victor drops that Luke died.  They have tea. Spencer and Esme watch Laura and Vic go toe-to-toe on the banter LOL 

Willow goes to see Nina. She apologizes to Nina for telling her secret. Weird scene. Willow says she'll be in trouble if Michael finds out she was there to see Nina. She wants Nina to give up her legal claim on Wiley and then she'll work on Michael to help her see him. Nina is like no way. Willow keeps arguing. Tries acting tough. Fails. 

Carly gets home, Sonny's baking.. she looks all pissy. Sonny's made lasagna -- she tastes it. Needs more sugar. He got bread and wine. Sounds a bit manic to me. They eat..she picks her food. OH! He mentions LUKE!! WELP...she didn't know yet. She wants to go to Bobbie's but LUCAS told Sonny she went to bed early and he gave her something to help her. So.. don't go over. Carly is tired of pretending that everything is ok with she and Sonny. Sonny says "Nothing compares 2 U" like the Prince song LOL She's mad something almost happened in Nixon Falls. OMG HE HAD NO MEMORY!! Good LORD!! She tells him to go see Nina 'I know you want to". She's such a bitch. 

Marshall and Curtis back in Marshall's hotel room. OF course Marshall starts to back out telling him. Good God, this is just so boring. He says he did something and before it became bad for the family, he left. It was criminal and he was under a bigger boss and was in trouble and left. I bet the boss was Cyrus. Marshall won't say more. Curtis says he knows Mob people...and he can help him. 

Austin and Britt out at the Savoy. Trying to pick up people. Cute but obvious. Britt strikes out-- Austin doesn't even try. He tells her that he likes Maxie. 


Carly says if Sonny isn't gone in the morning, she will be

Nina tells Willow to buzz off

Laura shuts the door in Victor's face

Monday, January 10, 2022



Laura tells Sonny about Luke. They hug. Laura says he was her partner long ago. She was a different person. She likes herself now. They talk about Cyrus...then Laura asks what is wrong with Sonny. He tells her about Nixon Falls and Mike and such. He tears up. Wonders if Carly will ever forgive him. VERY GOOD SCENES. 

Carly charges into Nina's office to bitch at her. Nina spills that she and Sonny were 'together' on NYE. "something else he didn't tell you"..Carly yells...screeetches yada yada. Nina basically says Carly is an idiot for leaving Sonny because if it was her, she'd be there for him. She says that SHE stopped them sleeping together. Sonny would probably still come back to her and Carly slaps her. 

Trina sees Curtis and her mother making out in the elevator. She's ok with Curtis being in Portia's life. Curtis leaves so Trina and Mom can have some alone time. They talk about Ava and Trina was upset with how she treated Spencer. They talk about the cabin trip. 

Marshall goes to GH to see TJ. TJ says unless Curtis says it's ok, he's not going to have much to do with him. Marshall says he can't tell Curtis the whole truth. Curtis comes in. Asks if Marshall is a stalker. TJ is called away. 

Esme has some drugs (I think for the cabin) and as Spencer comes in she asks him how the dinner with TRINA went. :eyeroll: Anyway, they end up making out. Victor comes in! He wants to have the Cassadines united. He tells Spencer that everyone in the fam tries to kill each other at one time or the other. Basically, get over it LOL.

Liz shows Finn her ring she found in her locker. He thinks one of the boys must have found it, put it in her pocket and it fell out. They try to figure out what happened. She has to go home and ask them about it...without Finn. 


Sonny's prescription needs a refill 

Marshall seems like he's going to tell Curtis the truth. 

Victor is waiting for Laura 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Death of a (Fill In the Blank)


Well, I have a lot to say this Sunday and while some of it is good, a lot of it is just plain bitching. I don't understand how the show was structured this week and I think the editing was shoddy. Settle in for some good ol' Wubsy criticism!

I left the title up to the reader because we all think of Luke as something different. Anti-Hero, Romantic Lead, Rapist, Narcissist, Good Guy, Bad Guy, Icon.. it's all up to your own memory. 

I guess we can toast Luke with some beverages and ribs. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Friday!! I am here!

NOTE: yet again NO LUKE movement! WTF. This is ridiculous. EVERYONE should know. Liz isn't even saying anything. I'm going to have stuff to say in the blog this Sunday!! 

Esme is concerned they can't use the cabin if Carly and Sonny are broken up. SPENCER really wants to go she says. Joss gives in and says yes. Esme talks about growing up in a broken home and that's why Spencer is her family now. 

Spencer is with Trina and Ava at the Metro, he has to do Community Service and I think maybe he's doing it with Ava's gallery?? Not sure. Anyway they all eat and Ava is taking it out of Spencer's trust fund AHAHAHAHAA. Oh, Spencer has to work at the Gallery for restitution for the stalking. OH he has to work for TRINA at the Gallery! Ava also tells them that she and Nik are renewing their vows. 

Sonny arrives back home, wants to talk, Carly is pissy. He says his Jason pain and Brando's baby was the reason he didn't tell Carly sooner. Carly yells at him "Do you still have feelings for Nina" .. Sonny says "yeah"..  Carly loses it. He talks about her and Jason. She loses it again. Says Sonny's Nina's accomplice. Carly wants to know exactly what happened. He won't tell her. She leaves. 

Liz and Finn going out on a date. She even bought a new dress for the occasion. 

Phyllis and Nina. Phyllis saw about the trial on the news and Kristina told her off camera. Phyllis tells Nina not to be around Sonny because of feelings. 

Chase and Brook and baby. Chase is upset that he can't be a policeman yet because he punched Valentin. Olivia comes in and says she wants to go confront Nina about the whole Sonny/Mike thing. Chase leaves and takes Bailey to show her to Finn at GH. UGH that is where Peter is! NO!

Ahmaud Arbery sentencing interrupted the show 

GREAT NEWS! Eden (Josslyn) signed a new 3 year contract with GH!! I'm so happy. I like her a lot. 

Friday Frapp!


I may be out today; not sure I have a meeting at 1:00. HOPE I'll be back soon enough!!! 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Weird Timeline


Oh BOY did I need a distraction from today's news and history!! SO Glad the show is on!! 

Tracey and Brook and Bailey..Bailey is going to Deception with bailey where they have daycare. Tracy gets all smirky and asks about Maxie. 

Maxie, Lucy talking Deception public. Sasha and Brook show up too. Lucy wants to go to the stock exchange to ring the bell. M and B think that Sasha should. Brook also tells Maxie that Tracy not only knows the baby isn't hers, she suspects she's Maxie's. 

Alexis and Sam at the Metro talking about her new job at the paper. NED comes in!! Oh, he tells Alexis about Luke. Sam figures out Tracy's in town and she's supposed to be on the lamb for what she did to Alexis and the driving drunk charge. Anyway, Tracy RUNS into the Metro. Alexis looks miffed. Says Tracy gave her the best idea about writing about privilege's and the justice system. Um, didn't Alexis get pardoned because of Nikolas? 

Brando and Gladys at the Metro and Sasha walks in. Sasha and Brando haven't spoken or seen each other since Liam's funeral. She goes to the meeting. Brando and Gladys talk about loss. 

Dante comes over to the PH to see Sonny.  Sonny tells Dante about Nina taking him home and Nina didn't sleep over LOL. Waxes poetic about Nixon Falls but wishes he could forget Nina. Dante says Nixon Falls sounds like "Brigadoon" a magical town that comes to life every 100 years. Good scenes. 

Avery wonders where her daddy is. Then Olivia comes over. She talks to Carly about Nina. She asks Carly if she was honest with Sonny about her feelings for Jason. :clapping: Carly barks that she was in 'extraordinary" circumstances with Jason and anyway she chose Sonny.  Um, didn't Sonny choose her? And WHY ISN'T OLIVIA TELLING CARLY ABOUT LUKE? this is weird. 

Ava goes to see Nina and is happy she got the case dropped. Ava is giddy about what Willow said in court LOL Ava thinks Sonny might still be in wub with Nina. 


Lucy didn't find out about Luke from Maxie? Wouldn't she have told her first thing??? 

Olivia didn't tell Carly about Luke?? WHAT ?? and Luke is Carly's uncle--wouldn't Bobbie have called her ?? 

It's really bugging me

Sam calls Dante to come arrest Tracey at the Metro. 

Sasha puts on her lipstick and is all shaky. I thought she was going to use again but it was just lipstick. 

Dante arrests Tracy before she can tell Ned about the baby suspicions.  Sam and Alexis toast with their coffee mugs LOL 

Carly says she should call her mother back but then Sonny walks in. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Back To Back Watching


Tuned in for yesterday's show before watching today's show. Curtis and Portia zexy zex. Luke dies in a cable car crash? How Swiss! LOL .. Shawn looks so spiffy as the Intruder owner. Laura and Bobbie were excellent. And Luke killed by a Cassadine? Hmm.. who would have thunk it. I do think he's dead-dead by the way. Just my opinion. 


Peter wants to hire Martin Gray to prove he didn't kill Franco Baldwin? WHAT THE FK? come on. Oh and Martin takes the case!! WOW..okay? That's just stupid. 

Valentin and Victor at the Metro. Victor heard he "lost his daughter'. Val says he will never see Charlotte. Victor says that he could help get revenge on Brook Lyn with him. 

Tracy knows Brook Lynn isn't Bailey's mother because she told her when she called her for help. She also knows it's not Chase. "Don't tell me you were stupid enough to steal a baby". Tracy wants to know what's going on and why Chase agreed to this whole mess. 

Millow--just boring stuff in the breakfast nook. zzzzzzzzz. Harmony comes in with a pressie for Wiley. BLOCK TRAIN LOL. Weird. ANYWAY-- Michael leaves with Wiley and Willow tells her mama about the Nina trial. Michael comes in and says it's not Harmony's business what they do. 

Felicia and Anna talking about Maxie and her lack of upset over the baby being kidnapped. Maxie comes in... then Robert to tell them about Luke.  All gasp. Felicia and Maxie go to the Qs to see Tracy. Tracy finds out from Felicia that Maxie's baby is missing AND she's 7 months old. Totally figures it all out. 

Robert and Anna cry. They are glad each other are there. They talk about the old days. 

Shawn wants Alexis to work at The Intruder. Sam thinks it's a good idea. Shawn says she's a warrior and he needs help. He says think about it. Sam tries to talk Alexis into it.

Austin talks to Britt about going in to see Peter and doesn't think she should.  She goes in anyway. Peter ask her why she's angry with him. JASON you know, JASON. She just lays into him. Tells him if she had poisoned him, he'd be dead. Also asks about the baby: is she dead? Oh she's good. 

Brook tells Maxie about telling Tracy the truth. Maxie freaks out and realizes Tracy probably will  figure it out. 


Valentin wants Victor to help him. 

Alexis is going to take the job

Austin wants to be Britt's wing man. 

Tracy knows the baby Bailey is Louise. 

The Luke Legacy


End of an era they say. "He's not really dead, they comment"... "Luke was a rapist"... "Luke saved GH"... "Luke and Laura were the 'IT' couple" ..."Luke and Laura were the perfect example of a horribly toxic relationship". And the beat goes on. With all the headlines and bickering, hindsight is 20.20. 

I was THE target audience General Hospital was trying to pull in when Genie came on the show in 1977. Teen, female.. the perfect demo. When she came on, the canvas shifted a bit because she was very much a 'teen of the era" right down to carrying her 3 ring binder hugged to her chest. There was an actress before her yes, but Genie just fit into Laura Vining like a glove. We were very very free in the late 70's. As teens we just cruised around and did what we wanted; the drinking age in NY was 18. Sex was everywhere. Laura was a teen and  was also the woman we thought we wanted to be.  Laura went to Monica for birth control pills so she could sleep with Scotty. Did you ever ask your mother about that? Hell no. Did anyone question the age difference between Scotty and Laura? Well, yeah, just for a bit so they could make Laura wait until she was 18 to marry him.  Back then falling for an older guy was the norm; we saw them as the prize.  Laura and Scotty were the lovers who were kept apart by the mean law and older folk. She saved for his law books and we ate it up. 

Of course that brings us to one Luke Spencer. Unless you lived it, you will never know what this meant. I was so ready for that story. I was fed bodice rippers and saw Scarlet O'Hara carried up the steps by Rhett (beaming with love in the morning). "Rape" was the buzz word because honestly, it wasn't really talked about let alone on TV. Gloria was raped on All In The Family and it became a national discussion. By the time soaps got to it, it was a plot point to shock and get the viewers to tune in. Throw in a Campus Disco, cool clothes and music PLUS the fact it was a person she knew? Welp. It wrote itself. 

What Gloria Monty didn't count on was the popularity of Tony and Genie together. When he was in agony apologizing after the rape,  the chemistry oozed off the two of them. I see many people say now they couldn't stand him or their relationship but getting your photo on the cover of People and Newsweek was no small feat. Millions of us saw them as something new in the vein of the old 40's banter movies. Then there was back tracking, there was Genie leaving...coming back and then the two of them going away. 1993 locked them in as the "cool family" still on the run from the bad guys. 

GH went from a boring, stale old daytime drama to something new. Couple on the run and James Bond type spy stuff.  Did Laura go to college? HELL NO..she ran with the big kids and saved the world!! Did her mom and dad stop her? Um.. NO.. because at 17-18 back then, you were grown. Does that excuse the whole rape story? Surely it doesn't. Did I buy the redemption? Hook, line and sinker because I wanted to see where the story went. 

The years crept by and after the revisit of the rape with Lucky and Elizabeth's story, L&L lost some luster due to us being more "woke" and seeing what a troubling story it all was.  As Luke would say, once they settled down and were 'domestic" it was just dull. We had all grown up and our POV changed.  Then Genie left the show, came back...left and they just fell apart. Tony Geary continued on and although his acting was always top-notch Luke became the troubled old guy we thought nothing could touch. Sometimes it's best to leave heroes buried. 

I did enjoy Tracy and Luke. His second act had some charm but it ran too long. Not going to get into the whole TG exit interviews but let's just say I was glad when he went. Laura is in a much better place without him. Now that even is specter is gone, maybe it can all be put on a shelf. 
Well...until we hear "Rise" again. 

Killed by a Cassadine. Isn't that a kicker? 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tuesday Show


Had to go to my brother's today on short notice so I won't be in. Yes, this guy has bit the dust. Should be good dramaz. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Ding Dong, Sadness Calling


FKING PETER'S FINGER MOVED!! damn it.  Austin was checking him. Victor is talking to Britta. DAMN IT.. PETER GRABS AUSTIN! UGH Stop it. HE IS AWAKE! NOooooooooo and he wants to talk to Victor.  Victor goes in. Peter says "you betrayed me" . Victor says he's the only one that can help him now. He needs something from Drew Cain. 

Maxie and Anna make up at The Savoy party. Hugs all around. Felicia is HERE! She wants to team up with Anna to find Maxie's baby! Felicia and Anna make up. Team up to get the baby back. 

Laura and Kevin talk to Mac about Cyrus but Laura is more worried about Victor. She is going to have lunch with Valentin because Victor is his father. Maybe she can use that. 

Nina and Sonny.. Where is he? Not sure where that place is. Sure has a lotta gay art in it!! He's drunk, drunk.  It's Sonny's old PENTHOUSE!!! He says he bought it in 1994-- for Stone and lived there and couldn't get rid of it. Aww, Stone. Nina goes to leave. Sonny tells her not to. He chugs more booze. He is going to tell her what Carly said to him. BUT! He can't even tell Nina what Carly said because he's loyal to Carly. Nina says not even the booze can change that. They talk about Nixon Falls. 

Carly and Drew on the bridge..ugh. Don't care really...get him away from her.  Blabbing about Jason. It's just boring. Drew is telling her about Jason' being chained to the wall. :eyeroll: He wants to help Carly. :Eyeroll: 

Alexis and Harmony. I love them, they are fun. Alexis is kinda having a pity party. Why isn't Krissy bartending. They say they don't have any friends but each other. 

LAURA and Kevin go home... the door bell rings... Tracy tells Laura that Luke is dead. 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Step Into 2022


I got to see Miley's shirt almost fall right off on live TV so 2022 started with a bang! She got on a Brook Lynn blazer and continued! GH was fun last week and depending on how much you love good Old School Soapy Drama, you could have been jubilant just like I was. 

Of course I have to mention Betty White passing because she was/is such an icon. Reminds us to treasure everyone while they are here. 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

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