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Here we go it's Thursday and the SUN is out here and it's 28!! That's HUGE!! 

Austin tells Maxie he knows she's lying. Tell him the truth. He tells her that Britt told him about the plan with Brook Lynn and it didn't happen but he thinks it did. She tells him about how hard it's been, tries to convince him the voices he heard was her talking to herself. He says no.. two voices. He presses the fact. She ends up kissing him to shut him up! hahahahaa

Valentin and Martin are talking about Bailey still, figuring it out. Oh, Valentin gets it. "Brook Lynn isn't Bailey's mother"... Then he goes to GH and talks to Monica. She says they moved to Jax's house. Fired Yuri. Yuri says Maxie took care of Bailey at work..Monica says she was very maternal to Bailey. Valentin says "almost as if she's her baby". 

VICTOR TELLS PETER THAT BAILEY IS LOUISE!! Damn, he tells him the whole ruse. Peter is like: DERP! Jaw drops. Peter all of a sudden gets a British accent during this time and says he was traveling the globe and she was here all the time. She must SUFFAH!! Tells Victor he has to break him out or he won't give him the Drew info. 

Sonny's still at GH... the doctor is late. He paces, waits..finally leaves. Monica catches him at the elevator; is everything ok? They talk a bit about Jason. She says "don't self medicate"..he says he's not. She leaves. Brando steps out of the elevator and says "I need help" to Sonny. He says his PTSD is bad and losing the baby has been awful. Sonny says he needs to see his shrink. Brando doesn't think he needs it. Sonny tells him he needs help with things and they should get some help together. 

Esme drugs the drinks. They play "never have I ever".  Trina has to drink first. Then they ask about dating your best friend. Trina drinks. Joss is like WHO DID YOU DATE? Then Esme gets in Joss' face for basically taking Cam from Trina 'you took your BFF's crush"!! Trina says she couldn't really say anything to Joss about it. Then she jumps up and goes to the bathroom. Isn't feeling good, sweating.. 

Nina and Carly at Yoga...Nina tries to tell Carly about Sonny. Carly's a snot.. Nina thinks better of it. Then Sasha comes in all bouncy and happy. Carly and Nina are like, um, you ok? She says she knows Liam is gone but she's getting on with life. Carly's says grief is hard. 

Carly still won't listen to Nina

Sonny is going to get Brando help (not sure about himself)

Monica goes in to see Peter before he goes to Pentonville

Valentin asks to see Bailey's medical records (he can because he's her dad) and Victor overhears him. 

TONS of dialog today, watch if you can! 


  1. FINALLY Valentin knows and can help BUT I swear with sweeps starting, I bet Peter escapes and kidnaps Bailey/Louise and we will have this another year and people, I may have to hurt someone.................put us out of our misery----
    WHY WHY WHY does Victor want to control Drew? THAT is a huge mystery------wait a minute - my bad - the writers don't know either...
    still no service for Jason----------
    Hate Nina and Carly equally..........

  2. Kelly's:

    Tad and V.C.: Great scene!!! Love that V.C. figured it all out! :)

    V.C.: Martin you beautiful bastard.

    ROFL! V.C. would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    The woods:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Maxie: He got really close to her. I thought he was going to kiss her. Yes she kissed him to shut him up, but that kiss affected her hehehehe. :)

    Pawtucket Holtster, Maxie, and Felicia:

    Felicia: I get the feeling something else is going on here. What really happened before I came back?

    Uh that's none of your business Felicia! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Monica, Yuri, and V.C.: YURI!!! YAY! YURI AND MONICA YAY! :) Oh they still like each other haha. Awwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Victor and Hiney: VICTOR NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAP! He won't give you Drew you know.. He will change his mind.. Oh lookie lookie. He did! ROFL! Told ya Victor..

    "Karen says Peter all of a sudden gets a British accent during this time"

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA HE DOES!!!! :) Hiney wins the line of the day.

    Hiney: I didn't know Maxie was capable of such deviousness.

    BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! He sounded like Scooby Doo! :) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA! *DEAD* Oh Hiney stop whining about Maxie betraying you. You betrayed her!! Oh he don't love her anymore? GOOD! :)

    Monica and Hiney: KILL HIM MONICA! CHOKE HIM WITH THE TRIBBLES! They want to kill him anyway.

    Monica and Sonny: Awwww great advice she gave him. :)

    Sonny and Brando: Awww Brando! :(

    Yoga class:


    Carly, Nina, and Sasha: Sasha and her fake happiness. ROFL!

    Sonny's cabin:

    Jam, Spensme, and Trina: Oh Di!!! Vampira didn't put the drugs in Trina's mug in the kitchen!!! I can't believe she did it where everyone could see her do it! HAHAHAHAHA. So stupid. Well, she only drugged Trina's mug. So is she just going to drag Trina who is drugged up to Cam's bedroom? I'm confused. Where would Joss be? Oh oh Trina don't feel well!!!

    Trina and Joss: Poor Trina. :(

    Joss and Vampira: YEAH! You tell her off Joss! :) Chad isn't even standing up for Vampira. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Bobbie and Damian.* He wants to meet her at the outback. :)

    1. sonya said.."Oh Di!!! Vampira didn't put the drugs in Trina's mug in the kitchen!!! I can't believe she did it where everyone could see her do it!"

      *** I can't believe that either. But at least this way we know only Trina got drugged.

      I don't think anyone is getting dragged anywhere. I think she just wanted trina to admit she liked Cam and stir up some trouble between the girls.

      Go Joss!!! It looked like even Spencer was clicking in to what an evil bully esme is. Put a cup on, Spencer and reclaim your manhood!!!

    2. "Di says, I can't believe that either. But at least this way we know only Trina got drugged."

      Yeah.. That's true.

      "I don't think anyone is getting dragged anywhere. I think she just wanted trina to admit she liked Cam and stir up some trouble between the girls."

      Yeah how boring!!! Hmmm maybe Vampira is going to poke holes in Cam's condom! ROFL!

      "Put a cup on, Spencer and reclaim your manhood!!!"

      ROFL! YEAH! :)

    3. Yeah Spence, get a cup. Great line Di! Lol!
      As the ladies said above, I hate Snarly and Nina equally. But totally got why Snarls wouldn't listen to her. Nina just says a lot of nothing over and over. Spit it out already. She was really on my last nerve yesterday.

      PLP having a British accent....OMG I died! Guess that Shakespeare training pops out now and again. HAHAHAH!

      The writers had Victor believe that PLP would really keep up his end of the bargain? Are you kidding me? Seems they can't decide whether to make Victor smart or naive. It played out just stupid. You disappoint me writers.

      Felt awful for Trina. Mama Portia is going to like this one bit when the truth comes out!

  3. So the question of the day is What will Valentin do?" Is he still out to get Brooke Lynn? I imagine he wants the medical records for proof. IRL it takes a LONG time to get medical records.

    1. Hopefully valentine will realize that he has to help protect the baby too.

    2. "Di says, Hopefully valentine will realize that he has to help protect the baby too."

      YES! Protect the baby, and forgive Blazer Lynn!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. He HAS to protect Bailey/Louise! Or he will be on my get hit by a bus list. Which is getting very long, lol!

  4. I guess all Esme wanted was to humiliate Trina and cause a rift between Cam and Joss.

    1. Unless she has more up her sleeve, but I don't think so. All those Tramadol pills going to waste. lol

    2. "lindie says, All those Tramadol pills going to waste. lol"

      ROFL! Give it to the Tribbles. They will enjoy it! ROFL!

    3. Ah yes, the Tribbles. They need some action too!!!!

    4. "lindie says Ah yes, the Tribbles. They need some action too!!!!"

      Hahaha. Yes they do!!! :) They used to get action at the Carson household.. Now they get nothing over at Sam's! ROFL!

  5. The fact that the Bailey/Louise secret was suddenly figured out by three seperate people, in three seperate locations, at the same exact time is ridiculous! Very poor writing.

    And Peter suddenly having some sort of accent was ridiculous, as well. His Snydley Whiplash impersonation was beyond pathetic. The character and thd actor are both terrible and needs to go ASAP.

  6. Esme has been displaying a vial which usually holds pills so why did she have a foil pouch that she tore and dumped in Trina's drink?
    I missed the kiss. My TV was acting crazy.
    Aside from Hiney the show was active. That is always good. I had to mute it for every Hiney scene. Not only is the character bad but Wes Ramsey's acting is right out of a comic book. Can not listen or look at him.

    1. Yes out off a comic book and so whiny. Like a big baby.

  7. The other day, I forgot to thank the poster that explained the tulips at Luke's funeral. So thank you! :)

    1. I think it was partly me and partly some others. Others mentioned the tulips too.You're welcome.

  8. I think VAnna might be DOA soon before it gets started. I think Valentin is going to "throw in" with Victor about the baby thing against Peter. I hope that I am wrong.

  9. Valentin will protect her... not sure how he will feel towards Brookie but he will protect that baby.

    Such a good show yesterday. Unrealistic with everyone connecting the dots at once (but not Anna or Felicia), but as long as the story is moving I will take it! Not buying the Austin-Maxie pairing thus far.


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