Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Step Into 2022


I got to see Miley's shirt almost fall right off on live TV so 2022 started with a bang! She got on a Brook Lynn blazer and continued! GH was fun last week and depending on how much you love good Old School Soapy Drama, you could have been jubilant just like I was. 

Of course I have to mention Betty White passing because she was/is such an icon. Reminds us to treasure everyone while they are here. 

So, are we going to have shirtless Yoga Mondays?? Asking for a friend.... Hey, even Maxie checked out Curtis' butt!! 


LAWYER OF THE CENTURY: All hail Scotty who masterfully got the goods out of Willow and although Michael punched him, I'm sure it was totally worth it!! 

MOST SPECTACULAR COURT FUN IN AWHILE OF THE WEEK: Oh boy oh BOY! I was dying!! Two days of drama. Yes, my heart pounded a bit. (I think when it comes to some soap things, I'm still 12 years old!!) Scotty was a SHARK!! Perfection! Lured Willow right in there and BAM!! She spills. Sonny stands up and tries to pry Carly out of the courtroom. NOPE --she's not going anywhere!! Chaos ensues!! 

TRIAL OF TEARS OF THE WEEK: I had no idea how to write all this up but I'll give it a go. In short, Scotty got Willow to say that she heard that "Mike" and Nina were in WUB in Nixon Falls. He then got Sonny to admit he wasn't a victim!! BOOM! Case over. Carly was of course, stunned. Michael, puzzled. Willow beside herself, Sonny trying to escape and Nina just heartbroken. Carly leaves, Sonny follows and she can't quite get it in her head he loved someone else besides her, even IF he was another person. He also lied to her. So, she throws him outta his own house. She lays into Willow (later apologizing) and he drinks it off.  She goes to the Bridge of Tears and Drew comes along. He gets a ride home with Nina. Oh, 2022 lookin' good!! 

DADDY TALK OF THE WEEK: One of my fave scenes was the Dante/Sonny one at Charlie's. Sonny's usually the one dishing out advice but here's Dante, listening an helping ol' Dad figure things out. MORE PLEASE!!! Dante is such a vital character and I feel like he's in the background. Anyway, really liked the dialog here and Sonny's realizations of his deeper feelings. 

SAP OF THE WEEK: Oh, Michael. You are just so useless! LOL. You bring stupid charges against Nina by bribing the PA DA and then you are just SO confused by everything that happens. How could Holy Willow not tell you something??? How could your Dad actually have loved Nina while being Mike? How did you manage to get your hair like that? Poor Mikey. Eesh. 

LINE OF THE WEEK: "You could have LIED"!!  Spoken like a true soap character. :Clapping: 

COLLEGE CO-ED OF THE WEEK:  Surprisingly we see a classroom at PCU and guess who's going? Alexis! She needs something to take her mind off things and hey, a fun class in The Sociology of Crime is just the ticket! Joss and Spencer are there as well. A great professor (Ms Kahn) is impressed by Alexis' legal knowledge and hopes she might be an adjunct professor. Unfortunately for her, you have to have a background check to do that. I was impressed they even brought that up!! I still think she'll end up at The Invader with Shawn. Sort of a "Crime Beat" reporter with a legal bend. 

PLUMBING MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Who knew Finn was a former plumber? But hey, we all had to pay for college somehow! Look at Liz' face. It's one reason I picked this photo. I know not a lot of people are into them, but I like their quiet relationship and I LOVE Violet being around the boys. Anyway, she finally put Franco's ring away so maybe ?

BAND LEADER OF THE WEEK: SO! Marshall tries to woo Epiphany into joining his band as lead singer. I love the idea! They can be live now and then at The Savoy!! Marshall also talked to Stella about knowing he was alive all this time. We hear him on the phone saying "he was following protocol" making us believe he's in some spy-CIA-WSB operation??  I like that the Ashford Family is expanding. Now get on the Curtis is Trina's Daddy part!

KUDOS OF THE WEEK: I thought the Leo diagnosis was done really well. You all know I'm a parent of a young adult on the spectrum and went through so much over the years. The other part of this is that the boy that plays Leo is himself autistic and made a little video explaining that to fans. It's important to represent the community.  People on the spectrum often make great actors because of their memory and ability to mimic. The writers got it perfect when Brook was asking Leo if he wanted to go to the aquarium or the zoo and he was just doing his spinner. Such a true moment. Kudos to all in this story and the writers/consultants. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Drew bringing Scout and Sam some 2022 glasses was a fun touch. Dante got a tad jelly which was good.  


Nina is found not guilty by the court

Sonny is found guilty by Carly

Marshall starts to melt Curtis a bit; he wants to form a band with Epiphany as singer

Lucy and Martin go to The Savoy but must dodge Valentin

Valentin and Anna seal 2022 with a kiss and more?

Olivia and Ned get the diagnosis that Leo is on the Autism Spectrum 

Liz puts her wedding ring in a drawer

Alexis wants to go back to college, could teach but her conviction might stop her

Portia and Curtis make ze wub

Nina realizes Liesl told Scotty about she and Mike 

Drew and Carly meet up at St. Jayson's Bridge as fireworks pop

Cam and Joss kiss in the New Year

SPOILERS AND SUCH OF THE WEEK:  Felicia is on the show again; Mac and She are out on the town. Finn and Liz are going on their first date and everyone is talking about "devastating news hitting Port Charles".  I'm hoping that doesn't mean Peter wakes up .. lol.  RUMOR: LUKE SPENCER dies--and Tracy comes back to tell Laura!! 

NEWS AND NOTES OF THE WEEK: Both Kelly Theibald (Britt) and Kirsten Storms tested positive for COVID. They are isolating for now. KS was on Instagram to tell fans. 

Final thoughts! There's been a lot going around on Twitter, especially about CarSon and Nina/Mike. Some fans even went into Maurice's TL and were all "How could you, you're a family man'. The reason I'm bringing this up is because it's absolutely INCREDIBLE to me anyone would hold any actor to anything regarding their stories. It just really made me angry. It's not Laura Wright's job to like or dislike the CarSon pairing anymore it is Maurice's to do anything other than good PR for the show. That kind of ish gives soap fans such a bad name. 

OFF my Soap-Box!! I just hope people realize we are lucky to still have a show to enjoy and or bitch about. I do love what I do ....even if it takes up a huge chunk of my time! You are all the best. You know when I hit that lottery we are all flying somewhere for the Wub Party of the Century! 


  1. I am kind of "old" and not on social media anymore, what is Maurice's TL? Twitter Link??

    1. Timeline which means someone mentioned him or tweeted him directly. They actually said something like "You're a family man, how could you act that out"?? or something stupid LOL He was like...Um, it's my job

    2. Yeah, I’ve heard some other soap actors mention this kind of thing happening. It really is unbelievable that people cannot separate the actors from the characters and realize that it’s just their job.

    3. Just plain ridiculous... I know it's our escape but come on people!

  2. Thanks so much for everything Karen. Yesterday was my son's 20th birthday. I made shrimp scampi; which was actually pretty good and bought tiramisu. Both his choice and both yummy.

    It was nice to see the Savoy full of people and not just a few. Didn't Kelly Thibeault (Britt) have COVID back like a year ago as well??? Or am I thinking of someone else?

    1. PS. We all know Peter will wake up at some point. My guess is February Sweeps when he goes after Bailey/Louise. Yuck. Don't want to think about that right now though

    2. I think that Kelly had a false positive back in April& had to quarantine.

    3. "lindie says, Yesterday was my son's 20th birthday."

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SON! :) Wow! No more teen!!! :)

  3. I always enjoy reading the Sunday Surgery at year’s end. Well done. I really wish the show could speed up the plot lines especially with Maxie’s baby situation. Dante should have a heck of a lot of more airtime. Michael and Willow are like nails on a chalkboard. How do the writers justify the amount of airtime they get? Really like the direction of the Casadines are going. My last complaint or bitch is about how the show is using Roger or you might say misuse. The writers got to figure it out with him. It’s getting ridiculous. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for not only another great SS but helping to make a tough year less tough!
    It is scary that some people can't separate fact from fiction. I am very appreciative that we still have GH whether or not I like what's going on at any given time.
    It has been so nice with no Hiney. But sadly he will be back.
    This darn virus continues to reek havoc. Get vaccinated if not already. We need to end this thing.
    Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Great SS, thank you! I really liked the NY's episode. Who sang Auld Lang Syne? I just loved her voice, and the slower pace. Seriously agree about Michael, he was a mess, and I so wished Scott had punched him back, lol! Happy New Year to everyone!

  6. Thanks for the great SS. So many great moments this week and you've touched on them all.

    I laughed at your comment about Michael's hair. At one point I thought maybe he was going to put a little pony tail dangler at the back of his head too. lol The ends are shorter now but still a mess. Does he actually think it looks "sexy"? lol

    I'm hoping Alexis' pardon means her record is expunged and she gets the job at uni. It will put her in the kids' orbit too and open up some new story lines for her.

    I think it's disgusting that fans have attacked the actors on their social media sites, but I'm not surprised. I honestly think some of them can't differentiate between character and actor. They live in a virtual world. Some of the threats and growling when they're discussing characters on some sites is unbelievable. And they go on and on, back and forth, snarling and fighting over imaginary people. I've left some sites because it's so hateful. Definite reality check needed.

    Leo's story is being written beautifully, and the acting is top notch.

    And I loved the Dante/Sonny talk. It was really well written and acted.

    I'm now ready to see the Maxie baby story move along too. And someone needs to bury the cause of her problem and be done with it.

    Here's hoping 2022 treats us all better and the world can begin to heal.

    1. Leo's story is being written well. I think it helps that the little actor is on the spectrum and so is Wally Kurth son.

    2. Did it ever get decided that Austin is on the spectrum? Maybe they were going to have that and it was changed.

  7. I love reading this blog every day but don't respond often. Kelly T is doing a fabulous job and Maura W will always be my favorite. Love Vanna and Drew. Michael and Willow can move to Nixon Falls and be never heard from again, please, and take Sam with them. Peter will be with us forever, sigh.
    What I would really like, WUBS, to change the subject, is for you to post an updated Binge Worthy list. Your picks are spot on and I always enjoy what your faves are.

    1. We like hearing from you grammargal.

    2. Oh awesome! I will do that!! I haven't changed that in years LOL.. and I have a lot of good shows to recommend!

    3. done!!

    4. Lol, Michael and Willow can rebuild the Tan-O.

    5. "grammargal says, I love reading this blog every day but don't respond often."

      Hey!!! And why not? So nice to see you Grammargal!!! You should post more often!!! :)

      "Kelly T is doing a fabulous job and Maura W will always be my favorite. Love Vanna and Drew. Michael and Willow can move to Nixon Falls and be never heard from again, please, and take Sam with them. Peter will be with us forever, sigh."

      AGREE AGREE AGREE! :) Although I do like Sam and Dante together, and just recently I like Sam and Drew too!!! Damn.

  8. observations:
    ----- Please put Maxie in fashion clothes OR let her openly be upset about her DAUGHTER missing! RIDICULOUS that WSB or PC police or detectives aren't asking her to find her baby....the wardrobe just isn't working.....
    ----- Please put Brook Lynn in something besides a blazer.
    ------ Please recast Taggart and have a storyline for him - WHERE is he?
    ------ I am not sure what I will do when Luke is declared dead. PETER is alive and out of the blue LUKE is suddenly dead ----- for no reason????? Lucky and Ethan aren't around and Lulu is in a coma? WHAT is Frank thinking?
    ------I just don't like Nina because she is whiny and passive-aggressive - make her strong or something but this Nina is getting old---plus Mike is NOT real.....mob boss Sonny isn't for her.
    -----Cameron M is the best addition!
    -----Karen, thank you for your comment on Twitter about people forgetting that soaps aren't real - I am guilty of thinking you really hate LW in real life! LOL!

    1. "I am guilty of thinking you really hate LW in real life! LOL!"

      HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Mufasa! Now that is funny. :) ROFL!

    2. Let’s face it-we don’t love LW for being responsible for WR/Peter being on our screens for way too long. I can’t stand to even look at his despicable face.

    3. LW is a great actress. I hate Snarly, but I can appreciate her.

  9. "I got to see Miley's shirt almost fall right off on live TV so 2022 started with a bang!"

    ROFL! I saw a clip! Her shirt came loose, so she threw the shirt on the floor, and left the stage. :)

    "So, are we going to have shirtless Yoga Mondays??"

    I hope so!!! :) As you say, Ford brothers. :) Speaking of Ford brothers, last night I was watching a scene on line with Marcie and Al. Dammit I miss OLTL. :( I loved Marcie and Al.. I also loved Marcie and Michael. I miss all of them! :(

    "Both Kelly Theibald (Britt) and Kirsten Storms tested positive for COVID."

    That stinks! :( Damn! The last time with Kelly her test was false positive.. Now this time it's positive! :(

    "Asking for a friend...."

    ROFL! COUGHCOUGHfriendisyourselfCOUGHCOUGH. :)

    "Oh, Michael. How did you manage to get your hair like that?"

    HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA! Covid hair? Can't get his hair cut because of Covid? :)

    "devastating news hitting Port Charles". I'm hoping that doesn't mean Peter wakes up .. lol. RUMOR: LUKE SPENCER dies--and Tracy comes back to tell Laura!!"

    I hope that it doesn't mean that!!!! The writers had to find a way for Tracy to come back, and this is why she comes back?! There are other ways writers! You don't have to kill Luke off!!!

    "Final thoughts!"

    Yeah sometimes fans go too far. If the actors or actresses like a certain scene or character, so what?! Characters are fake! It's a soap opera. People like or don't like what they want. No reason to argue.

    1. Who can blame them for enjoying a change of scenery!

  10. appreciate you and your column and our guilty pleasure, GH

  11. Are they really going to kill off Luke? I read something about tragedy rocking Port Charles. That is SO WRONG. Whose idea was this? Frank? Tony Geary? Makes no sense if this is true.

    1. Agreed 100%.. trying to improve ratings? Folks will stop watching in protest with this really bad decision esp with his 3 children off canvas.


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