Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Zexus Interruptus


TIME For the show. I feel like they are spinning wheels until Luke's memorial the 21st. That's Friday so you know it will continue into Monday, right? 

Today, Chase and Dante use the gym. Geesh, getting the whole thing used as much as possible. Sonny storms in, wants to talk to Chase. Says he's glad he's Bailey's dad, Valentin doesn't deserve her. Then asks if he's serious about Brook Lynn.. "WHY ? She not good enough for you"?? All pissy. Chase goes to take a shower and Dante is concerned about Sonny's attitude. He tells Chase he's staying with Sonny to talk. Which is probably a good idea. 

BLQ is at home...looking for a battery charger and someone comes in the door but it's not Chase. She grabs a vase to go investigate.  Hits someone over the head. Calls Chase. He leaves the gym. (see below) 

Hospital: Curtis is there, everyone is in the waiting room but say Marshall is going to be OK. Portia says she's there for him. Dr. Rose comes out to tell everyone what's going on. He says the medication was off. Epiphany thinks something else is going on. She talks to the doctor. He tells her to mind her own business, HE's the doctor. Curtis asks Marshall about his High blood pressure. Marshall is like NEVERMIND! 

Epiphany thinks Marshall needs a second opinion. He says no. 

Finn and Liz are going to continue their date. Then Cam calls. OMG!! ahahaha. Joss and Cam went to Jax's thinking it was empty and BROOK clunked him over the head. They probably wanted ZEX. ahahaha. 

Carly is in her hotel room. She looks at a voice mail from Jason ..almost plays it but Sam's at the door with beers. Weird scene. Anyway, they have a beer. Carly rails against Nina, Says they were having fun at BBQs and Hoe-Downs. She says as SOON as Sonny came home she and Jason shut "that door" on their feelings but Sonny hasn't shut his off for Nina. 

Shaun and Alexis talk about the paper... she invites Harmony to sit with them while they are at the Metro. Harmony says no, goes to pick up her food says Shaun doesn't like her too much. This Harmony Alexis thing is kinda strange. She says Harmony is a victim of Shiloh's too. 

CAM and Joss talk about not being able to DO IT. They are waiting for the cabin. Finn and Liz are going to go out again. 


So, time passes and Liz gets up the next day and Dante is at the door saying "something terrible happened last night".. I'm wondering if she's dreaming???????? WEIRD!! WHAT? Tomorrow they show Cam too with Dante.. What can it be?? 


  1. Something is up with this doctor, but what? Ephinany is smart and Marshall saying "we have an understanding' plus WHERE did this doctor come from?

    Maybe Chase made Brook Lynn file a police report that she knocked out Cam------- at Jax's house............and that is what Dante is there to tell Liz.

  2. My guess is (if it's not a dream) that Peter tries to press charges against Finn & Liz? Grasping at straws here.

    I am so tired of everyone hearing about Sonny/Snarly/Nina Saga. Now Sam. Ugh another person giving her permission to be a ranting idiot all to distract while Sonny goes manic. While I know many folks don't want to see that story, it is believable (going off his meds). So many times you hear of Bi-polar and once on meds you never hear about it again. It's a chance to revisit the importance of staying in touch with your doctor, staying on your meds, etc. Obviously this applies whether physical or mental health. Hopefully it will be done well and not over the top.

    1. I thought it was a dream too, but I really like the idea of Peter pressing charges against Liz and Finn!

    2. Good idea but Liz didn't arrive till Peter was unconscious. And he obviously woke up in the freezer after she had gone.

      If he's saying Franco was trying to kill him and he had to defend himself that would definitely impact Liz and her family though. (Although since he was letting Jason take the blame and paying off Gladys, that could easily be disputed.)

      Or they could be going G** knows where with it. lol

  3. I am suspecting that Marshall faked the attack when his prssure was high and the doctor's covering for him. Or the sneaky so and so has an underlying issue like kidney failure that can cause high blood pressure and he needs to get close to relatives as he may need a transplant. ( I just don't trust him either way.)

    And is anyone else thinking that Chase just put that little act on for Dante to keep him out of Brooklyn's and his business. They need to stay off the radar with everyone.

    And you think Dante would also notice that Sonny's getting a little manic now.I know people in that position and friends and family usually notice it right away.

    1. "Di says, And is anyone else thinking that Chase just put that little act on for Dante to keep him out of Brooklyn's and his business. They need to stay off the radar with everyone."

      No, but I am now!!!! :)

  4. The hospital:

    Mr. Hat guy's doctor and Piffy: Okay this is strange. The doctor knows the diagnosis too quickly. Did Mr. Hat guy tell his doctor what is going on and told him to keep it a secret? Did he give the doctor money to keep quiet?

    Curtis and daddy hat guy: Man Curtis's daddy is SO keeping more secrets. Is he dying or something? Is he on drugs?

    Piffy and Mr. Hat guy: They are adorable together! :)

    Finchy and Liz: Oh yes! Continue on with your date. :) Oh oh Cam called. What happened now?!

    Chase and Blazer Lynn's home: Blazer Lynn's phone dead. Hate when that happens hahaha. Oh oh who broke in? Is it a recast Jax? Hmmm..

    Blazer Lynn, Finchy, Liz, Jam, and Chase: OUCH POOR CAM!

    Cam: Yeah. Thanks a bunch.

    ROFL! Cam would have won the line of the day, but Blazer Lynn wins it, right now.

    Chase and Blazer Lynn:

    Blazer Lynn: I accidentally assaulted a hormonal teenager.

    ROFL! Oh look at the way Chase is looking at you on the couch Blazer Lynn, and touching your hand. He is SO into you. :) Just confront him about what he said to Dante!

    Metrocourt hotel/Carly's hotel room: Carly's picture of Jason who looks so angry is so funny! Hahahahahaha!

    Carly, Sam, and Sam's bread: Carly so whiny and Sam and her bread gave her beer. Oh goodie. Then Sam's bread can get drunk. Maybe the bread will be so drunk it will walk away and it will go see the Tribbles. Then the Tribbles and the bread will get drunk together. Then have sex, then have little half bread and half Tribbles babies. :) Oh sorry I should really go back to talk about Carly and Sam, but I really don't want to ROFL.

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Alexis and Shaun: I like their friendship. :) Oh hi She looks jelly.

    Alexis, Shaun, and Yeah looks very uncomfortable and jelly.

    Alexis and Are they not going to be friends anymore? :(

    Alexis and Shaun part 2: Oh I guess Alexis and's friendship is over. :(

    The gym:

    Sonny, Chase, and Dante: UH what was all that Sonny? Sonny OFF HIS MEDS!!!! YOW!

    Sonny and Dante: I'm glad Dante stayed with Sonny! I just wish Dante asked him if he is on his meds.

    Liz's home:

    Liz and Finchy: Awwww Fiz kiss. :) Going on another date? YAY!

    Jam: Awwww their little sex romp was kiboshed. Yes that's okay you can do it in the cabin.. Although I have a feeling, your little sex romp won't be with each other at the cabin. Or maybe Vampira will pretend..

    Liz and Cam:

    Liz: You and Josslyn are being safe right?

    Hahaha good mama. :) Well, since they are adults, I would hope they will be safe!!! Jam you better be!!!!!

    Cam: Good night mom.

    Hahaha. Of course he won't tell her, he is an adult! :) An adult won't tell his mom what he is up to with sex hahaha.

    Good morning Port Chuckians!

    Liz's home:

    Liz and Dante:

    Dante: Something terrible happened last night. I think you should know about it.

    WHAT?!?!!! WHAT HAPPENED??!?!!?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!!?!! Were the Tribbles hit by a car?!?! Oh no! No no no no! :( :'(

    1. Both lines were winners! Poor Cam! :)
      So tired of Snarly and Smike. Two selfish people who always want it "their" way. This will go on forever and ever. Ugh!
      Loved the clock when they were announcing "the next morning"! And great cliffhanger! What, what, what?!

    2. I too am tired of Snarly and Smike. I am so tired of the 2 of them. They need to be on vacation or something. Everything on this show is to prop the 2 of them.

  5. I still think Marshall is dying and that is why he's back.

    I have no idea what that could be with Liz. I think Peter is going the direction of Franco tortured me and it was self defense

    1. Tired of Carly and Sonny on my screen every day. Want to see VAnna more than every 3 weeks.

    2. I don't like I think she is up to something again. Especially the tattling on Sam thing. I just don't find it realistic that Alexis would be friends with the sex trafficker who helped almost get her daughters raped.

    3. I agree 100%. Bring us Diane, I share the opinion that we don't need Harmony. Diane & Alexis are a hoot.

  6. No idea about what's going on with Liz but...she was discussing her parents with Finn at dinner. Could be anything they want it to be. We all know that by now.

  7. RIDICULOUS also that Peter is STILL in the hospital - he's fine- the most incompetent law enforcement ever-and where is Mac in the picture at Luke's service?

    1. Where is the picture of Luke's service?

    2. on several soap is one..

  8. carly is so self centered, she has zero friends. that the writers have to pretend carly and sam are friends.

    1. lol Everything Carly does is pretend.

    2. I have to ffwd. any Carly scenes - can't stomach her. Sam was back to her usual stone faced botoxed look yesterday. She only lights up with Drew. I actually like Harmony and think she has reformed and could be a good friend for Alexis. Looks like Kristina will be back since MB tweeted that he was working with her. Can't believe that piece of garbage Peter is still causing trouble.

  9. Yup, dear ol' PLP is going to use the self defense route and say that Franco tortured him and he "had" to kill him in self defense. That is why Dante is at Liz and Cam house. So much joy.

    1. he tried to kill Phyllis and Nina and that is never brought up!

    2. Exactly. Guess they'll ignore his attempted murders.


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