Friday, June 30, 2023

The SnowGlobe

 Ava pushes Austin away after he kisses her THEN SHE JUMPS ON HIM and they go into the bedroom! HOLY TOLEDO! After Ava's like making the bed, wanting him to leave. "Are you neurotic?" he asks. She's like NO! Get out, it's a mistake. OMG he says "Um the scratches down my back say otherwise" . 

Esme brings Spencer an ice pack and he's leaving a message to Trina at the same time. He says "Get out of here ESME" ... Then Esme charges in throws the ice pack at him and she's angry about him not thinking of the baby when he got in a fight. What if you got arrested? She comes BACK in after googling "fractured ribs" and tries to get him to go to the doctor. Then they sit and talk about their past. UGH. NO WOW, all about a snowglobe he gave her. Nostalgia. WHY would the writers do this? I mean, Sprina is GOLD. WHY WHY WHY

Trina listens to the message from Spencer. She's at her mom's office. Wants to talk about The Curtis/Jordan kiss. They talk about it and it's clear Trina is upset about Spencer, not Curtis. They talk some more and Trina brings up that Spencer got in a fight. She isn't sure he's changed. 

Zeke calls Jordan to go to dinner. She says NOPE. While she's on the phone, Curtis comes into her office.Curtis asks why she told Portia about it. She's like: Um, I DIDN'T!! He thinks N'neka must have because she saw them. Finally Jordan says it was his brother in law. Then Curtis shows up at Jordan's door. Curtis tells him to watch it. He's got his eye on him. 

Violet tries to get Liz to stay over at Finn's apartment. :Eyeroll: She's annouying. Liz makes her "magic milk" to get her to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz

Sonny talks to Sonya about her guardianship and still grieving for her husband and son.  He listens and tells her he thinks she's ready even if Gladys doesn't. 


Not much. Austin leaves Spoon Island but Ava's smile says she loved her time with him! 

Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Return of Eddie Maine

 NOTE: I will be out today (Thursday) So please use this post for today's show comments!! 

It all started in 1993, Ned was bored with his ELQ corporate life and decided he wanted to start singing and be a rock star. While in a bar he happened to meet Lois (the Bensonhurst babe with the nails) and sparks flew and they hit it off. He was known as Eddie Maine (EDward quarterMAINE). Lois knew nothing about Ned Ashton and they fell in love and married.  

Oh, but rock stardom is not always a smooth road. Ned was involved with Katherine, who was blackmailing the Quartermaines. So he was forced to marry her even though he was married to Lois. Lois found out and being the good sport she was, decided to appear at Katherine's birthday party and, well, as Brenda put it, it was the end of the world as we know it!!

Fun Fact!! The Character of Miguel, played by Ricky Martin DID go one to real life fame!! He was sort of mentioned the other day on the show as a "Famous singer, living the crazy life" LOL 

Watch Rena Sofer. She's perfection. She has been in about a million tv series, both as a star and guest star. But I will always love her as Lois. What a character.

L and B Records was formed in 1994 by Lois and Brenda. Who was their financial backer? Sonny Corinthos. 

DID YOU 2004 Lois persuaded Brook Lyn to sing in an all girls' band with Sage Alkazar and Georgie Jones??? Did you also know that Dillion Q dressed as a girl for the "All Girl Band Competition" in PC? 

It's suggested that Ned is basically letting his brain take over as "Eddie" as a result of the head injury AND because he wants to go back to a simpler, more fun time. Don't we all? He doesn't know anyone--not even Brook Lyn or his mom! Poor Leo is an afterthought. 

SPOILERS have it that Eddie moves in with Sonny and Nina.. I guess because Sonny used to be his financial backer? Who knows. I'm sure it's to get him in the sphere of Nina. He knows her secret after all!! 
How are you feeling about Eddie Maine coming back to town?? I'm here for it if it means getting Wally on screen more. Tracey too! 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Pink Balloon

 Sonny won't let Eddie leave his PH. Eddie did some research online about Sonny. Knows he and Olivia have a son. Also, that Sonny's a mobster. Sonny says he's going to make him an offer he can't refuse. Says if he stays in Port Charles, he'll help him get a gig and maybe signed to a record label. Sonny gets a call from Ava about Avery..he leaves. 

Ava frantically searches for Avery in the park. The PCPD shows up.  Chase thinks she just wandered off. Ava says she has every right to think she was taken. Ava flashes back to the time Mason said he'd do anything. But she tells Chase it could be because of Sonny's business. Sonny shows up. Questions Pilar. Ava tells Sonny there's something he needs to know...and then AUSTIN shows up with Avery and she has a balloon. Ava looks at Austin like she wants to kill him. Pilar tells Sonny that she got a call from her grandmother but it was really a telemarketing firm. Sonny takes Avery home. 

Joss talks to Carly about Drew's sentence. Then they talk about how Joss has sort of forgiven Sonny. Diane walks in and says Carly's assets are unfrozen but she has to pay the feds a fine. Hands her the paper. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS?????? She says...that's all her savings!! LOL. Joss says she can use her trust fund. Carly says no. Joss asks about Drew/Sonny... Diane says you can't do that. Forensics would come down on their accounts. So she has to pay it alone. Diane leaves. Carly freaks out then realizes she's "Carly Spencer" and can do things like get a jOB!! 

Drew is seeing Carly at the Q house. Sam and Dante bring her over. Tracey is there too. Tracey asks about Drew's sentence and says that's outrageous! She says he should change his plea and throw Carly under the bus. They argue. Sam's angry. Scout hears them and asks why they are fighting. Drew explains he's going to jail. She's like: OH MOMMY WENT THERE TOO lol! ahahhaa "We visited her"!! Everyone then leaves and Drew goes to see Carly. AGAIN. 

Brook goes to Maxie's office, brings her lunch but she's really looking for information for Tracey. They talk about the Deceptor and how fast it's selling. Maxie also talks about moving and finding a house. She hasn't wanted to leave hers because of Nathan memories. They talk awhile longer and Maxie leaves to check distribution. Brook has a zip drive and gets all the information about Deceptor from the computer. 

Lucy and Marty eat lunch. She's still upset he never wants to marry again. Aw, she ate some Hummingbird Cake. Felicia and Mac come in... Marty and Mac go get drinks. OH! Lucy asked Felicia to come and bring Mac LOL. Mac and Martin talk. Mac warns him about Lucy (based on her and Kevin). 


Ned takes Sonny's offer. Nina wanted him to leave

Ava slaps Austin "You set this up you son of a bitch" 

Drew goes to say goodbye to Carly 

Avery lost her balloon between the park and Sonny's PH. Sad LOL 

Tuesday, June 27, 2023



Ned is wondering why he's at Sonny's. Says it's a great place. He loves it. Also says he's sorry he can't be who Olivia wants him to be. Olivia drops by later. Brings some snack thing and clothes. She makes him look at scrapbooks. He doesn't even remember Thanksgiving pizza... He does recognize a photo of him from long ago as Eddie Maine. 

Later, Nina talks to Eddie in the hall. Tells him freedom is great. Basically wants him to leave town with his secret. 

Tracey and Olivia discuss Ned in the Q kitchen. Brook and Chase get done from having a run. Tracey asks why they are sweaty. Brook says 'we were running".. Tracey says: Someone chasing you? LOL They talk about Ned. Tracey is mad Brook isn't at work to get information for her. 
Chase tells Brook Nina saw Ned fall into the pool.

Tracey is on the phone telling someone they are partners and they are not her "boss". She will get the information they need asap. 

Joss, Dex and Trina are at the pool. Dex tells Trina about his history. Boring. Then Joss tells her how they met. He leaves for a minute. Trina tells Joss about what Victor left Spencer in the bank box. Joss wants them to use it against Esme, even if it IS faked. Trina says no, and besides Spencer destroyed it. Joss is like "Um, I doubt it!" LOL 

Laura says goodbye to Esme and Spencer. Says she got them "Back up" to help with Ace. She says they need to learn to work together. Marty and Lucy come over to say goodbye to Laura. Martin is the one to call if they need help. He won't change diapers though. Lucy wonders if being all alone with Ace will bring Spencer and Esme closer together. 
Laura goes to leave and tells Spencer that he has to work with Esme. He thinks back to the evidence in the lock box. 

Valentin runs into Anna's house. Shows her where someone wrote "murderer" on her front door. She says it's probably kids. No big deal. Valentin thinks it IS a big deal. He wants to stay. She tells him to go. then, they tell each other mushy stuff. 

Austin tries to get Ava to get Pilar, the nanny fired. Mason walks in. :eyeroll: He says GET ME INFORMATION! I HAVE A GUN! (paraphrased) Oh wait, he has Ava's  hair off of Nikolas..and DNA that he could send to the PCPD. He wants a manifest, shipping and info on Sonny's Pikeman stuff. He leaves. Ava says she'll think of something. 

NOTE: I think maybe Tracey is working with one of Marty's exwives to make sure he's not getting any Deceptor profits? Maybe? 

Ned escapes for 2 minutes, Dex finds him

Esme wants to work WITH Spencer when it comes to Ace

Pilar tells Ava that Avery is gone

Monday, June 26, 2023

Netflx and Chill

Laura, Robert and Felicia go to Anna's to take her out to The Savoy because she's been stuck inside. Anna is burning her 'past'. Certificates and such. Laura says Valentin told them since he's spending his last night with Violet before going to Chechnya with Kevin and her, she's to go out with them. Anna says no way. Felicia and Laura tell Robert to scram and go get a table for them. They talk to Anna alone. Anna's feeling useless. She decides she wants to go to Chechnya with Laura. Laura says it wouldn't be good to run away, especially to Chechnya. 

Diane and Alexis are doing yoga. Alexis hates to exercise so she says she's done and wants to get something to eat instead. 

Olivia, Tracy, Brook and Chase are in Ned's hospital room and wonder where he is. Chase searches the hospital. They find his empty wallet on the floor. Brook gets a call from Nina saying he's at the Savoy. 

Ned walks into The Savoy. Says he was looking for Nina. Well, not HER but someone that knows the bar. He asks her to get a drink with him. They do. Sonny spots them. Oh, NED KNOWS NO ONE?? that's SO NOT FUN!! GEESH!  Anyway, it ends up that he's going to sing. BUT before he does he almost faints. He needs water. Olivia tries to talk to him. He's like, sorry, I cant' change who I am. 
Sonny doesn't think Ned is faking. He offers to let Eddie stay at his house for the night. 

Diane and Alexis are also at The Savoy. Robert thinks Sonny was using Diane to get information. He says he cares about her. She asks if he would if Holly was still in town. She says she's no one's second choice and leaves. 


Spencer and Esme. Ugh, talking about bottles. Trina comes over and brought snacks for a "stay in" night. Esme takes care of Ace. ZZZZzzzz Trina starts talking to him about "The Kiss" . Then Esme interrupts 2x. Last time, she wants Spencer to sing to Ace. Trina leaves. OH! wait she watches from the DOOR while Spencer sings to Ace.
MY GOD it's NOT HIS BABY!! this story sucks. 

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sunday Surgery: WU-HOO


If I were a religious person, I'd start this blog out by saying: Dearly Beloved ... let us pray. BUT! I'll just say this: what a sloggy week. Again. The scripts are thinned to a razor's edge and I'm thinking they didn't want any MAJOR things advancing because of the strike so... here we are. 

I'm Wu-Hooing because this was my saving joy of the week. 

I also need to talk to the editing department because it appears that they too may be on strike. It was night for court, night in the Savoy and yet daytime, bright sun at the Metro and pool. I hate that stuff lol. 

Friday, June 23, 2023



Lucy and Sasha are STILL talking about Cody at the Metro. GEESH. Marty walks up and gives Lucy a bunch of Daisies. Says he's loves her. They all talk about "the Deceptor" being a success. Lucy says it's thanks to Marty. IT's all about the moon and a dream and.. don't bother. Sasha asks if they are getting married, they both said "NEVER". Oh but when Marty leaves, Lucy confesses she DOES want to marry him. 

Eddie is talking to the nurse. Kevin Collins pulls Olivia, Brook and Chase to the side. He says Ned doesn't just THINK he's Eddie Maine. HE IS EDDIE MAINE! He says its' more than just a head injury. Ned has superimposed his memories of Eddie over his own. 

Deanna gives "Eddie" a sedative because he's yelling at her. Later, Brook and Chase to in to see him. She wants to find out who turned in Carly and Drew since they blamed Ned for it. Eddie grabs Brook's arm and he wants to break out of GH. He thinks he lives in Vegas!! 

Carly is sniping at the judge: YOU CAN'T DO THIS, BLAH BLAH... THERE'S A DEAL...BLAH. Judge ignores her. Sentences Drew to 3 years in Pentonville. Anyway, Carly still yells at the judge but the judge is like Drew Cain you are LEAVING NOW! Oh Zeke gets him a week to get his affairs in order. Has to surrender his passport. Carly and he kiss and are going to make 7 days last. Oh, yeah, he'll see Scout too. 

Nina and Sonny are making out at the Savoy. Joss and Dex come in. She asks about her mom and Drew. WTF Time is it? They are out at a nightclub and COURT is going on? AHAHHAHA Um, ok.? Dex and Nina talk about Sonny. Sonny tells Joss he wants to make peace with her. 

Alexis, Tracy and Gregory... just sniping at each other. Pointless. Tracy leaves. Alexis tells Greg about her past with Tracy. The Ned stuff, Tracy faming her for drinking and driving. 

NOTE: IT was daytime at The Metro and pool...and night at The Savoy and I guess it was NIGHT COURT? WEIRD 


Marty falls into the pool after Ex Wife #3 texts him

Alexis invites Greg out to dinner

Eddie Maine is gone from the hospital room and shows up at The Savoy in a flannel shirt? POFFFFFT. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023



Tracy and Alexis. Tracy is upset that Ned is Eddie Maine. She says it's worse than Luke dying because Ned doesn't know her or Leo. She thinks he might be trying to escape his life. She wants to 'shake it out of him". Alexis thinks they should go along with it and let him be Eddie. 

Drew is getting ready to plea. Carly hugs him. Michael shows up too. Then Zeke comes along. The feds are taking the deal; 6 months in Spa-Jail.. and fines and Carly stays out of prison. The judge has to sign off though. OH and the JUDGE is like: Um, this is not acceptable. He wants the MAX: 20 years LOL ! Zeke tries to make the case for Drew. 

Sasha, Lucy and Maxie talking about Drew. Sasha says he doesn't like her "that way". They talk about Cody's crush on Sasha. Lucy leaves the table and Maxie gets a call from Georgie. A guy walks into the bar --oh it's her psychiatrist. He says she's making progress. 

Spin and Cody still talking to Gladys about changing her story about the bracelet. She's like: Nice try. OMG thank GOD SELENA WU shows up!! She stands on a microphone that fell (it was Sam's). SO HAPPY WU IS HERE. She sits to talk to Gladys and Cody. Tells Spinelli to leave and throws his mic into the pool! LOL  Selena tells Gladys to drop the charges and say the clasp was broken. Selena will pay a waiter to say they found it on the floor and put it in Cody's pocket. Gladys agrees. 
Wu tells Cody to make up with Gladys or else. 

Then Wu gets Money from Gladys but get this-- Sasha's psychiatrist sees her and tells her he'll pay off her debt FOR A FAVOR!! He's such a creeper I swear. 

Krissy bugs Sam enough that Sam moves out of the pool area. Then they talk about Molly. Endometriosis. Spinelli comes over all wet. They are mad the microphone got wet. Spin and Sam are trying to figure out why Gladys and Cody are connected to Selena Wu. 

Finn wants to go to Disney with Greg and Chase. Greg says he's too busy. Yada yada, then they talk about Tracy. Finn likes her. Greg doesn't. Greg thinks he could get in good with Tracy if he tried. Finn does not. 

Tracy calls Alexis an idiot, Greg overhears it

Drew gets three years !

Wednesday, June 21, 2023



Spinelli, Sam and Cody. Had NO idea Spin was still on the show. They are in the park to talk about bringing down a "criminal mastermind". They go to the Metro Pool. 

Sasha, Gladys, Maxie and Lucy meeting at the Metro about Deception. They feel badly for Brook Lyn who is still at the hospital. Gladys leaves and goes to the pool. Lucy and Maxie tell Sasha they believe Cody over Gladys. 

Curtis and Trina. Trina comes to the Savoy to figure out why he and Portia are fighting. He won't tell her. She says her uncle told her to stay away from him. He finally tells her he kissed Jordan after he wedding and didn't tell Portia. 

Molly and TJ get egg news.  Egg count normal: Egg quality is not great. Molly probably can't use them to get pregnant. She's upset they won't have a child that's both of their DNA. 

Portia goes into Jordan's office and asks her why SHE kissed Curtis. They bicker. Then Portia lets Jordan know she knows she slept with Zeke. Portia says Jordan can have Curtis "Free and Clear" . Jordan doesn't want hi. 


Sam watches from a table with her big hat. Cody tells Gladys they have proof that she stole the bracelet. (That's why Spinelli is there). Sam is trying to record it from the far table but Kristina comes in and interrupts. 


Spinelli tells Gladys that he has hacked her fit-bit app

Molly wants to put the baby talk on hold. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Going away


Molly wants to harvest her eggs. They talk about hormone therapy but she wants to freeze her eggs first incase they want to use a surrogate. They want a vegetarian, a non-smoker and not to watch VIOLENT MOVIES! ahahaha OMG

Alexis shows up and TJ says that Molly is having an ultrasound to see how many eggs she has. 

Nina and Ava are outside in the park. Nina tells her she didn't tell Sonny the truth because Ned is Eddie Maine not Ned. Ava says he could regain his memory at anytime. Nina says she'll take that chance. They go to get a latte. 

Carly goes to tell Sonny that Drew is pleading for the SEC. Sonny is like: meh, ok. He and Carly talk about Ned having a head injury. Nina and Ava walk in. 

Drew tells Dante, Carly and Alexis about the SEC deal. Sam is PISSED especially since he's doing it for Carly. She lays into him. Alexis leaves. Dante goes to do the dishes. Sam is really angry he'd leave because of Carly and Scout is 6 and she'll miss him. 

Liz finds out Portia slept at GH because of Curtis kissing Jordy. They talk about her angst over the whole thing. UGH

Taggert asks Jordan for a job! She thinks he wants one so he doesn't have to travel as a PI and will be close to Trina. She offers him her job while she's Deputy Mayor. He's going to be commish for awhile. 


Nina's "missing ring" was found by the plumber

Portia goes to see Jordan. 

Monday, June 19, 2023


 I got HERE AT 2:30!! BUT I'M HERE! I went to see my brother for a few hours this morning. Here's his pool! 

Austin and Ava try to figure out a way to break into Sonny's office. He wants Ava to get Sonny to fire the nanny. She finally agrees. 

Portia asks Curtis if he kissed Jordan. I guess Zeke told her that? "So Jordan just kissed you out of nowhere" ..NO! It was mutual! They argue. Portia is very upset he didn't tell her. Curtis makes it worse by saying they were 'hanging out' when they were separated. 

Laura goes in and asks for Jordan's resignation. She wants her to be Deputy Mayor while she's in Chechnya. Jordan says no. She says she's not a politician. Laura finally wears her down and she accepts. 

Leo goes in and sees Ned. "Hi DAD"!! Ned says he has no kids LOL TJ tells the gang about Ned's head injury. Not sure of the prognosis. They realize Leo is gone. Ned is yelling that he has no kids and Leo runs out. Tracey goes to find him. She tells him the truth about his dad's fall and that he forgot. She says : Leo, what do you know about me? Leo says "you're mean" AHHAHAHA. Great scene.

Ned has to see a neurologist and a psychiatrist and they might know more about his condition. 

Nina gives Sonny a BS story about losing her engagement ring instead of the truth about Ned because Ned has no memory and she's happy. 

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Birthday Boy


Maybe it's the fact that GH is now 2 days 'behind' on the shows it should be airing. Perhaps it's the fact I'm getting so tired of watching in real time with all the commercials. Not sure. This week just dragged for me. I'm also really starting to feel the pacing issue with the 'extra' scripts they've piled up for the strike. Maybe Frank's directive was to put "as many scenes in as you can with 2 people talking about the same things over and over and we'll go from there." I have more questions than answers. 

This will be a shorty. 

Friday, June 16, 2023

Friday SleepAThon


Sasha and Willow. Sasha puts on a gown and goes to talk with Willow. She tells her about Nina giving her a letter to end her guardianship. 

Chase and Michael talk in the GH hallway.

Tracey, Brook and Olivia waiting for Ned to wake up.

Cody calls Sam to help with exposing Gladys. She goes to the stable and they talk. 

Diane and Alexis talk in the coffee corner about Robert. Then Diane mentions a crypto-scheme shes' working on. Alexis misses being a lawyer. 

Liz and Finn playing Backgammon ... Finn tells Liz the entire history of Backgammon. 

Today is actually a Wed if you're keeping track. With all our interruptions, that's where we are.

I'm off! I bet Ned wakes up just at the end of today.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

SO, Real Life


Called and I'm out of Office today! I think Sprina is on and a few other tid bits but nothing earth-shattering. I guess the actors said that Frank had ordered a lot of scripts to be shelved for the strike and this seems to be the case. Just a lot of...filler, imo. I don't want to watch a soap with the same people on all the time but damn...GH is just HUGE when it comes to cast/stories that the lag-times are ridiculous. 

Real Andrews was the best part of yesterday's show and this also highlights the problem of only having him on once in a blue moon. We never know if/when he'll show up and there's so many off camera mentions that it gets tedious. 

Anyway I'll shut up for now!! Have a good one!! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Birthday Jam


Curtis' birthday at the Metro Pool. He must be turning 50 because why such a big party? LOL Trina finally comes with a gift too. They all hug. Say TJ can't be there because he's at GH.  Stella says how nice it is for Curtis to have a 'new daughter' for his birthday and wants a family photo. Trina is like; Um.. I gotta go. Stella wonders what she said wrong. Geesh. 

Drew calls Michael and says he's going to take ahold of his own future. 

Jordan texts Zeke to meet her at The Metro restaurant. He comes in and says he can't talk because he has to meet a client (Drew). They are going to lunch later. 

Taggert staggers into the restaurant drunk. Asks Jordan to have a drink with him. She's like it's 11am!! She takes him to his Metro Court room. He talks about waking and finding out he has "no daughter".  Jordan assures him he IS her father. VERY good stuff. Watch it. 

Drew and Zeke meet...Drew wants a plea deal but Zeke thinks it's not the best idea. Drew says he does have an ace up his sleeve but isn't ready to use it yet. Zeke sees Jordan leave with Taggert "I think I saw my ex-brother in law"... 

Gladys is at GH with Sasha (who's going to her therapist) and tries to talk her out of guardianship. Dante and Sam walk up. Dante gets a call from the PCPD. Sasha tells Sam she might be getting out from under the guardianship. Gladys is all: NOT SO FAST! And Sam is like, why wouldn't you want her to get control over her life? Sam and Dante leave. Sasha goes in to see the doctor. Later we find out that the doc and Gladys play cards together. 

Carly comes over to talk to Olivia and Brook. Olivia gives her the side-eye. TJ comes out with news about Ned. He's in twilight sedation but not making the progress they'd like. Might have to operate. Brook goes home to tell Tracey. Carly says something like "Drew would help anyone". Olivia takes offense and thinks Carly is trying to be mean by saying that Drew would save Ned even if Ned was trying to destroy Drew's life. She continues to yell at Carly. Carly says she's sorry. Dante and Sam come over. Carly leaves. Dante and Olivia hug. 

TJ THEN comes out and says Ned did turn a corner and he's getting better LOL. 

Carly and Drew talk about the SEC and Ned. Ugh..I'm so sick of this. Carly says Diane wants her to meet in her office because the SEC is coming. 


They are going to bring Ned out of the twilight zone

Trina gives Curtis a homemade frame

Drew tells Carly he'll take the rap for the SEC crap

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Another Day....


Another NO GH. WELP! I got to see a bunch of people with flags and listen to guys and gals talk about whatever. Oh, they showed some cars too!! 

And..that's that for today. 

Monday, June 12, 2023

Shortie Today

GH Convention Pix 

IT's finally raining here!! 24 days without rain is a record for us in June!! So happy to get some. Even the birds are running around crazy like. 

Well, it's Monday so let's get going. With the Miami thing tomorrow who knows if GH will be interrupted or not. 


Ava and Austin meet at The Metro. Austin tries to talk Ava into doing what Mason says. 

They take Ned to GH and Tracy says Drew attacked him and would have let him drown. 

Drew sees Zeke and explains what happened. Then Chase asks Drew to come down to the station. 

Olivia, Brook and Tracey are at GH. Tracey wants Finn to examine Ned. Finn says he's still knocked out. He's going to have a CAT scan. 

Joss/Dex and Carly and Michael in the Corinthos Kitchen. Michael wants to hire Dex to "protect" Sonny. Joss thinks he's crazy. 

Sonny and Nina at his office. She's so sorry she caused him any pain from Nixon Falls. She wants to go home, get in bed and forget the world for awhile. Brook Lynn calls and tells Sonny about Ned. Nina looks shocked. 

Finn and Liz talk a lot about Epiphany which was nice. They still miss her. 

YEAH.. I had to leave early because I'm just so over most of this. 

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Nedly In a Coma


Sparkly Neuro-Bonnet too! 

As Sung BY THE Smiths !! This is the only thing that happened this week I was remotely interested in, btw. Yep.. So that's how THIS all went. Plus the fact we didn't get a Friday show. I did see the Canadian tweets so I can report some of that to you all today! 

Happy Sunday! I hope Canada is doing better on the fire-front. I know we are enjoying much cleaner air. 

Friday, June 9, 2023

SO, About Today


A little INDICMENT NEWS hit so no new GH today. When ABC finally cut in, it was a repeat from last year. SO... New show will be on Monday.

Our Canadian Friends tweeted however and we know that Dex is going to take the job Michael offered to "protect" Sonny and Ned's in a coma. Chase tells Tracey the footage from The Metro shows Ned tripping into the pool. 

Thursday, June 8, 2023



I want to point out that yesterday when I put my ROC photo up, I wasn't trying to negate what Canada is going through by any means!! It has to be horrific. It was just SUCH and unusual day here yesterday. So eerie. My eyes actually teared in the afternoon. Today is better but cold. It's still weird. 

Ned tells Nina he heard her tell her lawyer she was the one that turned in Crew. He says when Sonny finds out, she and he are done. Nina tells him just to keep quiet and he says he's not taking the fall. Then he finds out Drew is there and runs into the pool --Nina runs after him. 

Drew is talking to Tracy at the Metro. He wants to blackmail her using the Fact she had Brook Lynn work at Deception (he'll tell Lucy). That makes no sense and is stupid. Tracy gets annoyed and makes the pool guy close down the pool area. 

Ned runs into the pool area to tell Drew and he trips on towels and I think he knocks himself out. Drew jumps in to save him. Gives him CPR. Tracy calls 911. Nina watches. 

Chase bought a truck and wants to go camping with Brook and she's like EWwwwwwww. She doesn't wanna camp, he doesn't wanna sing. Olivia sits down with them. 

Olivia finds out Ned is getting CPR from the EMTs. She and Chase and Brook watch. 

Joss gives the broken zip drive to Dex. Says Carly ruined her chance to save herself.  Dex says he'll fully destroy it. He says he HAS to work for Sonny now 'for survival". Joss says just ask him to get out. Dex says he doesn't want out. HAHAHAHA. He likes PC and he likes what he's doing. 

Carly talks to Michael in the stairwell of GH.. "Is Dex trustworthy'? He says yes. She wants to hire him for another job. She wants MICHAEL to hire DEX to work for Sonny to "Protect" him and if Sonny's in trouble, Michael can ADVISE DEX on how to help him? WHAAAAAT? "You want Dex and me to be Jason for Sonny" She says yes but Sonny can never know. 

Sonny goes to talk to Anna at her house. He says he knows how she feels about the headlines. He talks about the headlines about Lily and Morgan. It's a good scene. Watch it. 

Anna is sitting alone on the steps and Valentin walks in. She wishes she could throw her phone away. She's upset at what Noah and Emma will think of her. She's crying. She says Emma will see her as a traitor. 

Dante wants to help Anna get her name cleared. He asks Valentine to tell him. Val leaves. Sam comes in.  They talk about helping her but basically Dante says all the stuff is classified so he can't. 



Carly wants Michael to ask Dex about working for her. 

Tracy tells Brook that Drew attacked NED and that Chase has to arrest him! ahahhaahaa!! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Wednesday: Stuff

 OMG This is MY CITY!! This is in my lungs and eyes!! LOL..ugh. A rough couple of days for sure.

Today's Show: 

Jordan and Zeke having Zex. They get dressed. Jordan gets his number in her phone. 

Portia wants to go out for a drink with her 'best friend' Elizabeth.  Then Finn and Terry come up and talk about the hospital board. They voted to give Elizabeth head nurse position. She starts next week. Liz calls "Gran" (Audrey) and talks to Steve Hardy on the GH wall. 

\Joss and Carly. Carly shows her the flashdrive and says she knows ALL ABOUT IT! Joss urges her to turn it in. They argue. :eyeroll: UGH  She says Sonny ruined their lives and then mentions Morgan. Cries. Carly cries. Then Carly destroys the flash drive. 

Sonny tells Dex he believes Olivia that Ned didn't turn in Crew to the SEC. Then he goes into some speech about the MOB and Dex having SUCH potential. He knows Dex is looking for a PLACE TO BELONG and Sonny says he can be all IN with him. Dex says "YES SIR". 

Um, Valentin talks to Sonny about the 2nd Pikeman shipment LOL. Sonny says he'll only take it if they find the sniper. Valentin says that's probably not possible. 

Olivia and Ned at Metro Court. Nina talks to them about the SEC thing and that she thought Olivia thought Ned turned Crew in.  Nina's all WHAT? Sonny doesn't think Ned turned them in?????? Acting all freaking guilty.

Marty and Valentin are talking about Anna. Valentine sees Nina's ring and leaves. Marty says he has something to tell Nina. He says the feds are leaning on him to give up the identity of the tip. 

Drew is in the elevator, looking like a dork. He goes to visit Willow through the window on the phone. He talks to Zeke and is going to meet him at the Metro Pool Bar.  They meet up. Drew says he wants to turn himself in. The feds have "made it clear they only need one person to go down ".. Um, they did? 


Carly tells Joss she'll fix everything ..goes to talk to Michael

Ned hears Martin say that Nina tipped off the SEC 

Jordan finds out Zeke is Portia's brother 

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Air Quality

 Poor Canada! Burning all over! Our air is so smoky and hazy it's unreal. Red Sun all day. Plus, nothing is moving and we've had no rain for 17 days here (a record for June). SO!! I hope your air is good breathing where you are!! 

I'm out today because I have a meeting right at GH Time. I know, I know... but THEY do not care that I have another job!! 

The show is so lack-luster lately I could scream. Yeah, Zeke is in town but other than that? Meh. Even the big "what's in the box" reveal was just nothing burgers. Is Greg still dying? He seemed pretty peppy with Esme. Walt Wiley is coming; probably for the WSB thing? I don't know. Maybe a financial specialist? Anyway, maybe when I watch today's show on Hulu I'll feel better. Those commercial blocks are long and tedious for sure!! 

Have a good one! 

Monday, June 5, 2023

Monday Monday


Joss and Dex doing it. Wow...ok, we get it. They like zex. They wub each other. She tells him about Oscar and Cam. Is afraid to say "I love you" again. After a giant flashback montage of Jex, she says she does love him. 

Brook/Chase at the pool, eating ice cream. Tracey shows up!! She sends Chase to get a drink. Yells at Brook for not working at Deception getting intel for her. 

Jordan at the pool bar thinking about telling Cutis to buzz off. 

Ava and Mason. He wants info on Sonny. She says no. Austin says if she doesn't she's in danger. Mason wants info on Pikeman. 

Carly and Michael. She tells him to destroy the flashdrive. She says it would also put Dex in jail and that would hurt Joss. Michael's like: Um, no it wouldn't LOL. She figures out Dex is working for Michael. Then yells and asks if Joss knows. He says yes. 

Zeke, Portia's brother is at GH to see Portia. She wants him to talk to Trina about not seeing Spencer. He's staying at The Metro because he has a client in NY. 

Spencer and Trina. He's hedging as to why he doesn't want to go to the PCPD with Victor's evidence. Trina realizes he's not telling her something. He says that he asked Victor for help with Ace custody. Victor was going to kill Esme but he said no. He thinks Victor got false information on Esme to put her in jail. Now Trina won't let him go to the PCPD because it's fake. Oh FFS. 

NEWS: Walt Wiley..aka Jackson Montgomery of AMC is coming to GH: Soap Opera Digest 


Spencer says he's going to get rid of the evidence. You know he's not gonna. NOPE he puts it back in the box. 

Michael leaves the flashdrive with Carly

Zeke sits next to Jordan 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Chlorine


My brain has been on lockdown or something because I forgot to push "publish" again on a blog! UGH--read Friday's show (below this post) if you haven't already. 

It's been a 4 day week and-- well.. let's just say no sudden movement. Plus, I'm angry at almost every character so.. let's go. 

Everyone is getting seltzer and juice at the pool bar but damn it, I'm getting a margarita with Cuervo Gold. 

Photo credit: @Soap_Dude2

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Dante Has Shorts on


Pool: Dante and Sam. Then Sonny tells Dante Nina and he are engaged. Then NED walks in. Sonny yaps at him for turning Carly in. Olivia comes over, Dante and Sam come over.  Ned swears to god he didn't turn Carly and Drew in. Olivia backs him up. Sonny says ok but he's still not 100 on this. 

Joss and Dex at his apartment. He says he doesn't have the video anymore. Joss is PISSED. He explains he has a job to do and gave it to Michael, his boss.  They talk blah blah blah

Michael goes to Carly, flashes back to Joss telling him to tell her about the video. He says he has something Sonny can't get out of if she wants to use it. She says she won't turn on Sonny. Michael asks what if he did it. Shows her the flashdrive that has the evidence on there that Sonny violated the national security act. He tells her he commissioned it. She freaks out that he'd do that. 

Jordan goes to Curtis' house. She's mad he moved back in after kissing her and telling her to wait. He says he's in the guest room anyway. And their kiss was 'spontaneous".  Jordan is like whatever. Curtis asks her to 'wait a bit longer'. 

Ava and Austin. She's upset Laura is going to Chechnya to look for Nikolas (who they think is dead) and Austin is saying she has to let her go. Ava is scared because it's dangerous there and she doesn't want blood on her hands. Austin says it's really hard to get into that country so it will buy them time to figure out something. MASON comes in.  He says they owe him for taking care of "their problem" They think he got rid of the body. 

Sprina in the bank to open the box. They open it. "what fresh  hell" ?? says Spencer. It's an iPad but they need power. Trina has a charger. There's also a Rx for the drug that killed that bartender. Esme's name on it--and Trina says she tried to poison me. Spencer apologizes for not telling her he found a pill. He had no proof she used it on Trina. Then they find a letter Esme wrote Maggie her maid basically confessing to drugging the Bartender guy. They fire up the iPad. It's Esme paying off bartender for the phone. It's a still from the security camera. 


Jordan leaves Curtis for good (I guess)

Olivia apologizes to Ned for doubting him

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pool Kissin'

Here's hoping today is a more exciting show because I was ready to fall asleep BIG TIME!! 

Anna's double agent status was leaked. WSB guy shows her a paper with her as the headline. Martin comes in, hired by Valentin. Anna's being charged with treason LOL. It's some weird stuff about the public finding out she was a double agent and yada yada. Martin says it's bad. I can't figure it out. I guess the public will see her as a Judas and even though the WSB said she was all in the clear all those years, they are going to throw her under the bus to save themselves??? The public found out that Anna was never held accountable for her crimes. Anna says if they threaten Robert or Anne Donnelly she'll get MORE things she has hidden to embarrass them. 

Valentin goes to Laura's house (it's the next day)for his 'gift' from Victor. Oh, he wants Charlotte's necklace. They talk about Anna's arrest and article in the newspaper. They talk about the Chechnya property. Laura thinks Nikolas is there. Valentin and she are going to go there together. 

TJ and Jordan were supposed to meet for coffee, he forgot. Molly's at her mom's house. He tells Jordan about the endometriosis. Molly walks up to see TJ. Jordan leaves. Molly and TJ talk and apologize.

Joss, Spencer and Trina at the pool. Then Dex comes in and Joss and he make out at the door. Dex tries to shake Spencer's hand. Then I don't even want to explain it but they end up giving each other tips poolside on fighting. Spencer and Trina talk about the key Victor gave him and what it could mean. 

Joss talks to Dex about turning that video in of Sonny to help Carly. 

Stella visits Portia and Curtis. She wants to clear the air after they find out that Curtis is Trina's bio daughter. Portia leaves for the hospital. Curtis and Stella sit down for tea and a talk. Curtis forgives Stella for keeping the secret about Trina from him. OMG then he tells her he realized he wanted to be with Portia AFTER KISSING JORDAN! She asks how Jordan took the news. He didn't tell her. GEESH poor Stella, another secret! 

Jordan finds out Curtis moved back in with Portia. 


Trina makes Spencer go to the bank to look in the box

Anna resigns from the WSB which is what she thinks Victor wanted in the first place

Valentin and Laura are going to Chetchnya 

Joss tells Dex to give her the video so she can help her mother beat the SEC charges. 


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...