Friday, June 9, 2023

SO, About Today


A little INDICMENT NEWS hit so no new GH today. When ABC finally cut in, it was a repeat from last year. SO... New show will be on Monday.

Our Canadian Friends tweeted however and we know that Dex is going to take the job Michael offered to "protect" Sonny and Ned's in a coma. Chase tells Tracey the footage from The Metro shows Ned tripping into the pool. 


  1. I didn't get to watch but sad Ned's in a coma!! 😢 Figures. When he wakes he probably won't remember. I'm gonna slap Nina....

    1. It's not Nina's fault that Ned tripped on a towel. Slap the writers it's their fault! ROFL!


Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...