Friday, June 30, 2023

The SnowGlobe

 Ava pushes Austin away after he kisses her THEN SHE JUMPS ON HIM and they go into the bedroom! HOLY TOLEDO! After Ava's like making the bed, wanting him to leave. "Are you neurotic?" he asks. She's like NO! Get out, it's a mistake. OMG he says "Um the scratches down my back say otherwise" . 

Esme brings Spencer an ice pack and he's leaving a message to Trina at the same time. He says "Get out of here ESME" ... Then Esme charges in throws the ice pack at him and she's angry about him not thinking of the baby when he got in a fight. What if you got arrested? She comes BACK in after googling "fractured ribs" and tries to get him to go to the doctor. Then they sit and talk about their past. UGH. NO WOW, all about a snowglobe he gave her. Nostalgia. WHY would the writers do this? I mean, Sprina is GOLD. WHY WHY WHY

Trina listens to the message from Spencer. She's at her mom's office. Wants to talk about The Curtis/Jordan kiss. They talk about it and it's clear Trina is upset about Spencer, not Curtis. They talk some more and Trina brings up that Spencer got in a fight. She isn't sure he's changed. 

Zeke calls Jordan to go to dinner. She says NOPE. While she's on the phone, Curtis comes into her office.Curtis asks why she told Portia about it. She's like: Um, I DIDN'T!! He thinks N'neka must have because she saw them. Finally Jordan says it was his brother in law. Then Curtis shows up at Jordan's door. Curtis tells him to watch it. He's got his eye on him. 

Violet tries to get Liz to stay over at Finn's apartment. :Eyeroll: She's annouying. Liz makes her "magic milk" to get her to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz

Sonny talks to Sonya about her guardianship and still grieving for her husband and son.  He listens and tells her he thinks she's ready even if Gladys doesn't. 


Not much. Austin leaves Spoon Island but Ava's smile says she loved her time with him! 


  1. Must comment on Drew's 7 days. Oy. Either a day goes on for a month or a week goes by in a day. I'm dizzy.
    So tired of everything and anything Ashford, including Jordan. Even Trina.
    Sprina is over.
    MW and RoHo together is perfect except for the ridiculous story they are in the middle of. I can't even remember his name(s).
    I was driving on I-95 in CT yesterday and saw a pink balloon caught in a tree. I kid you not!

    1. "Zazu says, I was driving on I-95 in CT yesterday and saw a pink balloon caught in a tree. I kid you not!"

      ROFL! So that is where Avery's balloon went! :)

    2. Agreed Zazu but I find Portia the most annoying Ashford of all. Love Maura and Roger but don't see any chemistry

    3. YES! I was afraid Drew's goodbye was going to last a month. It was over in a blink..yet time didn't go by for anyone else LOL

  2. I'm thinking they may be gearing up to writing Spencer out if the actor leaves the show.

    1. According to they are holding the role open for him and he will be returning after filming is done.

    2. "Gary says, According to they are holding the role open for him and he will be returning after filming is done."

      Hey! Great!!!! :)

  3. What a boring show today!!! UGH! The only great scene that wasn't boring was Ava and Pawtucket Holtster:

    Wyndemere: I had to talk about this first!!! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Ava: ZEX! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! They are HAWT!!! Oh no I forgot their couple name!!! Their scene had me dying! Pawtucket Holtster wins the lines of the day.

    Pawtucket Holtster: You really have to make the bed? I'm still in it. This is weird. Is this your thing? Is this a thing like a post coital clean up? I'm okay with it, but it's a little neurotic.


    Spencer's bedroom:

    Spencer and Vampira: I'm so bored! Are they bonding? Well at least that painting on the wall is entertaining. Karen thinks it's a penis painting, and to me it looks like hanging balls! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Trina and Portia: Oh Trina! Why are you telling your mom all this! I mean she is right about one thing. Vampira will be in your life! Because Spencer has Ace, and Ace is Vampira's mother. But still this scene, zzzzzzzzzz.

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Curtis: Curtis you are wearing too many clothes!!!

    Jordan, Curtis, and Zeke: ZEKE!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :) 2 hot men wearing too many clothes. It's summer guys!

    Finchy's home:

    Finchy and Liz: Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Finchy, Liz, and Little V: Magic milk! I don't need magic milk to fall asleep. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Sasha: Oh look! The green beans fell asleep. I don't blame them. Zzzzzzz.

    Flashback Friday: *I don't leave my time machine and stay to watch more of the 4 musketeers* I shouldn't of stayed. The recast Emily showed up. UGH! There is a 3rd part, but I'm not staying.

    1. Must look at that painting. Haha.
      You are right about Curtis. Wth was he wearing anyway?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "Zazu says, Must look at that painting. Haha."

      ROFL! it's behind Vampira! I thought it was behind Spencer. Oops no.

      "You are right about Curtis. Wth was he wearing anyway?"

      I have no idea, but Curtis should be at the pool shirtless. ;) :D

  4. ----wonder if Laura, Kevin and Valentin will be seen at all or are they all on vacation? Or did they pre-film scenes?
    ------yep, Sprina never had a chance with Portia and now Esme and NC leaving for the series.......Spence in Greenland is nothing like Spence now....kinda rooting for Esme ----
    -----scenes all over the place - wonder how many they 'put in the can' just in case of the strike? NOTHING happens EVER with Finn and Liz so MOVE ON writers....
    ------Ava and Franco/Todd are good..............

    1. Genie def is on vacation. Wait until you read Sunday Surgery about Esme/Spencer. I'm flabbergasted

    2. Yup Genie vacations for 3 months in Maine every summer

  5. After so many years of not seeing anyone having zex on GH, way before Covid, what are the odds of three couples going at it and no one getting pregnant? Age is not a's a soap.


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