Monday, June 19, 2023


 I got HERE AT 2:30!! BUT I'M HERE! I went to see my brother for a few hours this morning. Here's his pool! 

Austin and Ava try to figure out a way to break into Sonny's office. He wants Ava to get Sonny to fire the nanny. She finally agrees. 

Portia asks Curtis if he kissed Jordan. I guess Zeke told her that? "So Jordan just kissed you out of nowhere" ..NO! It was mutual! They argue. Portia is very upset he didn't tell her. Curtis makes it worse by saying they were 'hanging out' when they were separated. 

Laura goes in and asks for Jordan's resignation. She wants her to be Deputy Mayor while she's in Chechnya. Jordan says no. She says she's not a politician. Laura finally wears her down and she accepts. 

Leo goes in and sees Ned. "Hi DAD"!! Ned says he has no kids LOL TJ tells the gang about Ned's head injury. Not sure of the prognosis. They realize Leo is gone. Ned is yelling that he has no kids and Leo runs out. Tracey goes to find him. She tells him the truth about his dad's fall and that he forgot. She says : Leo, what do you know about me? Leo says "you're mean" AHHAHAHA. Great scene.

Ned has to see a neurologist and a psychiatrist and they might know more about his condition. 

Nina gives Sonny a BS story about losing her engagement ring instead of the truth about Ned because Ned has no memory and she's happy. 


  1. ---okay, Olivia's crying is gonna get on my nerves reallll fast.
    ----Tracy + Leo = best part of today
    ----it is laughable that PORTIA is all pious and upset over ONE FREAKIN kiss when they were separated.................and then Curtis begging her was outta place......
    ------Zeke is not gonna be a good guy.......
    -----and the writers messed up again----Laura clearly said at Greenland or I think when she returned that Jordan was the deputy mayor taking Eileen's why ask her today???? Maybe different writers but that shoulda been checked.
    -----Wally having a storyline is great -------------just not for months..............I do cringe now everytime Nina speaks.............
    ------I would think they could pay old nanny to work for them BUT BUT gosh writers, you shoulda had Ava confide to Sonny and they secretly work together......that would be solid gold....

    1. Maybe I am thinking of my late 1980's cray cray days but I would not be happy with one kiss especially since its his ex wife. Lets not forget the kiss was like 2 days ago is soap time.Now he's ready to move back in. These actors deserve a better story than this.

      Love Tracy & Leo.

      Maybe they will shock the heck out of us and have Ava & Sonny be working together off screen. Would be crap since those 2 are golden and we deserve to see it, but throw us a bone. Without that it will be back to keep Avery from Ava again.

    2. "Mufasa says, you shoulda had Ava confide to Sonny and they secretly work together......that would be solid gold...."

      "Linda says, Maybe they will shock the heck out of us and have Ava & Sonny be working together off screen. Would be crap since those 2 are golden and we deserve to see it, but throw us a bone."

      Oooooo I love it! I want it! We need to have it! :)

    3. Yes. Those scenes definitely wouldn't bore us.

    4. I noticed the mix-up about Jordan as deputy mayor, too. Don't the writers and producers pay attention? More and more often, "GH" is taking on the qualities of a high school play. True professionals take some pride in there work, (Yes, I'm grumpy.)

  2. Most annoying: toss up between Olivia's crytalking or Portia. Instead of taking Portia to the same old place why couldn't they have her happy that Curtis made the decision to be with her.
    Best scene of the month: Tracy and Leo. That kid made this episode.
    The Ava story is just dumb. Pilar has been the nanny longer than most characters have been on the show. But it's dumb for more reasons than that. Get Ava back to the gallery and give her strong air time. Make RoHo someone different. LOL

    1. Doesn't matter who they make him, he'll still play the same manic clown.

  3. Curtis and Portia deserve each other. You were right Laura did say Jordan would be acting deputy mayor last week

  4. ooooo and then Nina could think Sonny and Ava were having an afffair------and they couldn't tell her the truth................sooooooooo many possibilities.

  5. WHAT?! You were on twitter at 2:30?!!?! I didn't know that. I was there helping you with GH! Oh Karen! You could have told me you were here and to shut up! ROFL! Well there were a lot of funny one liners today.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Zeke and Portia: Yup! Zeke told Portia that Jordan and Curtis kissed!!!!!

    Purtis: You really hurt her Curtis!

    Portia: Oh my goodness! Lucky me. Oh wait no let me send her a card.


    Metrocourt pool:

    Curtis and Trina: I guess the party is over? That was really funny before with the stick head Curtis. He don't want candles on his cake, but the stick head in the drinks are okay! ROFL!

    Zeke and Trina: Will Zeke tell Trina that Jordan and Curtis kissed? Hmmmm.

    Sonny's home:

    Ava on the phone with Pawtucket Holtster: Yeah Ava, you are not going to find anything. Maybe the green beans can help you.

    Ava and the nanny: Ava don't be acting all strange toward her! :)

    Nanny alone: The look on her face when she saw the drawer open a little. ROFL! She is so suspicious of Ava! :)

    The hospital:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Laura: Laura you shouldn't be getting up so fast after getting your blood drawn!!! The look on Laura's face when she left him! Hahahaha. She don't respect his advice does she?! ROFL!

    Pawtucket Holtster and Ava: Fire the nanny? Okay this is so strange. Oh it's nanny Pilar! I was thinking it was Mercedes. :)

    Vampire Eddie Maine's room:

    Q family and TJ: WOW! Vampire Eddie Maine don't remember anybody including Tracy!!! When they all leave,

    Vampira Eddie Maine: And stay out.


    Outside the door:

    Olivia, Brooky, and Tracy:

    Tracy: I never should have sent him to that dreadful boarding school. It cost a fortune and it obviously he did not get over that ridiculous fantasy of being a rock star.


    Brooky: She needs our sympathy not snap out of it.

    Tracy: Is that how you see me?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tracy is killing me. :)

    Tracy to Olivia: There there.


    Little uncle Leo and Vampire Eddie Maine: Oh oh. He scared little uncle Leo and he ran out! I don't like how Ned is being so mean! It reminds me of when Jason was in that accident. Bad flashback memories!!! Ned can be Eddie Maine for a few months that's fine. I just hope it's not permanent, and the meaness has got to go.

    Tracy and Little uncle Leo: This was actually a great scene. Little uncle Leo wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Leo what do you know about me?

    Little uncle Leo: You're mean.


    Nison: Of course they were interrupted!!! Just as she was going to spill the beans.

    Nison, Little uncle Leo, and Dante: Sonny is so good with little uncle Leo! :)

    Brooky and Nison: Brooky tells them about Ned, and you can see what Nina is thinking.

    Nina's thought bubble: YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!

    Nison: Oh come on! Really Nina? What are you going to do now? Put the ring down the drain? So that Sonny's plumber will find the ring down there?

    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Laura and Jordan: Deputy Mayor Jordan Ashford. That's cute. :)

  6. Brook Lynn being "direct" with Tracy was everything. And Tracy knew she was right.

    1. Yes she did. And I loved the follow-up with the tentative litle pat on the back. lol...


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