Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Chlorine


My brain has been on lockdown or something because I forgot to push "publish" again on a blog! UGH--read Friday's show (below this post) if you haven't already. 

It's been a 4 day week and-- well.. let's just say no sudden movement. Plus, I'm angry at almost every character so.. let's go. 

Everyone is getting seltzer and juice at the pool bar but damn it, I'm getting a margarita with Cuervo Gold. 

Photo credit: @Soap_Dude2

SEC TEDIUM OF THE WEEK:  For the love of Wall Street, this is just.. on my last nerve!! Will they use the tape against Sonny? (probs not)... Will Carly use it (No way). What is this about? I'll tell you: Sonny will find out Nina turned Crew in and then he'll find out CARLY is the one that didn't use the evidence against him. What's the NUMBER ONE thing Sonny holds dear? LOYALTY. You heard it here first. Step on at CarSon reunion. Unless it involves Joss and Michael getting hit by a bus, then I'm out. 

MARROW UPDATE OF THE WEEK:  You heard it here first, folks. Willow is "doing fine" :eyeroll: 

MUST BE SUMMER OF THE WEEK: The Pool is open and we got our array of poolside hijinks going on. In a bizarre scene, Dex "teaches" Spencer how to block a punch. I almost fell off my chair at that one. Then Sonny and Ned bitch about THE SEC as loud as they can until Olivia tells them to shut up and believe Ned. She and Ned kiss and make up. Sonny stalks off...determined to "find da rat' that did this. 

ARREST OF THE WEEK: So, I guess the email that Esme forwarded was about Anna. What I can't figure out is HOW that email would have been in Alexis' paper's inbox in the first place? Is it because her memory is back and Victor somehow knew she'd be working there? I don't know. Anyway, Anna was taken in by the WSB because even though they know she was a double agent, the public didn't know and now they do and it's bad for their reputation. Um.. yes, I explained that correctly. Plus Frisco is out as head of WSB and yada yada. All of this resulted in Anna quitting the WSB which is what she thinks they wanted in the first place. Whatever. Oh, I liked the fact Martin was there. That's all I got. 

PERPLEXING PAIR OF THE WEEK: Must be JPS and Genie need to take time off at the same time because Valentin and Laura are somehow going to GO TO CHECHNYA TOGETHER to find Nikolas. Um...hey, Val... Anna's facing some serious charges and Charlotte JUST got you back from the dead and Greenland but hey, ok.. go with her. :eyeroll:  

KEY OF THE WEEK: So Spencer gets property to hold for Nikolas from Victor and a key under the turtle doves. Turns out it's a lock box at the bank. Trina makes him go and open in. What's inside? All the evidence they need to send Esme away for life: She drugged the bartender, Trina and bought a fake ID. DO I think the evidence is fake? No...Victor was crafty and gathered it all and I think it's real. Do I think they'll turn in Esme right away? No way. Spencer will want to prove she's faking her memory loss so when they DO turn her in, it will stick. Meaning a whole summer of trying to trick Esme. I also bet it involves him pretending to have feelings for her again. Help us one and all. 

I DO NOT NEED THIS OF THE WEEK:  So, Mason's back. He moved Nikolas' body. Austin and Ava think he's still dead. He's really alive and Mason has him (along with an unseen villain). Mason wants something from Ava in return; something to do with her family. He wants the goods on Sonny. So it's a Jerome connection. Cyrus mentioned Olivia Jerome, so I'm assuming it's her. I want it to be Selina Wu but..?? (she asked Gladys about her Sonny connection after all...?) Roger will be on for a month then probably disappear again. Seems like he's just trying to keep HIS SAG health benefits LOL .

REDUX DEJA VU REPEAT OF THE WEEK: Curtis and Portia and Jordan. First of all, Curtis belongs on a reality show. He wants to keep 2 women 'waiting' to see who he picks? AHAHHA. Thank goodness Jordan told him to go to hell. Even though he's sleeping in the guest room, Portia thinks they are on the road to recovery. Heh.. Soon Zeke will be on and Curtis can get all jelly over that situation. Will my heart make it? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Taggert breaks down in the elevator after learning Trina isn't his bio daughter. He held it together for her and made a graceful exit then just loses it when he's alone. Why this DNA thing had to happen is .. ?? I don't get it. I guess it's to cement Curtis as the Dad and head of the family? The whole thing took so long and the end was just such a nothing, I don't even care. 

WARDROBE OF THE WEEK: I loved Sam's outfit!! Very pool appropriate and looked good even though it was black. Dante didn't look bad either! 


Dex hilariously tries to show Spencer how to spar. I tell you, someone loves these boys together..

Willow is doing fine.

TJ and Molly make up; Ned and Olivia make up

Joss is way pissed that Dex doesn't have the video evidence anymore

Michael tries to get Carly to take the zip drive to save herself; she refuses

Sonny kinda thinks Ned might not be involved the the SEC thing after all...

Mason comes to collect from Ava

Valentin and Laura are going to Chechnya to 'find Nikolas'

Spencer and Trina get evidence from Victor to put Esme away for a long, long time

Anna is arrested by the WSB; her past is leaked to the public 

SPOILERS FOR 2 WEEKS: This was on twitter... thought you might like to see it. I personally don't find anything exciting but?? 

That's a wrap. I'm really not terribly invested in anything going on. Even the Wu/Gladys mess that COULD have been good (because of Wu mostly) has just languished. Watching Gladys squirm now and then is just.. nothing. The whole Dex thing is stupid as well. He can leave Sonny's organization whenever he wants. Why would he still work for him? Wouldn't he go back to doing his other business? I .. just.. don't.. get. it. Same with the flashdrive. If Carly doesn't put that down the disposal and turn it on, it's just stupid. Laura and Val going to find Nikolas? Um.. HE SHOT HIM AND THEY HATE EACH OTHER but hey! Both need a vaykay, so let's go!! LOL And the Anna thing? Um.. if you can get through that, I'll give you a gold star. DNA test.. meh. Curtis is such a dick to both Portia and Jordan I hope they both kick him to the curb. The Esme evidence with Sprina could be interesting but I fear it's going to be a drawn out "let's catch her" story. We also know Willow will wake up sometime in the month and start talking about Wiley so that's not a biggie. 

The writer's strike is continuing and who knows what's going to happen. If the actors go on strike to support them in July, all bets are off. 

PS. Portia's brother Zeke will be here next week and buys Jordan a drink. Maybe he'll pep things up. 


  1. ,"Michael and Joss getting hit by a bus" you r the best,!
    I agree with u on everything else.

  2. The SS outshines the weeks shows! Thanks.
    Eyeroll and SMH. Even the GH Breakdowns were too boring to read.
    They really need to do some cutting, no pasting. A complete rehaul. Anna story is dumb. Sending Laura and Val away again is even dumber.
    Best thing of week was Martin. WTH is Lucy?
    The Curtis character has been ruined.
    I still want Sonny in prison, an attempt on his life with Cyrus to the rescue. They both are released due to special circumstances.

  3. Thanks Karen. At this point we all know that Genie, Finola and JPS go on vacation. Don't do stupid stuff, just don't have them on the screen. They don't need to make up stupid crap like Chechnya or something. Valentin would not leave Anna and Charlotte. Stupid............

  4. -----WHERE is Terry the oncologist I repeat.......WHEN will Willow go home---it's been 18 months LOL
    ----Stories are not consistent so I don't care either about Gladys, Austin, Ava, Molly, TJ, even Stella got on my nerves
    ------I stabd behind Curtis isn't the father - Selina changed it.....and Trina was ALSO on my nerves this week - LOL
    ------Laura leaving again is dumb.....the whole Anna thing SURELY didn't wrap up that one day????? I still have no clue WHERE does her money come from???
    -----again WHY isn't Dex at Sonny's/reporting into work or SOMETHING!
    -----ready for Lulu to come back - Sante still does nothing for me.
    -----Marty was great--- the reading of the will though was HORRIBLE - come on writers, it was VIC-TAH - did you just give up since you knew the writers strike was coming?
    ----I guess nothing really made me happy................
    ------ready ready for eveyone to find out it was NINA and everyone can apologize to NED...

    1. It's embarrassing that Terry has not been on canvas. The show is supposed to be about a hospital yet some major characters are AWOL as of late.

  5. Curtis being Trina's father ruined everything for me.

    1. Guessing it may have been fixed

    2. Rarely is a first DNA test on a soap correct.

  6. "I tell you, someone loves these boys together." LOL... yep, I've been thinking the same thing.

    Overall, the show is a mess right now. What are they going to have Anna do now that she's been kicked out of the WSB? I hope the writers have a paln for her but history suggests they don't.

    1. I'm thinking now she's free to go with Valentine and Laura to find Nick.

  7. I am missing Elizabeth the past few weeks. I saw on another site that she has reason to be happy so hopefully Cam comes home. I wish they would do a fun summer story. With Jake and Emma or Jake and a sora'd Georgie.

    I am still not feeling Dex in any scene with anyone. Just meh. I see now why they broke Joss & Cam up but this does not have me intrigued at all watching her with Dex.



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