Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Wednesday: Stuff

 OMG This is MY CITY!! This is in my lungs and eyes!! LOL..ugh. A rough couple of days for sure.

Today's Show: 

Jordan and Zeke having Zex. They get dressed. Jordan gets his number in her phone. 

Portia wants to go out for a drink with her 'best friend' Elizabeth.  Then Finn and Terry come up and talk about the hospital board. They voted to give Elizabeth head nurse position. She starts next week. Liz calls "Gran" (Audrey) and talks to Steve Hardy on the GH wall. 

\Joss and Carly. Carly shows her the flashdrive and says she knows ALL ABOUT IT! Joss urges her to turn it in. They argue. :eyeroll: UGH  She says Sonny ruined their lives and then mentions Morgan. Cries. Carly cries. Then Carly destroys the flash drive. 

Sonny tells Dex he believes Olivia that Ned didn't turn in Crew to the SEC. Then he goes into some speech about the MOB and Dex having SUCH potential. He knows Dex is looking for a PLACE TO BELONG and Sonny says he can be all IN with him. Dex says "YES SIR". 

Um, Valentin talks to Sonny about the 2nd Pikeman shipment LOL. Sonny says he'll only take it if they find the sniper. Valentin says that's probably not possible. 

Olivia and Ned at Metro Court. Nina talks to them about the SEC thing and that she thought Olivia thought Ned turned Crew in.  Nina's all WHAT? Sonny doesn't think Ned turned them in?????? Acting all freaking guilty.

Marty and Valentin are talking about Anna. Valentine sees Nina's ring and leaves. Marty says he has something to tell Nina. He says the feds are leaning on him to give up the identity of the tip. 

Drew is in the elevator, looking like a dork. He goes to visit Willow through the window on the phone. He talks to Zeke and is going to meet him at the Metro Pool Bar.  They meet up. Drew says he wants to turn himself in. The feds have "made it clear they only need one person to go down ".. Um, they did? 


Carly tells Joss she'll fix everything ..goes to talk to Michael

Ned hears Martin say that Nina tipped off the SEC 

Jordan finds out Zeke is Portia's brother 


  1. ----two big reveals - Jordan's face when she found out Zeke was Portia's brother was great and FINALLY Ned knows but we all know he ain't gonna tell people..........which is silly----he should Drew ASAP so Drew won't blame him.....and WHO talks on the patio with the door open? HOPE this starts the ball rolling........I can't think of anything Nina could blackmail Ned with
    ------So confusing that Carly said she was gonna fix this and then went to see Michael?
    -----hate Joss - hate BUT I gotta say Eden and Laura were very powerful today.......and I think Dex DOES like working for Sonny-------------Joss is such a child/I want my way
    ------I can't understand why Frank and the writers continually mention Monica but she is never seen----she can go to a board meeting but not be in the house? AND AUDREY would be 98-100.......
    --CM as Drew still does nothing for me...

    1. Some people think he can't even walk in an elevator without looking like a dork.

    2. I think it is CRAZY that Monica is not around, and rarely, if ever, mentioned. I hope Leslie is doing well, I'm sure all of the fans are concerned.

      Also, as far as Audrey, Liz rarely mentions "Gram" anymore. . . It is sad . . .

      NYC is HORRIBLE with the smoke, it looks like we are on another planet . . .

    3. Leslie had said she wanted to retire after the 45th anniversary. She turned 78 shortly afterwards. I'm sure she wants to enjoy a well earned retirement. I'm assuming the writers haven't decided what to do with the they replace her or have her die off screen? And then the strikes hit. So they may mention her name every once in a while but I don't expect to see her again.

      And that's the residual smoke from our wild fires. You can imagine how bad it was here when that smoke was all accompanied by flames.

    4. They did that recast for a like 2 days. If they are keeping "Monica" then they should recast, imo. OR .. have her move to live with Leslie. know. The other thing.

  2. So nice to see Elizabeth and Terry finally. But...
    Portia and Liz are making reservations at MC for 4:00 when it's been late night for everyone else. So bad.
    Soaps should not be confusing. GH is.
    Carly and Joss may be the best casting ever.
    Smoke here in So. CT is very thick. Sun is weird orange. Hoping that the fires soon end for all those affected.

  3. The hospital:

    Liz, Portia, Finchy, and Terry: Oh there is Liz! Where the hell has Liz been? Oh look she has been accepted to head nurse and Terry wants to talk to her about salary. Well good. It better be more money. I don't want to hear Liz whining about money and to struggle with money. That's ridiculous and I never bought it.

    Liz on the phone with Gram: She is talking to Gram?!!?!! Isn't Gram like 115 years old?! :)

    Metrocout hotel room/Zeke's room:

    Zeke and Jordan: Oh yeah Jordan! You get your groove on!!! :) Oh and Zeke wants a sequel!!! I hope they do have a sequel! :)

    Jordan and Zeke's metrocourt key card: Yeah that's a great excuse to see Zeke again! ;) Get that sequel Jordan! :)

    Metrocourt elevator: Drew is in there gonna turn into the incredible hulk. No Lego man. No Tony Stark iron man! :) ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nedlia: I'm glad Mom apologized to dad again.. :) Good!

    Nedlia and Nina: What the hell was all that about? Hahahahahaha! That was so awkward!

    Marty, V.C. and Nina: Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: Was it something I said?


    Marty and Nina: WHAT?! Whistleblowers are always protected!!! This is so stupid. I'm glad she wasn't deep throat or she would choke. :) Oooooo Ned overhears!!! YESSSSSSS!

    Zeke and Jordan: Ooooo a sequel soon. :) Jordan you better call him. :)

    Zeke, Portia, and Liz: The look on Jordan's face when Portia introduces Liz to her BROTHER! HA! :D

    Metrocourt pool:

    Zeke and Drew: Ooooo Zeke is a lawyer. Nice. :) Drew wants to be a martyr! ROFL! Carly will be all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Carly's kitchen:

    Carly, Joss, and The Tribbles: Carly breaks the file!! Joss and the Tribbles cry cry cry. :( I bet their is a copy. :)

    1. Iron man, deep throat, yer killing me, lol!
      Been behind in episodes since last week but I'm all caught up now.
      So happy Liz is head nurse and yes, Gram has to be 115 at the very least!
      Jordan and Zeke are very pretty, but Jordan always comes across as posing for a magazine. Awkward to me. But her face when she found out he was Portia's brother? HAHAHAHAHAH!
      I'm all for Ned pushing Neener off the terrace instead. Just saying! And I'm still mad at Olivia. She needs to keep apologizing to Ned every single day.
      As for Drew? He was the caffeine addict in his earlier scenes with Curtis. That is NOT Drew.
      Hope your weather on the east coast gets better real soon. Michigan had issues yesterday, sun was bloody red when it rose and we still have "Air Quality" alerts.

  4. People on twitter are speculating that Ned falls off the terrace before he can tell Olivia or others that Nina was the leak.................I HOPE NOT but they ARE on a terrace.......I want Wally kurth to have a good storyline.........but I could see how this would drag it out more...........but if that happens, I am not sure how much longer CW/Nina could stay on the show????
    -----I haven't missed an episode so ANOTHER fail by the writers ----- whatever happened to Sonny telling Nina she couldn't be with him cause of this Pikeman thing and the threat on his life????????

    1. "Mufasa says, People on twitter are speculating that Ned falls off the terrace before he can tell Olivia or others that Nina was the leak"

      WHAT?! I haven't heard that! If she pushes Ned off the terrace, she is digging her own grave metaphorically speaking. She will lose everything that she wants and has!!

  5. I am not a Joss fan, but the scene between her and Carly was well-written and acted. Joss bringing up Morgan seemed realistic, to me.

    I don't really see a future for the Nina character once this all plays out. I think she will have a breakdown and be carted off to the mental hospital.

    I loved seeing Elizabeth and Terry again, but oh my god writers, it's time to give up on the Liz/Finn pairing and move on. No one wants them together.

    1. agree on all points especially the Nina character = she is being written in a way that something HAS to make her go away for a time.

    2. Great acting from Eden and Laura

  6. I'm no fan of Joss either, but 100% agree about her and Carly's scenes. Very well done!

  7. SoapJenn on Twitter mentioned that Portia should try to hook up Liz with Zeke, and creating a Liz/Zeke/Jordan triangle. I would love that. Very soapy!


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