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Ned is wondering why he's at Sonny's. Says it's a great place. He loves it. Also says he's sorry he can't be who Olivia wants him to be. Olivia drops by later. Brings some snack thing and clothes. She makes him look at scrapbooks. He doesn't even remember Thanksgiving pizza... He does recognize a photo of him from long ago as Eddie Maine. 

Later, Nina talks to Eddie in the hall. Tells him freedom is great. Basically wants him to leave town with his secret. 

Tracey and Olivia discuss Ned in the Q kitchen. Brook and Chase get done from having a run. Tracey asks why they are sweaty. Brook says 'we were running".. Tracey says: Someone chasing you? LOL They talk about Ned. Tracey is mad Brook isn't at work to get information for her. 
Chase tells Brook Nina saw Ned fall into the pool.

Tracey is on the phone telling someone they are partners and they are not her "boss". She will get the information they need asap. 

Joss, Dex and Trina are at the pool. Dex tells Trina about his history. Boring. Then Joss tells her how they met. He leaves for a minute. Trina tells Joss about what Victor left Spencer in the bank box. Joss wants them to use it against Esme, even if it IS faked. Trina says no, and besides Spencer destroyed it. Joss is like "Um, I doubt it!" LOL 

Laura says goodbye to Esme and Spencer. Says she got them "Back up" to help with Ace. She says they need to learn to work together. Marty and Lucy come over to say goodbye to Laura. Martin is the one to call if they need help. He won't change diapers though. Lucy wonders if being all alone with Ace will bring Spencer and Esme closer together. 
Laura goes to leave and tells Spencer that he has to work with Esme. He thinks back to the evidence in the lock box. 

Valentin runs into Anna's house. Shows her where someone wrote "murderer" on her front door. She says it's probably kids. No big deal. Valentin thinks it IS a big deal. He wants to stay. She tells him to go. then, they tell each other mushy stuff. 

Austin tries to get Ava to get Pilar, the nanny fired. Mason walks in. :eyeroll: He says GET ME INFORMATION! I HAVE A GUN! (paraphrased) Oh wait, he has Ava's  hair off of Nikolas..and DNA that he could send to the PCPD. He wants a manifest, shipping and info on Sonny's Pikeman stuff. He leaves. Ava says she'll think of something. 

NOTE: I think maybe Tracey is working with one of Marty's exwives to make sure he's not getting any Deceptor profits? Maybe? 

Ned escapes for 2 minutes, Dex finds him

Esme wants to work WITH Spencer when it comes to Ace

Pilar tells Ava that Avery is gone


  1. It was an awful show. A big snooze

  2. My friend has a brindle Great Dane puppy named Pasta.
    Having MW and RoHo in this ridiculous, unwatchable "story" is a soap opera sin.
    Not minding the Eddie Maine story yet. Hope it's a short and sweet one. Hahaha.
    Back to wardrobe....really Brooklynn? WTH.

    1. "Zazu says, My friend has a brindle Great Dane puppy named Pasta."

      Awwwwwwwwwww. :) How old? Where did they come up with the name Pasta?

    2. I know Genie and Amanda Setton might be self conscious about their body, but good grief it's summer. Laura had brown blouse and hot looking blazer. Brooklyn had "turtleneck" JACKET on to RUN. Maybe at least 3/4 sleeve or something. Yikes. They are also beautiful women that look like probably 3/4 of America.

  3. She was so bundled up for a jog

  4. The hospital:

    Ava and Pawtucket Holtster: Stop stop stop! They should be kissing and starting a relationship!

    Ava, Pawtucket Holtster, and Mason Jar: Oh come on!!! Ava just tell Sonny!!! This is ridiculous!!!

    Kevlar home:

    Vampira, Spencer, Laura, and Mucy: Lucy has started playing heads games about kids to Marty already! :) Marty doesn't do diapers! Hahahahaha!

    Laura and Marty: Awwwwwww. :)

    Metrocourt pool:

    Mucy: Wow! Marty is adamant about not having anybody know he helped with the decepter.. Is it because of his ex wives? Will those harpies jump on it and want more money from him? Bitches!!

    Lucy on the phone: Yeah Lucy find out what is wrong with Marty! :)

    Jex and Trina: Trina getting to know Dex like a good little friend. :D

    Joss and Trina: Joss and Trina have an understanding about their boyfriends hahahaha. Oh no Joss! No setting up Vampira with the fake evidence!!! *Facepalm*

    Q breakfast nook:

    Brase and Tracy: Isn't Brooky hot wearing that long sleeve outfit? It's summer and not only that, you ran!!!!

    Tracy and Brooky: Man Tracy is pushy about Brooky working!

    Brase: AH HA! I knew it! I knew Chase saw a video of Nina at the pool! So what are you waiting for Chase? Show the video to Sonny!!!

    Tracy on the phone: Whomever she is talking to, I'm intrigued!

    Sonny's home:

    Nison and Vampire Eddie Maine: He slept well that's good. Did he talk to the green beans?

    Nison, Vampire Eddie Maine, and Olivia: See! Vampire Eddie Main don't remember Lois! Ahhhhh but he remembers his guitar! ROFL! Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: You don't remember your wife or your family, but you remember your guitar? From the 90's?!?!


    Vampire Eddie Maine and Nina: Oh she is so very understanding. ROFL! Will Vampire Eddie Maine fall in wuv with Nina? :) I bet you 100 dollars he does. ROFL!

    Nison: Nina and her fake upsetness over Vampire Eddie Maine leaving! BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    Nison, Vampire Eddie Maine, and Dex: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Vanna: Murderer on the door is so lame and stupid, but the Vanna scene I love! :)

    The real park:

    Pilar and Ava: ROFL! Okay who "took" Avery?

  5. filler - filler - filler - just when I think it can't get worse the WHOLE Jex and Trina convo was useless...........
    -------I will now call Austin Franco since that is how he behaves......I think Austin had Avery kidnapped but we are to think it's Mason
    -----HOW can Eddie Maine not remember ANYONE????? Is he truly Eddie if he doesn't??
    ------as Karen pointed out - Nina AGAIN is helping someone not remember-----there won't be anyone left in PC to be on her side when all of this comes out - I just don't think Nina/CW can stay in PC.
    --------IF the writers are good there is SO much potential for Tracy's partner and Martin's ex-wife-------------clearly he wants no more money so he doesn't wanna be any credit...
    ------Valentin going away - where will Anna go?
    -----just sad sad and someone mentioned yesterday - there IS more chemistry with Nina/Eddie than Nina/Sonny.

    1. I can't believe they actually showed a picture of Rena Sofer. Exactly; how is he Eddie Maine if he remember no one? Only remembers his guitar. He's not Eddie Maine if he doesn't know a single person that he knew back then. Makes NO SENSE.

      I watched to whole show today. OMG; so so boring.

    2. I loved seeing that photo of a young Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer. It brought back a lot of good memories.

  6. Wouldn't be interesting if one of Martin's ex-wives was Erica Kane lol or somebody in Pine Valley. Can't imagine what Erica would see in Martin but who knows how the show left Erica and Jackson after the series ended...and Walt Willey will be coming on playing his AMC character in July. Hmmmm. I could totally see Tracy working with Erica.

  7. That is what I was saying the other day Diana Taylor. I think it would be so funny if one of his ex wives was Erica Kane. He was married like what 3 times, and Erica was married about 7 or 8 times. Lucy was married 5 times. It would be funny. They could get a lot of comedy going on and make the show funny again.

  8. So, there's a sopa website that had a list of Austin's possible bosses that included some choices that were way out there but kind of fun.

    The possibilities were Jennifer Smith, Olivia Jerome, Cassandra Pierce (I had totally forgotten about her), Alex Devane, Kate Howard (who somehow survived the shooting), Madeline Reeves, Faith Rosco, Sage Alcazar, Celia Quartermaine, and Selina Wu.

    Personally, I think Celia would be a good choice. The character was a big deal on the show for a few years in the mid-80s and was Jimmy Lee's first wife.

    1. Here's the site -- https://soaps.sheknows.com/general-hospital/news/675318/who-is-mason-boss/

    2. Very interesting, thanks Kevin! I wouldn't mind Celia Q. but my heart belongs to Faith Roscoe, lol! Loved the character and the actress. :)

  9. I haven't been commenting much as I don't have anything nice to say, lol! The only story that interests me right now is Eddie Maine and that's getting goofy. I always enjoy Diane with anybody (she and Alexis are a hoot!) and a couple of other characters but they seem to be in throw away scenes with no real story.

    That's all I'm going to say. Carry on.....! :)


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