Friday, June 16, 2023

Friday SleepAThon


Sasha and Willow. Sasha puts on a gown and goes to talk with Willow. She tells her about Nina giving her a letter to end her guardianship. 

Chase and Michael talk in the GH hallway.

Tracey, Brook and Olivia waiting for Ned to wake up.

Cody calls Sam to help with exposing Gladys. She goes to the stable and they talk. 

Diane and Alexis talk in the coffee corner about Robert. Then Diane mentions a crypto-scheme shes' working on. Alexis misses being a lawyer. 

Liz and Finn playing Backgammon ... Finn tells Liz the entire history of Backgammon. 

Today is actually a Wed if you're keeping track. With all our interruptions, that's where we are.

I'm off! I bet Ned wakes up just at the end of today.


  1. ----I would rather see old episodes than filler shows....backgrammon...really??
    ----How many minutes after Willow forgives Nina will Willow find out what Nina did??? Between Olivia, Sonny, Carly, Drew, Michael and Willow -----Nina won't have a chance.
    ----Sasha trying to persuade Willow was apples and oranges comparison.
    -----Just can't decide the direction Alexis is heading.....I feel something is gonna change, but I don't care?
    ----Nurses Ball was first of April........stolen bracelet........the day after the ball was the wedding of Michael and Willow........and the day Nina turned in Carly and Drew.....we are now mid-June......................................................
    ------Diane's suit was gorgeous.....
    -----Yep, we all saw the ending..................

  2. I screamed out loud at the ending!

  3. What a boring show today. A lot of funny one liners though. Great shot of outside the hospital.

    Cowboy Cody's horse home:

    Cowboy Cody and Sam: Blah blah blah. Why is Sam wearing that white shirt?

    Cowboy Cody and Mr. Ed: Awwwww. I love what he said to Mr. Ed and I love how Cowboy Cody cuddled with him. Great scene. :)

    Central perk:

    Alexis and Diane: Crypto boys? Are they the Kia boys who steals Kias and are now working with Crypto? Alexis misses being a lawyer awwww! Come on writers! Give Alexis her job back!

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Liz: Oh look a boring break room. Where is the cafeteria? Backgammon? Really?!!?! Zzzzzzzz. Although I did like Liz talking about past people. :)

    Michael and Chase: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzz. Just kiss already! Why are they talking about Chase and babies? Is this foreshadowing? Is Chase going to be a daddy? My Chillow heart is taking over and it wants a Chillow baby!

    Willow's room:

    Willow and Sasha: Blah blah blah. Yup a month of Willow being in the hospital.

    Ned's room:

    Comatose Ned, Olivia, Tracy, Brooky, and TJ: Twilight sleeping? Is Ned going to be a vampire now? Tracy wins the lines of the day.

    Tracy: He's used to it! It's just like home! Oh Olivia back off. His brain has been deprived of enough oxygen.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you Tracy! :) Ooooo Vampire Ned wakes up!!! :) He wants water instead of blood. Hmmm. Well, he is a newly baby vampire give him time to want blood. :)

    Ned: My name is not Ned. It's Eddie Maine.

    HA! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! Soapy delicious! Will he go off singing on tour now? :) So Vampire Eddie Maine! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Stays put at Sonny's funeral to see him wake up*

    1. Sonya, if Ned is now Vampire Eddie Maine will he want to be with Vampira Esme? I mean they are both vampires......

    2. "Gary says, Sonya, if Ned is now Vampire Eddie Maine will he want to be with Vampira Esme? I mean they are both vampires......"

      Hahahahahahaha. No no. They are just friends. :) If Vampire Eddie Maine goes touring with his music, then he will be way too busy for a relationship with her. :)

  4. What a snooze fest. Ned would be better off if he stayed sleeping. Didn't see the end due to local coverage of President Biden attending the Safer Community Summit led by our wonderful Senator Chris Murphy, but I already knew he'd wake up as EM. Too predictable.

    1. The best part of the show was Liz using a little girl voice to say...I really like this game. lol

  5. I really liked the ending: "My name's not Ned. It's Eddie Maine." Now, let's hope the writers don't blow it.

  6. If it gives one of our vets a story, I'm on board.

  7. I knew it, he and Ron C over at DAYS mist share notes, all we need now is someone to kidnap Ned aka Eddie Maine 🙄


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