Wednesday, June 21, 2023



Spinelli, Sam and Cody. Had NO idea Spin was still on the show. They are in the park to talk about bringing down a "criminal mastermind". They go to the Metro Pool. 

Sasha, Gladys, Maxie and Lucy meeting at the Metro about Deception. They feel badly for Brook Lyn who is still at the hospital. Gladys leaves and goes to the pool. Lucy and Maxie tell Sasha they believe Cody over Gladys. 

Curtis and Trina. Trina comes to the Savoy to figure out why he and Portia are fighting. He won't tell her. She says her uncle told her to stay away from him. He finally tells her he kissed Jordan after he wedding and didn't tell Portia. 

Molly and TJ get egg news.  Egg count normal: Egg quality is not great. Molly probably can't use them to get pregnant. She's upset they won't have a child that's both of their DNA. 

Portia goes into Jordan's office and asks her why SHE kissed Curtis. They bicker. Then Portia lets Jordan know she knows she slept with Zeke. Portia says Jordan can have Curtis "Free and Clear" . Jordan doesn't want hi. 


Sam watches from a table with her big hat. Cody tells Gladys they have proof that she stole the bracelet. (That's why Spinelli is there). Sam is trying to record it from the far table but Kristina comes in and interrupts. 


Spinelli tells Gladys that he has hacked her fit-bit app

Molly wants to put the baby talk on hold. 


  1. New Molly looks very much like Hayley. Portia and Curtis are both self righteous. She lied for 20 years. Jordan is the new punching bag. She should wash her hands of them all including Zeke. She is always blamed.

  2. nu-Molly is not doing it for me at all - too stiff...
    ----PORTIA SHUT UP!! What a hypocrite!!!!
    -----I still don't understand WHY Sasha isn't looking at bank records and seeing that money is missing......
    -----obviously Krissy (Abby to me) will be the surrogate cause she was on today.....
    ------I just have to believe if I were the actors/actresses on GH, I would at some point go to the writers and say, "I say the same words everyday..." not sure how Jordan/Portia/Curtis keep a straight face......
    -------I wish writers would realize that a FAST pace is what makes a soap great - Feb 14 was the wedding and first of April was the stealing of the bracelet.......these things are why we don't care ----------------and when characters are shown so infrequently....
    ------at least Nina, Carly, and Drew weren't on screen today......

  3. Seems like all filler all the time lately.
    Guess the make up department isn't on strike. Starting with Maxie.
    So "we" were included in the NLG hack. Congrats Karen. Keeping things relevant is not easy these days. So many fakes out there. I feel privileged to be a part of this blog.

  4. There were some funny one liners today! :)

    The REAL park:

    Spinny, Cowboy Cody, and Sam: SPINNY! YAY! Hmmm Spinny and Cowboy Cody argue who has the bigger manhood.

    Metrocourt outside lounge:

    Gladys, Sasha, Maxie, and Lucy: Oooo love the color on Gladys.

    Gladys: The only thing worse than horse crap is the person who shovels it.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! She would have won the line of the day, but Lucy wins it.

    Sasha, Maxie, and Lucy:

    Lucy: I got a lot more respect when I was dead.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The prognatic woman line was really good too, but the respect when I was dead line got me. :)

    Maxie and Lucy: Ah yes Cowboy Cody likes Sasha. :) I'm glad Sasha overheard! :)

    Metrocourt pool:

    Gladys, Cowboy Cody, and Spinny: Now did Spinny and Cowboy Cody trick her? Or did Spinny really hack into her fitbit? Hmmm.

    Sam and Krissy: Isn't Sam hot in that long sleeve outfit? HI KRISSY! Where have you been?

    The hospital:

    Tolly and doctor: Well, Tolly were talking about a surrogate. How come they aren't talking about this now?

    Tolly: Geez they are acting like they never talked about a surrogate. Molly is taking a break? What?! Is this going to break them up? Was this scene out of order?

    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Portia and Jordan: What?! No fighting? No brawl? No throwing Tribbles? If this was 1970's there would be a brawl. I sound like Karen. ROFL!


    Curtis and Trina: Yeah even though she is mad at her mother, don't mess with Trina's mother! Trina isn't having it! Oh yes Trina don't like secrets! Like father like daughter. :)

  5. If Mollyy's eggs aren't viable then what good is a surrogate?

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    2. "Di says, If Mollyy's eggs aren't viable then what good is a surrogate?"

      Well, then they will have to get donor eggs. Donor eggs with TJ's sperm inside surrogate, Then voila baby. :)

    3. But she doesn't want to do that. She wants "their" baby.

    4. "Di says, But she doesn't want to do that. She wants "their" baby."

      I know, but she knows that's not going to happen. :(

    5. If they use Krissy's eggs the eggs would have half of Molly's DNA since they are half sisters.

  6. I like new Molly. Also, I don't like that Curtis refers to Taggert as Taggert to Trina. I know it's weird because Curtis is her biological father, but Taggert is her dad. In general, I find Curtis insufferable.


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