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Lucy and Sasha are STILL talking about Cody at the Metro. GEESH. Marty walks up and gives Lucy a bunch of Daisies. Says he's loves her. They all talk about "the Deceptor" being a success. Lucy says it's thanks to Marty. IT's all about the moon and a dream and.. don't bother. Sasha asks if they are getting married, they both said "NEVER". Oh but when Marty leaves, Lucy confesses she DOES want to marry him. 

Eddie is talking to the nurse. Kevin Collins pulls Olivia, Brook and Chase to the side. He says Ned doesn't just THINK he's Eddie Maine. HE IS EDDIE MAINE! He says its' more than just a head injury. Ned has superimposed his memories of Eddie over his own. 

Deanna gives "Eddie" a sedative because he's yelling at her. Later, Brook and Chase to in to see him. She wants to find out who turned in Carly and Drew since they blamed Ned for it. Eddie grabs Brook's arm and he wants to break out of GH. He thinks he lives in Vegas!! 

Carly is sniping at the judge: YOU CAN'T DO THIS, BLAH BLAH... THERE'S A DEAL...BLAH. Judge ignores her. Sentences Drew to 3 years in Pentonville. Anyway, Carly still yells at the judge but the judge is like Drew Cain you are LEAVING NOW! Oh Zeke gets him a week to get his affairs in order. Has to surrender his passport. Carly and he kiss and are going to make 7 days last. Oh, yeah, he'll see Scout too. 

Nina and Sonny are making out at the Savoy. Joss and Dex come in. She asks about her mom and Drew. WTF Time is it? They are out at a nightclub and COURT is going on? AHAHHAHA Um, ok.? Dex and Nina talk about Sonny. Sonny tells Joss he wants to make peace with her. 

Alexis, Tracy and Gregory... just sniping at each other. Pointless. Tracy leaves. Alexis tells Greg about her past with Tracy. The Ned stuff, Tracy faming her for drinking and driving. 

NOTE: IT was daytime at The Metro and pool...and night at The Savoy and I guess it was NIGHT COURT? WEIRD 


Marty falls into the pool after Ex Wife #3 texts him

Alexis invites Greg out to dinner

Eddie Maine is gone from the hospital room and shows up at The Savoy in a flannel shirt? POFFFFFT. 


  1. Why is a federal crime tried in state court and the sentence to be served in a state prison?

    1. Cause that was the only judge in Ms. Wu's pocket.

    2. Yep. Because the writers apparently DGAF. #Sad

  2. I guess Jane Elliott is staying a long time, but Tracy is on my nerves this time......just sayin...
    -----I REALLY want Marty's mean ex to be someone we already know - trying to think who could it be? and again LOVE Lucy and Marty but this whole thing today came outta the blue.......HE came up with the idea and she ran with it????? So is this about the ex-wife or he will want profits??????? #storylineouttatheblue
    -----Nina asking Dex to talk to Joss made me sick, too...........SHE acts like she didn't do anything-----------------ugh........I wish this storyline would end NOW.......please please don't drag it out until November....
    -------lots filler today I think - who knows anymore?
    -------the spoilers say Sonny asks Eddie to move in - WHY isn't Lois being contacted? I wish Eddie would fall in love with Nina...............I laugh everytime on soaps when people get clothes, pay for taxes, move around town like Eddie M did today AND the Savoy wasn't even AROUND years ago - how did he find it????

    1. They've dragged this dang storyline out since Nixon Falls....and it hasn't gotten any better since!! Ugh.

    2. "Mufasa says the spoilers say Sonny asks Eddie to move in"

      Yeah I read that yesterday. That made me laugh.. :) Vampire Eddie Maine lives with Sonny! Hahahahahaha. Well, he gets to meet the green beans.. :) I'm sure the Green beans and Vampire Eddie Maine will like each other. :)

    3. So, I guess Tracy and Martin are working together behind the scenes?

  3. Ummm. Eddie Maine only wore leather pants. Flannel???????

    1. Trying for the grunge look?

    2. Found the only place in the neighbourhood with a clothes line and it belonged to uncle Jethro.

  4. The courthouse: 3 years!!!! Hmmm Cameron Mathison said 2 years. Man this judge is so tough and strict. I love this guy! :)

    Crew: Yeah they have a week's worth of sex to do before he goes to jail! A LOT! :) Unless there is congical visits.

    The hospital:

    Tracy and Alexis:

    Tracy wins the lines of the day

    Tracy: And when did you get your therapists certification? Did they hand it out on your last sobriety chip? You're an idiot.


    Tracy, Alexis, and Gregory: Oh yeah. Gregory and Tracy can't stand each other! That means they are going to have hate sex! :)

    Alexis and Gregory: Ooooooo talking about Alexis and Ned almost got married. Yes yes. I remember. She ran out of the room and flagged a semi. I was so angry at her for a long time.

    The hospital:

    Nurse and Vampire Eddie Maine: Yeah he needs to calm down! I'm glad the nurse gave him something. :)

    Brooky, Chase, and Vampire Eddie Maine: I love how Chase is all protective of Brooky when Vampire Eddie Maine grabbed her arm. :) I'm glad he is at least nice to Brooky. Eddie Maine was never a mean SOB!!!!

    Tracy, Olivia, and Doc: Great scene! :) Tracy wants to go old school? Like what? Hit him over the head? ROFL!

    Tracy, Olivia, Doc, Brooky, and Chase: Oh oh Vampire Eddie Maine is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    The Savoy:

    Nison: Oh look! Nina is wearing a bread dress. She got that idea from Sam! :)

    Nina and Dex: Both Nina and Dex are in wuv with Sonny. :)

    Joss and Sonny: Sonny and Joss are both in wuv with Dex.

    Jex, Nison, and Michael: Nina pees on herself. Yes Nina! Drew is going to jail for 3 years! Now what are you going to do?!

    Nina on the phone with Ava: Well, what are you going to do now Nina?!?!! Admit the truth?! Oh look! Vampire Eddie Maine behind her! :) Did he fly in? I didn't see him.

    "Karen says Eddie Maine shows up at The Savoy in a flannel shirt?"

    Julian Jerome flannel shirt era. :) ROFL!

    The metrocourt lounge:

    Mucy and Sasha: I love how Mucy are so lovey dovey and in wuv! :) No marriage for them? Awwwww! Too bad. :(

    Sasha and Lucy: Oh Lucy! Don't play head games with Marty! Just talk to him!

    The metrocourt pool: Marty's ex wife is such a bitch and so is ex wife number 3! Marty talking about marriage to himself. Yeah I can see it on the wall. Mucy will get married. :) Marty falling in the water! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hope he doesn't get a head injury! DOH!

    Flashback Friday: *Jump into my time machine to go to May 31st 2002* Liz catches Lucky with Sarah. It's the time when Lucky was brainwashed by Helena.

  5. Thanks for the recap! Breaking news cut in the last couple minutes before the show ended and I missed Marty falling in the pool, whixh is weird, why'd he fall? And Ned a nd his flannel shirt. 😂 Guess Eddie Maine is headed to Vegas! 😂😂

    1. "shellatt52 says, I missed Marty falling in the pool, whixh is weird, why'd he fall?"

      Comic relief? Which we really do need. You gotta watch it. :)

      "And Ned a nd his flannel shirt. 😂"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Priceless. :)

      "Guess Eddie Maine is headed to Vegas! 😂😂"

      ROFL! I can't wait. This is gonna be fun! Is Lois there? Will he not recognize her? Is this back in time when he didn't know Lois, and he sees her, and it's when they first "met"?

  6. Having people at The Savoy while Drew is being sentenced in court totally threw me for a loop. These group of writers and producers need to go.

    1. I agree that made no sense at all. Maybe more an editing problem though. those scenes should have been at the beginning.

    2. agree Kevin -it's like they aren't even trying anymore and like Karen pointed out - is it day or night??



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