Sunday, June 18, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Birthday Boy


Maybe it's the fact that GH is now 2 days 'behind' on the shows it should be airing. Perhaps it's the fact I'm getting so tired of watching in real time with all the commercials. Not sure. This week just dragged for me. I'm also really starting to feel the pacing issue with the 'extra' scripts they've piled up for the strike. Maybe Frank's directive was to put "as many scenes in as you can with 2 people talking about the same things over and over and we'll go from there." I have more questions than answers. 

This will be a shorty. 


Thank you to @NivFansGH because the Tracey, Comet, Leo trio was a highlight for sure. Whoever writes for Leo gets it--it's always spot on dialog.

@here4Sprina captured my FAVE THING
--the Curtis swizzle sticks!! OMG! The props department went all out for his birthday. I'm sure the cast thought they were funny as hell. 

Olivia giving Carly a piece of her mind. Loved every minute of it--Squee!! Oliva's doing the rosary one minute and laying into her 'Friend" the next. Heh. MORE PLEASE. Thx to @KingMinos777

                                             THE AMAZING THING THIS WEEK: 

Um... Real Andrews was just a FORCE during his scenes about Trina and the DNA tests. He was so raw and in the moment, it was riveting to watch. His pain over finding out that his daughter doesn't carry is DNA was supported by great dialog as well. I urge you to go to You Tube to find the scenes. June 12-13th (they aren't posted yet but I'm sure they will be. You can also watch on Hulu) 


He's not Ned, he's "Eddie Maine" ....and now he and Esme can compare amnesia notes. This also means The SEC Story is just going to continue. Unless Lois gets back, it's just moot.

idiot decides to take the fall for Carly because she has a family. I guess Scout can go to heck because??? Oh well...Cameron is off to do a Hallmark movie, it's summer and I hear he's going to be going "away" to Pentonville for a long time. BYE. 

UGH. You know how I feel about this. I hope to hell Ava tells Sonny what stupid Mason is up to and they both go after whatever Austin and he are pulling. Don't care. I feel like it's the Balkin story all over again. They've spinned this out since day ONE of the Hook story FFS!! Fish or cut bait. 


Gladys is working hard not to let Sasha get guardianship back

Sam and Cody are working together to 'expose' Gladys

Marrow Update: Willow's still in the bed; people can visit her now with protective gear 

Ava realizes the "secret mean boss baddie" is going to kill Sonny (yawn)

Drew is going to take the fall for the whole SEC thing

Nina's afraid her secret will come out when Ned wakes up

Curtis has a birthday, Stella makes a awkward speech

Spencer shows up with an amazing gift of a jazz photo

Taggert is gutted over the DNA results

Jordan tells Zeke who she really is, they decide to cool it 

Alexis and Diane talk Robert, crypto currency and being a lawyer

Leo reads an insect book 

Tracy tells Cody to watch his back 

Comet enjoys his carrot snacks 

That's a wrap! I really wanted to try to figure out how many days we've move in "Soap Time" since the Nurses' Ball but I gave up. I DO know that the stories are so choppy and languishing that I'm finding myself just tuning out. Cody and the necklace? Really? You want me to care? And this Austin thing, rearing it's ugly head after months of non-activity. Then we have Willow who's cancer story is just NOT anything at this point. The whole Dex turning in Sonny was wasted. I was waiting for Laura/Kevin/Valentin to talk more about Chechnya and --?? Um?? Also, why did you recast Kristina if she's never on? Gregory gets a life threatening disease and it's languishing. Why wouldn't you put him on more so I care even a little? I know he'll be on for 3 days, do some things then disappear again. Real Andrews gives one of the best performances I've seen in a long time and he's another actor that's on and off...and off...and off. We needed more Trina/Taggert scenes than we had. 
Without Victor things feel so flat. We have 2 people with amnesia and 3 in a coma. LOL. Let that sink in!! I'm still angry about the Victor Will nothingness. I guess I'm just not in a place to celebrate the show right now! 
You know I love it, and I'll keep watching but man, it's hard. AND IT'S SUMMER! It's supposed to be FUN and EXCITING! 

NOTE ON THE WRITER'S STRIKE: The Actors Guild may decide to strike in solidarity with the writers starting July 1st. Many have been on the picket lines with them already but this would signal a work stoppage. DAYTIME ACTORS ARE EXEMPT. Their contract stipulates they are not allowed to do this. So, expect soaps to keep on rollin'. We've got stockpiled scripts and Frank will probably hire non-union writers like they did last time. 

EAST COASTERS:  CHECK OUT Uncle Vinny's schedules for soap actor dates!! Many fun ones are coming up. These are usually dinners limited to 45 people and last 3 hours. It's a good bang for your buck. You'd spend money eating anyway, and you get to have a good conversation with everyone. Special MEET and GREETS when you hit this link. 

Also take a look at  Costal Entertainment for more dates with GH Stars. Maurice has a bunch coming up. 



  1. I can relate to your SS -- I am just not feeling "GH" right now.

    Also, the "GH" studio got picketed recently for using scab writers --

    1. Oh thank you!! I didn't see this--I did see NLG was upset she had to cross a line

  2. I record it, watch when it's over and ff through Carly, drew, joss, dex, Michael willow, brook chase, etc

  3. Excellent SS, I also record and then fast forward what I don't want to watch. That really makes the show choppy. Ava should tell Sonny and work together to bring the mystery boss down. She could be like a double agent. It would complicate things when Nina is exposed and Drew leaves for prison and leaves Carly. Maybe Ava and Sonny would be the King and Queen of Mob Bosses. If only we could write the show. Yes, where is Kristina? Gregory? Maybe Gregory will be misdiagnosed and take over the Invader and Alexis will become a lawyer again. But then there is Eddie Maine. Didn't he have a relationship with Alexis?

    1. I was hoping LOIS would come on. I think NED had a relationship with Alexis??

  4. Great SS! Thanks. I agree with everything you said. Lately I become so distracted while watching.
    Hate what they are doing with Ava. And RoHo.
    How far will they take Eddie Maine? Will BLQ write music for her "dad"? Can't recall any amnesia on GH being short lived. Maybe the whole city should have amnesia and start all over again.

  5. ----Yes, Ned + Alexis = in love...
    -----in the workforce, I have always heard "if you leave and your aren't missed, your job wasn't needed." This is how I feel about Drew......sad but true - he won't be missed ---not THIS characterization of much potential = squandered...
    ---again I would rather see old episodes than filler shows....I read a quote that Frank made (I think Frank) that said, "we have to continue moving these stories along"......I just laughed and laughed......MOVING the stories along????
    -----I love Comet...............that's about it at this point LOL
    ------I am saving this blog cause if I AM still sitting here in November sweeps and Nina hasn't been found out and Ava/Austin STILL don't know their boss and Nik is STILL missing............I really gotta stop watching.....


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