Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Birthday Jam


Curtis' birthday at the Metro Pool. He must be turning 50 because why such a big party? LOL Trina finally comes with a gift too. They all hug. Say TJ can't be there because he's at GH.  Stella says how nice it is for Curtis to have a 'new daughter' for his birthday and wants a family photo. Trina is like; Um.. I gotta go. Stella wonders what she said wrong. Geesh. 

Drew calls Michael and says he's going to take ahold of his own future. 

Jordan texts Zeke to meet her at The Metro restaurant. He comes in and says he can't talk because he has to meet a client (Drew). They are going to lunch later. 

Taggert staggers into the restaurant drunk. Asks Jordan to have a drink with him. She's like it's 11am!! She takes him to his Metro Court room. He talks about waking and finding out he has "no daughter".  Jordan assures him he IS her father. VERY good stuff. Watch it. 

Drew and Zeke meet...Drew wants a plea deal but Zeke thinks it's not the best idea. Drew says he does have an ace up his sleeve but isn't ready to use it yet. Zeke sees Jordan leave with Taggert "I think I saw my ex-brother in law"... 

Gladys is at GH with Sasha (who's going to her therapist) and tries to talk her out of guardianship. Dante and Sam walk up. Dante gets a call from the PCPD. Sasha tells Sam she might be getting out from under the guardianship. Gladys is all: NOT SO FAST! And Sam is like, why wouldn't you want her to get control over her life? Sam and Dante leave. Sasha goes in to see the doctor. Later we find out that the doc and Gladys play cards together. 

Carly comes over to talk to Olivia and Brook. Olivia gives her the side-eye. TJ comes out with news about Ned. He's in twilight sedation but not making the progress they'd like. Might have to operate. Brook goes home to tell Tracey. Carly says something like "Drew would help anyone". Olivia takes offense and thinks Carly is trying to be mean by saying that Drew would save Ned even if Ned was trying to destroy Drew's life. She continues to yell at Carly. Carly says she's sorry. Dante and Sam come over. Carly leaves. Dante and Olivia hug. 

TJ THEN comes out and says Ned did turn a corner and he's getting better LOL. 

Carly and Drew talk about the SEC and Ned. Ugh..I'm so sick of this. Carly says Diane wants her to meet in her office because the SEC is coming. 


They are going to bring Ned out of the twilight zone

Trina gives Curtis a homemade frame

Drew tells Carly he'll take the rap for the SEC crap


  1. Lisa L and Real' A were perfection glad Real' has a storyline....
    ----Ned just waking up is too easy so I think the spoilers are right and he wakes up as Eddie Mayne, which if we can have Lois show up - that would be great!
    ----Stella - shut up...
    -----HUGE twist that the doc is a poker player, too.......I thought he was on to Gladys, but I guess he was gathering info to determine who Gladys is...........but Gladys can't black mail him, right? and Sophia is really pregnant cause several weeks ago she was 32 weeks she said??? I hope they don't make her insane/incompetent and she goes to Spring Ridge while on maternity leave.
    ------Sam's top was just bizarre...............and where is Spinelli????
    -----SO ready for this stupid SEC thing to end and Drew can go away BUT I'm looking forward to Olivia attacking Nina!

  2. Ned is in the twilight zone! LOL
    Decent show today but this SEC crap must soon end.
    Did Trina give Curtis a frame made from rotini??? Sure looked like it.
    Funny mufasa...I thought Sam looked nice today.
    Wouldn't it be crazy if all along someone we know and love/hate was really a Fed. SC. It would be clever.

    1. "Zazu says Did Trina give Curtis a frame made from rotini??? Sure looked like it."

      Yeah she did, because she said it was from her childhood. :)

      "Wouldn't it be crazy if all along someone we know and love/hate was really a Fed."

      You mean like Poptart Smalls? :)


      Who? You mean Sonny Corinthos? :)

    2. I do mean him. What a great con that would be. So many years. All of PC.

    3. "zazu says, I do mean him. What a great con that would be. So many years. All of PC."

      Hahahaha. That would be one twisty soapy interesting twist! :)

    4. zazu - I am old _ LOL - I meant she was visiting in the hospital her almost-mother-in-law and she had on a tank top like at the beach -

  3. Ned in the twilight zone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D

    The metrocourt pool:

    Purtis, Mr. Hat man, Trina, and Stella: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY SHIRTLESS WET CURTIS! :D Oh Trina your dad is not okay! Either she is lying to them or Taggart is hiding his feelings very well to Trina. Since when does Stella call TJ by is first full name?

    Mr. Hat man and Stella: Awww Stella meant well! She is just happy that Trina is part of their family! That's normal! Don't give her a hard time Mr. Hat man!

    Purtis: No Curtis don't tell Portia there is hope when you want Jordan on the side! You are a mess! You need to move out, get yourself some Tribbles, and live somewhere else right now!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jordan texting Zeke: Jordan wins the line of the day.

    Jordan's text: Zeke, it's me from the other night.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't think he would forget your Jordan. It's not like it was 6 months ago! :)

    Jordan and Zeke: Zeke isn't blowing you off Jordan. :) He has your phone number now.. ;) He wants a repeat remember? :)

    Drew and Zeke: New bromance? :) Dreke? :)

    Jordan and Taggart: Taggart is drunk! :(

    Jordan: Taggart it's only 11 am.

    BAHAHAHAHA! Okay she wins this line too. :)

    Portia and Zeke: Zeke and Taggart need a scene together. :)

    Taggart's hotel room:

    Jordan and Taggart: Is Jordan going to have a one night stand with him too?! I wouldn't mind. :) With that last scene, when Taggart was all in tears about losing Trina, he made me cry!! GAH!!!! Taggart!!!! :( Jordan you just left him like that?!?!!

    The hospital:

    Gladys, Sasha, and Sante: When Dante walked back to be with them, Gladys rolled her eyes! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Gladys and Sasha: Yeahhhh Sasha, Gladys isn't worried. Well, she isn't worried about you. She is worried about getting your monay and wants it! :)

    Sasha and the therapist: Hmmm. Is the therapist using Finchy's office?

    The therapist and Gladys: Ooooooo they know each other! Soapy twisty fun. :)


    TJ, Olivia, and Sante: YAY! Ned doesn't need surgery! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! I would jump TJ too! ROFL!

    Crew: Blah blah blah. Oh Drew is going to throw himself under the bus. :)


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