Monday, June 5, 2023

Monday Monday


Joss and Dex doing it. Wow...ok, we get it. They like zex. They wub each other. She tells him about Oscar and Cam. Is afraid to say "I love you" again. After a giant flashback montage of Jex, she says she does love him. 

Brook/Chase at the pool, eating ice cream. Tracey shows up!! She sends Chase to get a drink. Yells at Brook for not working at Deception getting intel for her. 

Jordan at the pool bar thinking about telling Cutis to buzz off. 

Ava and Mason. He wants info on Sonny. She says no. Austin says if she doesn't she's in danger. Mason wants info on Pikeman. 

Carly and Michael. She tells him to destroy the flashdrive. She says it would also put Dex in jail and that would hurt Joss. Michael's like: Um, no it wouldn't LOL. She figures out Dex is working for Michael. Then yells and asks if Joss knows. He says yes. 

Zeke, Portia's brother is at GH to see Portia. She wants him to talk to Trina about not seeing Spencer. He's staying at The Metro because he has a client in NY. 

Spencer and Trina. He's hedging as to why he doesn't want to go to the PCPD with Victor's evidence. Trina realizes he's not telling her something. He says that he asked Victor for help with Ace custody. Victor was going to kill Esme but he said no. He thinks Victor got false information on Esme to put her in jail. Now Trina won't let him go to the PCPD because it's fake. Oh FFS. 

NEWS: Walt Wiley..aka Jackson Montgomery of AMC is coming to GH: Soap Opera Digest 


Spencer says he's going to get rid of the evidence. You know he's not gonna. NOPE he puts it back in the box. 

Michael leaves the flashdrive with Carly

Zeke sits next to Jordan 


  1. WHO is Zeke's client I wonder?
    ---After the same-o, same-o conversations for months that I am tired of, Carly actually made sense today finally telling Michael about the OTHER dangers of Sonny going to prison.....FINALLY
    -----I agree - I think it IS Olivia Jerome as the boss ---- I can't think of anyone else that would make Austin so scared...........not Wu, not Cyrus, not Jennifer Smith........
    -----Spencer and Trina = boring..............and Portia is just sad and annoying.......
    not a great day.

  2. I enjoyed the Sprina scenes because the actress that plays Trina rocked them.

    Dex & Joss= meh. More sex scenes which they are better at vs talking.

    Wonder who Walt will play. Good actor let's hope they use him correctly and not do a Drew/Cameron flop.

    1. I think they just need to put a ring in Spencer's nose so she can lead him around while she'll telling him what to do. It's getting tiresome.

    2. I actually like it. He needs someone to put him in his place that he respects

  3. Some funny one liners today.

    The hospital:

    Ava, Pawtucket Holtster and Mason Jar: Ooooo Mason Jar wants Sonny! :) Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Heya Sonny. How's your business? What's it to you Ava? Butt out.


    Ava and Pawtucket Holtster: Ooooo Pawtucket Holtster got all yelly! :) So yelly that the Tribbles from Carly's kitchen can hear him. He is skeered of his cousin! :)

    Portia and Zeke: ZEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Ooooo he has a client in Port Chuckles. Zeke stay for awhile! For a long while.. :) FOREVER! :)

    The lock box:

    Sprina: Ooooo you don't want to mess with Trina! She will bite and bite hard. :) Spencer getting rid of the evidence? Yeah right.

    Spencer: Just in case.

    HA! I knew it. :) And that little smirk of his, ROFL!

    Dex's home:

    Jex: Awwww they are in wuv. :) And they made a sex porn. :)

    Carly's kitchen:

    Michael, Carly, and the Tribbles: Carly all yelly! Tribbles wants to grab that file and bring it to the police. I'm surprised Carly didn't destroy it. Now that Michael left the file, will Carly destroy it? Probably not. :)

    Metrocourt pool:

    Jordan and Zeke: Oooooo eye sex. :)

    Brase: Awwwww. :)

    Brooky and Tracy:

    Tracy: You are utterly useless.


  4. Zeke...I need a cigarette. lol. Let's hope he has the acting chops to back up the onscreen persona. Curtis who?

  5. "Digest has learned that ALL MY CHILDREN alum Walt Willey will be doing a stint on GH in July. During his appearance in Port Charles, he will reprise the role of Jackson Montgomery, his Pine Valley persona from 1987-2011. Willey has done one other ABC crossover as Jack, playing the part on THE CITY in 1996".........................So, if Tracy is still around her'll know her, I think? I didn't see his City crossover but would presume he ran into her. Also, he'll certainly know Anna from her time in Pine Valley. Will be weird though that although he worked with MEK when MEK was playing Tad, that MEK is currently a different character.

    1. Micheal and joss are delusional. Micheal hiring dex to commit crimes in the name of gathering evidence does not negate him committing those crimes. Neither Micheal nor dex is law enforcement, this isn't an undercover op to legally gather info.

    2. Oh this is so exciting Anon! :) Can't wait to see him again. Can't wait to see him interact with MEK, Finola Hughes, Jane Elliot, and James Patrick Stuart!!!! :)

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  7. Mostly FF for me. Trina/Spencer scenes were nonsense.
    Ava should be no match for Masonjar and/or whoever is the 'boss'. This story needs to go. RoHo and MW deserve so much better.
    Saw a nice video today of Maurice Benard with Tyler Christopher on his farm playing with Buddy the goat.


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