Monday, June 26, 2023

Netflx and Chill

Laura, Robert and Felicia go to Anna's to take her out to The Savoy because she's been stuck inside. Anna is burning her 'past'. Certificates and such. Laura says Valentin told them since he's spending his last night with Violet before going to Chechnya with Kevin and her, she's to go out with them. Anna says no way. Felicia and Laura tell Robert to scram and go get a table for them. They talk to Anna alone. Anna's feeling useless. She decides she wants to go to Chechnya with Laura. Laura says it wouldn't be good to run away, especially to Chechnya. 

Diane and Alexis are doing yoga. Alexis hates to exercise so she says she's done and wants to get something to eat instead. 

Olivia, Tracy, Brook and Chase are in Ned's hospital room and wonder where he is. Chase searches the hospital. They find his empty wallet on the floor. Brook gets a call from Nina saying he's at the Savoy. 

Ned walks into The Savoy. Says he was looking for Nina. Well, not HER but someone that knows the bar. He asks her to get a drink with him. They do. Sonny spots them. Oh, NED KNOWS NO ONE?? that's SO NOT FUN!! GEESH!  Anyway, it ends up that he's going to sing. BUT before he does he almost faints. He needs water. Olivia tries to talk to him. He's like, sorry, I cant' change who I am. 
Sonny doesn't think Ned is faking. He offers to let Eddie stay at his house for the night. 

Diane and Alexis are also at The Savoy. Robert thinks Sonny was using Diane to get information. He says he cares about her. She asks if he would if Holly was still in town. She says she's no one's second choice and leaves. 


Spencer and Esme. Ugh, talking about bottles. Trina comes over and brought snacks for a "stay in" night. Esme takes care of Ace. ZZZZzzzz Trina starts talking to him about "The Kiss" . Then Esme interrupts 2x. Last time, she wants Spencer to sing to Ace. Trina leaves. OH! wait she watches from the DOOR while Spencer sings to Ace.
MY GOD it's NOT HIS BABY!! this story sucks. 


  1. I have so many questions...
    ----is Esme NOW after Spence???? Sprina never had a chance, did they? and Spence, you CAN leave and spend with Trina cause Esme and Ace are gone ALL DAY...
    -----WHY can't Anna be a strong woman? Laura is - but Anna is doing a pity party and I TRULY thought Laura was gonna ask her to be police commissioner....... and Olivia is becoming annoying...
    ------LOVE me some Diane telling off Robert and she looked great!!!
    ------So WHY doesn't Eddie remember Sonny, the band, LOIS, etc.???? What is the last thing he remembered????
    ------so Michael and Sonny are fine now? He even called him DAD?
    ------spoilers were right ---- Eddie moves in with Sonny (falling in love with Nina)
    --------wardrobe department - get it together and have everyone in the same season.
    -------I am happy for Wally to have a meaty storyline-----------but not for months.....
    -----Sophia had her baby girl and if they are 7-8 weeks ahead, then they have to do some kind of storyline making Sasha go away for maternity leave??????????

    1. I was hoping Cam would come home for an Esme-Cam summer love story

  2. All this drama to put one little cutie to bed. I feel the three of them are each wrong in their own way.

  3. They are totally wasting Avery Pohl. She turned in Emmy-worth performances all last year and the first part of this year and will undoubtedly be in Nicholas Chavez' nom reels and yet we are given this story. Move it writers!
    Now...I am here for the Eddie Maine story and happy to see Wally Kurth has something interesting to play. The screws are going to turn tighter and tighter for Nina. What would make this story really sing, forgive the pun, is that if they resort to bringing Ned back by bringing Lois back. I can't believe no one has even uttered her name.

    1. I could not agree more about Avery. She was fun to hate. Someone else will snatch her up and why wouldn't she leave? She was probably having a blast with all the other young actors and now she probably just has big muscles from carrying cutie Ace but misses her age group.

  4. Wow what a weird show today!

    The hospital exercise room:

    Diane and Alexis: Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: You can't eat you haven't exercised!


    The hospital:

    Olivia, Brase, and Tracy: Olivia! Calm down and answer the phone! Nina can tell you where Ned is!!! I'm glad Nina called Brooky!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, Laura, Robert, and Felicia: Oh come on!!! Anna all depressed! Give me a break. This is so stupid.

    Anna, Laura, and Felicia: Enough!! Just stop it! Oh oh now Anna is going to Chechy? I'm glad Laura convinced her not to. Or did she? Will Anna still go?

    KevLar's home:

    Sprina, Vampira, and Baby Ace: I think Vampira kept interrupting them on purpose! I think she is jelly of Sprina! :) I think she is falling for Spencer. And that little baby cough when Vampira was holding Ace alone. Awwww. :)

    Vampira: Is it too much to ask you to sing to your baby?

    HUH?!?!?!! His baby?! What the hell? Don't you mean sing to your brother? Was this a different writer who isn't paying attention?

    Vampira, Spencer, and baby Ace: Spencer singing to Ace awwwwww! :) And look at Vampiras face! It looks like she is in love with Spencer!!!

    The Savoy:

    Vampire Eddie Maine and Nina: That''s funny that he thought she worked there. He finds her attractive. Must be because of the bread dress.

    Nison and Vampire Eddie Maine: Oh yes Vampira Eddie Maine! Sonny is SO lucky to have Nina! ROFL! I bet all Sonny wants to do is get her out of the bread dress.

    Vampire Eddie Maine and Michael: The advice that he is giving Michael! ROFL!

    Vampira Eddie Maine on stage: YAY!!!! GO GO GO! WOOT WOOT! SING!!! :) Oh oh! :( Good glad he is drinking water! :(

    Nedlia: Okay good he is being nice to mom!

    Olivia and Sonny: Vampira Eddie Maine is going to live with Sonny! :) Yeah I read that spoiler.. Nina just peed all over herself. This is good that he is going to live with Sonny. He can talk to the green beans and get to know it. :) He can sing to it! :)

    1. Oops forgot one thing.

      Diane and Robert: YEAH DIANE! You tell him! Come on Robert I love you, but don't be stupid.

  5. They are screwing up all the characters. Anna with her pity party, Robert being stupid and letting Diane go. I guess "Eddie Maine" doesn't know anyone from Port Charles???????, or Eddie Maine doesn't know anyone at all for that matter. Yup, Esme is falling for Spencer. So stupid. I guess Michael forgave Sonny off camera???? So why would Taggart be police commish when he's never on the show??? Will Anna be "demoted" to police detective now??? Maybe Nina will fall for "Eddie Maine" too? The show is just so so so messed up.

    1. PS. Is JPS on vacation, or is he filming his other show right now?

    2. Honestly, I thought Cynthia Watros had more of a spark in her scenes with Wally Kurth than with Maurice Benard. Buckle up. I predict with Cameron Matheson's absence and the writer's strike this is going to drag out until November sweeps or until Sonny wed Nina, Eddie will probably be asked to perform at the ceremony and will remember at the last second who is really is and how he got there.

    3. I thought the same thing about Wally Kurth and Cynthia Watros. They do play well together. Maybe we can have Nina can get closer to Eddie, her second amnesiac boyfriend?

  6. Here I go again. Make-up. Looking at Laura, Felicia and Anna plus others. Their make-up is the same. Dark Raccoon eyes with a bronze streak on their cheeks. So severe.
    Is it just me or is Esme speaking differently as an innocent. Her sentences seem forced. Ace is so cute but this story is predictable and dumb. Spence holds the baby oddly.
    Olivia still crytalking. Can't blame Eddie for running away.

  7. I don't know who the hell this Anna is with her one woman pitty party show, but it needs to stop right now. This is completely OOC!!! And I'm so over Spencer and the damn half brother. It's absolutely ridiculous. Love SPRINA but this storyline with Esme and the Bahhhbeee is just NOT IT. Especially for summer. Liking the Eddie Maine stuff because it's nice to see WK more! Something different!

    Ohhhh and I'm thinking they'll write Sasha off to a psych ward again so the cuckoo Doctor can use Gladys to funnel him money from her account! Let's see if that's true...never know how it will turn out now given scripts running out.

  8. Lol sonny talking to Eddie abt L&B, had 2 singers, one made it really big, don't know whst he's doing now, living the crazy life I guess. Miguel, aka Ricky Martin livin la vida loca!!!!

    1. I caught that too about Living the Crazy Life. Too funny.

    2. I did appreciate those lines. LOL

  9. There was actually some good dialogue on Friday and Monday, which makes me wonder if this is being done by replacement writers. However, we can clearly see the pace of storylines is sloooooowing down now.


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