Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Late But HERE!

Day 18 of lock down. I think... not sure. I DID Shower and do my hair because I'm going to ZOOM tonight with some friends. LOL 


General Hospital... no one is social distancing... which I GET but it's still weird to see, isn't it?? 

Britt and Julian after-glow...and they go for another round.  She talks about her mom and Peter. He says Brad is a bad person. She defends him. "we are kindred spirits... he's my best friend"...They talk some more. Finally he brings up Dr. Byrne's name. She says; DR. BYRNE?? She tells him when she was in NYC she saw them together at the hotel. 

Alexis and Finn post AA meeting. She only has a one day chip now. She tells him she drank because she let her guard down and slept with someone she was trying to protect. AND She'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

Brook and Ned having nosh at The Metro. He tells her not to pay attention to Lulu. Brook Lynn says she gave Lincoln something and now she has her music back. Ned wants to know what it is. She goes to take a phone call. 

Lulu and Dustin walk into The Metro..she glares at Brook Lynn. She makes out with Dustin until Olivia walks up and glares at them. She's basically team Brook. Later Lulu apologizes to brook for the ELQ story.

Jordan is taping her statement with the Internal Affairs guy.

Laura asks Mac what's going on with Jordan and he snaps at her. She's like: Um, I'm the mayor, you have to tell me . After Jordan comes out, the IA guys says that the DOJ has to be called. Both Mac and Laura are saying What is UP!!? to Jordan. She says I'm not telling you..it's about ME. Leaves.
Jordan walks in on Portia and Curtis and tells Jordan the DOJ is going to open an investigation on Taggert. 

Cam and Trina in the park.  They talk about therapy and talking to Franco and Ava. Cam tells her to be careful. She said Joss already warned her and she likes Ava. Trina says she didn't tell Joss about kissing him. 

Monday, March 30, 2020


LOTS going on today!! 

Mike is reaching end-stage. He's just laying there. Portia talks to Sonny. He's not using his legs. He's scared of falling. Wheelchair comes with Liz pushing it-- but Mike won't get in. Sonny realizes he can't help him. Cries in Joss' arms.

Jordan has to go to internal affairs to throw her team under the bus. She talks to Jason about what she's going to say. THEN SHE goes to her office and gets out a SECRET PHONE!! "I know I'm not supposed to call you"... I SWEAR IT'S TAGGERT!!!!!!! I think she's asking him if it's ok to do this. 
The internal affairs guy comes in. Sits. Jordan is going to tell him everything.

Trina goes to talk to Ava at the Gallery.  She's trying to talk to her about Cam. She thinks Cam loves Liz, not her. Ava says that she shouldn't be second best. 

Portia and Curtis: She tells him she's sorry she had an affair with him and didn't tell him she was married. She also said that Trina will be so happy and proud to see her Dad's award at the PCPD. She thinks he's a hero (dun dun dun) . Then she tells Curtis that Taggert  told her some of the things he was working on with the DEA-- and Curtis gets antsy knowing what Jordan is going to bring up. 

Sam and Molly in the park (we are "outside" in California now LOL) We have NO leaves until like May here. but ..okay! Weren't they just ice skatin!!? 


Franco and Cam in the park talking about his appointment and tells him he kissed Trina. He likes Trina now!! 

Willow, Carly, Bobby, Michael Sasha waiting for Wiley to get out of surgery. 

OMG!! LIZ goes on the ROOF AND Nelle is under a tarp to keep warm and she's all blue and passed out!!  She wakes up says she was locked out ALL night. Liz wheels her down and she sees Michael. Nelle: "Bitch tried to kill me"!! 
Chase is there, she says arrest Carly. He says why? She tells him what happened . He said, Oh security must have locked you out there. Bobbie says: Anyway, I saw you down here after you talked to Carly.
Nelle: What? 
Bobbie: When you signed the consent forms!
I'm so team Nelle on this. Carly's a damn bitch 
Bobbie goes to find the permission slip-- and it's NOT there! MISSING!!
Monica comes out to give an update. She says he's doing well but will need another procedure in  months to put something in the heart to stim growth. Nelle flips out. Says there is no consent form. Bobbie shredded it!! (we see it in a flashback!)

Monica covers too in a way, is like Oh well, too bad...and she and Bobbie fist bump at the end. 

Nelle calls someone--she's got a plan. Michael says he will do whatever it takes to get custody. Which I think means marrying Willow. 


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Double Vision

My Life.... The World... My Daughter's Shirt.... 

Here we are! I'm day 16 of  Stay Home-- and it's getting really taxing. I have far far more than some people and I'm starting to freak a bit. Hope you are doing well yourself. If you're from a state that has been insulated from this for the most part--rejoice. Do all the things ..because we sure can't! 

How was the show? That also depended on my mood for the day. I did end on a positive note Friday for me as I really enjoyed the stories and dialog. Small steps! 

I have enough to eat for everyone this Sunday. I mean, like EVERY-THING ..I'm really going to need bigger pants soon. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

John Callahan dies at 66

The soap vet, who played Edmund Grey in All My Children, died of a massive stroke at the age of 66. I loved him on AMC. Loved he and Maria... such a soapy couple. So sad for the soap community.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Today is a Good Day ..(for Me)

Yesterday was just TOO MUCH for me... this whole thing is throwing me for a loop. If you can't tell I'm QUITE the people person and love my job. So... eesh. 

I did watch yesterday's show and Sam is going to get thrown under the bus Sunday. She leaves Alexis IN A BAR? While she's so upset? UGH I hate her. I hate her outfit. I hate her perioD. 
Also, I thought Nelle was bringing up some valid points and if people weren't so quick to be vicious to her she may have listened. 
Like Kevin and Neil together. 


CarSon at the hospital. Watch out Nelle! Oh they are there to see Mike who fell. 

Nelle and Michael...on the roof, she's trying to call someone. He pleads with her to sign. She says no. Her operation left her with lifelong pain. He says he'll talk to Diane. 

Ava and Nikolas.. he's in the room where Franco is going to paint her. Franco comes in and Nikolas won't leave. Kinky! Nikolas finally goes. 

Cameron is at GH to see Dr. Neil for therapy. He's not happy about it. But he goes in anyway and Neil tells him to tell him what happened in the shootout. 


Alexis takes another drink. BUT she doesn't drink it. She tries to Call Hammy Finn..goes to voicemail. Same with Molly.. she tries Neil next. OMG SHE CALLS JULIAN! HE comes to get her and drives her home!! She tells him about the fight with Sam. He figures out it's about Neil. Its' a great scene. She talks about her choices.. she said calling him to drive her home was better than having a knife to her throat @@~!! He takes her to a meeting. 

Finn and Anna order purple stuff for Violet's Bday. He leaves for GH .... Anna goes too. She sees Britt at the hospital. She's startled. Britt says her mom deserves to be locked up. She says she and Peter kept in touch all these years. Hmmm.

At GH Portia introduces Britt to Dr. Neil. Britt thinks he looks familiar. 

Portia is Mike's doctor.. he broke his wrist. He hasn't spoken since he was brought in. No one knows what happened to him. 
Later: Sonny goes in to see Mike..Carly sees MICHAEL and finds out about Wiley. Carly stomps up to see Nelle on the roof!! OH NO!! NELLE might take a header!!  Carly tells her to sign, if she doesn't she tips her hand if Wiley dies. Nelle says that Carly would be happy if he died then she'd have no hold on Michael. Carly balks. They argue. "Rotten people can have good children" She says to Nelle ahahahaa. 

Sonny sees Michael, finds out about Nelle. Wants to go on the roof but Michael says Carly's taking care of it. 

Liz and Nikolas talks and she says that he's going to be lost and broken if he doesn't get this out. Like she was after her rape. "He's been through 2 traumas in the past few months" ...meanwhile Ava and Franco are talking about her being a mom, Kiki and Trina. 

After dropping off Alexis to a meeting, Britt gets in the car! LOL Julian called her for a booty call!! AHAHH JUST SEX PLEASE!

Carly ends up locking Nelle up on the roof! Nelle's cell phone is out of juice. I think Carly might forge her signature!! 

Cam likes the Session with Dr. Neil. 

Outside scenes on Monday. 

GOOD SHOW... great dialog

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

One TJ for One Cyrus

Nellle got the job at Crimson. I swear she worked with Nina long ago..right? They went to India together?  YES, Carly said "I can't believe you'd make the same mistake twice" 
Nelle leaves-- Carly just BLABS BLABS AND BLABS to Nina ABOUT how BAD NELLE is but Nina has a plan to 'turn the tables' ...She said that she will testify against her at the hearing LOL  They talk about getting Nelle. Nina shows Carly the necklace she has-- (I'm sure Carly will see it somewhere). 

Jordan tells the gang about TJ. Sonny says to set Cyrus free so he can "Be taken care of". Curtis is on board. Jordan doesn't think so. Of course she has to say that. Jordan is like no, I'll go to jail. Curtis says there has to be a way to find TJ.  Jason has a plan to have Jordan "find out" about the set up of evidence against Cyrus and tell the feds her team (not her, the dead guys) framed him. She can say she was totally unaware. Jordan doesn't want to tarnish their memories. Sonny says that's what Taggert would want her to do. 


Sam meets with Dolores. Spinelli follows her when she leaves. Then, Molly comes in all upset about TJ. She's all  upset. You know. Sam traces TJ's phone again and it's at Jordan's apartment complex. 

Monica welcomes Portia to GH who was at Mercy. 

Wiley is sick. Monica is like "chill..lets get him in for tests". Michael is worried.  The hole in Wiley's heart didn't close on it's own. He has to have an operation. Michael is worried. Monica tells him he had his operation when he was younger than Wiley and he's ok. Michael is worried. Because it's an elective surgery Nelle has to sign off too!! 

Molly saw SaSon leaving Jordan's apartment.. She's going huh? 

Spinelli got caught following the Council guy and parole lady heh
Nelle refuses to sign the surgery consent. Wants a non-invasive procedure. 

Trina is at the Gallery ..lord she skipped school for this! The school called Portia! Portia comes in "what are you doing here'!! ?? She's mad..and angry at Ava for not knowing it's the middle of the day. Ava's like..um, can we communicate? Portia says her daughter was just kidnapped the other day and her father was murdered. 

Spinelli follows Dolores to The Rib... she's with a city councilman !!  Ohhhhhhhh, interesting. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Taking it Easy

Greetings! I'm taking a break today. I just need to stay off the net for a bit. You'd think I'd be able to watch, just tweet and blog without looking at anything else but I know myself too well! 

It's all surreal...and my being laid off with husband working double-cylinder on medical supplies is just exhausting. 

Hope things are good where you are.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Text messages

Jordan still isn't telling Curtis what's going on. Sam comes over.  Asks about TJ. She says nothing. She and Curtis are going out to breakfast. Jordy will stay home. Sam asks if she found TJ while Curtis gets ready. She says no, he was gone. Curtis and Sam leave. Harmony texts her and comes over. Tells her that Cyrus is happy but ..he wants her to do more. Really? Who didn't know that? I guess Stupid Jordan didn't..hasn't watched a mobular movie in forever? Cyrus wants Jordan to get him out of prison. 

Sam and Curtis go to the coffee corner. Curtis asks Sam to back off with the TJ stuff.  She's getting suspicious. 

Curtis comes back home. Confronts Jordan about the Sam/TJ thing. Begs her to tell him if anything is wrong. 

Sonny and Jason can't figure out how Cyrus' drugs got through his territory.. (um see Jordan)/, In record time, the figure out a police person has to have done it.  Jason JUST figured out that TJ/Jordan are the KEY! OF COURSE THEY DO . You know who SHOULD be figuring this out? MAC and Robert..but you know, GH

Ava and Nik having nosh at The Metro... NOT having sex like they should be..bickering. She says he should find Hayden. He says he can't. They decide to spend time with their friends: Franco and Liz, but apart. Trying to get each other to have an affair. 

Peter is at Anna's interrupting a perfectly beautiful morning with Finn and Violet. He leaves. Anna says she wants Violet in the wedding. She says "no thank you, I don't want two mommies".  Finn has a smooshy convo about how big your heart can get. Aww. 

Britt and Franco eating breakfast in Kelly's... Franco isn't convinced that Lesil is guilty. He doesn't understand why she'd jeopardize her relationship with James. She thinks she has big motive. IN WALKS PETER! :hands up: He sits down. Cripes, I JUST got rid of him at Anna's!!!  Franco is pointing the finger at Peter a bit. Peter's like: Sorry, not me bub. Britt sure believes her mama did it. 

AT GH ... Felix is there with Liz, they are worried about how much Lucas is working.  Then Britt comes in. Felix: Britch is back? They can't beliveve she has her medical license back. THEN NIKOLAS WALKS IN! They see each other..he whispers "Britt"... she goes over. HOT HOT.. then slaps him "That's for Spencer".. Nik smiles. 
AVA IS HAPPIER THAN HELL!! LOL GREAT scene! Even Liz gets her nose in there!! Loved it. You have to watch it. 

Sonny and Jason go to Jordan's they know Cyrus has TJ

Franco is suspicious of Peter 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Don't Touch Ya Face

Stop that Chase!

It was a tough decision on whether or not to get this out today. Mostly because in my area things are pretty bleak and doing a fun blog just seems wrong. I know that we all need levity in times like these however and even though GH was interrupted a lot this week, I have enough to talk about so let's just DO IT!! 

Just think, no masks or gloves required for this... just your coffee or tea and your eyeballs!! 

I'd say eat something but I've been eating ALL THE THINGS and need a break lol 

Friday, March 20, 2020

At Least We are Social Distanced

There's an UPSIDE to not being in the room with me!! LOL
Our town just declared a state of emergency. All salons and stores except a few are closed. My real haircolor is going to come out. 

Anna begging Jason to have empathy for her.. in regards to Peter. Lord no. Stupid convo that goes on and on. 

Spin goes to pick up Georgie and PETER IS HOLDING HER HAND! He's SO CREEPY! They have a beer. Spin hates him and decides to leave. Peter says Maxie and I are getting married. I think Spin threw up in his moucht a bit. 

Maxie saying TightWad and MISER To Jax LOL. He won't give her the raise ...she quits. 

Maxie calls Lucy and it seems like Lucy might be going back on her deal but Maxie cuts her off before she can tell her. 


Valentin and Lucy are meeting. Valentine wants in on Deception. Not sure why. Lucy says no..she really needs Nina and her clout. Oh Maxie going to get screwed LOL ...
Up at Crimson: Maxie is storming out and Lucy comes in. Maxie says: Meet my new boss! Lucy LIES and says "I never said that, I wouldn't risk our partnership Nina"!! Maxie is like WHAT THE HELL! Lucy says Maxie's listening skills are bad! OMG. Maxie storms out. 
Nina is mad at Lucy and breaks off their partnership.
Oh Lucy is going to have to go to Valentin after all. 

Carly is at the Qs to give HER opinion on the Nelle thing. UGH. Mouth of the South~ Sasha and she end up plotting alone. Sasha tells Carly that Willow and Michael should marry. Carly loves the idea and loves Sasha "you're a good person willing to do bad things" Pfffffft! 

Chillow...being Chillow.  I love you..no I love you more.. LOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUU are you mad? How could I be mad at you? 

Lulu and Brook Lynn bickering.  Yada..you're mean...no you are. You're bad..no you are.  They have the best exchange.. REALLY CATTY.. then Lulu sprays her with Champagne.  Brook takes off her earrings. Fists fly. Valentin takes pictures ..Lulu tells him to go to hell and jumps on Brook LOL  Chase comes in. Brook accidently punches him-- he takes her into the station. Lulu doesn't get arrested. 

ANNA GOES home and Willow is there. Ok, this is one of the first times I totally think that is Alex. WOW. She pours a drink an asks Willow if she wants one in a weird voice. WOW. AND..Willow doesn't know Anna that well so she can let down her guard! It would make so much sense. PLEASE be Alex!! 

Lucy goes to Val for the deal. She then calls Maxie with a real job offer. Maxie doesn't know who the investor is though. 

they show Chase and Brook Lynn. CHEMISTRY all OVAH!! 

MONDAY: Oh, looks like Jordan move drugs for Cyrus. She's so stupid. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Daytime Emmys Canceled


Although they use the word: Postponed, insiders say it will not happen this year. I feel badly for those that got noms and..well.. now nothing. 

Just another glitch in the road of COVID-19! Read about it on Soap Central 

Hunkerin' Down

Hey.. hope you are all well in this crazy crazy time.
I won't be posting today. Our agency is shutting down and I have to get all my month end things in and take care of quite a few things. You know I'm a speech pathologist and due to COVID, we can't have any sessions. I have a feeling we may be closed down until September. 

Eden McCoy posting fun pics on Twitter today 

I'm a bit stunned but am hopeful we can get through this without the agency closing all together. GH is a good constant for me and a great distraction but today I just can't type it up. The past few days have been interrupted by pressers all over anyway so..who knows. 

Take care. Be kind. Tip your food delivery people if you can. Get take out from a local place. 
Hang in there! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


SO, I got a news conference for some of GH today-- our UofR medicine on. I get it..but GH is my one solace!! 


I saw Curtis ask Portia about Trina, Jax and Nina talking and these two post-kiss. Hopefully I'll get on soon again. 


So Maxie talks to Lulu about her job. Lulu says go talk to Nina about it. 

Brook Lynn is charging stuff on the company credit card all over town lol 

Jordan and Harmony are in an alley. Jordan has her gun on her..Harmony is going to tell her what they want in exchange for TJ 

Willow and Chase are APPALLED that Sasha thinks Wills should marry Michael! 

Curtis and Portia talk. I guess they had an affair when she and Taggs were together. She doesn't say anything about Trina being his kid tho--Shouldn't Trina's last name be Taggert? Or? Maybe after the divorce they changed it? 

Ok, so my iPad locked up and I can't watch it right now, so I'm done right now. Sorry

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Home Schoolin'

So Carly tells Portia that Dev and Joss are being homeschooled so why doesn't Trina join them? LOL She's not sure. Carly and she proceed to trash Ava for the whole show.

Harmony walks into the garage and Jason and Brando are there. She's really nervous. I thought she knew Brando..but looks like not. I think he might be a Fed? 


Sam goes to Jordan to talk about TJ. She says she knows where his phone is. Jordan says she'll find him. Sam is like, I CAN DO IT! Jordan says, um, you're a felon and Spinelli hacked into his phone AND I'm his mama so...step aside. 

Jordan turns down Curtis for dinner. She's GOTTA WORK!! 
Cam and Joss are at the Corinthos...being mopey. Laura stops by to see Sonny but he's not there. She hugs Cam. Then Trina walks in

Jason talks to Molly and asks her where her Mom got a new car... she's like: Um, she can't afford a good car!! Jason thinks something is up. 

Dr. Neil is in GH... working. Alexis runs into him. Of course she does. They say they don't regret a thing. 

At the Q house: Nelle visits Wiley and Michael wants Chase to come over for another set of eyes. Nelle doesn't like it. She leaves.  Chase and Sasha suggest Michael marry Willow

Nelle goes to the Metro, rubs in Carly's face she saw Wiley. 

Jordan is stopped from leaving her office by Harmony

Tomorrow: Everyone thinks Willow should Marry Michael 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Micro


Well, I've had a hell of a 7 days! . Hope you are all doing well. I'm dealing with a broken laptop and the fact our schools are closed indefinitely...yes, that's right. I'm a therapist and we aren't sure just how that impacts us fully so it's a mad scramble. I'm overwhelmed. The show also didn't grab me this week  and I'm trying to figure out if that's because I'm not liking what's happening (and ergo 'the writing') or it's my stress. I am thrilled Brit is back although I did manage to call her Sasha (or vise versa) a few times already! I'm sure it will keep happening so watch for that!! 

Here's a quick run down:


After a week of being a basic idiot, Jordan finds out from Cyrus that TJ is being held somewhere. For reasons unknown, she's chosen not even to tell Curtis about this. Think she'll go to Sonny? :side-eye: Maybe she'll get killed rescuing him. 


Taggert's memorial? Well... everyone was upset. Sonny came in and did a toast (?) and.. well, Trina got really mad at Curtis. She thinks her dad is dead because of him. But, guess what??? Curtis and her MOM totally know each other and...BIG TIME. You could see it in their faces. We know Trina will be his kid. Just a matter of time before Stella digs out that DNA result. 


Sonny was all over the place-- he was at Taggert's Memorial... Seeing Michael...his Dad--chiropractor (I threw that in there), Brook Lynn... and scared poor Brad into pleading guilty. 

After much ado, Sasha and Michael decided to marry but Diane was all "She's really not the best choice". Wonder who is?? Hmmm. could it be..WILLOW? 


Willow hates Nelle and threw a drink on her. 


Then there's these two. :eyeroll: 


Britt went to stick up for her BFF but ended up sleeping with Julian. 


No one believes Dr. O..not even Franco which I will NOT accept. 


And... HARMONY is working for Cyrus. Why? WHY? Why do we need THIS character working for him?? With alllll the other characters in the world, HARMONY is back? 


Alexis and Dr. Neil had hot zex.... really hot zex. They told us enough times about it! He and she both lied to the board and he's reinstated. BUT CAN THEY KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF EACH OTHER???? (said in a soap opera voice). 

Anyone else notice that Molly was on and..Kristina no where to be found? What is wrong with management over there? ugh. 


Finn and Violet are going 'back home' with Anna 
Brad pleads guilty after Sonny threatens him
Spinelli is the voice of reason right now.
Anna's still clueless

We did have 2 sex scenes this week!
Looks like Curtis is Trina's daddy
Stella's back in town
TJ is being held hostage
Dr. Neil is back working
Brit got her medical license back, visited Brad and did Julian
Nelle is still everyone's enemy No 1 
Chase brought Michael beers to drink
Michael and Chase   Sasha want to get married, but it might not happen

As you heard, GH suspended production until mid-April but they have the shows to keep going until then. No interruptions. Unlike our lives at the moment!!! 

Hope you have a good Sunday and have a lot to keep you occupied! Binge the show "Safe" on Netflix from Harlan Coben. Good one. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Freaky Friday

I hope you and yours are safe. My laptop died which means watching GH live and tweeting blogging live are not doable right now. Not even sure what happened but, damn. NOT THE TIME!!

BREAKING NEWS: GH has suspended production of the show read on Daytime Confidential 

So much is going on the world, I feel like I'm in a soap opera. You know the one: A  mysterious virus comes to town. I work with preschoolers and everything is up in the air just now. NY hasn't closed schools yet but I feel like it's only a matter of time. I get paid by what I bill --so, there goes that. Husband (who works for a medical supply company) is going remote and coming home. Elderly parents, weird information all over, you know the drill. 

I didn't see today's show yet but I DO know Britt and Julian have sex-- well, why not? Right? Random things happening all over!! And HARMONY is helping Cyrus? 

Seriously. Harmony? Ok, whatever. 

Maybe I'm just a crabby pants. 

Oh, funniest thing I've seen this week is the fact the PASTA shelves are empty in our local grocery stores. EVEN THE WEIRD NAMED ONES! All that was left was a few lasagna noodles because no one has time for that.
Expect Olivia! 

Take care. I'll try to get my ish together for Sunday Surgery. I know a lot of you got news briefings all week so I will try to make the recap summary short, sweet and to the point. Minimal snark.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Short and Sweet

Quick Run Down:


Nelle, Sasha and Willow all end up in Charlie's Bar. Willow throws a drink on Nelle.  That scene wasn't as fun as it should have been. 

Britt can't believe Brad plead guilty. He tells her how mean her mom has been to him. He has to go sign that waiver thing in the judges chambers. 

Aunt Stella got home from England... they talk about how depressed Curtis is. 

Jordan gets a pic of TJ while she was talking to Cyrus. He's being held somewhere and looks beat up. She asks what he wants. We never find that out. 

Chase thinks it's a good idea for Michael to marry Brit. 

Ned and Brook Lynn talk about family. She's going to be an 'executive" assistant. She mentions Luke's Club and L&B records 

Jordan goes home. Freaks out... tells Stella she can't stay at her house. 

Britt goes into Charlies' bar and tells Julian she knows he knows about Brad
Michael and Sasha talk about getting married
Jordan never manages to tell Curtis about TJ yet. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


It's Time to boogie, people!! Read the Corintho-Virus below. We need some fun! 

Sonny tells Brad to plead guilty or he'll basically kill him. He says that Michael needs time with his SON--Brad said "he was my son".. Sonny was like YOU HAVE NO SON!

So, Brad goes into the courtroom. Lucas is there too... the judge says 1st degree kidnapping and 1st degree fraud, how do you plead? NOOOOOOOOOO He pleads guilty. Scotty flips out. Lucas' mouth drops. Brad said although he's pleading guilty it was also Nelle's fault for all of this. After the judge tells him he could go away for 40 years and does he understand? She leaves.
Scotty digs into Brad: WHY you doing this???? WHY???

Lucas tells Scotty to stop badgering Brad. They talk. Lucas says don't tell me this was for me! Brad said he wanted Lucas to be happy. Lucas is like: Well, how did that work out?
They talk a bit and have one last hug and it's sad :( 

Neil takes the hot seat at the board meeting. Flashes back to the sex with Alexis, he won't say they had relationships. He wants to tho, he thinks it might be worth it. He doesn't and they board believes them. He gets his license back. The board did say a 3rd party complained. Bet it was Julian. 

Sam and Molly go to Jordan who is with Curtis. Jordan "Well, he texted me".. said with all the inflection of a pancake. OMG I HATE THIS. Molly leaves. Jordan is like, huh..that text might be a bit weird. Not sure. ..whatever. 
Laura comes in. They put Cyrus in solitary. She said they have to find something that's important to him and use it. Jordan is going to go talk to him. It takes her forever but she finally asks him if he has her son. He doesn't say. 

Molly goes to the Coffee Corner and bitches to Sam about TJ. Hes' GHOSTING ME! Sam says: I'm A PI! I'll find him! 

Brook is singing for the old people at Mike's place. He talks about dancing with Adelle and Sonny and meatballs.  Brook brought meat balls. Sonny comes in. Brook is feeding Mike and they are laughing. Sonny is happy to be there. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that the only thing that matters is family. She said you're right. She calls Ned and is going to work at ELQ

Britt asks Brad if he needs a friend whoo hoooooooooooo!!!!!! YEAH!! 

NOTE: Genie looked fabulous today 


We bring you this news briefing as residents are preparing for the Corona Virus. Yes, the name has been changed by producers to better reflect the fact that everything in Port Charles is related to Sonny. 

News from the Forefront: General Hospital 

Epiphany is now guarding the supply closet along with 14  security officers hired from a private firm. No one in or out without a permission slip and 2 forms of ID. 

NO unnecessary visits to ANY Patient at GH at this time. Unless you're Sonny or Carly Corinthos, they are free to wander at will. 

Testing kits seem to have been stolen from the lab; Dr. O and Brad were first suspects but since both are in jail... we need to start back at Square One. 

Scenes from The Metro Court, Charlies Place, Kelly's  and The Floating Rib: 

All closed due to no non-social contact. Ribs available to go; Dev will be delivering all day, every day. Packages will be left at the door. 


The Quartermaine Mansion: 

The Q grounds will hold all quarantined children and babies. Most have been there for months so we know they are safe.  If you have any children to drop off please contact the president of the Q DayCare: Monica Quartermaine. 

Olivia will be making lasagna and ziti, pull around back to pick up your share. One pan per family. Thank you 


All other matters of quarantine are being held at Spoon Island. No one goes in or out without first testing on the launch. People recently on vacation are already sequestered: Nina, Alexis and Dr. Neil Byrnes. Additional Lab Testing will take place in Tunnel 12; site of the lab Griffin was held. 

2020 Nurses Ball: 

Cancelled.  Instead, a live stream of Sonny singing "My Way" will be shown on cable channel 11 for 24 hours. 


Sam McCall will be on special lock-down due to the fact she can't wait to see her love, Jason and may put the entire town at risk. 

Last memo on immunity: 

Those brought back from the dead are immune to the Corintho-Virus which means 75% of PC will remain symptom free. Because of the fiasco with the Toxic Balls however, everyone will be treated the same until we get the all-clear from the CDC. 


Tuesday, March 10, 2020


So, here's hoping today is more exciting than yesterday because I am zzzzzzzzzzzzz already. 


Alexis and Neil had some good zex I gather. By the look on her face she ENJOYED it. Neil wants to tell the board they had sex. Alexis says no, he shouldn't. He said he doesn't know if he wants to wait 2 years for them to be together. 
Sounds like Sam.
Curtis and Laura. He gave blood at GH instead of going to the funeral. She says he should go to the wake at the Rib. He doesn't think so. She finally convinces him to go.

Taggert's memorial. Jordan makes a remarkably devoid of ANY emotion speech. Sonny wants to say something. He says something about Taggs being brave. Jordan talks again. This is the STRANGEST MEMORIAL EVER. Wow. Just..not written well. So, it was about Sonny . Whatever. Ava hugs Trina. Portia gives her the side-eye. 
Curtis comes, and Trina yells at him "what the hell are you doing here"? Oh wow, Portia knows Curtis!! Ergo the whole thing about him really being her Dad is probably true!! Some people guessed that for sure. Trina hates Curtis-and Curtis and Portia are looking at each other like  @@.  Portia and he have more chem than he and the NuJordan EVER had. 

Michael and Sasha. He tells her what Diane said about him marrying. She's like: really? you need that? I don't think so, you are so much better than Nelle! 
Then Sonny comes over. They talk about Nelle. 

Ava and Julian at GH...he's afraid Brad will rat him out today at the hearing. 

Brad is telling Scotty that it's Nelle's entire fault. Scotty is like NO one ELSE HELPED? Then Julian comes in and says he has to talk to Scotty. Scott tells him that Brad hasn't given up any names yet. 

AND SONNY goes to visit Brad!!  Dear LORD. ugh 

Jordan gets another text from TJ. She wants him to call so she can verify his voice. 
Alexis lies to the board
Preview: Sonny tells Brad to plead guilty

Monday, March 9, 2020


AaaaaaaaCHoooo. Only kidding. LOL Although working with the population I do, I'm sure I'll get this thing before most people. :eyeroll: I wash my hands so much they are a mess. 

Neil and Alexis at the hotel bar. zzzzz. Talking about.. New York City lol 

Willow and Chase at Rib zzzzzz. She's MAD AT NELLE.  Continuing to set up the murder mystery, I see. 

Sam and Jason at the Q mansion .. zzzzzz. DIANE sees SAM and gives her a lecture.  STUPID FKING SAM. I hope they take her kids and throw her in jail. 

Finn and Violet STILL at the Metro Court... Finn and Anna zzzzzzzz  Maxie and Peter come along. Tell Anna they should have seen it all along: DR. O being guilty. UGH.  Anna texts Jason to meet her at the Metro. 

Sasha and Nina zzzzzzzz talking about nothing. Seriously. Nothing. 

Willow leaves the bar, tells Chase to wait. Sasha comes in the bar. The sit and chat. 

Jason goes to the Metro and Spin grabs him and says Peter is framing Dr. O.... Anna walks up. She lays out her evidence against Dr. O. Jason doesn't believe it. Spinelli goes in to tell Maxie the Obrect stuff isn't true. She reams him out. 

Willow goes to Nina and wants her to do an expose on Nelle about what a psycho she is. 

I think they are setting it up for Michael to get married to provide a more 'stable' household than Nelle. Yep, Diane said it. Get married. Sasha won't want to. I bet Willow will lol

Neil and Alexis sleep together... 


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Irritation

Cookies Solve Everything! 

So, here I am all mouthy on my last podcast yelling:  "GET YA FRIENDS TO WATCH THIS SHOW" -- and then this week happened. 
 I'm going to try to do my best and not be TOO "NELLE NEGATIVE" but..you know. 
Gonna be hard, people. If you want a glowing review, please read my previous two-three week blogs. If you don't, sit on down. 

I'm having cracked crab because, that's what I feel like. 

NOTE: Although this went up at 8am, I got up at the 'real' time of 7am to get it out there early lol. 

Photo credit: @SoapJenn

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Vinessa Antione Interview-TV Watercooler

Jeevan Brar did a great interview with the former GH actress who's gone on to fame in Canada's TV Show ..... Diggstown (available on CBC and hopefully in the US soon) 
She played Jordan on the soap for years and has some things to say about her time there. Also, she wanted "the wedding'!  What she has to say about POC in the industry is right on the money. 

Link is here:  TV WATERCOOLER 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Make it Stop

Davis Girls! 

Dr. O and Anna. Anna can't be this stupid. GOOD LORD, she'd better be playing us or something. Dr. O is like What you talking about...they banter. ANNA HAS HER ARRESTED for murder and attempted murder! OMG I hate this!

Nina is back from the photo shoot. Finally some designer looking clothes on. She kind of dismisses Maxie with a wave and Maxie has been doing all the work. 

Peter is still at the Metro. Thank GOD Violet and Finn come in. She wants Tea and Scones just like Anna likes!! Gah. Finn sees stupid Peter. I hope he trips his ass. Peter talks to Violet. ugh. 
Maxie walks out of the elevator and is pissed about Nina being mean to her. HEY! She and Peter can have a table and the Metro like where 90% of their scenes are filmed. 
Peter acts all shocked to find out Lesil was arrested. He had a reporter at the courthouse for Nelle's trial and found out. He tells Maxie. 

Robert comes over and sits with Violet and Finn. Cute scenes. Later Anna runs up to tell them about Lesil and the arrest. 

Trina and Cam eat the cookies Ava brought while Portia and Liz talk in the livingroom. Mom was at a conference in Vancouver and feels bad. Liz says, well, I was HERE and Cam got kidnapped. Portia says that's because Marcus never told her what danger they were in. She says after they divorced they agreed she'd move to PC and he'd stay where he was because of the danger in his life. 

OH! Cam: " I wish I could have gotten to know my father"! OMG yes! He says he didn't know him and his Mom won't talk about it.. he says he committed crimes

Molly tries to tell Jordan about TJ..I swear Jordan is chugging Xanax. Jordan is like: SO, what did you say when he asked you to marry him? How's the weather? And she just told her TJ IS POSSIBLY MISSING.
Wow, this is painful . Jordan's level of alert is at zero. Ugh. Stupid scenes. 

Alexis goes to NYC because Diane gave her an extra box ticket to Broadway. It's in a box seat. GUESS who's there next to her? Why, it's NEIL. He bought his ticket that night! HE's in town for his license thing. They sit together. Oh! They also are staying at the same hotel! 

That was.. welp. I'm gonna nap

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Its' a Portia

This week's already on my last nerve... Too much of nothing after a big death Monday. I mean, seriously? The last 2 days have been zzzzzzzzzz. I'm still holding out hope that Taggs is well and living in a safe house. 

Cam having a nightmare.  He remembers talking to Jason. Friz is there to console him. Trina is at the house too. She was asleep upstairs. She finally comes down. They hug and talk about things. Doorbell rings, it's Ava and Nikolas! What? Oh, that's right, Trina works for Ava. Ava hugs her and says her Dad was brave. Talks to her about grief. Awww..nice scene. Then, Trina's mama comes in. Her name is Portia. Ava tries to tell her she wants to help Trina. She says "she's my daughter, not yours' ...oh! Okay then! eesh! Portia says that she knows who Ava associates with ant she doesn't like that her daughter is around that. 

Jordan Curtis and Jason Sonny.  Curtis spills about Jordan putting Cyrus away. She gets angry -says she won't work with Sonny. Curtis says she should. Jordan storms off to go to her office to look at a family photo.

Court: Nelle tells Carly and Michael she WILL get custody of Wiley. Says after the mob activity, Wiley's in danger. She also reminds Michael he too is a Felon LOL!! They yell more. Dr. O comes later after she sees Spinelli to tell Nelle  keep her mouth shut. 


Sam is texting Spinelli to keep an eye on Peter. She meets Molly at the Metro. Molly tells her the details about TJ and says TJ never came home last night. 

In the park, Anna tells Peter that the WSB is looking into Faison's stuff and business. One was called "Lumina" Enterprises. LOL Casey the Alien was from Lumina. There was a wire transfer to the guy that tried to attack Franco ...he's like "Who" OMG he set up DR. O!! Oh Peter you are nasty. 

Dr. O catches Brad spying on Peter and Anna. Spinelli suggests they work together to bring down Peter. Later she finds Nelle at the court house "we have unfinished business" . Nelle tells her she's blaming it all on Brad. Dr. O is impressed. 

Spinelli finds out Dolores the parole lady is calling someone on a burner phone daily

Nelle tells Dr O she'll keep quiet because no one can know about how/where she gave birth
Anna finds Dr. O in the courtroom and tells her she's not getting away with this.
Peter DID set up Lesil to look like the one that gave money to the guy
Molly tells Jordan that TJ is missing

Wednesday, March 4, 2020



Word is Kelly T is coming back recurring as Britt! YEAH!! Can that mean Sasha GOES AWAY? I can't stand her. Britt and AVA getting airtime together? YES PLEASEEEE!!! The cast just keeps getting bigger and bigger tho.


Carly and Nelle in the court room. Blah blah, I hate you blah. Maysoon is back representing Nelle. She was Shiloh's lawyer, remember? Everyone comes in the court room. Robert is there too. Nelle's lawyer wants all charges dropped.  OMG they say that Willow let her in, can't remember anything because of her head injury (that Nelle gave her) but Chase is 

Sonny, Jason and Curtis on the docks.  Curtis feels bad Taggert died on his watch. Jason says not his fault. Curtis says it feels like it is. They ask Curtis what the secrets are between Jordan and Taggert were. Curtis says: BYE. Doesn't talk. 

Brook looking over the contract for the Q shares. She wants to know why the guy wants them NOW after all this time. She tells him no..he says 5 years is a long time. 

Valentin is watching from the bar. Olivia tells him to stop stalking Nina, she's gone on a photo shoot lol 

Mac Daddy comes in and pours a whiskey for Jordan.  He says he has a lead in his death and mentions Curtis. He says he knows he was there and will question him soon. Curtis comes in later. Jordan says she's going to confess and resign. OMG IF ONLY.

So there was a big thing about Willow and being in Wiley's life and she thinks she should now and Chase thinks she doesn't. I think this might be the start of the split for them... Willow will hang at the Qs and Sasha will be over in Italy...

Curtis has a plan 
Valentin got those passports from the PCPD It looks like Nelle asked him out! AHHA he was like GIRL BYE 
Olivia (without knowing what is at stake) tells Brook Lynn to do what' the best for HER. LOL!! 
Nelle is suing for sole custody of Wiley lol 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


So, Real Andrews did a goodbye on Twitter and IG.. but I'M STILL NOT BUYING IT. If he is gone, they are just DUMB. HE totally revialized the entire mobular story...and you know, Jordan lol.

Here's an article on Daytime Confidential and they'd better be lying: Real Andrews says Goodbye. 

Today's Show:

Brook practices in the bathroom..Olivia rolls her eyes. She comes out and Ned tells her she's not dressed for the office. Brook is like: you were serious? I'm creative, I'm not working in an office!! She says maybe there will be a solution soon...

Julian meets Brook's producer on the docks. He puts on his gloves. He has no flannel on lol. Tells the guy to let Brook out of her contract.  Threatens him..

Alexis talks to Val on the terrace of the Metro Court. He tells her he's not giving up the Cassadine name for nothin'.  They gab about stuff. Nothing big. 

Later on the docks, Julian is still being mean and Valentin walks out. 

Michael is exhausted taking care of Wiley and wants to spend more time with him so he's taking a leave of absence and wants Ned to take over. Ned's like SURE! Then calls a general meeting. He tells Olivia he wants to make the change permanent! 

Peter and Maxie, never having anywhere else to go, eat at The Metro. He's going to tell her about Finn/Anna and why Finn's mad at him. He says it comes down to love...like Sam and Jason and Robert and Anna..and ugh, just a bunch of gross stuff LOL  DR O came back from the Swiss Spa and has presents. Thank god, now I can watch. She says she forgives him? NOOO UGH. 

Finn and Violet are at the park skating. Anna comes along. OMG adorable. She misses Anna and tells Finn to go get them tea and hot chocolate so she can talk to Anna. GAH  I take it Violet and he are living at the Metro? Anyway Violet wants to go back to Anna's house. 

Julian tells Brook about Valentin walking up and he said he did all he could. She threatens him again with the Sonny info. He thinks she's bluffing.  He says go ahead and tell because Sonny will kill him if she does. His blood will be on her hands. 

Michael calls Diane. Wants her opinion on Wiley's last name. Quartermain or Corinthos? She says: How about both? Wiley Quartermain Corinthos 

Terrible..and btw, NO follow up on TJ and Molly.  

Wow, todays' show was like a whole other ....TV show. 

Monday, March 2, 2020

A New Month

Welcome to March.. first day of GH broadcast in this 3 month of 2020

Michael and Willow..she's still sad. Still saying she wants out of Wiley's life. yada yada. Boring part of the show. 

CarSon's house Sonny tells Brando that he and Dev should stay there under his protection. He says no, he has a job in Chicago. Sonny says Oh, we'll open a garage here for you! Lol. Brando doesn't think so. 
Sonny gets a call about the shootout from Jason. HE leaves for GH. Because you know, he's IN THE LOOP!! 


Hospital... Everyone is there. Taggs is getting into surgery. Jordan comes in and gets into it with Jordan and man, she's ruining these scenes. I'm saying it. UGH. 
Laura comes to check on things. 

Trina goes in with Epiphany to see her Dad, she holds his hand. He wakes up. Trina leaves as Lucas checks him and then Jordan talks to him before surgery. He talks to Curtis and Jordan. Thanks him for saving Trina. 
Sonny comes in later and they talk about Trina and that they will work together. I liked the scene. Don't come for me. 

MY TV WAS A FOOL TODAY... stopped so many times! UGH 

I SAW on twitter what happened and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY TAGGS is dead. Let's go with he's faking it. Ok? 

Ok? because I can't deal if he really is. NOPE!!  and Jordan resigns? Oh this is a set up. Yep. 

My TV gave up at the end sorry!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Heart Medication

But I've only been back about a min, man!! 

You can tell a good soap if it moves like a wheel.. things go round and click into place. That's what the show was for me this week. A big old grand wheel! Loved it. So, if you're into hearing me praise GH, stick around. If not.. Sorry. I tell 'em like I see 'em. 
Grab you some Ruby's Chili and let's go! Oh, and some Inderal for those palpitations. 

Photos this week thx to @SoapTweetsGH 

Sunday Surgery: Optics

  I'm honestly lighting a candle before diving into this blog today. I was riding a bit high on the soapy Willow/Drew mess and Mac scene...