Thursday, March 5, 2020

Its' a Portia

This week's already on my last nerve... Too much of nothing after a big death Monday. I mean, seriously? The last 2 days have been zzzzzzzzzz. I'm still holding out hope that Taggs is well and living in a safe house. 

Cam having a nightmare.  He remembers talking to Jason. Friz is there to console him. Trina is at the house too. She was asleep upstairs. She finally comes down. They hug and talk about things. Doorbell rings, it's Ava and Nikolas! What? Oh, that's right, Trina works for Ava. Ava hugs her and says her Dad was brave. Talks to her about grief. Awww..nice scene. Then, Trina's mama comes in. Her name is Portia. Ava tries to tell her she wants to help Trina. She says "she's my daughter, not yours' ...oh! Okay then! eesh! Portia says that she knows who Ava associates with ant she doesn't like that her daughter is around that. 

Jordan Curtis and Jason Sonny.  Curtis spills about Jordan putting Cyrus away. She gets angry -says she won't work with Sonny. Curtis says she should. Jordan storms off to go to her office to look at a family photo.

Court: Nelle tells Carly and Michael she WILL get custody of Wiley. Says after the mob activity, Wiley's in danger. She also reminds Michael he too is a Felon LOL!! They yell more. Dr. O comes later after she sees Spinelli to tell Nelle  keep her mouth shut. 


Sam is texting Spinelli to keep an eye on Peter. She meets Molly at the Metro. Molly tells her the details about TJ and says TJ never came home last night. 

In the park, Anna tells Peter that the WSB is looking into Faison's stuff and business. One was called "Lumina" Enterprises. LOL Casey the Alien was from Lumina. There was a wire transfer to the guy that tried to attack Franco ...he's like "Who" OMG he set up DR. O!! Oh Peter you are nasty. 

Dr. O catches Brad spying on Peter and Anna. Spinelli suggests they work together to bring down Peter. Later she finds Nelle at the court house "we have unfinished business" . Nelle tells her she's blaming it all on Brad. Dr. O is impressed. 

Spinelli finds out Dolores the parole lady is calling someone on a burner phone daily

Nelle tells Dr O she'll keep quiet because no one can know about how/where she gave birth
Anna finds Dr. O in the courtroom and tells her she's not getting away with this.
Peter DID set up Lesil to look like the one that gave money to the guy
Molly tells Jordan that TJ is missing


  1. I think TJ is dead, making jordan work with sonny

  2. The Britch is coming back, and Brad was her only friend.

  3. Britt must be coming back to help her mom, too. She KNOWS about the baby switch and her mom's part

    1. It's more likely she'll be supporting Brad. They've been Bffs for years now and her relationship with her mother has been tenuous at best. I don't think she'll stand for Nelle putting it all on Brad. She may give her mother an ultimatum.

  4. Britt might be coming to support Brad, who knows. Haven't watched yet, but, with all of the attacks/shootings lately, wouldn't Molly have notified Jordan immediately if TJ was out all night?

    1. Yeah,I think she'll be supporting Brad. I don't think Molly heard about all the mob stuff so she wouldn't be overly concerned because he's a grown man. I don't think she even knows now about the mob stuff now. But when she found out he didn't show up for his shift at work she figured she should get Jordan involved.

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  6. Rice Plaza:

    Spinny and Dr. O: Spinny! You are slipping!! I can't believe you got caught!!! :) Oh my! Spinny and Dr. O working together? ME LIKEY!!!!! :)

    Anna and Hiney: HINEY YOU ARE SETTING UP MY DR. O?!!?!?! HOW DARE YOU!!!! Anna I can't believe you! I can't believe how dumb you have become! This isn't the Anna I know!!!! COME ON!!!!

    Willow and Michael: Oh boy another scene with them.. They will be having sex in 3....2....1...

    Friz home:

    Cam and Friz: Poor Cam and his nightmares. :( Will he suffer from PTSD?

    Cam and Trina: Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Trina and mama Portia: OH! They look alike! Great casting.

    Ava and Portia: Portia wins the line of the day!

    Portia: Trina is my daughter. She's not yours.

    DOH! Well now we know where Trina gets her no nonsense strong attitude from! :)

    Nik and BobTodd:

    BobTodd: And you really are a selfish son of a bitch.

    YEAH BOBTODD! You tell him! What has happened to you Nik?!

    Nik and Liz: Great scene!!! Nik HAS changed! What the hell?

    Sonny's office:

    Jurtis and Sason: Jordan is digging into her heels!!!! She said no!! No working with Sonny!!! No means no!!!

    Sason: Oh boy!!! Sonny and Jason what are you going to use on Jordan for leverage? Hmmmm?


    Sam and Spinny: Oh come on Sam!!! You are such a child! GROW UP!

    BobTodd and Ava: I'm glad they are friends, and I'm glad he is there for her.


    Carly and Nelle: Carly just give up! Nelle is not going to listen to you.

    Dr. O and Nelle: Mmmmmm. Very interesting. Great scene. Delicious!

    Anna and Dr. O: Oh Anna! Shut up!!!! *facepalm*

    Jordan's office: She is so upset and still has a stank face!! Someone clean her smelly office please!!!!

    Jurtis: Curtis she is just upset because it smells really bad in her office.

    Molly and Jordan: Oh oh!!!! I bet TJ has been kidnapped!!!!

  7. This week has been dull so far. Not even much mention of the dear departed Taggert. Or actually any mention of Trina's mother until this.
    Hiney is still horrid.
    Come on Jordan. Maybe she slept with him and had his child. TJ is probably not dead...yet.
    Dr. O looks beautiful. Glad she's back.

  8. What Trina's mom said to Eva seemed a little harsh and unnecessary. If she dislikes her so much why allow Trina to intern with her? Not at all impressed with "Portia's" introduction to show.

    PLP is awful and must die. Setting up Dr.O and the Anna-bot falling for it hook line and sinker? I need a murder mystery NOW!!!

    I'm worried about TJ, and now of course Stank Face (thanks Sonya!!) will go running to Sonny and Jason for their help. I'm sure they will make her eat a little crow and tell them what Cyrus has on her.

    Will Taggert get a funeral that we actually get to see? I hope so!

    1. "Julie H What Trina's mom said to Eva seemed a little harsh and unnecessary."

      Well, she heard all about Ava, so of course she had to say something! :) She's a mother! :)

      "the Anna-bot"

      Anna-Bot! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! :)

      "and now of course Stank Face (thanks Sonya!!)"

      You're welcome! :)

      "Will Taggert get a funeral that we actually get to see? I hope so!"

      I hope so too! :(

  9. I always FF commercials, but I happened to notice one about cat litter and "Stank Face" during GH right after I read Sonya's comments on Jordan!

    I couldn't quite figure out what Hiney did that got Dr. O's name somewhere that implicates her in something?

    1. Wire transfers to the guy that tried to kill Franco.

    2. "AntJoan says, I always FF commercials, but I happened to notice one about cat litter and "Stank Face" during GH right after I read Sonya's comments on Jordan!"

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're welcome! ROFL!

    3. I saw the Stank Face commercial, too. That's why I stole it from Sonya and hooted when she used it!

    4. Brian, thanks, that's what I thought, but it all happened so fast.

  10. I think Cyrus didn't kidnap TJ - I think he is upset about Molly's denying his proposal and is pouting BUT BUT Jordan will THINK he has been kidnapped.....thoughts?


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