Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Micro


Well, I've had a hell of a 7 days! . Hope you are all doing well. I'm dealing with a broken laptop and the fact our schools are closed indefinitely...yes, that's right. I'm a therapist and we aren't sure just how that impacts us fully so it's a mad scramble. I'm overwhelmed. The show also didn't grab me this week  and I'm trying to figure out if that's because I'm not liking what's happening (and ergo 'the writing') or it's my stress. I am thrilled Brit is back although I did manage to call her Sasha (or vise versa) a few times already! I'm sure it will keep happening so watch for that!! 

Here's a quick run down:


After a week of being a basic idiot, Jordan finds out from Cyrus that TJ is being held somewhere. For reasons unknown, she's chosen not even to tell Curtis about this. Think she'll go to Sonny? :side-eye: Maybe she'll get killed rescuing him. 


Taggert's memorial? Well... everyone was upset. Sonny came in and did a toast (?) and.. well, Trina got really mad at Curtis. She thinks her dad is dead because of him. But, guess what??? Curtis and her MOM totally know each other and...BIG TIME. You could see it in their faces. We know Trina will be his kid. Just a matter of time before Stella digs out that DNA result. 


Sonny was all over the place-- he was at Taggert's Memorial... Seeing Michael...his Dad--chiropractor (I threw that in there), Brook Lynn... and scared poor Brad into pleading guilty. 

After much ado, Sasha and Michael decided to marry but Diane was all "She's really not the best choice". Wonder who is?? Hmmm. could it be..WILLOW? 


Willow hates Nelle and threw a drink on her. 


Then there's these two. :eyeroll: 


Britt went to stick up for her BFF but ended up sleeping with Julian. 


No one believes Dr. O..not even Franco which I will NOT accept. 


And... HARMONY is working for Cyrus. Why? WHY? Why do we need THIS character working for him?? With alllll the other characters in the world, HARMONY is back? 


Alexis and Dr. Neil had hot zex.... really hot zex. They told us enough times about it! He and she both lied to the board and he's reinstated. BUT CAN THEY KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF EACH OTHER???? (said in a soap opera voice). 

Anyone else notice that Molly was on and..Kristina no where to be found? What is wrong with management over there? ugh. 


Finn and Violet are going 'back home' with Anna 
Brad pleads guilty after Sonny threatens him
Spinelli is the voice of reason right now.
Anna's still clueless

We did have 2 sex scenes this week!
Looks like Curtis is Trina's daddy
Stella's back in town
TJ is being held hostage
Dr. Neil is back working
Brit got her medical license back, visited Brad and did Julian
Nelle is still everyone's enemy No 1 
Chase brought Michael beers to drink
Michael and Chase   Sasha want to get married, but it might not happen

As you heard, GH suspended production until mid-April but they have the shows to keep going until then. No interruptions. Unlike our lives at the moment!!! 

Hope you have a good Sunday and have a lot to keep you occupied! Binge the show "Safe" on Netflix from Harlan Coben. Good one. 


  1. Karen, I read somewhere that the actress who plays Kristina is off filming a movie somewhere.

    1. thanks...although putting them on contract could help? LOL

  2. Thanks AntJoan for the info. At least that explains her absence.

  3. It is so strange now to watch any shows, movies, etc., due to how much the world has changed in such a short time. I'm wondering if they're going to incorporate COVID-19 into GH and other shows.

  4. I agree curtis is trina's father. and I think cyrus is TJ's father.

  5. Nelle may be enemy #1 with Jordan coming up close behind as idiot #1.
    This week was more than disappointing. Do the writers want to irritate us viewers or draw us in? The Dr. O thing is just so stupid. Franco....really?
    How long can this awful Cyrus, and I love the actor, story go on? Time for a new police commish. Either someone new or a Scorpio man.
    Hope everyone stays safe. Go outside, weather permitting. Enjoy nature.

  6. Never been a Britt fan. For the first time, I actually feel sorry for Leisl. I think she actually has been trying hard to change (at least since the baby swap). Weird that not ONE person believes her. That is hard to believe.

    1. Well I think her daughter will believe her.

  7. I hope everyone here is well and stays that way!

  8. wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute-
    I think Neil's EX-WIFE is behind turning him in - Julian doesn't have time - I first thought Val - but now I think it is about NEIL!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Now there's a good theory! Of course it would be another new character, lol!

  9. I for 1 was very surprised that Harmony was working for Cyrus, and I actually kind of like it. I totally agree that Franco should have believed Dr. O. I'm really irked about that.

    Thanks for the surgery, an everybody stay healthy!

  10. Today's GH:

    Julian's restaurant bedroom:

    Jritt: Aww Julian asked for her phone number hahaha! Awww she didn't give it to him. I hope they see each other again.

    Sonny and Julian:

    Sonny: I'm never okay with you.

    Oh Sonny! Why can't you just admit you still wuv him?

    Sonny: But if I find out you had anything to do with helping Brad steal my grandson, That's something that I will have to address with you.

    Sonny the mobster shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Love it!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Robert and Anna: Oh please stop Anna!!! Someone shut her up! Someone put a muzzle on her! Robert doesn't believe Hiney is innocent Anna!!!!!

    Nava: Is sadness and pain their foreplay?!

    Nik and Liz: Come on Nik! Help Liz find where her sister is!!!! This is your fault!!!! Fix this!!!! And don't say that she could be dead you jerk!

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Liz: Finchy really really REALLY wants to find RayRay! He says it's for little V, but I really think it's for him! :) He still wuvs her!!!

    BobTodd and Scotty: Wait what? BobTodd needs to borrow money from his father?!!?!? He is worried about his step sons!!!! Oh oh what is going to happen here?

    BobTodd's art room:

    Ava and BobTodd: BobTodd needs to paint Ava so that he can sell it and get money because he needs the money! HUH?!

    Motorcycle garage:

    Sonny, Brando, and Jason: Hmmmm.. Brando works there now? Uh okay.

    Brando and Jason: Brando has always had PTSD. Hmmm new bromance? :)

    Jason: Sonny is my best friend. So is Carly.

    And Sam is what? A piece of liver?

    Carson's kitchen: TRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Carly and Joss: Home schooling time!!! Maybe the Tribbles can tutor Joss.

    Carly: I can hire a tutor. I think thinking one of your current teachers can do it. I mean if you can pick any one of your teachers which one would you choose?


    Dr. O's cell:

    Dr. O and Britch: Britch wins the line of the day.

    Britch: No mom I broke out of jail, and then came to jail.

    ROFL! I'm so glad you are back! :) But wait! You don't believe your mudder when she says she is innocent! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Dr. O and Robert: Robert believes her! YAY! He wants to work with her!!!! YAY! :)

    1. Sonya, thanks for the update, where is everyone else?

    2. "AntJoan says, Sonya, thanks for the update"

      You're welcome!!! :)

      "where is everyone else?"

      I don't know. Maybe they have other things on their mind, like the Corona Virus..

    3. I came in yesterday but no one was here. We lost the last 20 minutes of the show due to news updates but I picked it up later on youtube.

      I just hope they catch Peter out soon.

      And I'm hoping that they don't start anything with Dusty and Joss. He's a good teacher and an honorable man. they don't have to darken everyone's character. (I'm actually hoping he says no to Carly.)

      Liz had a leak at her place and the basement got flooded. Didn't take in exactly what happened because they only repeat boring conversations 20 times. lol Now they have no heat and the place is a mess. I don't know why she doesn't ask Jason. He bought the house, didn't he? And what about insurance?

      Stay safe everyone. Thank heavens social distancing doesn't mean on the internet.

    4. Franco begging for money was odd. Elizabeth is a nurse and was doing fine before him. Just dumb.
      Still happy to have GH and this blog as welcome distractions in these crazy times. I hope you all stay safe. Go for a walk if you can. Look at the trees, listen to the birds.

  11. I thought Nick bought the house for Liz but I could be wrong. I think the writers forgot that he was the only one who used to call her Liz and now he calls her Elizabeth. She should be getting plenty of child support from Jason and she has a good job, too. Franco's request made no sense. As often as I have a problem hearing Sam, no problem with Carly - loud and clear. Anna's looking much better than when she came back after her break. So glad Liesl has airtime and I am glad Britt is back.

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  13. So the furnace went out at Liz'z place. The pipes froze, and water all over in the basement. Scottie is getting them an electrician and plumber. Franco is out of cash due to medical bills, and not selling much art. And I agree, home owners insurance baby!!

    Very disappointed in Britt, but super happy about Robert believing Dr. O. Anna-bot is so beyond desperate that she is pretty unappealing as a character now. Never thought I would type that in a million years!


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