Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Irritation

Cookies Solve Everything! 

So, here I am all mouthy on my last podcast yelling:  "GET YA FRIENDS TO WATCH THIS SHOW" -- and then this week happened. 
 I'm going to try to do my best and not be TOO "NELLE NEGATIVE" know. 
Gonna be hard, people. If you want a glowing review, please read my previous two-three week blogs. If you don't, sit on down. 

I'm having cracked crab because, that's what I feel like. 

NOTE: Although this went up at 8am, I got up at the 'real' time of 7am to get it out there early lol. 

Photo credit: @SoapJenn


I had the best 2 weeks in a long time and was expecting...something at least moderately entertaining. I know it can't be all on 100 all the time. I get it. But--come on can you at least try? I think the aftermath of situations can be just as challenging if not more so than the whole time leading up. I'm saying a ball was dropped a bit here. 


MOURNING OF THE WEEK:  Monday was... Monday.  We had Taggert wakin' up...people come in to see him, then welp. He's dead.  I'm still not buying it because it was such a ..non-event.  He's on...he ignites the show and--he's DEAD? And I didn't get to see him die? IT WAS OFF SCREEN? 
HELL NO. Plus, Sonny the sketchy "I've been dead a million times and can do it again" Corinthos was in talking to him so anything's on.  Reactions were also mixed. He hadn't been back long enough to get into people's heads and hearts. Trina brought the emotion. Cam brought the goods. Jordan? Welllll..then there's Jordan. 


LET DOWN OF THE WEEK:  Ok Jordan YOU SAID YOU WERE RESIGNING...and you don't? are messing up every scene you are in. If it were up to me, you'd be dead on the docks.  There I said it. Thought I'd see some improvement over these months and months but I'm done.  The scenes with Liz and Franco? SO weak. With Molly? Unbearable. Speaking of... 


SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIC-EXPE-ALLA-DOCIOUS DUH OF THE WEEK: Still goes to.. JORDAN! She raked them in didn't she? How'd you like that talk with Molly? Two kids get kidnapped in your town due to Cyrus and.. all you have is: Well, I got some texts from him. Gee, WHIZ. :eyeroll: 


WEEPING WILLOW OF THE WEEK:  OMG. Wiley. What are we gonna do with WHY--LEEE.  I was thinking about that kid and everyone being all "Well, what's he going to think?... everything is changing"!! Meanwhile, Violet who's way older is coping with her mom bailing, living with a man she basically just met who moved out of the only home she really knew in Port Charles. So pick and choose.  I'm already sick of Michael being tired taking care of a kid 24-7 with a house full of staff and of Willow not deciding if she can 'be in his life'. You're NOT that important right now. Sorry, but ya not. We have Chase and Sasha trying to be all "Team Up" while pushing Michael and Willow together. Bye. 


I WILL MURDER YOUR ASS OF THE WEEK:  Fkin' PETER. Way too much airtime for this dude who has taken up WAY to much of my time.  


SET UP OF THE WEEK: SO, Anna suddenly thinks Dr. O set all this up. If she set all this up would she be dumb enough to leave that trail? Um, NO. They are making Anna so desperate to want Peter to be changed she's lost her damn mind. Lesil's in jail, Maxie is believing it  and here's hoping Robert is coming to string that boy up by the you know whats. 


OUR ONLY HOPE OF THE WEEK: Spinelli who might just be on to Peter's ish. Let him be the Luke Skywalker of our Darth Peter. Amen. 


UNDER-WOW'D OF THE WEEK: Yeah.. I got nothin. 


HONEY, I'M HOME OF THE WEEK: Meet Dr. Portia, mama of  Trina. She was off on a medical conference in Vancouver and wasn't here when the mobular went down. She's not happy Ava's all nicey to Trina however, since she knows Ava's connections. She and Liz seem to know each other and chat about her divorce from Taggert and their moving to PC to get away from his "dangerous life".  Good actress, she fit right in and I like her. Even IF she was mean to my Ava!! 


JUSTICE SYSTEM FAIL OF THE WEEK: And yet, I was happy! If only to shut Carly up!! Nelle is off. I love how the judge was all  "ok, charges dropped" with nary an explanation. WHOOPS PCPD Lost that Passport!! (No one took a digital of the evidence? Um.. okay) WHOOPS Willow's word against a chick that's been in jail for the last year. But! You know I'm team Nelle so yeah, I was happy she was out. Happy too that Valentin is the one doing all of this. I think I'll be backing him to crush Michael.  Anyone else think Nelle might be killed? I'm hoping against hope but it would make for a murder-mystery for the ages. 


MY ONE JOY OF THE WEEK:  Cameron! What! Talking about ... Zander? Holy Moly. That's what I've been asking for --and ASKING FOR. Now have him to Google what happened to him at the end of his life.  Oh man, that will change a boy. Yep. I'm here for it too. 


RUNNER UP: I'll have scones and tea, please! 


Taggert died on the operating table.

Jordan protests working with Sonny and Co
TJ might be missing but according to Jordan, might be just off enjoying a burrito. 
Nelle's charges of assault got dropped. No word on her parole being violated
Valentin got her one better by stealing the passports from the PCPD
Anna believes Dr. O is the one behind all the crap Peter really is doing
Violet loves to skate and eat scones
Julian threatened Brook's producer on the docks. 
Nina and Jax... kanoodling in the office 
Maxie feels unappreciated at work
Trina's Mom, Dr. Portia is introduced. She doesn't like Ava hanging around her daughter
Alexis and Neil share a NYC night ...just by chance
Cameron talks about his bio dad, Zander, who he doesn't know went out in "death by cop" 
Ava brought chocolate chip cookies. 
Brook Lynn was told by her producer he wants her ELQ shares. 


That's it! The show just let me down this week in so many ways. When Taggert died (and I don't think he really did) it was just ... meh. The Wiley thing should be about Lucas and not so much about Michael and Willow at this juncture. OR at least balance it out. The set up of Willow and Michael is slapping us in the face. I'm thinking with Britt back, Sasha's going to be out. She'll go to Italy and that will be that. They look way too much alike to be around and let's face it, Britt is a WAYYYY more interesting character. Get this Peter ish over with. I never understood if we were supposed to "like" him and root for him or just plain hate his ass. This character hasn't really worked since day one for me. We shall see what next week brings but please let it flow and be something I really want to see. (Because it IS all about me!!) LOL 

Have a good one. 


  1. Thanks, Karen, for the Sunday Surgery!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. If we are having a mob war characters need to die please

  3. Karen I think Taggert died while still in the ER awaiting surgery, not on the operating table.

  4. Karen, oh, and you left out that Violet is the most talented 2-year-old artist ever!!

  5. TONIGHT Real Andrews is doing a Facebook Live explaining his death, so he must be dead....
    SO SO STUPID - he put spark back in everything............except Jordan........sorry but her character is horrible and she can't act.... I actually think Vinessa is whining about not being about to stay at GH - she booked another SHOW - you can't have everything......
    100 percent agree that Anna has become stupid...........
    100 percent agree that Wiley has NO concept of where he is....
    100 percent agree that Hayden would NEVER not check on her check.
    Sasha - bye bye cause Micheal and Willow WILL Marry ----
    and for the love of all that is good and kind - KILL NELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I still don't know - WHY does Valentin want ELQ stock?
    WHY didn't Martin represent Nelle?
    and finally----very confusing that Valentin told Alexis he was PROUD of his name - is he not INTERESTED in finding out who his father was/ I say Faison.

  6. sorry - mistyped -I mean Hayden would never NOT CHECK on her DAUGHTER....

  7. Thanks Karen. That's how I felt about the week too. And I don't want them forcing Willow and Michael together because they both lpve Wiley. That's so stupid. Willow has a great supportive boyfriend and they are one of the few happy couples on the show. They should leave them alone. We need some sunshine in the gangster ridden world of Port Charles.

    And Jax and Nina are just nauseating to me.Get that lovely man away from her.

    1. I agree with you about jax and nina, nauseating

    2. Agree. Nina is just a witch who is mean to everyone. Why would Jax want to be with her?

  8. Nina is hot, but she is an idiot who does not deserve to run a magazine. And, Di, ITA, LEAVE Willow and Chase together, it is sooo refreshing to see a happy couple in love!

  9. This was a sad week, and I don't mean boo-hoo.
    Someone here, I think mufasa, said earlier in the week that Real was still filming according to his Instagram. And then a big media turnaround with Real saying goodbye etc. He's not dead. Parry Shen did the same thing.
    Hiney is horrible. Why, just because he is LW's man, is he so cemented on the show? His character is hateful and not at all a villain we can love. Bye.
    Perhaps all the cutting and editing they had to do because of all the interruptions, we never did see any V Day stuff, took a toll.
    Someone on FB said they think Trina is Jordan/Cyrus child given to Taggart to raise and keep safe. I'm with that. If not Trina I do think they share a child.
    Personally I think Ryan Chamberlain should escape and do some cleaning up. lol
    Yes to Violet and Cam being the stand outs of the week.

    1. lol I've also had hopes of Ryan escaping and offing Nelle. She thinks she used him but Ryan always has a plan and he is always #1.

      I want Taggart back too. I hope he and Sonny came up with a plan.

      And I FF threw all things peter. You're right. He's not a villain we love to hate. He's a wimpy slease. And TPTB need to know that the ability to make an evil,face doesn't make you a villain.

  10. Great SS! I haven’t even watched past Wednesday and don’t really care to after reading the comments. I get to meet the actor who plays Peter, among others, in 2 weeks, and although it isn’t his fault (maybe a little bit) it will be hard to act like he is a great character. Same with Roger H, who will be there, too. Hope this week is better and I am slo so disappointed in losing Taggert and Anna losing her mind. Finola said she is looking forward once again to a long summer break so what will be her circumstance this time?

  11. I am very saddened by what they did to Anna's character. I didn't like her when she first came on the show because I really liked Holly and Robert. However due to Finola's acting ability and her being a strong kick butt spy she became my favorite character (her and Laura) of all time. Now, I am completely saddened because they have ruined her beyond belief. Writers PLEASE give Anna back her spine.

  12. Oh, forgot to say; thank you Karen for great SS and for all your hard work doing this blog that I have grown to love so much!!!

  13. Great SS Karen! That just about sums it up! Jordan is horrible at being an officer or the law! How on God's green earth are we supposed to believe she helped put Cyrus behind bars? She can't even get a clue about her son! I too believe Taggart is truly dead. Even with all the speculation about why he wouldn't be. Thank you Mufasa for the heads up on his FB interview. Nina & Jax are new and I'm interested so I'll give it a bit more time and see if it heats up. There's really nothing to add about Peter & Anna except it's gotten to the point for me where it's cringeworthy. They should be focusing way more on how this is going to affect Lucas & Wiley not Willow. Let Willow feel,deal & heal from the loss of her son and continue her healthy relationship with drop dead gorgeous Chase!! Lol! Can't wait for Britt because I'm thinking she'll back her Bff Brad and won't be happy about her mutar being involved with throwing him under the bus. Thank you Karen for you compassion & dedication to this blog even when the show bombs. Always enjoy coming here! I love spring but HATE springing forward! Lol! Have a blessed day!

  14. Like Dave said, best Sunday Surgery ever! I seriously couldn't agree more. Peter is just awful and I was just cringing on Friday when Anna was all up in Dr. O's face, and her joy about clearing PLP with Robert and Finn. I bet Finola's summer vacation will be her leaving town after Peter is exposed and she goes to California to stay with Robin. If I'm lucky she'll take Maxie and the Police Commish with her!

    As everyone else has said, thanks so much for this blog, I look forward to it every day!

  15. Love the Sunday surgeries.. look forward to them every week. Thanks for all the hard work putting them together, Karen.
    My only comment is about Peter. It isn't the actor so much that bothers me... it is the charactor. He just doesn't seem to be able to convince me that he is a bad guy OR a good guy. I am not convinced by anything he does. It just seems phony. Same with Jordan. Not sure if it is the fault of the writing, the directing, or the actor's ability, but those two characters do not interest me at all when they are on the screen. As for Taggart.. I agree with all of you. His leaving was a big mistake. I hope that he is still alive, but doubt it.


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