Thursday, March 12, 2020

Short and Sweet

Quick Run Down:


Nelle, Sasha and Willow all end up in Charlie's Bar. Willow throws a drink on Nelle.  That scene wasn't as fun as it should have been. 

Britt can't believe Brad plead guilty. He tells her how mean her mom has been to him. He has to go sign that waiver thing in the judges chambers. 

Aunt Stella got home from England... they talk about how depressed Curtis is. 

Jordan gets a pic of TJ while she was talking to Cyrus. He's being held somewhere and looks beat up. She asks what he wants. We never find that out. 

Chase thinks it's a good idea for Michael to marry Brit. 

Ned and Brook Lynn talk about family. She's going to be an 'executive" assistant. She mentions Luke's Club and L&B records 

Jordan goes home. Freaks out... tells Stella she can't stay at her house. 

Britt goes into Charlies' bar and tells Julian she knows he knows about Brad
Michael and Sasha talk about getting married
Jordan never manages to tell Curtis about TJ yet. 


  1. kd said..."
    Chase thinks it's a good idea for Michael to marry Brit.

    *** I think you mean Sasha.

  2. it's like 'WOW we have lots going on with Taggart and things' and then
    'you know I am tired - let's not write anything important and for sure we won't make Jordan smart'.......I wish WE could give the WRITERS an evaluation to go in their permanent records!!!!!!
    I still think Brando is undercover...........

  3. Haven't watched yet, but Jordan STILL didn't have the police out looking for TJ? HOW could she and Molly have thought even for a second that he chose not to come home or go to work when you have Cyrus on a murderous rampage?

  4. Haven't finished watching yet, but don't understand--Brad is going to jail but they just left him alone in the courtroom and let everyone come to see him?

    1. Yeah yesterday I was wondering why he is left in the courtroom all alone!!!! Very odd.

  5. Courthouse:

    Britch and Brad: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Love love love! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Willow and Nelle: I'm surprised Nelle didn't punch her in the face when Willow threw a drink at her! :)

    Sasha and Nelle: Oh Sasha! Shut up you hypocrite!!!! You told Nina once to get over it, well now it's your turn! GET OVER IT!

    Julian and Nelle: No dessert for you!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Where is V.C.? Nelle and V.C. need to have a scene together!

    Chillow: Love love love!

    Britch and Julian: I saw pictures on facebook that William Devry put up with them together!! Hubba hubba! :) ;)

    Cyrus's meeting place:

    Cyrus and Jordan: Oh my Cyrus DOES have TJ!

    Jordan: Where is he?!!?!

    OH MY! Jordan showed her teeth! :) I'm surprised she didn't growl.

    Jurtis's home:

    Curtis and Stella: STELLA!!!!!!!! :) Yeah Trina is hurting right now and of course she is going to lash out at you. Don't worry Curtis! Trina will heal and then you and your daughter will bond.. :)

    Jurtis and Stella: Jordan is all shaky shaky! Put some Jazz on!! That might relax her.

    Q home:

    Michael and Chase: A bonding moment! :) Love their bromance!

    Brooky and Chase: Love that Chase brought up that beer bottle on his head hahahahha. If Chillow breaks up, (Which I hope they don't) but if they do, I wouldn't mind Brooky and Chase.

    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Central Perk:

    Brooky and Ned: I forgot to mention yesturday, that Brooky changed her mind about working at ELQ, because she realized family is important. Awwwwww! :) Brooky wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: Okay Boomer!

    ROFL! OH MY! YES! Sing together at Karaoke night!!! YES PLEASE! How about every night!!!

  6. I like the 2 young couples, Masha and Chillow, but I fear that TPTB will break them up, as soaps do. I think they think the viewers want this, but, actually, will all of the pain going on on the show (and in the world), we LIKE seeing happy, stable couples (at least I do). So it look like they are setting up for Michael and Willow to be together, and Brook and Chase. I hope I am wrong . . .

  7. I hate to see the couples break up, too, but maybe Sasha will marry Michael. Yay, the Britch is back. Brad shouldn't have to bear the brunt of everything - Nelle was a felon and I am so sick of her smirking around. The judge said something about Brad having visitors but it's odd that there was no guard. Somebody please kill Nelle already. As much as I hate Carly, I would take her over Nelle any day. Love that Chase calls her Janelle.

    1. "Love that Chase calls her Janelle."

      Me too!!!! :)

    2. Me three!! On the second day of Brad's being alone in the courtroom I noticed some kind of guard standing outside the room, then, at the end, he came, cuffed Brad and took him away. But leaving Brad all alone in the courtroom was nuts!!

  8. And Jordan's inaction just leaves me speechless.

    1. Well, she did bare her teeth at Cyrus!! ROFL!

    2. I think she made a deal with Cyrus off-camera, which is why she wants Aunt Stella gone. Of course, her and Molly's waiting 2 days to try to find him is beyond insane!

    3. But it looks like I won't be able to see this, as You-Know-Who (hint, hint: someone who was exposed to the virus but refuses to get tested or self-isolate) will address the nation at 3 NYC time. So I'm hoping those of you who watch at 2 will fill us in!

  9. There was a guard there with Brad, but he was only in the background of one scene.


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