Monday, March 30, 2020


LOTS going on today!! 

Mike is reaching end-stage. He's just laying there. Portia talks to Sonny. He's not using his legs. He's scared of falling. Wheelchair comes with Liz pushing it-- but Mike won't get in. Sonny realizes he can't help him. Cries in Joss' arms.

Jordan has to go to internal affairs to throw her team under the bus. She talks to Jason about what she's going to say. THEN SHE goes to her office and gets out a SECRET PHONE!! "I know I'm not supposed to call you"... I SWEAR IT'S TAGGERT!!!!!!! I think she's asking him if it's ok to do this. 
The internal affairs guy comes in. Sits. Jordan is going to tell him everything.

Trina goes to talk to Ava at the Gallery.  She's trying to talk to her about Cam. She thinks Cam loves Liz, not her. Ava says that she shouldn't be second best. 

Portia and Curtis: She tells him she's sorry she had an affair with him and didn't tell him she was married. She also said that Trina will be so happy and proud to see her Dad's award at the PCPD. She thinks he's a hero (dun dun dun) . Then she tells Curtis that Taggert  told her some of the things he was working on with the DEA-- and Curtis gets antsy knowing what Jordan is going to bring up. 

Sam and Molly in the park (we are "outside" in California now LOL) We have NO leaves until like May here. but ..okay! Weren't they just ice skatin!!? 


Franco and Cam in the park talking about his appointment and tells him he kissed Trina. He likes Trina now!! 

Willow, Carly, Bobby, Michael Sasha waiting for Wiley to get out of surgery. 

OMG!! LIZ goes on the ROOF AND Nelle is under a tarp to keep warm and she's all blue and passed out!!  She wakes up says she was locked out ALL night. Liz wheels her down and she sees Michael. Nelle: "Bitch tried to kill me"!! 
Chase is there, she says arrest Carly. He says why? She tells him what happened . He said, Oh security must have locked you out there. Bobbie says: Anyway, I saw you down here after you talked to Carly.
Nelle: What? 
Bobbie: When you signed the consent forms!
I'm so team Nelle on this. Carly's a damn bitch 
Bobbie goes to find the permission slip-- and it's NOT there! MISSING!!
Monica comes out to give an update. She says he's doing well but will need another procedure in  months to put something in the heart to stim growth. Nelle flips out. Says there is no consent form. Bobbie shredded it!! (we see it in a flashback!)

Monica covers too in a way, is like Oh well, too bad...and she and Bobbie fist bump at the end. 

Nelle calls someone--she's got a plan. Michael says he will do whatever it takes to get custody. Which I think means marrying Willow. 



  1. Thanks, kd.

    Oh I really hope it's Taggert. If not then I hope it's Mac or Robert and she has a way out of this at the end.

    I couldn't believe Sam today telling Molly she has to stay calm after how she blew up at Alexis. And then she arranges to meet Jason again. She'd the last person anyone should ask for advice.

    And I know I should side with Nell but I hate her, and not in the love to hate way. And those two great grandmothers fist bumping at the end made me chuckle. I mean one's a Spencer and one's a Quartermaine. Did we really expect them to just roll over and play dead? You go girls!!

    1. YES same Di! I think it's Taggs on the burner phone! I'll be so happy!!

    2. And those two great grandmothers fist bumping at the end made me chuckle. I mean one's a Spencer and one's a Quartermaine. Did we really expect them to just roll over and play dead? You go girls!!

      Hahahahaha. Hell no! A Spencer and a Quartermaine would NEVER do that!!! They would fight!!! GO GIRLS! :)

  2. No siding with Nelle here. She deserves everything she gets, especially a good gaslighting. Love the granny fistbump.
    It was a really good show. absolutely must be Taggert. Hoping.
    Franco and Cam were a delight to watch. Just a good converse.

    1. Loved the fist bump ❤
      I'm with y'all, can't Nelle, she gets whatever is coming to her. I hope Willow and Michael marry so he can get full custody. Loved the show today! Franco and Cam scenes were great!

  3. maybe Brando is the agent. he needs a storyline

  4. Yup, no leaves in New York until like mid Mayish. Plus, it is too warm to ice skate right now. Too cold for leaves and too warm for ice skating outdoors. Nice try!

  5. would not like to go to GH as a patient. Anyone need a kidney - we can get you one for free. What do you mean you didn't sign a DNR we have it here. Oh it has gone missing - too bad but we pulled the plug on Grandma. - Fist bump...

  6. Karen, I do love you, but I don't agree with giving Nelle any sympathy at all. She is an evil, murderous witch. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

  7. Loved yesterday's show. I was just giggling about the consent form and how they all backed each other up. It was perfect. And before the shredding I just figured that form would show up when Nell's illegal passports made an appearance. HAHAHAHA!! What goes around comes around Nellie.

    Sonny is such a pill. Every single time a health care professional tells him what to do or not to do regarding Mike, he does the exact opposite. He has absolutely no learning curve and it's getting tedious.

    Mumbles just needs to shut the hell up. Didn't Jason look absolutely thrilled to be speaking to her? (sarcasm!) I hope he chews her out today.

    I'm seriously dying to know who Jordan was talking to. I'm with the rest of you, please, please let it be Taggert!

  8. Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Trina: Great scene!!! Ohhh Trina is starting to have feelings for Cam. I don't blame her. Yes Trina! Ava is right, you shouldn't be second best!!!

    The REAL park:

    "Karen says, (we are "outside" in California now LOL) We have NO leaves until like May here. but ..okay! Weren't they just ice skatin!!?"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Must be summer! :)

    Sam and Molly: Oh Sam shut up! You are dead to me! Molly why don't you just go and ask Jason yourself!!! UGH!

    BobTodd and Cam: Great scene!!! Hmmm does Cam have feelings for Joss AND Trina? :)

    Trina and Cam: Ohhh some eye sex there! :)

    Sam on the phone with Jason: UGH!

    The hospital:


    Liz and Nelle: Nelle is playing victim! Hahaha. Where is your phone Nelle? :)

    Inside hospital: Chase and his teeny tiny band aid! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well at least it's not a maxie pad like Jason used to wear. :)

    Carly and the gang with Nelle: Carly vs Nelle = FUN! :) Nelle wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: I want you arrested for fraud, forgery, assault, assault!


    Bobbie and Monica: The fist bump!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bobbie in the flashback reminds me of how Bobbie used to be back in the day.. Oh oh I got nostalgic! Is that what you wanted me to feel new writer?!?!!?! :)

    Mike's hospital room: So sad!!!! :(

    Sonny and Joss:

    Sonny: I shouldn't have touched him.

    Well, you really shouldn't anyway!!! Social distancing!!!!!

    Portia's office:

    Portia and Curtis: Mmmm. She had an affair on Taggart with Curtis. Will they be a couple? I'll call them Portis! :)

    Jordan's office: Hmmmm.. Jordan on the phone.. IT BETTER BE TAGGART!!!!

  9. Does anyone think that maybe Portia is involved in the Cyrus thing? When she said that Tagart had told her part of the story it just sounded like it couldn't be the truth... She thinks he's dead so he can't deny what she said to Curtis. And I am sure that was Tagart on the phone. I will be so disappointed if I am wrong.

  10. hmmm....Nobody watched today's yet?

    1. I did. Definitely was Taggert on phone yesterday.
      At least the Jordan involved story is getting interesting. Mac & Laura on the case.
      Teenage angst is refreshing.

  11. Off topic but good reading. I'm especially happy about how many episodes GH has banked.


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