Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Late But HERE!

Day 18 of lock down. I think... not sure. I DID Shower and do my hair because I'm going to ZOOM tonight with some friends. LOL 


General Hospital... no one is social distancing... which I GET but it's still weird to see, isn't it?? 

Britt and Julian after-glow...and they go for another round.  She talks about her mom and Peter. He says Brad is a bad person. She defends him. "we are kindred spirits... he's my best friend"...They talk some more. Finally he brings up Dr. Byrne's name. She says; DR. BYRNE?? She tells him when she was in NYC she saw them together at the hotel. 

Alexis and Finn post AA meeting. She only has a one day chip now. She tells him she drank because she let her guard down and slept with someone she was trying to protect. AND She'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

Brook and Ned having nosh at The Metro. He tells her not to pay attention to Lulu. Brook Lynn says she gave Lincoln something and now she has her music back. Ned wants to know what it is. She goes to take a phone call. 

Lulu and Dustin walk into The Metro..she glares at Brook Lynn. She makes out with Dustin until Olivia walks up and glares at them. She's basically team Brook. Later Lulu apologizes to brook for the ELQ story.

Jordan is taping her statement with the Internal Affairs guy.

Laura asks Mac what's going on with Jordan and he snaps at her. She's like: Um, I'm the mayor, you have to tell me . After Jordan comes out, the IA guys says that the DOJ has to be called. Both Mac and Laura are saying What is UP!!? to Jordan. She says I'm not telling you..it's about ME. Leaves.
Jordan walks in on Portia and Curtis and tells Jordan the DOJ is going to open an investigation on Taggert. 

Cam and Trina in the park.  They talk about therapy and talking to Franco and Ava. Cam tells her to be careful. She said Joss already warned her and she likes Ava. Trina says she didn't tell Joss about kissing him. 


  1. "Karen says, General Hospital... no one is social distancing... which I GET but it's still weird to see, isn't it??"

    YES! Very weird!!!

    Julian's bedroom:

    Jritt: More of them! YAY!!!! Awww Britch you are not alone. :( You got Julian, and your Motter. OH MY so Britch was the one at the NY hotel who saw Neil and Alexis!!! :) RA RO! Julian is jelly!!

    The hospital:

    Jritt: Britch wins the line of the day.

    Britch: Do some quick elevator meditation.

    ROFL! Um what?!!??! I never heard of elevator meditation! Hahahahaha!

    Alexis and Finchy with a side dish of Neil: Awww great scene with Alexis and Finchy! :) And then Alexis and Neil can't stop thinking about the NYC sex hahaha.

    Julian and Neil: DOH!!!!! Julian is jelly!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu, Dusty, and Olivia:

    Olivia: Anybody care to hear the specials?

    Is breast milk part of the specials Olivia? :) I love how Olivia didn't let Lulu get away with what she did with Brooky and the restaurant. At first I thought Olivia was talking about Dusty at first. It's like geez again? Oh wait no no this is not about Dusty good.

    Ned and Brooky: Tell your father what you did Brooky! He is going to find out anyway!!!

    Lulu, Dusty and Brooky: Brooky what do you want with Dusty? Hmmmmm?

    Police station: MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Jordan. Zzzzzz.

    The REAL park:

    CamRina: Ohhhh they like like each other!!!! :) They aren't going to admit it though. Cam still has feelings for Joss! Cus I mean he didn't want Joss to hear that CamRina kissed!!

    Portia and Curtis: Come on Portia! Tell Curtis that Trina is his daughter!!! :) Oh hi Jordan. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


    Oh Karen! You beat me to it! :) I wonder what they mean by Encore. Are they going to show past episodes from 70's 80's 90's? Probably not.. I wish they would though!

  2. >Jordan walks in on Portia and Curtis and tells Jordan the DOJ is going to open an investigation on Taggert.


  3. Trina is going to flip the hell out over this investigation!! This poor girls world is about to explode! I get that if Taggart is still alive it was done to protect her but now this! And then the possibility of Curtis being her real dad! I know she's a strong girl but good gravy! I'm glad she has Ava,Cam & of course her mom. Jordan was kinda rude to Laura. I'm glad Mac daddy is going to get involved. Nice to see Alexis get her welcome back chip! Love when her and Finn interact. Especially about recovery. Julian needs to calm the hell down! He's just reminding Alexis about how violent he can be! I think Brook may want Dustin to write with her or possibly sing? It's going to break Ned's heart when he finds out what she did. I'm rooting for Carina, I think they'll be much more interesting and compatible than Joss & Cam. It is weird to see everyone not practicing social distance,and I was thinking that at some point the cast might do a public service before,after or during the show? You know, like we hope out viewers are safe or something. Have fun at Zoom Karen! And have a blessed night everyone!

  4. Frisco singing! The right key!


    Damn so many memories! Back then whenever Frisco would sing a song, I had my boombox and taped him singing. Then I would listen to it, and write down the lyrics and memorize it. Damn too bad I don't have the papers anymore. Great scene! Go Frisco!! Get your girl! She still loves you!! Stupid Colton Shore!!! GRRRRR!

  5. Would be fun if they could show some older shows like that for throw back Fridays

  6. Gee, Neil walked into the room and was told about the AA meeting. Folks, these meetings are supposed to be ANONYMOUS! Now he knows that Finn is at the meetings? These meetings would be held somewhere off the beaten path, not at GH, where the participants are on staff, or know everyone there. Crazy! Now it is just another place for Alexis to run into Neil every minute.

  7. kd said..."Day 18 of lock down. I think... not sure. I DID Shower"

    *** Are we allowed to shower now? I thought we were just washing hands? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. Good show, and Cam and Trina are just too cute. I worry about her too, especially when she finds out about the investigation into Taggert. Yowser. Still don't understand Portia's total acceptance of the Corinthi considering the way she treats Ava, but she's starting to grow on me. (like the Tribbles, lol!)

    Julian needs to sit his happy butt down.

    Every show I watch now, (especially all of the NCIS's that I love) I'm constantly noticing the lack of social distancing. Lol! Glad I'm not the only one.

    For Friday's they need to show episodes from the Claire Labine days, and I would love to see all of the old Nurse's Balls. Not the ones from the past 3-4 years. You know, the ones that were good! :)

    1. I can't understand why everyone's automatic acceptance of the Corinthi.

      I love the NCIS's too.

      And I'm at the point in my confinement that I'd even love to see all the old Nurse's balls too. (¬‿¬)

  9. "Julie H says she's starting to grow on me. (like the Tribbles, lol!)"

    ROFL! It hasn't grown on Maurice Bernard yet! Hahahahaha!

    1. Only on his last nerve, Sonya. lol

    2. "Di says, Only on his last nerve, Sonya. lol"

      ROFL! And yours? :)

  10. Things that have been dropped:
    WHO is Valentin's father?
    IS Charlotte Valentin's daughter?
    WHEN is Ellie going to be ON CAMERA and IN TOWN?
    KRISTINA - anyone - is she still filming a movie?

    1. "mufasa says, Things that have been dropped:"

      Well 2 years later and this is hysterical now hahahaha.

      "WHO is Valentin's father?"


      "IS Charlotte Valentin's daughter?"

      YES! ROFL!


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