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Word is Kelly T is coming back recurring as Britt! YEAH!! Can that mean Sasha GOES AWAY? I can't stand her. Britt and AVA getting airtime together? YES PLEASEEEE!!! The cast just keeps getting bigger and bigger tho.


Carly and Nelle in the court room. Blah blah, I hate you blah. Maysoon is back representing Nelle. She was Shiloh's lawyer, remember? Everyone comes in the court room. Robert is there too. Nelle's lawyer wants all charges dropped.  OMG they say that Willow let her in, can't remember anything because of her head injury (that Nelle gave her) but Chase is 

Sonny, Jason and Curtis on the docks.  Curtis feels bad Taggert died on his watch. Jason says not his fault. Curtis says it feels like it is. They ask Curtis what the secrets are between Jordan and Taggert were. Curtis says: BYE. Doesn't talk. 

Brook looking over the contract for the Q shares. She wants to know why the guy wants them NOW after all this time. She tells him no..he says 5 years is a long time. 

Valentin is watching from the bar. Olivia tells him to stop stalking Nina, she's gone on a photo shoot lol 

Mac Daddy comes in and pours a whiskey for Jordan.  He says he has a lead in his death and mentions Curtis. He says he knows he was there and will question him soon. Curtis comes in later. Jordan says she's going to confess and resign. OMG IF ONLY.

So there was a big thing about Willow and being in Wiley's life and she thinks she should now and Chase thinks she doesn't. I think this might be the start of the split for them... Willow will hang at the Qs and Sasha will be over in Italy...

Curtis has a plan 
Valentin got those passports from the PCPD It looks like Nelle asked him out! AHHA he was like GIRL BYE 
Olivia (without knowing what is at stake) tells Brook Lynn to do what' the best for HER. LOL!! 
Nelle is suing for sole custody of Wiley lol 


  1. Didn't Michael have those pasports. he showed them to nelle at the jail.

    Loved the talk between Mac and Sonny and Jason. They need to keep Jordan in her office and send Mac out more often. He's more believable when he's threatening and he definitely has the chops to do the job.

    1. Chase showed them to Nelle at the jail.

    2. Ok. Thanks, AntJoan. I knew someone had.

  2. The Nelle story is ridiculous. Willow was injured and in the hospital. Nelle is on parole. I'm no law maven but this is totally stupid. Unless there is a murder mystery ahead.

    1. I so agree! So very stupid, and not believable at all. Even for a soap. I was very disappointed yesterday for a variety of reasons. It was great to see Mac-Daddy though!

  3. it is time for Nelle to DIE!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!! It is unrealistic that NELLE would be set free!!!!!!!!!! She is on freakin probation.
    Taggart ain't dead.............of course maybe next year I will still be denying it!

    1. I want to see Nelle killed too. There'd be so many suspects they'd never figure it out. The fact that she was freed was beyond stupid.

    2. and it makes me feel like the GH writers think WE believe this crap about the legal system.

    3. What is really sad is that there are people out there who will because if they see it on air, or in a post they think it has to be true.

  4. Wally Kurth has now inked a deal with Days of Our Lives as a contract player. Does that mean that we will now lose him on GH?

    I much prefer him as Ned than Justin.

    1. I hope he does both. It's annoying that they keep bringing back an actress who's convenient and they won't put Wally on contract.

  5. Karen said: "I think this might be the start of the split for them."

    Gee.... Didn't dave say this in his year-end predictions? Yes, why yes, I believe he did....


  6. The writers have given Laura some excellent scenes. I LOVED her in prison with Renault. Now that is the tough Laura I love. She makes a great mayor; hope the writers keep it up

  7. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brooky and stepmommy Olivia: Oh yeah sure! Do what's best for her! Brooky tell Olivia what's going on!!! :)

    Courtroom: Maysoon is back!!! YAY!!!!! :) Forgot her characters name.. Well she won the line of the day!

    Nelle's lawyer: Who bonded with the child while my client languished in jail.


    Carly and Nelle: Oh Carly! Nelle isn't going to listen to you, so what you are saying to her is a waste of time.

    V.C. and Nelle:

    Nelle: How is the single life treating you these days? Maybe we could I don't know have a drink sometime?

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! A date!!! :) I'm all in for ValNelle!

    V.C.: Nelle. Goodbye.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

    The pier:

    Sason and Curtis: Oh Curtis! Don't start acting strange in front of Sason! They are too smart for that!

    Mac and Sason: Mac still hates them hahahahaha! I love it! Love the scene!

    Jordan's office:

    Mac and Jordan: MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh booze! :) Great scene!!!! :)

    Jordan and Curtis: Confess and resign eh? Well she better do it quick, cus she has that, I smell something rancid face again.. Must be her office. Must smell to high heaven.

    The Q home:

    Sasha and Michael: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sasha and Chase: Oh boy! I smell something rancid. And that's Michael and Willow having a fling. Sasha in Italy?!?!?!! But the caronavirus is there!!!!

    Rice plaza: Willow can't handle a cup of hot chocolate on the ground and a little boy!!!

    Chillow: Uh Willow? Why are you still holding onto the cup? Throw it out!!! Oh and use hand sanitizer. The boy could have a cold.

    "Karen says, Word is Kelly T is coming back recurring as Britt! YEAH!! Can that mean Sasha GOES AWAY?"

    I can't wait until the Britch comes back!!!! I hope that means that Sasha goes away! Maybe she dies in Italy!

    "Britt and AVA getting airtime together? YES PLEASEEEE!!!"


    "The cast just keeps getting bigger and bigger tho"

    Meh! We need Britch back!!!!

    1. Who the heck is Sason? lol It's too late for me to even try to decode that tonight...or should I say this morning. lol

    2. "Di says, Who the heck is Sason? lol It's too late for me to even try to decode that tonight...or should I say this morning. lol"

      HAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear you are so tired you don't remember! It's Sonny and Jason!! :)

    3. Make it them Jany. lol Or better yet, Sonny and Jas. haha I wrote that after midnight and it was a long day. I thought maybe it was the son of Faison. ROFL

    4. "Di says, Make it them Jany. lol Or better yet, Sonny and Jas. haha I wrote that after midnight and it was a long day. I thought maybe it was the son of Faison. ROFL"

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA! I love you my friend. :)

    5. Right back at you, my friend.

  8. I never liked Britt, but I'm glad she's coming back. Go figure, lol!
    Not liking the preview of Trina's "mom" telling Ava, that "Trina is my daughter, not yours". I love Trina and Ava together! So back off! :)

    The Nell thing is stupid. She assaulted Willow. In the real world her parole would be revoked. Not even for a soap, can I believe that this story is remotely plausible. Very disappointed in the writers.

    I may be the only one, but I LOVED that Curtis told Sonny and Jason "good talk" and just walked away on the pier. It was so dismissive, and I wish more characters did that!

    1. Me too. It definitely took their power away.

      And that's why I liked Mac talking to them instead of jordan. He spoke with authority. We need him on more doing his job.

  9. I think the writers concocted an excuse to free Nelle so she could be killed off and the whodunnit could begin.

    1. Yes, I also thought they had her freed as a plot point, either to kill her, or, who knows? . . .


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