Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Taking it Easy

Greetings! I'm taking a break today. I just need to stay off the net for a bit. You'd think I'd be able to watch, just tweet and blog without looking at anything else but I know myself too well! 

It's all surreal...and my being laid off with husband working double-cylinder on medical supplies is just exhausting. 

Hope things are good where you are.


  1. Good for you Karen! When you do what you do, you give it 110%! So good for you for knowing when to take care of yourself! Keeping you & your hubs in prayer!

  2. P.S.Tell your hubs thank you for giving his all so people can stay well and get well if need be.

  3. It is a good thing to take a breather from the internet.
    Is Nelle Nina's daughter? Was this once a possibility that was dismissed and is back now?
    Looks like some big things are soon happening. Our late Feb. sweeps.
    Wishing you all safety and good health.

    1. It has been speculated and it looks like it may be. I may be wrong but I think Mufasa was thinking she was. I can't with the whole thing! Curious to see how Jax reacts. He is close to Michael and of course Carly. Should be interesting to say the least. All in all wasn't a bad day. Thank you for the well wishes Zazu! Same to you! Keeping all the Wubbers here in my prayers.

    2. I certainly hope not. I was thinking that, and getting madder by the second, then Nina had that flashback with Willow. Now I think maybe she's going to hire her to get something on her and help Willow and Michael keep Wiley.

    3. It was actually well written. Both scenes coincided with Nina daydreaming and playing with those necklaces. But you have to be right or else Jax is going to have a heart attack! And I don't think Nina would hurt him by hiring Nelle just because she needed an assistant. But I wouldn't put it past Nelle to discover the necklaces and play mind games with Nina. I'm thinking,if anyone,Willow would be her daughter? Especially after Harmony saying "when you came into my life". Weird way of talking about the birth of your daughter. You know instead of "the day you were born".

    4. That's exactly what I thought when Harmony said "when you came into my life." I hope that if anything happens to Harmony she has that 1/2 heart and a letter left for Willow.

    5. "Di says, That's exactly what I thought when Harmony said "when you came into my life." I hope that if anything happens to Harmony she has that 1/2 heart and a letter left for Willow."

      Oh I sure hope so!!!!

    6. Oh yeah! Hopefully she's that insightful! Willow deserves that if she really is her adoptive mom.

    7. I can't remember,did Nina have that half made for Sasha or was it Valentin? I'm thinking him,to make it believable but can't quite remember.

    8. One of my patients, when speaking of her daughter, said "when I got her." I know she had this child when she was in her 40s, but, when she said this, it made me think that maybe her daughter was adopted, but she wasn't. So maybe some people just say things like this without meaning that the child was adopted.

  4. Take care everyone. Can't blame you for taking care of yourself Karen. You (and your husband) do so much for others. Trying times. Be well.

  5. Brooky's jail cell:

    Brooky and Chase: Chase's nose!!! Hahahahahaha. It's a little bandaged! How long will Chase have his nose bandaged? A month? Brooky apologizes. Man she hates Lulu and her hypocrisy!!! I love it! GO BROOKY!!!

    Brooky: I would like to see what she has to say, after my family hits her with a defamation suit.

    SO WOULD I!!!!


    Harmony.com and Willow with a side of Chase: Willow brings up Harmony.com's new car, and Harmony.com gets all nervous!!! Willow is so worried about her. Oh hi Chase. Hmmm Harmony.com is acting like something is going to happen to her. Like she is going to die. Hmmm.

    Harmony.com: What happened to your nose?

    Hahahhaha. I'm glad someone noticed. :)

    Maxie's new office: Her new office looks just like Nina's office! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hysterical!

    Maxie, Lucy, Sasha, and V.C.: Maxie and Sasha find out that V.C. is an investor and they don't like it! Hmmmm I like V.C. with the ladies. Great scene! He fits in with them really well. Hmmm are Lucy and V.C. going to be a couple? I wouldn't be mad at that. I would call them Lucatin!! :)

    Jurtis home:

    Jurtis, Jason, and Sonny: Jordan is so upset! She spills her guts. She is crying and so upset that she shows her teeth! She tells them that her and Taggart set Cyrus up and that's why he is in jail!!! Jordan is going to confess to the cops about what she did to Cyrus, so that TJ can go free!!! The Tribbles can help!!!! They own a gun! They are trained!!!

    Crimson: Nina longing at her half heart necklace again! UGH! Wait she put it back in her box when Nelle left! Why?!!? Oh no! Is Nelle her daughter? UGH! I hope not! I want Willow to be her daughter!

    Nelle and Nina: Nelle wants a job!!! Nina is like no no no! Nelle wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: I have grown up a lot since then.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA No you haven't!!! ROFL! Nina decides to hire Nelle, for Willow. Nina remembers what Willow said.

    Q home:

    Brooky, Ned, Olivia, and Michael: Olivia stands up for Lulu. Ned FIRES Brooky!! Ned has all the guilt feels, and Olivia is comforting Ned.

    Brooky on the phone with slimeball Linc: OH MY! Brooky wants to give him the ELQ shares after all!!!!!!!!!!!! YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKES!

    Oh oh! Michael wants to take Wiley to the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S THE MATTER?!?!!?!?! WHAT'S WRONG?!!?! OH NO!! :(

    1. sonya said:" WHAT'S THE MATTER?!?!!?!?! WHAT'S WRONG?!!?! OH NO!! :("

      *** Wiley accidently opened the door to the large storage room and the horde of hidden children accidently ran him over as they tried to make their escape.

      And I liked Valentin with the girls too. He was actually playful. I think that group will be fun.

  6. I knew she would sell them after Ned decided to fire her. She kept talking about family loyalty and felt he wasn't showing her any. And after all she said about Lulu not caring about family. Now she's doing the same thing she was accusing LuLu of,not caring what the consequences would be for the family. What she's doing will do far more damage than what LuLu did. Ned's not only going to be hit the roof angry, but deeply hurt too!

  7. Good episode yesterday! I was siding with Brook Lynn thru the whole debacle until the very end when she was talking to Linc. I agree with what Gracegirl said above....she'll be doing way more damage than Lulu.

    I was trying to cut some slack to the actress who plays Jordan, but I just can't anymore. Her facial expressions are the worst. I was very surprised that the entire story came though, that was good. And of course Sonny and Jason figured everything out. Bah.

    I like everyone's speculation that Nina is playing Nell. I sure hope so, because if not, Nina can hit the road with PLP. And finally, Valentin is such a slime ball. I'm glad Sasha and Maxie called him on his crap. Lol!

  8. So Jordan, the police commissioner, tells the crime boss and his sidekick that she falsified evidence? She could have told Curtis when they were alone. He might already know, I don't remember, but I think she and Taggert told him.

  9. TRULY after all of this Jordan should be FIRED! what an incompetent PC - she can't solve crimes and she is a disgrace (and not a good actress)…..let ROBERT be the PC - love love him!
    LOVE when Sonny and Jason and Curtis work together.
    Lulu was childish - hate that storyline.

  10. Hi Karen. I have been a long time reader and fan of this blog, but this is my first time commenting. I am sorry to hear about you being laid off. I recall you mentioning you were a speech therapist, and I wanted to let you know that many schools are starting to take advantage of online special educational platforms. I know the workforce will be very uncertain for many people for the next few months, so I wanted to recommend you check out PresenceLearning, a company one of my family members works at.

    Thanks to you and Dave for always writing such great blog posts! Even when the show is bad, I have always been able to come here to get an enjoyable spin on it.

  11. Makes NO sense that BRITT was the only who saw Neil and Alexis, unless it is setting up the reunion of Julian and Alexis. I was looking forward to a good 'ex-wife' from Neil.....disappointing.
    AND SO unhappy IF Nelle is Nina's daughter - whatever happened to Chloe being TIRED of playing Nelle - she went away and I guess she realized she needed the money and came back.


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