Monday, March 9, 2020


AaaaaaaaCHoooo. Only kidding. LOL Although working with the population I do, I'm sure I'll get this thing before most people. :eyeroll: I wash my hands so much they are a mess. 

Neil and Alexis at the hotel bar. zzzzz. Talking about.. New York City lol 

Willow and Chase at Rib zzzzzz. She's MAD AT NELLE.  Continuing to set up the murder mystery, I see. 

Sam and Jason at the Q mansion .. zzzzzz. DIANE sees SAM and gives her a lecture.  STUPID FKING SAM. I hope they take her kids and throw her in jail. 

Finn and Violet STILL at the Metro Court... Finn and Anna zzzzzzzz  Maxie and Peter come along. Tell Anna they should have seen it all along: DR. O being guilty. UGH.  Anna texts Jason to meet her at the Metro. 

Sasha and Nina zzzzzzzz talking about nothing. Seriously. Nothing. 

Willow leaves the bar, tells Chase to wait. Sasha comes in the bar. The sit and chat. 

Jason goes to the Metro and Spin grabs him and says Peter is framing Dr. O.... Anna walks up. She lays out her evidence against Dr. O. Jason doesn't believe it. Spinelli goes in to tell Maxie the Obrect stuff isn't true. She reams him out. 

Willow goes to Nina and wants her to do an expose on Nelle about what a psycho she is. 

I think they are setting it up for Michael to get married to provide a more 'stable' household than Nelle. Yep, Diane said it. Get married. Sasha won't want to. I bet Willow will lol

Neil and Alexis sleep together... 



  1. OMG not on 5 minutes and special report interrupts....🙄🙄 DOW suffers worse day. That couldn't wait 2 hrs??

  2. I KNEW Willow and Michael would marry - goodbye Sasha.
    I think Britt comes back to help her mom - and remember she KNOWS the whole Nelle story.
    I still can't comprehend why all of this Alexis stuff after weeks of not showing her.
    I can only HOPE that Nelle dies.......
    last night Real Andrews did confirm he IS dead as Taggart. SO moving.....he really cares....
    every week we say the same thing - Anna is SO STUPID!!! Jordan is SO STUPID...
    the end.

    1. What??? Willow and Michael???? What di d I miss? All I saw was Diane telling Michael he needs to marry. Why Willow?
      Pretty sure someone was watching Neil and Alexis. Framing Dr stupid, can't believe anyone believes it. I am not her biggest fan and I don't believe it.
      Sam was so stupid...hope she is seriously caught and sent back to prison. I agree I hope Nelle dies.

    2. I didn't see the person watching them but others saw it on Twitter...?? How would that usher lady know them? Hmmmm... Sasha was JUST saying she wasn't ready to be a mother and she's going to Italy so..that leaves Willow who is hungry on revenge for Nelle

    3. "kdmask says, I didn't see the person watching them but others saw it on Twitter...??"

      Wait what?!?! People actually saw the person?!!? How?!!?

  3. another theory - I still think either Stella is Trina's granddaughter or Curtis is the father........Trina blames Curtis = relative in Port Charles that we never find out about.

  4. PLEASE give Anna a brain!!!!!!!!

  5. It seems like the writers were on such a good path and then this. Anna needs to get it together. Don't the writers see how much Peter is disliked. I am beginning to dislike Maxie. Willow must be Nina's daughter, right after Nina was looking at the necklace, Willow appeared. So want to see Franco, Elizabeth, Ava, Nic, Jax etc. Nell is a great actress but her story line is so done.

  6. anna, sam, maxie and alexis, need to find their brains.

  7. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Finchy and Little V: Little V is a fan and loves Mozart!!! Me too!!!! :)

    Anna bot and Jason: Oh make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maxie bot and Spinny: MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maxie bot, Anna bot, Hiney, and Finchy: No no no! Make it stop!!!!!!! Finchy did win the line of the day though.

    Finchy: Obrecht framed me for drug use. She tried to get me run out of the hospital. I can't stand her.


    The floating rib:

    Chillow: I think Willow is just hangry.. Give her a snickers!!!!

    Sasha and Chase:

    Sasha: I'm just not sure I'm ready to be a mother.

    Oh oh. So they are going to break up right? And then she leaves for Italy!

    Q home:


    Michael and Diane: I love angry Michael! :) Oh he has to get married eh? So it won't be with Sasha! Yeah I can see it be Willow a mile away!! Good bye Chillow. :'(


    Nina and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Willow and Nina: Too bad Willow didn't see Nina holding onto her half heart necklace. Then Willow could have said, I have a half heart necklace too!!!

    NYC restaurant:

    Neil and Alexis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Talk about the same damn thing!! The restaurant is pretty!!! Aren't they worried about the Corona virus?

    Alexis's hotel:

    Neil and Alexis: Sex time!!! Aren't they worried about the corona virus? Someone is watching them out in the hallway!!! Is it the woman at the opera????

    1. If Neil loses his license, he can become a life coach, they do a lot of the same stuff that therapists do and you don't need a license.

    2. Loved all the bots and couldn't agree more, lol! They were killing me!

      I wish the Neil/Alexis date had happened months ago. And yup, somebody is spying on them!

      I was pretty bored and frustrated with the show today. Mumbles really needs to end up back in jail, but if Nellie is free I guess she should be, too. Ugh!

    3. "Julie H says, Loved all the bots"

      Hmmm.. Are you saying you like me calling them bots? Or you like them being bots? ROFL!

    4. Hhahahahahah Sonya! I loved both! :)

  8. LW needs to break up with her boy toy, so the writers can get rid if PLP.

    1. No no no! She don't need to break up with him just so we can get rid of Hiney!!!! ROFL!

  9. YES, on Neil and ALexis - even the girl at the opera was WATCHING THEM! Who believes there was an extra ticket and staying at the same hotel? The question is _ WHO is behind it? Maybe it IS someone we know

  10. Alexis and Neil are really cute together. Yeah, someone was watching them. Anna is an idiot, as is Maxie, as are Sam and Jason, but at least he and Spinelli can see through Peter. Willow really needs to see a therapist but it seems she will end up marrying Michael.

  11. Judging from the GH trailer this week will be explosive. We're not seeing that in a good way so far. Could Sam, Maxie and Anna be any more annoying? Nope.
    Can someone please explain why Hiney must stay because in reality he is LW's man? How about his acting abilities are so-so.
    Brad must be redeemed. He should have the pleasure of being responsible for Nelle's end.


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