Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Heart Medication

But I've only been back about a min, man!! 

You can tell a good soap if it moves like a wheel.. things go round and click into place. That's what the show was for me this week. A big old grand wheel! Loved it. So, if you're into hearing me praise GH, stick around. If not.. Sorry. I tell 'em like I see 'em. 
Grab you some Ruby's Chili and let's go! Oh, and some Inderal for those palpitations. 

Photos this week thx to @SoapTweetsGH 


SO much happened this week that writing it all up wouldn't be possible. And for once, the little things did matter. Dialog was on point, characters were moving around the canvas and everything just progressing.  So WATCH IT.  
Things happened in ONE week. Not a month, it was 5 days!!  


GIVE THE GUY A CONTRACT OF THE WEEK: Has Taggert breathed new life into this show? DAMN STRAIGHT he has! Wow-- I forgot how much I liked his character (even when he was being a dick)--and what a good actor Real Andrews is. The mob backstory, the Trina connection. Snappy dialog. More please.  

Caption/Photo tx to  @TheWSB 


PERFECT USE OF HISTORY OF THE WEEK: Taggs and Liz...awww! Damn, gave me all the nostalgia. Then they mention GIA!! Our GIA!! Who is now an immigration lawyer in Texas. Maybe she'll come and save Dev. 


RUNNER UP: Awww..romance for Friz with the Anniversary!! Liz got paints! They remembered her passion for art. I was so happy. He said "It might not be something you want but it's something you need". Yes, your soul needs art if you are a painter! Now, go paint that wind Elizabeth! 


BOSS OF THE WEEK: GIVE IT UP for Laura Webber !! That's right. She had such a great reaction and speech at the ready to tell Sonny what was up. Pulled no punches but knew that Sonny just might be the bad means to a good end. Genie was powerful and the Mob-Office scene that would have normally turned me off was a winner. They are doing this story right in so many ways. 


UBER RIDE OF THE WEEK:  How was this done well? Number one, they only spent a short time in that car.   Number Two: things moved damn fast and believable. Three:  They were adorable taking selfies in the backseat. I thought Cam was being stupid saying he was reporting the guy to Uber but he actually messaged his mom! These two did an incredible job with the acting. I now am rooting for them... because GAH! 


SHOOT OUT OF THE WEEK: What? I liked a shootout? Huh? :looksaround: yes, that's me-- Liking a damn shoot out?? Well, the direction, timing and camera work was just where it needed to be. Now, I have to say get some budget for underscore music and lighting and we will be in prime-time territory BUT! I'm not complaining!! I was engaged, excited and hardly able to tweet and keep track of who was where. People in, in...out.. Taggert down... eek!! 


WEAK LINK OF THE WEEK:  JORDAN. At Liz's house--out of the loop. LOL. Why did Taggs call Curtis instead? Is it because she's a woman? I say NOPE- he just knows Curtis will get the job done and not "follow procedure".  I'm going to say it. I hate doing this but..damn I really REALLY wish Vinessa was still playing her. Can you imagine? 


MOPE ON A ROPE OF THE WEEK:  Are they just trying to make us hate Sam even more? Because.. dear LORD. Her going on and on about not seeing St. Jaysus for TWO YEARS is getting old. You risk your kids not seeing you for 2 years ..Skype him, girl. Stop being such a sad-sack. No one likes a whiner. 


REACTION OF THE WEEK: Yes, Trina puking after her whole ordeal was just so true to life. Open that door girl and hurl! 


IT SHOOK SOAP TWITTER OF THE WEEK: Good Lord, Liz calls Jason and I think Liason trended!! 


DEAL OF THE WEEK:  Julian agrees to help Brook Lynn after she basically says she'll tell Uncle Sonny everything she knows about him helping Brad. What he'll do? Don't know. Scenes with his sister plotting? Everything. See, in the older days, we'd get 3 days of Brook talking to Julian. Now? Ava came-- talked to Jules and Brook went to talk to Nik. Oh, btw, NooK was HOT. (is it NooK?) 


PROPOSAL OF THE WEEK: Oh man.. it finally happens and Molly Dang Davis says NO! Why? She hates weddings, the trappings, the money-- the yada yada of it all. But mostly, she hates what it did to her mother. Which, is understandable. She also talked about being a romantic in her past but now is cynical. TJ didn't take it well as he wants to make the vows, have the children and her wear the ring. He ends up leaving the restaurant to "take a walk". Um, there's a mob-war on, son and your Mama is smack in the middle of it! I have a feeling TJ might be hurt? PS. Why the hell haven't these two been front and center all these years? Oh it makes me so angry!! 


BIGGEST AD FOR SUNSCREEN OF THE WEEK: One thing Becky avoids is the sun. She's always been just white--not even a spray tan. Well.. look her skin. HELLO. She and Katelynn are flawless. Oh, and I liked this scene too. How great not to send Chase again to talk to Willow but send Liz. Unexpected. I was a little afraid Carly was going to wander through, crying about Morgan but nope. 


PROP OF THE WEEK: The ol' "Bullet in the Backpack"!! (pending trademark)  How he got there? Probably Cyrus. How Carly reacted? Priceless! LOL.. A BULLET IN A BACKPACK! HOW DARE YOU! We keep them in that jar in the kitchen marked "spices"!!


WUBSHELL WEEK:  here we go: 

Ava finds out Nik and Liz had an affair; Nik finds out Ava and Franco had one too 
Franco is painting Ava's portrait
Brad talks to Julian in jail..says he'd better hire him a good lawyer or he's telling 
Curtis knows all the backstory about Cyrus now; Jordan and Tagger and team manufactured evidence against Cyrus. If it comes out, they'll go down and he'll get out of jail
TJ proposed to Molly; she said nope
Julian will help Brook Lynn with her producer problem 
Michael took care of Wiley--by HISSELF! 
Jason, Monica and Michael did a selfie with Wiley
Willow's not sure she can see Wiley and stay happy
Sasha wants to go to Italy for Deception
Laura goes to Sonny and says to take care of things, or she will 
Joss and Dev didn't make it to the dance, Carly found a bullet in his backpack
The Backpack Bullet was placed there by Cyrus' people
Alexis is going to represent Lucas in his divorce
Friz has an anniversary. She gets a paint set 
Cam and Trina go to the dance..."AS FRIENDS"!! 
Liz and Taggert talk about his sister Gia. She's an immigration lawyer in Texas now
The Uber-Driver for Trina and Cam turns out to be a Cyrus' goon
They are kidnapped and taken to a warehouse. 
Gunfire ensues.
Liz calls Jason who rushes in to help...Curtis is also there with Taggert.
Gunfire ensues. 

More gunfire. 
Kids are supposedly safe 
Taggert gets hit, passes out. 
Some of the warehouse guys escaped tho and TJ's out there, man!


I hope I got everything.  It was a pleasure this week. Truly was-- and I say that as a long time viewer who watches on the daily to tweet. We are getting a newbie on the show; Brook Kerr of Passions fame. She'll be a doctor and I am thinking Trina's mama.  I'm not even mad there's another new person on. Nope. 

Have you enjoyed the show? It's so much more than 2 people standing around talking to each other.  I can only hope the ratings reflect the changes. 

On to other news, I'm loving Better Call Saul on AMC Wed nights and just finished Victoria on Amazon Prime.  The Stranger on Netfix was great if you like Harlan Coben (his "Safe" was also on that station).  It's still colder than cold here and March can be one heck of a month for snow/ice and cold for us. ugh. 

See ya tomorrow! 


  1. I also loved the show this week but I find it so ridiculous that Sonny is protecting his family and Jordan and Taggert who are cops, aren't being more protective of there children. I think Jordan needs to step down as police commissioner. I wish GH would write for Anna and Jordan better. Make those strong women strong and smart. Otherwise, loved seeing Fritz, Cam and Trina are fabulous, and things are moving so quickly. So glad we didn't see Peter and Anna crying.

  2. I love liason, always have.

  3. Great SS! GH has been on fire! I'm enjoy8Good Girls now that it's back on NBC, found it on Netflix and instantly hooked! Starting Dirty John on Netflix now. This guy he's a real piece of work.. 🙄 Anyways.. can't wait for GH tomorrow 😊❤

  4. Excellent SS, and I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Fantastic week! Watched Victoria on PBS and I was totally in love with the entire series. I'm waiting very impatiently for the next season! 👍


    I am going to find it hard to believe that Trina's mother is a DOCTOR and it better be at Mercy and not GH - all this time and never mentioned and then BOOM she is a DOCTOR? Does Trina have siblings? I LOVE the whole storyline, but just feels out of place - bringing in a DOCTOR mom -
    this week was the best in a long time - except Sam------and let Sasha go - she isn't very appealing and serves no purpose.......
    did I mention _ WHERE IS KRISTINA??????????

    1. Lexi is in Canada making a movie that comes out in June.

  6. Great SS and dailies this week! So happy that GH has turned around.
    Mufasa:I was wondering the same thing...WHERE IS KRISTINA? Gone girl.
    Jason and Sam need to be over. She is not missed in any of this. He is a better character without her.

  7. Great surgery Karen! And thank you for sacrificing your carpal tunnel health to bring it,and your great tweets to us! And I always enjoy reading everyone's take on the show here too.i am really enjoying the show too with the exception of a couple of annoyances which are easy to shrug off because of the rest. I hope Trina & Cam become a couple. I think they'd be better together than Cam & Joss. They may have been good back in the day but Carina would be a good soapy teen couple. JMO!


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