Tuesday, March 10, 2020


So, here's hoping today is more exciting than yesterday because I am zzzzzzzzzzzzz already. 


Alexis and Neil had some good zex I gather. By the look on her face she ENJOYED it. Neil wants to tell the board they had sex. Alexis says no, he shouldn't. He said he doesn't know if he wants to wait 2 years for them to be together. 
Sounds like Sam.
Curtis and Laura. He gave blood at GH instead of going to the funeral. She says he should go to the wake at the Rib. He doesn't think so. She finally convinces him to go.

Taggert's memorial. Jordan makes a remarkably devoid of ANY emotion speech. Sonny wants to say something. He says something about Taggs being brave. Jordan talks again. This is the STRANGEST MEMORIAL EVER. Wow. Just..not written well. So, it was about Sonny . Whatever. Ava hugs Trina. Portia gives her the side-eye. 
Curtis comes, and Trina yells at him "what the hell are you doing here"? Oh wow, Portia knows Curtis!! Ergo the whole thing about him really being her Dad is probably true!! Some people guessed that for sure. Trina hates Curtis-and Curtis and Portia are looking at each other like  @@.  Portia and he have more chem than he and the NuJordan EVER had. 

Michael and Sasha. He tells her what Diane said about him marrying. She's like: really? you need that? I don't think so, you are so much better than Nelle! 
Then Sonny comes over. They talk about Nelle. 

Ava and Julian at GH...he's afraid Brad will rat him out today at the hearing. 

Brad is telling Scotty that it's Nelle's entire fault. Scotty is like NO one ELSE HELPED? Then Julian comes in and says he has to talk to Scotty. Scott tells him that Brad hasn't given up any names yet. 

AND SONNY goes to visit Brad!!  Dear LORD. ugh 

Jordan gets another text from TJ. She wants him to call so she can verify his voice. 
Alexis lies to the board
Preview: Sonny tells Brad to plead guilty


  1. AHA! I KNEW Curtis knew Trina's mother - which is REALLY stupid though that he didn't recognize Trina's last name when he met her.......He WILL be Trina's daughter/thus the hate set-up....and it validates that Trina and Stella have a match in Port Charles. I am gonna like them together - Jordan has NO personality.........THIS should be good.
    now Michael - marry Willow - Sasha go away and let someone kill Nelle.

  2. PLUS Curtis gave BLOOD today - coincidence? I think not -

  3. I haven't finished watching yet, but just have to say: Besides Jordan ONLY Sonny spoke at the memorial? That is SOOOO disrespectful to poor Taggert, lots of people should have spoken.

    And, first Julian walks up to the room where Scotty and Brad are speaking and he hears them through the door, then he speaks REALLY LOUDLY when they are alone about his knowing about Wiley. Didn't he think Scotty maybe could hear?

  4. I really like the new actress playing Portia. Why didn’t they just cast her as Jordan-she is so much better? Y the way, the GH event in VA was postponed until Oct. for obvious reasons.

  5. Sonny was acting like a mobster today! I loved it! :)

    The hospital:

    Curtis and Laura: Curtis gave blood?!!?! Why? :)

    Ava and Julian: Be strong Julian! Be strong!!!!

    NYC hotel:

    NeilLexis: Alexis has got the afterglow. ROFL!

    Neil: I think you just HAD a therapist.

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but Portia won it.

    The meeting: Alexis's nose is growing!

    Q home:

    Michael and Sasha: Well, I'm glad Michael isn't going to marry Sasha. Now let me get back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Michael and Sonny: Mobiuso Sonny!!!! :) Hahahaha.

    Jail waiting area:

    Brad and Scotty: Ohhhh. Scotty is his lawyer?!?!!? I wonder if he will get Brad out!!! :)

    Julian and Brad: Be strong Julian! Be strong!!!! :)

    Sonny and Brad: Mobiuso comes in!!!! :) Get him Sonny! Get him! Hahahaha!

    Taggart memorial:

    "Karen says, Jordan makes a remarkably devoid of ANY emotion speech"

    Stank face Jordan smells something rancid.

    Portia and Ava: Portia wins the line of the day right here!!!

    Portia: How kind of you. Allowing my daughter to mourn her dead father.

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! I love Portia's snarkiness to Queen Ava! Ava can handle it. :)

    Curtis and Trina:

    Trina: What the hell are you doing here?

    Awww Trina! Don't be rude to your bio daddy!!!


    Portia: How long as it been since we have seen each other?

    Ohhhh. 17 18 years?

    Sonny and everyone: Sonny acting all mob boss!!!! I love it so much! :)


    Cam, Joss, and Trina: Awwwww! Great scene!

    Jordan and Portia: They have the same hair! They look like they can be sisters!! Is Jordan jelly over Portia knowing Curtis?

    1. Sonya, I was going to say the same thing--they have the same hair! Also, they both look waay too young to have known Taggert "back in the day."

  6. In the previews, it looks like Sonny is telling Brad to plead guilty. Why wouldn't he want Brad to blame Nelle instead (although that still makes him complicit)? Also, no one has responded to my past comment that if Brad switched the babies as Nelle said, how could she have mistaken a baby a few days old for one that just was born? No one is addressing this on the show, either.

  7. The Memorial was a joke. There was no need for Sonny to be there at all. He sure made the rounds yesterday, sheesh. I also did a serious eye roll when Portia had NO attitude towards Sonny. With his background?? Are you kidding me? Especially after her cracks to Ava? Just spare me from all the Sonny love. (Sonya...Stank Face....hahahahaha! I keep forgetting to use that appropriate name!)

    I did enjoy the teens and Curtis knowing Portia. I know Ava does really care about Trina, but her poking at Portia is just on purpose now. I snickered! :)

  8. AntJoan, things that don’t make sense are pretty normal in this GH world. The whole baby switch scenario was ridiculous as was Nelle’s explanation being accepted. She should be in jail-her crimes far outweighed what Brad did. They really need to recast Jordan-dead weight. And we should have seen Taggert die if he is indeed dead.

    1. Too bad the actress who plays Portia couldn't have been cast as Jordan--too late for that now . . .

  9. Completely disgusted with Sonny being allowed in the Quartermaine Mansion and at Taggert's Memorial. Absolutely unacceptable. WHY do the writers continue to worship Saint Sonny?? WHY??? They have made me despise the character...and I know I'm not alone.

  10. They worship Sonny because they worship MB, their fading "star". Same with LW, which is why we have that ghastly Peter.


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