Wednesday, March 18, 2020


SO, I got a news conference for some of GH today-- our UofR medicine on. I get it..but GH is my one solace!! 


I saw Curtis ask Portia about Trina, Jax and Nina talking and these two post-kiss. Hopefully I'll get on soon again. 


So Maxie talks to Lulu about her job. Lulu says go talk to Nina about it. 

Brook Lynn is charging stuff on the company credit card all over town lol 

Jordan and Harmony are in an alley. Jordan has her gun on her..Harmony is going to tell her what they want in exchange for TJ 

Willow and Chase are APPALLED that Sasha thinks Wills should marry Michael! 

Curtis and Portia talk. I guess they had an affair when she and Taggs were together. She doesn't say anything about Trina being his kid tho--Shouldn't Trina's last name be Taggert? Or? Maybe after the divorce they changed it? 

Ok, so my iPad locked up and I can't watch it right now, so I'm done right now. Sorry


  1. Curtis told Laura, "Porita's real good about keeping secrets" or something like that - clearly indicating SHE left him without any it is SO obvious he is Trina's father - now the irony IS that TAGGART was more of a cop than Curtis -
    still thinking Brando is DEA but Cyrus doesn't know it....HOW can they not have ANY CLUE as to WHO IS Cyrus's family? Especially when Laura said, "We need to figure out what means something to Cyrus." which means family somewhere. I now think Harmony IS being blackmailed - but still thinks she is gonna die.
    The fact that Nina is gonna hire NELLE is preposterous.
    the judge would CLEARLY know that Michael and Willow are only marrying for money.

    1. "mufasa Curtis told Laura, "Porita's real good about keeping secrets" or something like that - clearly indicating SHE left him without any explanation....."

      He said today to Jordan, that he left Portia, because he found out she was married!!!

  2. Like i said before makes more sense for Michael to marry Lucas!

  3. I know that Brook Lynn ia a spoiled brat but who knew that she was such an airhead. And judging by the previews Lulu isn't any better.

  4. Portia told Curtis that Trina is not his daughter. Then he told Jordan. Truth or not.
    Nina hiring Nelle?

  5. Carson home:

    CamRina: A KISS! YAY! :)

    Joss, Cam, and Trina: Hmmmm are they home schooling or just studying? Cus where is the teacher if they are in school?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie and Lulu: Maxie is whining again! Make it stop!!!!! Lulu said facebook!!! She is allowed to say facebook?!!?! :0

    Portia and Trina:

    Trina: Why do you care if I hate him?


    Portia and Curtis: Oh I bet Portia is lying about Curtis not being Trina's father!!!!

    Crimson: I am getting tired of seeing Nina look at the half heart necklace! How long is she going to do that? Another year?

    Maxie and Nina: I'm glad Maxie FINALLY talked to Nina geez!!!!! Nina will fix it! YAY!

    Nax: Oh oh! Jax says no!!!! :( That means Maxie that you will have to quit and take up Lucy's offer!!!

    ELQ offices:

    Ned and Brooky: I like Ned here.. Brooky is an idiot.

    Q home:

    Michael, Sasha, and Chillow: Damn Sasha is so pushy and bossy!!!! It's like she wants Michael and Willow to marry so it's an excuse to dump him!

    Michael and Willow: Willow wins the line of the day.

    Willow: That is so sweet of you to say.

    ROFL! Isn't it though? :)

    Alley way: and Jordan: Too bad didn't have a gun on her, then they could have a stand off.

    Jordan's office:


    Jordan: Thank God.

    Hahahahaha. Too premature Jordan! :) Trina could still be Curtis's!!! :) Then what? :) Will you be in shock? And what would that look like? You having that stank face?


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