Tuesday, March 3, 2020


So, Real Andrews did a goodbye on Twitter and IG.. but I'M STILL NOT BUYING IT. If he is gone, they are just DUMB. HE totally revialized the entire mobular story...and you know, Jordan lol.

Here's an article on Daytime Confidential and they'd better be lying: Real Andrews says Goodbye. 

Today's Show:

Brook practices in the bathroom..Olivia rolls her eyes. She comes out and Ned tells her she's not dressed for the office. Brook is like: you were serious? I'm creative, I'm not working in an office!! She says maybe there will be a solution soon...

Julian meets Brook's producer on the docks. He puts on his gloves. He has no flannel on lol. Tells the guy to let Brook out of her contract.  Threatens him..

Alexis talks to Val on the terrace of the Metro Court. He tells her he's not giving up the Cassadine name for nothin'.  They gab about stuff. Nothing big. 

Later on the docks, Julian is still being mean and Valentin walks out. 

Michael is exhausted taking care of Wiley and wants to spend more time with him so he's taking a leave of absence and wants Ned to take over. Ned's like SURE! Then calls a general meeting. He tells Olivia he wants to make the change permanent! 

Peter and Maxie, never having anywhere else to go, eat at The Metro. He's going to tell her about Finn/Anna and why Finn's mad at him. He says it comes down to love...like Sam and Jason and Robert and Anna..and ugh, just a bunch of gross stuff LOL  DR O came back from the Swiss Spa and has presents. Thank god, now I can watch. She says she forgives him? NOOO UGH. 

Finn and Violet are at the park skating. Anna comes along. OMG adorable. She misses Anna and tells Finn to go get them tea and hot chocolate so she can talk to Anna. GAH  I take it Violet and he are living at the Metro? Anyway Violet wants to go back to Anna's house. 

Julian tells Brook about Valentin walking up and he said he did all he could. She threatens him again with the Sonny info. He thinks she's bluffing.  He says go ahead and tell because Sonny will kill him if she does. His blood will be on her hands. 

Michael calls Diane. Wants her opinion on Wiley's last name. Quartermain or Corinthos? She says: How about both? Wiley Quartermain Corinthos 

Terrible..and btw, NO follow up on TJ and Molly.  

Wow, todays' show was like a whole other ....TV show. 


  1. No way Real Andrews has done all of the social media stuff and is already gone from GH. I wrote well-played on his Instagram feed - it is WAY too soon for actors to say good bye on the day they 'die'............

  2. I agree about today's show. To me it seemed like just a bunch of fillers working in the actors who weren't in the mob storline.

    I'm glad Julian called Brooke's bluff. And I hope when she gets the offer for the ELQ shares she has a flashback to Valentin on the pier and puts 2 and 2 together. (unless she's too self absorbed to take that in.)

    I FF'd through the Maxie/Peter drivel.

  3. The Q mansion:


    Brooky: La la la la la la la la.

    Oh is that all she can sing? ROFL!

    Michael and Ned: Oh my my! This is interesting, but then I'm thinking will Ned stab Michael in the back?

    Nedlia: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Will Michael sue Ned?

    Diane and Michael: Diane! What happened to your hair? Why is it so flat? Did the tribbles give you a haircut? Changing Wiley's last name? What about first name? Wiley's last name should be Quartermaine and Michael's last name too!!!!

    The pier:

    Julian and Linc: GREAT SCENE!!!!! Julian acted like a mob enforcer!!! :) I LOVE IT! Oh just throw Linc in the water!!! :)

    V.C. and Linc: New Brormance? ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie and Hiney: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Maxie, Hiney, and Dr. O: YAY! Dr. O!!!! :) She made their scene better.

    Dr. O: It's true what the little girl with the dog said. There's no place like home.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but Hiney wins it instead.

    Hiney: Oh you actually found your soul?


    Dr. O and Hiney: Yeah she has got to be snowing him.

    Julian and Brooky: Yeah Brooky! If Sonny kills Julian, then what? How are you going to get what you want? Stupid girl! THINK!

    Brooky and Linc: Slimbeball wants shares of ELQ?!?!??! Oh probably for V.C.! Oh my my! Are you going to sign it Brooky? Are you THAT desperate?

    Alexis and V.C.: Yeah V.C. give up your last name. Use your daddy's last name!! WHO IS YOUR DADDY?!?!!!


    Finchy and little V: SHE IS ADORBS!!! She is all bundled up. Cute little coat, and hat, and scarf!!! Awwwww! :)

    1. Sonya, Linc is giving Brook a hard time so that she will sell her shares to him and he will give them to Val, that is the plan.

      Speaking of Val, whatever happened to Valerie Spencer?

      I haven't watched yet, but it sounds like a big let-down not to follow up re Taggert. I thought from yesterday's show that he was a goner, and it sounds like it might be so. He probably wasn't on contract, so just came back to get killed as a MacGuffin.

      On a good note, glad to hear the Dr. O is back!!

      And shouldn't Michael just call his son Jonah?

    2. No....Wiley is almost 2. That's the only name he knows. If he were a baby it'd be different but he's aware of his name. So no, his name can't be changed.

    3. "AntJoan Sonya, Linc is giving Brook a hard time so that she will sell her shares to him and he will give them to Val, that is the plan."

      Oh that's right!!! :) But the question is, will she do it? I think she will! :)

      "Speaking of Val, whatever happened to Valerie Spencer?"

      Great question! I liked the original one.

  4. I think it's maybe 50/50 with Taggart. I can't see what faking his death would accomplish that can't be done w/o him. I know maybe draw out Cyrus, protect Trina and so on but,and I'm sorry, but he should've had someone on Trina before. Same for Jordan. I know they don't have the resources Sonny does but anything or anyone would've been good.I too hope he's not gone but won't be surprised if he really is. He had a pic of his dog Diamond on his Instagram post and she is the cutest! I like that Michael is keeping his name Wiley. It's the name he knows. I'm just not sure how the conversation with a toddler would sound like when you tell him he has a new name?! I'm not sure how I feel about hyphenated last name but let's see how things go with Ms. Benson! What's up with Dr.O? What was ALL that about? Her & Peter!? Serious waste of air time! My heart is breaking for Anna! Somebody please slap her back into reality! Cmon writers! I do like her & Finn together and her & Violet adore each other! Brook Lynn is already inching towards being dispensable. I feel for Michael but agree with Ned about who needs to be running ELQ right now. Anyway, today was pretty boring but the show has been consistently rocking so I'll take it! Hopefully, we'll see a new romance: CaRina! They'd be so great together! I think the SL ship for Joss & Cam has sailed! Trina & Cam have great chemistry and look so cute together!

    1. I know, why are TJ, Trina and everyone else connected to the Cyrus story sashaying around town without protection? After the Sonny shoot-out and everything else, everyone needs bodyguards.

      I am wondering if the Corona virus story will make it into GH. I hope it all goes away soon, but if it becomes a big thing, I wonder if they will integrate it into GH.

    2. Gracegirl, love your line about Brook Lynn inching towards dispensable. Hahahaha, couldn't agree more!

    3. I think TJ is already kidnapped - and the kidnapper answered the text. I think a 3 way between Cam and Trina and Joss is coming - Joss will see how much Cam means to her NOW THAT Cam is in to Trina. I see no purpose for JOss right now if no storyline for her - cause Dev doesn't count....
      also I still think Brando has an agenda and social media made a big deal of Dom returning cause of his cryptic tweet..........I actually hope not - I think once you leave, you leave.

    4. "Mufasa says, social media made a big deal of Dom returning cause of his cryptic tweet.........."

      WHAT?! I didn't see that!!!!

    5. Been running into a lot of #GH fans lately. I see you, and guys are awesome. Just saying.

    6. Mufasa, when I saw TJ's text, I totally thought that the kidnapper was answering the text--and I am NO cop! Wouldn't this at least have crossed Jordan's mind?

      Dom returning--be still my heart, that would be WONDERFUL!

  5. Yesterday was a waste of time. Like others, I also ff'd thru PLP and Maxie. Briefly watched Dr.O and Diane and yelled at my TV to give Anna a brain. Such a rehash of everything we've already heard numerous times. The entire episode could have been saved if Julian had just shoved Linc into the drink. :)


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