Friday, March 6, 2020

Make it Stop

Davis Girls! 

Dr. O and Anna. Anna can't be this stupid. GOOD LORD, she'd better be playing us or something. Dr. O is like What you talking about...they banter. ANNA HAS HER ARRESTED for murder and attempted murder! OMG I hate this!

Nina is back from the photo shoot. Finally some designer looking clothes on. She kind of dismisses Maxie with a wave and Maxie has been doing all the work. 

Peter is still at the Metro. Thank GOD Violet and Finn come in. She wants Tea and Scones just like Anna likes!! Gah. Finn sees stupid Peter. I hope he trips his ass. Peter talks to Violet. ugh. 
Maxie walks out of the elevator and is pissed about Nina being mean to her. HEY! She and Peter can have a table and the Metro like where 90% of their scenes are filmed. 
Peter acts all shocked to find out Lesil was arrested. He had a reporter at the courthouse for Nelle's trial and found out. He tells Maxie. 

Robert comes over and sits with Violet and Finn. Cute scenes. Later Anna runs up to tell them about Lesil and the arrest. 

Trina and Cam eat the cookies Ava brought while Portia and Liz talk in the livingroom. Mom was at a conference in Vancouver and feels bad. Liz says, well, I was HERE and Cam got kidnapped. Portia says that's because Marcus never told her what danger they were in. She says after they divorced they agreed she'd move to PC and he'd stay where he was because of the danger in his life. 

OH! Cam: " I wish I could have gotten to know my father"! OMG yes! He says he didn't know him and his Mom won't talk about it.. he says he committed crimes

Molly tries to tell Jordan about TJ..I swear Jordan is chugging Xanax. Jordan is like: SO, what did you say when he asked you to marry him? How's the weather? And she just told her TJ IS POSSIBLY MISSING.
Wow, this is painful . Jordan's level of alert is at zero. Ugh. Stupid scenes. 

Alexis goes to NYC because Diane gave her an extra box ticket to Broadway. It's in a box seat. GUESS who's there next to her? Why, it's NEIL. He bought his ticket that night! HE's in town for his license thing. They sit together. Oh! They also are staying at the same hotel! 

That was.. welp. I'm gonna nap


  1. Anna used to be my favorite of all time. Now I want to slap her silly. They have ruined her beyond anything, and she is like the scarecrow and needs a freaking brain. I thought at first she was setting up Dr. O to "fish" out Peter. That is not it. I am so so pissed.

  2. The Anna and Jordan stuff sounds CRAZY!! And then Alexis sitting next to Neil and staying at the same hotel, THAT IS BEYOND STUPID CRAZY!!

  3. In the beginning, when Anna was first in denial,I was a little understanding. I got she felt guilty about putting him up for adoption and that might be blinding her. Even with speculation about his being Alex's son, I thought,still her nephew and the evidence was still shaky. But now...It is extremely painful to watch! I seriously can't even look at or listen to her when she's on without cringing! I sooo agree Karen MAKE.IT.STOP!! The only thing that is making this a tiny,tiny,tiny bit bearable is it may be a bit sweeter when Peter is found out! And then there's Jordan! The chief of police who can't get a clue that her son may be dead or kidnapped despite what has been happening and he's gone silent! I guess Molly hasn't heard anything so she gets a pass. The only good things on today were cutie patootie Violet and those big,fat, beautiful scones!! Lol! JMO! Looking forward to SS Karen! Have a blessed night all!!

    1. "The only good things on today were cutie patootie Violet and those big,fat, beautiful scones!! Lol!"

      I know right? Damn they were huge!!!!! That could be her dinner!!!!

    2. I wish they were my dinner!! Lol!!

    3. I don't get Jordan's reaction either. She knows that they used Trina to get to Taggart. Doesn't she think that they would use TJ to get to her? I guess that's the problem.... she doesn't think.

  4. Exactly about Jordan. If I couldn't reach my 20 something son on the phone in over 24 hours or 48 hours I WOULD worry. Jordan should be especially worried due to what is going on. Give her a brain too!

  5. can they write the women any dumber? anna,alexis and jordan. all brainless

  6. OK, I just started watching, but, again, Trina was almost killed, TJ is missing, he is a DOCTOR, he wouldn't miss work, and he certainly wouldn't stay out all night. Wouldn't Jordan think that maybe someone else was texting her on his phone? And Alexis and Neil together at the opera--give me a break!!

  7. Opera house: When Alexis was there, I was thinking is Neil going to be there? OH YUP! Oy!!

    Neil and Alexis: Do they have to keep talking about the same things over and over again? Do they have to act all awkward? I mean this is so boring!! Some parts of it were pretty good when they weren't talking about the same thing. Alexis wins the lines of the day.

    Alexis: We will be spectators in the dark watching a tragic tale of forbidden love. Because I'm a Cassadine, we like blood.


    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Molly:

    Jordan: You and TJ love each other. That's all that matters.

    Uh no Jordan. You're wrong. Sometimes love is not enough. TJ wants more! He has a right to get more!


    Maxie and Nina: At first, I thought Nina was drunk! ROFL! Love Nina's outfit!! WOW that looks great on her!!

    Nax: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So love them together!!!! They fit really well!!!! :)

    Nina: Oh oh the half necklace! Can we see her daughter look at the other half please?! It's time!


    Anna Bot (Thank you Julie H)and Dr. O: OH COME ON!!!! Having Dr. O arrested?!!?!?! Anna Bot what the hell?!!?! Get out of your denial! You are so dumb!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Maxie: Oh Maxie stop whining!!!! Lucy offered you a great position!!! TAKE IT! Oh geez! Hiney pretending to be in shock when he finds out Dr. O was arrested. Maxie!!!! WAKE UP! You know Dr. O wouldn't do that! She would never hurt her best friend BobTodd!!!

    Little V and Finchy: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Adorbs!!! :) Wait, Anna has a bulldog?!?!!

    Little V, Finchy, and Robert: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) I love Robert and little V scenes!!! :)

    Robert, Finchy, and Anna Bot: OY! I doubt Robert and Finchy believe this crap Anna Bot!!!

    Anna Bot: Do you think you want to come home?

    NO!!! Say No Finchy!!!!!

    Friz home:

    Cam and Trina:

    Cam: My biological father died before I was born.. he was pretty messed up and committed a bunch of crimes and stuff. Mom loved him once-- maybe there was some good in there.

    ZANDER!!!! :( Dammit Cam made me cry!!! :( Yes Cam yes there was some good in there!!!! :( He was just a lost soul!!! Zander would have loved you so much!!! :(

    Liz and Portia: Well Portia, you knew Taggart's job before you married him.

    1. sonya said "Nina: Oh oh the half necklace! Can we see her daughter look at the other half please?! It's time!"

      *** I agree. Stop showing it if you have no intention of going anywhere with this storyline.

      And I really want maxie to quit sooner than later and leave nina to realize how little she really knows about this business. She treats maxie like crap.

  8. And MORE CRAZY--WHERE is Hayden? A mother like her would NEVER disappear totally with no contact with her daughter. And, as we know, according to the timeline of the show, Violet should be 1 or 2. OK, so they made her a little older. She is in SCHOOL?? And, did you see her drawings? If she is that good at her age, she will end up being another Rembrandt. . . I thought she would be showing Finn scribbles, he should have been amazed at what he saw!

  9. Omgosh Antjoan,I was thinking the same thing about those drawings!! She draws better than me! They could've tried a little harder to make it look age appropriate. 😁🙄

  10. Where are the incredibly dumb men? As much as the story, writing, and pace has improved, I am disgusted how they make Anna and Jordan SO incompetent, weak and stupid for the past year-plus. I'm grateful that they allow Laura to be strong, but the way they present the other core characters is disrespectful, demeaning and disgraceful.
    Story/Redemption ADVICE--make it that Ana and Liesl are working together to bring Peter down, similar to Nina and Ava. I could respect that.

  11. Yes, the Anna/Liesl thing is horrible. They are making Hiney into a monster, his throwing Liesl under the bus is hurting Maxie and her son, and he doesn't care. However, as he is LW's boyfriend IRL, I doubt they will take him off the show. It would be horrible if Maxie forgives and accepts him after she finds out all that he has done.

  12. Yup. Peter is not going anywhere

  13. Just watched yesterday's show. OMG...I hate this Liesel thing. Anna is a clown. What did they do to her. Maxie loves Liesel but in one second has her convicted.
    Sadly, you are right lindie...Hiney is not going anywhere. Off with his head I say.
    Jordan is also an idiot. La-di-dah...TJ is somewhere out there. No worry.
    Violet is a dream. And why you all don't like Alexis /Neil's unplanned meeting is beyond me. I love fate.

  14. When Anna barged into the courtroom with that scowlly grin she should have said "Here's Anna". Referring to The Shining..."Here's Johnny" as he axed down the door.

  15. I miss Vines as Jordan. And the old TJ too


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