Wednesday, March 11, 2020


It's Time to boogie, people!! Read the Corintho-Virus below. We need some fun! 

Sonny tells Brad to plead guilty or he'll basically kill him. He says that Michael needs time with his SON--Brad said "he was my son".. Sonny was like YOU HAVE NO SON!

So, Brad goes into the courtroom. Lucas is there too... the judge says 1st degree kidnapping and 1st degree fraud, how do you plead? NOOOOOOOOOO He pleads guilty. Scotty flips out. Lucas' mouth drops. Brad said although he's pleading guilty it was also Nelle's fault for all of this. After the judge tells him he could go away for 40 years and does he understand? She leaves.
Scotty digs into Brad: WHY you doing this???? WHY???

Lucas tells Scotty to stop badgering Brad. They talk. Lucas says don't tell me this was for me! Brad said he wanted Lucas to be happy. Lucas is like: Well, how did that work out?
They talk a bit and have one last hug and it's sad :( 

Neil takes the hot seat at the board meeting. Flashes back to the sex with Alexis, he won't say they had relationships. He wants to tho, he thinks it might be worth it. He doesn't and they board believes them. He gets his license back. The board did say a 3rd party complained. Bet it was Julian. 

Sam and Molly go to Jordan who is with Curtis. Jordan "Well, he texted me".. said with all the inflection of a pancake. OMG I HATE THIS. Molly leaves. Jordan is like, huh..that text might be a bit weird. Not sure. ..whatever. 
Laura comes in. They put Cyrus in solitary. She said they have to find something that's important to him and use it. Jordan is going to go talk to him. It takes her forever but she finally asks him if he has her son. He doesn't say. 

Molly goes to the Coffee Corner and bitches to Sam about TJ. Hes' GHOSTING ME! Sam says: I'm A PI! I'll find him! 

Brook is singing for the old people at Mike's place. He talks about dancing with Adelle and Sonny and meatballs.  Brook brought meat balls. Sonny comes in. Brook is feeding Mike and they are laughing. Sonny is happy to be there. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that the only thing that matters is family. She said you're right. She calls Ned and is going to work at ELQ

Britt asks Brad if he needs a friend whoo hoooooooooooo!!!!!! YEAH!! 

NOTE: Genie looked fabulous today 


  1. Haven't watched yet, but, yesterday, Jordan asked her son to leave a voice message so she could hear his voice. Did he ever do this? Of course, even if he did, he could have done it while kidnapped. TJ is a DOCTOR, he would NOT disappear, Jordan and her family are being targeted by Cyrus, WHY isn't everyone alarmed?

  2. I don't think it's Julian behind Neil and Alexis - I think it's Valentin ----
    so Brook Lynn didn't sell her shares to Linc?
    Jordan is the WORST ever- ever - ever!

  3. only jason and sonny can steal kids, such hypocrites.

  4. "said with all the inflection of a pancake" nailed it. Jordan is awful. To write her so calm about TJ kind of missing is ridiculous.
    I hope Britt can help Brad. He does pitiful so well.
    Love the Corinthos-vivus feature! Thanks.

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  6. Courthouse waiting area room:

    Sonny and Brad: GREAT SCENE!!!! I mean Sonny is very angry. I don't blame him. What do you expect Sonny to do? Give Brad a cookie and tell him it's okay you stole my grandson away from Michael? I mean Brad IS guilty! :)

    Courthouse: Brad wins the line of the day.

    Brad: Bradley Cooper your honor.

    ROFL! I think she knows that Brad! Hahahaha!

    Brucas: When Lucas took off his ring and put it on the table, it broke my heart and I was getting emotional! Then that hug!!! I cried!!!! :( Brucas is dead!!!!!!! :'(

    Brad and Julian: Awwww. Julian is safe. :)

    The Britch and Brad: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The Britch is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! YAY!!!! So happy! :) So glad Brad got his BFF with him!!!

    Neil's meeting:

    The board, Neil, and Alexis: Neil's nose is growing!!!! Tisk tisk.. Ah well. Now they can have sex is secret. :) Oh wait I guess not.. Hmmm I wonder who was watching them..

    "Karen says, The board did say a 3rd party complained. Bet it was Julian."

    Hmmm do you think he was the one watching them when Neil was at Alexis's room? Hmmmmm..

    Stank Face Jordan, Curtis, Sam, and Molly: Molly! Stank Face Jordan is too busy with smelling a smelly room than to worry about her own son!!!!

    Stank Face Jordan, Curtis, and Laura: Laura wants Cyrus so bad!!!!! :) Laura do you smell that?

    Central Perk:

    Sam and Molly: Molly goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Is anybody going to worry about the Tribbles?!?!! GEEZ!!!!

    Turning Woods:

    Mike and Brooky: Awwwww! Such a great scene. Brooky is so sweet to Mike!!! Mmmm meataballas!!!!! :) GIMMIE! Brooky don't forget to feed Carson's Tribbles! They love Meataballas too!!!

    Sonny and Brooky: Damn it man! They have got a lot of chemistry. I was waiting for them to kiss!!! The sparks were sparking all over the place!

    Cyrus meeting:

    Cyrus and Stank face Jordan: Cyrus? Medical discoveries?!!?! Did you have TJ kidnapped?!!??! Stank Face Jordan smells you Cyrus!!! You can tell by her face.

    1. Sonya, you KNOW I love my Sonny, but he is past the day when he can have sparks with someone Brook's age, not to mention she is practically his relative. . . I do see the love between them, but it is a family love . . .

    2. "AntJoan says, Sonya, you KNOW I love my Sonny,"

      Hehe yeah. He has still got it. ;) He is still Hottie McHotterson!

      "but he is past the day when he can have sparks with someone Brook's age,"

      Hahahahaha. A character can have chemistry with anybody no matter the age or gender. :) Sonny and Julian have chemistry! The bromance is still alive dammit!!! HAHAHAHAHA! :)

      "not to mention she is practically his relative. . . I do see the love between them, but it is a family love . . ."

      Awwwww! :) Family love! :)

  7. Jordan just ASKS Cyrus if he has TJ? JORDAN TJ COULD BE DEAD, look at all the people Cyrus has tried to kill! Shouldn't you get the police force on this?

  8. Jordan is a total idiot. Her expression doesn't change throughout the whole show. Her character is totally incompetent as a police commissioner. Finally we get to see Lucas after the big reveal. Glad to see Scotty back!

  9. I was weepy with Brad and Lucas and with Mike and Brook Lynn, too. I really like her with Mike.

    Jordan is the worst. I think it's a combo of her acting choices, the writing and the directors. She is just so flat, monotone and stank face. And she seriously cannot solve a crime in PC. It really is pathetic. It's kind of the same with Mumbles. Why-oh-why don't the directors tell her to speak up? Or talk to the sound guys? I just don't get it.


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