Monday, March 23, 2020

Text messages

Jordan still isn't telling Curtis what's going on. Sam comes over.  Asks about TJ. She says nothing. She and Curtis are going out to breakfast. Jordy will stay home. Sam asks if she found TJ while Curtis gets ready. She says no, he was gone. Curtis and Sam leave. Harmony texts her and comes over. Tells her that Cyrus is happy but ..he wants her to do more. Really? Who didn't know that? I guess Stupid Jordan didn't..hasn't watched a mobular movie in forever? Cyrus wants Jordan to get him out of prison. 

Sam and Curtis go to the coffee corner. Curtis asks Sam to back off with the TJ stuff.  She's getting suspicious. 

Curtis comes back home. Confronts Jordan about the Sam/TJ thing. Begs her to tell him if anything is wrong. 

Sonny and Jason can't figure out how Cyrus' drugs got through his territory.. (um see Jordan)/, In record time, the figure out a police person has to have done it.  Jason JUST figured out that TJ/Jordan are the KEY! OF COURSE THEY DO . You know who SHOULD be figuring this out? MAC and Robert..but you know, GH

Ava and Nik having nosh at The Metro... NOT having sex like they should be..bickering. She says he should find Hayden. He says he can't. They decide to spend time with their friends: Franco and Liz, but apart. Trying to get each other to have an affair. 

Peter is at Anna's interrupting a perfectly beautiful morning with Finn and Violet. He leaves. Anna says she wants Violet in the wedding. She says "no thank you, I don't want two mommies".  Finn has a smooshy convo about how big your heart can get. Aww. 

Britt and Franco eating breakfast in Kelly's... Franco isn't convinced that Lesil is guilty. He doesn't understand why she'd jeopardize her relationship with James. She thinks she has big motive. IN WALKS PETER! :hands up: He sits down. Cripes, I JUST got rid of him at Anna's!!!  Franco is pointing the finger at Peter a bit. Peter's like: Sorry, not me bub. Britt sure believes her mama did it. 

AT GH ... Felix is there with Liz, they are worried about how much Lucas is working.  Then Britt comes in. Felix: Britch is back? They can't beliveve she has her medical license back. THEN NIKOLAS WALKS IN! They see each other..he whispers "Britt"... she goes over. HOT HOT.. then slaps him "That's for Spencer".. Nik smiles. 
AVA IS HAPPIER THAN HELL!! LOL GREAT scene! Even Liz gets her nose in there!! Loved it. You have to watch it. 

Sonny and Jason go to Jordan's they know Cyrus has TJ

Franco is suspicious of Peter 


  1. I only watched the first few minutes today so far, but, Karen, I can't believe you didn't mention this: Jason got angry at the Tribbles and got physical with them!

    1. He assaulted those tribbles. It really made me laugh.

    2. I laughed at the look he gave those annoying tribbles.They always get in the way. lol

    3. "Di says, I laughed at the look he gave those annoying tribbles.They always get in the way. lol"

      ROFL! Well they keep growing and growing and growing! Hahahahha!

  2. I don't remember now if it's you or Sonya who always speaks about the Tribbles. . .

    1. Sonya loves her tribbles so I always tease her about them. lol

    2. "AntJoan I don't remember now if it's you or Sonya who always speaks about the Tribbles. . ."

      It's meeeeeee!!!!! ROFL!

      "Di says, Sonya loves her tribbles so I always tease her about them. lol"

      It's hard not to love them! ROFL!

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  4. Oh man! The show was so boring today!!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Finchy and Anna bot: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Finchy and little V: Their scene is adorable!!!!!! Yes!! You tell them little V! You don't want another mommy! Your mommy is enough!!!

    Little V and Hiney: Petewwww!

    Awwww! :) That's adorable! :) And that's all that is adorable folks!!! Hiney GET OUT!!!

    Carson kitchen:

    Jason and Tribbles: ROFL! WHAT IN THE HELL?!!?!?!?! What did the Tribbles ever did to you Jason! You big bully!!!!

    Tribbles: Revenge is best served by 2:00 pm tomorrow.

    Sason: SONNY!! Jason was mean to the Tribbles!!!!!


    Britch and BobTodd: Wait! Why was the Britch eating and BobTodd wasn't? ROFL!

    Britch, BobTodd, and Hiney: Come on BobTodd!!! Play him!!!!!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Queen Ava and Nik: I am getting so sick of this! Nik you know how to get RayRay back!!! SHUT UP!

    The hospital:

    Liz, Felix, and Lucas: Awwww Lucas! :(

    Liz, Felix and Britch: Felix wins the line of the day.

    Felix: Good Lord the Britch is back.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can she stay please?! Please we so need her!!!! And Felix too!!!

    Britch and Nik: I was thinking is she going to kiss him, or slap him? She slapped him! YESSSSSSSSSSS. Oh yeah Britch stand up for our Spencer!!! :)

    Liz and Britch: OH SHUT UP LIZ!!!! Britch is just standing up for Spencer!!! Nobody else is doing that! SIT THE HELL DOWN!
    Jurtis's home:

    Jurtis: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


    Jurtis and Sason: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now we are getting somewhere! GO SONNY! :)

  5. There was no preview today. I hope that is wasn't because they have no new episodes left.

    1. I had heard they have eppies until April 10. After that, then what? I am soooo sad thinking about not having GH for a while . . .

    2. Yeah Pat I was so confused that we didn't have previews!!

    3. Maybe something major happens and they want us to be surprised for a change.

    4. Di That would be so nice for something exciting and suspenseful to happen for once in a long time. And, we get so excited about the show again

    5. Just Ava in the background of a scene, she commands attention.

  6. I wasn't really a fan but I have to admit I like having Britt back. Yeah Sonya, you got the great line of the day! Not liking Nik's hairstyle. I could watch a whole hour of Violet -what a doll! I absolutely cannot stomach Peter - they need to get rid of him.

  7. Violet is adorable and a good actress. IMO Anna and Finn are stiff and unnatural when they are around her. Like they are acting. lol
    Take all the bad things that Brad has done and all the bad things Hiney has done and I would redeem and side with Brad anytime.


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