Monday, February 28, 2022

Fried Macaroni Balls

 If this show goes off with no interruption, I will be AMAZED.

The sun is out today in Rochester which is SO rare right now we don't know what to do. Took Tillie for a LONG LONG WALK. 

Chase is packing up and leaving the Aussie house. He tells Finn Brook is already gone. Chase is sad. They talk about Chase and Brook's kiss. He's not sure how he feels about her but when he starts talking, it's clear he really likes her :) 

Diane and Alexis talk about Harmony. She says not to trust her.  Diane is like well.. she could have manipulated you in spa-jail. Alexis doesn't think so. Harmony comes in and Alexis says BYE Diane. Diane leaves and Alexis wants to know how Willow took the news about the birth certificate and her not being her daughter. Harmony says she couldn't tell her but instead got a fake BC for her. Alexis is like WHAT??????

Shawn runs into Harmony at Charlie's. They like the Macaroni Balls LOL ...or something ? He tells her not to drag Alexis into anything shady. She says she won't. Then Nina comes in and she leaves. TJ and Shawn sit down and Shawn tells him about going to the west coast. 

Liz and Scotty talk about the kids resenting her dating Finn... He says not Aiden but Jake. Then again, Jake is a teen and hates everything. She tells him about the wedding ring thing. He doesn't think Jake would have done that. He says someone is harassing her. Call him if she gets anymore. Then Betsy Franco comes around the corner. Liz called her..and she just happened to be in town.Oh, she was at Franco's grave for the year's anniversary. Liz talks to her about things and that she's seeing someone else and Betsy is like "YEAH, I KNOW"....  (sneer) She's seen pics on social media. Scotty comes back up and yells at her, asks if she's kidnapped any kids lately. Betsy leaves. Liz never asked her if she sent the card. She does show it to Scotty tho and he says Oh, she's suspect number one for sure. 

Carly and Drew show up at Sonny's PH and Nina's there. Nina leaves. Sonny tells her in the hall thank you for being there for him, she's a good friend. Carly and Drew go in, want to talk to Sonny about Jason. Oh, it's actually to tell him Peter is dead. He says he knows, Dante told him. Drew says they should leave. Carly says no..they have to talk. UGH She says Donna is coming over and she wants to see her room and be there when she does. Sonny says that he wants to postpone the visit because his meds are regulating. Carly realizes that Nina knew Sonny was off his meds. She yells about that too. Says Nina tried to tell her just to absolve herself of guilt? Oh geesssh. Then she's mad at Sonny for not telling her LOL. 


Nina and Drew argue about Carly and Sonny.. dumb. 

Sonny looks at the divorce papers. Carly signs hers

When Liz gets home, the picture of her Franco painted (the zexy one) 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Ode To Joy


Well, the real world interrupted GH almost every day this week-- especially for us 2pm/est people. I get it but it still made for a choppy week. 

We all got what we wanted and according to multiple sources, Peter has indeed, left the building. (Wes even posted a photo of him literally, leaving the building). When Anna left Peter alone after he 'died' I was skeptical. And lord knows, it doesn't mean that someday, somehow he won't be back. 

For now, it's champagne and fun. Grab a glass and let's go-go

Friday, February 25, 2022



I haven't watched the rest of Thursday -- I did see a bit on YouTube but I just can't be bothered at the moment. Life is just to stressful at the moment. 

Here's hoping ALL of GH will run today. Oh nope, I saw Dante kiss Sam and... it's the Supreme Court Nom... because of COURSE it's at 2pm. 


And yes there huge things happening in the world but damn it, choose 1pm when GMA3 is on or something. ugh. Sorry. It's just escapism for me and I haven't been able to escape!!


I saw some Canadian tweets and it looks like Shawn is MOVING to the west coast to buy the Banner which is a One Life to Live Paper. Um.. hello--- you CAN WORK REMOTE NOW. Damn it. I like Shawn. Why is he leaving again?!

Well, I guess I'll be catching up to write Sunday Surgery! SEE YA

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Peter Is No More...

 At least that's what I'm hearing! SOD, Finola's IG account all say goodbye to Wes. I'm still shook that Anna left Peter's body alone after he died but for now, I think it's safe to say he won't be around. The scene between he and Finola at the end was actually pretty good. I'm sitting here watching Biden and I don't know if/when GH will be on. I guess I'll just sit here and wait it out. 

So, what else? Oh, yesterday AGAIN proved that Austin and Britt are gold together. Maxie WHO? She should move in with Brook and Chase . Then, Spinelli and she can rekindle. 

Tanisha Harper is the new new Jordan. Here's hoping she's a goodie!! I personally haven't missed the character but?? 

Ok, so it's gone on long enough that I want to wait to watch the show in full tonight on Hulu. I think today everyone is basically getting back to Port Charles. Nina might have a booty call Sonny? LOL.. he was acting like a frat boy. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Can You Even?? I have friends coming in from out of town who are stopping between 1-3. Now I can't say: GH IS ON because I haven't seen them in eons. I mean, I'd sound like a crazy person, right? RIGHT? 

Anyway-- I'll miss whether or not Peter is truly Dead or needs to be shot in the noggin' for it to end. We shall see. I'm so afraid they'll pick him up and take him to "jail" in Switzerland somewhere so he can haunt us again!! 

BTW, forgot to mention: Have YOU noticed the new GH "theme song" in the beginning of the show? WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT? 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 Oh today should be the day! I watched yesterday's show pretty quick on Hulu. SPENCER WAS MAGNIFICENT. Nikolas is just no match for him AT. ALL. I mean, they come off as brothers. The heat wave has to be due to the weather machine, right? Why is Laura still in black wool and everyone else running around sleeveless? LOL Maxie is OUT!! 

Maxie gets rescued by Feliica on the Forest road. They drive away. She tells Maxie how she got there. Oh! A Audi 

Shoot out at the IKEA house. I bet Peter's not even in there, I think it's the caretaker they are shooting at. SUCH fake rocks. LOL Dante and Drew break down the backdoor. 

Sam listens to Victor on the pier when he talks to Johan. She knocks over a bottle with her big boots LOL ..she disappears tho.. 

Laura's assistant is listening to she and Robert talk. Robert tells her Felicia went to Switzerland. 

Joss is pushing Esme's buttons. Being bitchy. She's going to drive Ez and Trina together you wait. 

Carly and Sonny are sitting down to talk about their divorce with their respective (newbie) lawyers. Carly wants NOTHING, not even 1/2 of Sonny's everything but she wants the house. He says no way. 



OH I'M BACK!  Ok, Sonny wants to live as "friends" with Carly for the kids and share the house LOL Carly says NOPE.  Sonny says he'll move into the PH. 

Esme switches phone cases..? Not sure what's happenin..oh she puts Trina's phone looking case on that phone with the sex tape on it. 

Ok, so somehow Maxie is out of the car and Peter has a gun on her. Not sure where Flea is...oh someone on twitter said in an accident. 

Laura thinks Victor had something to do with Luke's death. 

Felicia ends up knocking Peter out on the head and he falls into the snow at the end of some ramp. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

MONDAY: TV Sing-A-Long

It is time for one of Dave's filler blogs so Karen can take a break for the day. Today it is my pick for the greatest TV theme songs of all time. This is the "with lyrics" version. I will do a separate instrumental one in the future. These are my choices, and they are in order. Will you agree? No, you won't. There is just way too many throughout history to narrow it down to a consensus. And there are probably hundreds I never heard of. Take a gander at mine, see if you somewhat agree with them and then in the comments write a few of your own that you would put in your top list. 

PS. If you havent guessed from this blog, I was a child of the 70s-80s

1. Welcome Back, Kotter

2. Greatest American Hero

3. Mary Tyler Moore

4. Golden Girls

5. Cheers

6. Courtship of Eddie's Father

7. Flintstones

8. Sesame Street

9. WKRP in Cincinnati

10. Laverne & Shirley

Honorable Mentions:

The Muppet Show, The Monkees, Banana Splits, Alice




ALSO: HR PuffinStuff, Electric Company and Magilla Gorilla! and, I think David and I just showed our ages!! LOL 

This is the blog for Monday. 
Feel free to make your comments about the show and anything else here.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Bumpy Ride


Oh I was hoping the END OF PETER* would be far more complex and exciting but I guess driving to Switzerland is what we are getting! Ok, they flew (according to Maxie's one line) but still.. just blah. 

Ergo, if you want to bail--you've been warned!!  If you're made of stronger stuff, grab a cup and let's go! 

*yes, this is a hopeful manifestation statement

Friday, February 18, 2022


 Well, Jimmy Fallon is at our local pub today--he's friends with the owner. Singing up a storm! Didn't know it or I'd be there! 


Let's get to it 

Spencer is sad in prison. No AC...and he's BORED!! awwwwwww POOWAH Spencer.  Weather machine mention! ICE PRINCESS MENTION. She leaves. Not sure the reason for those scenes. 

Sam tells Dr. O and Austin that Dante, Drew and Anna went to Switzerland to look for Maxie. Dr O wants to go now too.  I guess they find out about the bug on Victor. Dr. O calls Anna. 

Nik and Ava talking about their re-wedding vows. Victor interrupts them. He says his wedding gift will be Spencer and Nikolas getting together now. Ava's like: I wanted a FABERGE EGG!! Victor is telling them to invite Spencer to the wedding... and Laura comes over.  Yips at Victor. He leaves. Ava manages to get Nikolas to go see Spencer at the Spa Jail. 

Switzerland. Anna, Dante and Drew are at the Swiss-Austria border. AND STUPID FELICIA GOT ON THE PLANE to go there. UGH. She'll mess it up. They mention the note Maxie left in the bathroom and everything that's happened (in detail) so far. Good lord. Dr. O calls Anna about the farm. 

Peter and Maxie get to the farmhouse. What a let-down. it's like every other cabin/lakehouse/whatever in PC. He notices her earrings are gone. She says she threw the other one out. He believes her. Damn, that house is so boring, I don't even see a TV. Zzzzzzz. Oh Peter has a gun. Wow. 

Felicia figures out there they are because of a fake flashback where PETER TELLS her where it is.. So dumb. So she knows the town and is going there. (she's still on the plane so far)

Laura has a plan to figure out what Victor is going to do... but doesn't tell us. 

The guy at the border is a plant from Victor and ...Victor says he can kill Anna and Dante but not Drew. 

Maxie finds a map but Peter finds her first. 


Thursday, February 17, 2022


 What a wet and miserable day here. I'd almost rather have snow! Gross right now lol.. slushy and muddy. Tillie is a mess. 

Feels like a Friday to me. I hope GH feels like a Friday too! The last 2 day were just-- bland. I don't know about you but I really care ZERO about Willow's parentage. Maybe back when she was a teacher and we thought about it--but Now? I DON'T CARE! 

Sasha RECAST for a day-- IT'S ACTUALLY Sofia's sister that's playing her. I couldn't understand why she was blonde!! They talk about the baby and the future. yada yada. 

Felicia is crying over the baby and Maxie. Anna gives her an earring Maxie left with Louise. Then Felicia goes to see Mac. 

Austin is listening into Victor's talking but nothing so far. Then he hears him talking to Sam and Drew on the docks. 

Drew and Sam are on the docks. Victor surprises them. Victor actually activates Drew in front of SAM with the tarot BUT it's the WRONG CARD! ahhahaha. Drew tells Sam to leave-- then he throttles Victor and the bug that Dr O put on his coat drops. Austin and O can't hear anymore. Drew leaves. Victor tells his goonie guard that Drew has the memories that hold the key to all 'of his work'. 

Maxie and Peter are driving out to some farm he bought. He says it's off grid and only on local maps. Maxie stops to pee. Finds lipstick in the trash. She writes a help message on the mirror and leaves her earring.  I thought it was Canadian French they were talking in the rest stop but the subtitles said GERMAN? I guess they flew out? Um. ok.

OH!! Lady saw the message in the mirror Maxie left and called Anna!! She left her earring too!! And they are in Switzerland, btw. Anna goes to see Mac along with Sam and Drew. They want to go find her. 

Liz gets a card at GH from someone that says "Thinking of you both today" --B ..did she send it to herself?? Or is it Betsy Franco? 



Victor says there's a long-buried Cassadine secret

Felicia is going to go anyway I'm going to bet..her face is all @@

Drew tells Anna to shoot him if Peter activates his mind. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022


It's HUMP DAY. I wonder what it will be today. Put me to sleep again? Hmmm....

Willow so sad. Where COULD her birth certificate BE? She leaves for the hospital because you know, she is supposedly going to be a nurse. Anyway, Sonny comes up to Michael and asks where Carly is. Michael finds out that Sonny slept with Nina...gets all mad. Sonny yells back. Michael says his mother should divorce him because he obvious chose Nina. 

Harmony tells Alexis she's not Willow's mother. See, she was in a commune and some chick named "Joan" gave birth, left and then she took her. :eyeroll: Like that's a lie. Alexis tries to figure out what to do. 

Felicia plays with the baby. Brook is sad to let her go. Felicia calls her Louise-- Brook is upset. Mac Daddy sees the baby. The baby starts crying terribly. Fe realizes that the baby doesn't know them and needs her "mother". 

Nina runs into Willow at GH, wonders if something is wrong with Wiley. Willow says no, she has to get to class. OMG THEN...they talk about their childhoods. You know, bad moms. ANVIL. ANVIL. ANVIL. 

Joss visits Carly. They talk about Carly...her marriage...Jason... the cabin.. yada yada. Carly tells Joss that Sonny and Nina had nookie. Joss is SHOCKED!! Sonny knocks on the door. Joss gives him a dirty look, leaves. Sonny doesn't want Carly to get a divorce. He saw she got a lawyer because Carly put it on the shared Google calendar AHAHAHAA. 

Curtis is looking for a new place and wants Portia to come too. She agrees they should look for a place together. 

Back at home, Brook finds Bailey's stuffed animal and cries. Chase hugs her. Then Felicia brings back Baby Bailey. She thinks she's better off with Brook and Chase until Maxie comes back. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022


 Here we go, it's Tuesday... meaning... not much other than it's Tuesday lol. 

Victor looking for Peter...and Austin storms in and tells him to tell him where Peter is with Maxie.  Then he takes out a syringe to threaten Victor...then Dr O holds a gun on Austin. um..ok? Oh, she's working on him to try to find Maxie. Trying to seduce him...without "seducing" him. 

Brook and Chase have Bailey. Ned and Olivia come to see her. They tell her they love her so much even tho she's not family. They take photos. Then Brook and Chase take her to see Felicia and Mac at the hospital. 

Felicia tells Mac that Peter has Maxie. He tries to leave GH but Epiphany stops him. Felicia tells him about the Bailey/Lousie switch. He's thrilled to have a new grandbaby. Oh, Mac needs another test? Uh oh. 

Carly has a lawyer; some new chick, Carly says she only wants to know her options. Then the lawyer tapes her telling her "nina' Story. Lawyer says she get get it all. Carly's not so sure. 

Harmony see Michael and Willow, she's all flustered about the birth certificate. Leaves. Millow talk about nothing. Michael gets a call from the State Department. 

Alexis has an assistant and he wants to do an expose on Sonny, Nina and Carly. heh. Then Harmony goes to see Alexis about Willow's birth. And-- a bunch of stuff. Won't spill it all tho. 


Austin and Dr O listen to Victor because she put a mic on his lapel. 

Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Part 2


Sort of back on track... Tomorrow will be interesting as I have a full/full day and then watching GH. You have no idea I tired I get LOL. 

So, FELIX is in the The Metro..says he ate with his sister Taylor, who's sleeping now. Carly IS ALL OMG!! I MISSED YOU BFF! (WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LOL)...She tells him she's staying at the Metro. He wants to talk her out to 'forget'.. um.. 

Britt and Brad go to the Savoy. Do shots. Molly and TJ are there too. Oh Jordan might be home soon. REMEMBER HER? I barely do. 

Carly and Brad see Britt and Brad. BandB been downing shots and are pretty loaded.  Felix and Brad go to talk. Carly sits with Britt. Britt thinks it's funny they are together and not with the men they want. They bond over their crappy lives and do shots. 

Charlie's: Terry and Chet are at the bar. Nina and Sonny are there --Nina was looking for Phyllis. He tells her he's divorcing Carly. They  have a drink. Nina admits she liked being with Sonny. heh. Sonny drinks more and more. 

OMG.. whoops. Terry thought Chet was her date, Tanner. LOL .. But nope, the real one comes in. Tanner ends up being a slacker type guy.  Into Eastern Medicine... calls her a shill for pharmaceutical companies. She calls out the fact he has hair plugs AHAAHA. Chet comes over to 'save' the situation. He says he's her boyfriend and he's sorry. She says "I can't stay away from you". Awwwww. The other guy leaves. They have a nice drink together. 

Esme visits Spencer at the Spa-Jail. She gives him a photo. She is friends with the guard who is paid by Victor. He sent her flowers. She tells him his friends haven't asked about him at all. She goes to leave and wants to see Ryan. Guard tells her no; Kevin is behind her and says: That was my decision. Spencer asks why she'd want to visit that "kook". She says Mental Illness isn't a joke. Walks out. 

Laura doesn't like Esme. She did her nails on the couch and is messy. LOL Kevin says he'll talk to her. Laura calls Trina? Wants her to come over? Um, ok? Trina rushes over thinking something happened to Spencer. No! He left her a Valentine's Day present! It's an artist book that she loves. Laura likes Trina, you know she'll encourage her. Then Trina talks about what Spencer likes, Laura is glad shes' in his life. ESME WALKS IN. Trina leaves. Esme thinks a bit and flashes back to the sex-tape she took. 

Ava and Nik.. talking about their relationship. Ava wants Avery back fulltime. 


Ava ties up Nikolas with silk ribbons

Molly and TJ have Zex 

Sonny eludes to un-aliving himself if Carly goes ahead with the divorce

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sunday Surgery: A Quickie


Did you think I meant Sonny-Nina?? Naw, I binged GH as much as I could and this SS will be SO quick that I'm hoping you all have enough to say to fill in the gaps. 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Guess Who's Back


Here I am! Thank you for all your well wishes and thoughts. It means so much. My mom actually loved that I blogged/Tweeted and would listen to any podcast I did! She always knew at 2 I'd be unavailable until 3. She'd text:  "I'll wait until 3:05"!  We had so many great times together and no regrets. That's the way to do it. 

SO... Um, THE SHOW?? First of all I've kept up with the blog and tried not to read TOO much of Sonya's recaps because I want to be surprised. Thank you to David and she for all their work!! Second of all--what is with this PIZZA HAT??!! I'm DYING. LOL 

Here's my plan: I'm going to start watching the show on Hulu from last Friday the 4th until I catch up. I HOPE to finish it before Sunday Surgery. We'll see how I do. By all the comments on here and Twitter it looks wild. Can't wait. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Oscar Wednesday


No, no no. Not THAT Oscar. The other one. 

Nominations were announced yesterday. I admit I "heard" of 2 films, but that was about it. I did see Being the Ricardos - on Television. It boggles my mind that they are putting the same program on both TV and in the theater at the same time and then they qualify for both the Oscars and the Emmys. Should be one or the other.

The Ricardos was just a rehash of an old story that we have seen before. Does this ring a bell to anyone?

Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter

I havent watched the Oscars in years. There is just no interest anymore. I rarely if ever go to the theater anymore and I am too busy with other things in life to invest in movies I havent seen. Do you watch the Oscars? Will you tune in this year? Have you seen any of the nominees?

I went to the movies last month. I saw Scream. I have seen every Scream movie on opening weekend, so this was tradition. My first time since the pandemic started. I went up to the box office, which was closed and deserted. Walked in and saw a lonely little kiosk in the middle of the lobby and bought my ticket electronically. Went to snack bar where one person was working to spend more on popcorn than the ticket, and it was off to the theatre. There is no longer someone to rip your ticket in half. It's kinda like the honor system now. Once in, there was one other person sitting in the center ready for the movie. That was it, just the two of us. Saturday night opening weekend at 7:30 and it was a ghost town. 

A little bit of trivia. Does anyone remember the year when the Oscars moved from Monday to Sunday? (I'll give you a hint. 1999) GH had Bobbi and Carly lead a very uncomfortable little banter about it on the show.

Bobbi: Are you going to watch the Oscars this Sunday on ABC?
Carly: Yes, I will have my girlfriends over and I will watch it with them.

Seriously, it was THAT uncomfortable. Who talks like that? Mentions "ABC" in their conversation. Besides, Carly doesnt have girlfriends. Remember the other cross promotions ABC did with the posters of Dinosaurs on the elevators? And I think someone wore a hat and a shirt. Strange.

It's Wednesday. You all know what to do!

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Streaming Tuesday


Advice needed.

I currently have been watching GH at night through Youtube.  Mainly Dailymotion. It has been spotty at best. Closeups galore and then they repeat the first 15 minutes at the last 15 minutes. Not good. 

I have a smartTV and a firestick. No cable. I cut the cord about 5 years ago. I dont pay for services, like Hulu or Disney+. I have a smartTV which overall has served its purpose nicely. is only free if you have a cable service provider. How, exactly is that free? Cable is over 100.00 per month. That's not very free.

So where can I stream a good quality of GH for free the same night? Any suggestions?

Oh, and by the way, Tuesday blog and all that jazz. 

Monday, February 7, 2022

As I See It (Monday's Blog)

I got nothing.

Seriously, nothing. Sunday Surgery wore me out. I dont know how Karen does this week after week. She needs an award or medal or something. Or a vacation in the Bahamas.

This is the Monday blog. I hate posting empty blogs. I always felt it should always be more than just a few sentences that say "comment here". That's why you see "filler" every now and then and drivel that has nothing to do with the current show.

I looked back to last week, and Karen had a blog that said "Pick your poison" and say how you wanted Peter to die. I didnt comment. I thought that laying him spread eagle on the ground and tying each limb to a horse with Maxie holding a starters pistol was just a wee tad bit too dark for daytime television.

But I got another one. Understand this is my thoughts, my idea, and I am not speculating or hitting up spoilers. This is just how I would write it.

Anna gets a tip that Peter might be in a cabin in the woods. They stake it out and Felicia looks in the window and sees Peter and the baby. Anna says they need to get Peter outside without the baby. Felicia says "I'm on it" and runs to the front. Anna says "No, wait" But Felicia is already up front and lets out a high pitched scream and Peter runs out to see what it was. He does his song and dance routine with Anna having a gun drawn on him. The banter goes back and forth and we see a close up of the gun and it is fired. Peter is hit in the chest and falls backward. The camera pans around to the women and we see Felicia holding a gun along with Anna. Felicia says "I'll check on the baby". Anna stands over Peter gun cocked. Felicia is inside with the baby. Peter with his last breath antagonizes Anna. Camera switched to Felicia and we hear a gun shot. Peter is truly dead. Felicia shot him, but it was Anna's bullet that was the fatal one.

Comment below. And Happy Monday.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sunday Surgery (sort of...)


Well, if you tuned in and expected the brilliance of Karen's Sunday Surgery you are out of luck. These are my thoughts for the week. I dont have pretty pictures like she does, so you will have to close your eyes and imagine...

As always, this drivel is my opinion and observations. It's not meant to be hurtful. I will, however, try to be a little snarky.

As for food today? Portabella Florentine Eggs Benedict. I dont know if you can get this all over, but it is my favorite brunch when I get to go out. (I can get it here in Vegas.) Yeah, I'm picky like that but it is soooooo good prepared that way. 


I am surprised Vernee Watson isnt on more. She has such a long storied career in Television and is a great actress. The first time I saw her was on a sitcom called Carter Country in 1977. Which, incidentally, was the first year I started watching GH.

There are so many characters where you just wonder "why are they still on the show?" Michael is one of them. My list is endless...

I admit the whole drugging of someone was wrong, but I also admit that it was a somewhat original storyline for this show, so I give props to writers for trying something different for a change.

I like Joss and Cam as a couple. Plus, they have proven themselves as really good actors. Would love to see more screen time and the writers to go somewhere with this. It's a shame they don't do "lovers on the run" storylines anymore.

I've said this before. I'll bring it up again. They can give Michael a small storyline. Let him have intimacy problems and have to see a therapist. In therapy, it can be revealed he has PTSD from the incident in jail. And let him work through it. Many men who are raped repress the incident until later in life when it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed.

Is Esme really Esme? Will it be revealed she is the daughter of someone on canvas? I know I have heard Ryan as the father, which is juicy, but I bet it is someone out of left field. I think her current moniker is fake too.


There was a background extra at Kelly's. Just thought I would mention this historic moment.

I voted Ned and Olivia as best couple in Karen's year end poll but got overruled. I like them because they have real problems and real storylines, like Leo for example. No aliens, baby switches, brain tumors, evil twins, etc. They are relatable to us viewers. 

Tracy is flawless. I like her now that she is off canvas. She is now a "special guest star" in my opinion and gets the royal treatment whenever she is on. Isnt it time Jane got a lifetime achievement award or something?

Dante looks lost. And I mean the actor too. They dont know what to do with him without Lulu. Chase said it best, "And now you're stuck in neutral"

Genie is rocking that pantsuit. Karen would approve.

Brad and Britt. Not their best exchange, but good to see them together nonetheless.

It was a nice wedding. Again, it felt real. This is a couple that should last a long time. They need some stability on this show.

Was the last wedding in the Q mansion Sean and Tiffany? I dont know. Comment below if you remember. Wait. I think it was Luke and Tracy?


Did anyone else get giddy with Finola and Charles in a scene together?

You know what's sad? When Roger is in a scene, it takes me 2-3 seconds to remember what character he is. 

I get where they are going with the Sonny/Carly story. Showing angst, betrayal, trust, rebirth, etc. But I just am not investing in it. I'm ready to move on. 

Tracy and the Ice Princess seems tacked on. Not thoroughly planned out. Something for Jane to do while she is working on the show. I know most of us would watch her read a phonebook (which they no longer publish) but where are they going with this?

Anna literally arrived at the Qs in seconds. Did she teleport like Star Trek?

Hasn't Luke at one time sold off chips of the Ice Princess to pay debts, etc.? How's my memory on that? Exactly how much of the diamond is left? And the more you chip away, wouldn't the value go down?

Willow doesn't have a birth certificate? Gee, you think this is going to come back to haunt her? I think we all know where this is going.

I have to credit Charles (cant spell his last name). I never thought I would be able to see him as anything but Mr. Sheffield. But with his age (and he aged very well) and silver hair, I totally see him as Victor. A welcome addition.


Everything all of you said about the Sam recast is true. Just sayin...

The first time I saw Wes in an acting role was in a really good movie called Latter Days. He played a shallow gay man in LA who fell in love with a closeted guy who happened to be Mormon. (you cant make this stuff up). He was very good in the role. But, then again it was a different script and different director. So the guy CAN act. It's like Oscar winners who make a clunker of a movie. It all depends on the script and director and overall situation.


Worst... Episode... Ever... (and you know why)

As much as we all know this storyline is ridiculous, I hope we can agree there was some good acting on Friday. Starting with Finola. And Kristina. There has to be a silver lining in this mess.

I dont think I can add to everything you guys wrote on Friday's blog. I'm sure throughout this week there will be more to say about this episode and storyline. So, I will leave it up to all of you to have at it.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Note: If you haven't read her message about the absence, please read the post directly below this. Thank you. 

Friday, February 4, 2022

A Note From Me


Hello all. I am a very open person on here except for a few things and grief is one of them. David has been keeping the blog going thank goodness but I thought I'd let you all know why I've been absent. 

My mom passed away on the evening of the 2nd from heart failure. It was unexpected in that she was due to be discharged the next day and we were getting ready to bring her home. It was not meant to be. As you can imagine, things here not good and I'll be doing things for my Dad and getting preparations in hand for awhile. 

I know you'll all understand. Thank You. 

Off-topic Rant Friday


Is there such a thing? Or did I just make it up? 
Anyway, this is off-topic and kinda rant so if you didn't sign up for that,
please go right to the comments.

Does anyone remember TV Guide? I'm talking the little digest one that fit in the palm of your hand way back when. I remember every September waiting for the fall preview to come in the mail. I used to comb through it cover to cover and mark the shows and days and times to schedule my nights. I fought with my brother who would get the TV on certain nights because we only had one TV and this was before VCR. Mom got the TV on Saturday nights. And if you grew up in the 70s, you knew why. Back then life was much more structured. The TV season started in September and ended in May. You knew when your show started and their premiere was a big deal.


Earlier this week I saw a commercial, or maybe something online that said that The Conners was new this week. I thought the show was returning as I have watched previous seasons. I went to set up my streaming and found out this was around the 10th episode and I already missed about 9 new ones. So now I need to binge watch about 9 before I can see this weeks. Why wasnt I told they came back months ago?

Ditto for Claws. I love Claws. Neicy Nash is a force. Its a campy show, but addictive. I remember the season finale last year and was told the new season was "next year". Well, it is practically done so there is another bingefest waiting for me. 

I hate binging. I admit the lack of commercials is a plus, but I have a short attention span and 30 minutes is about all I can devote to something. I miss the old days, when you knew when your shows were returning and you had a grip on it and watched every week. Remember Dynasty parties on Wednesday nights? 

Animal Kingdom is next. I am already searching for their return. There are millions of TV shows out there now. My fiends are watching Star Wars stuff, and I just cant invest. I saw the results for this years Emmys and didn't recognize one TV show nominee. When I get home from work, I put on PlutoTV and watch an episode of Carol Burnett or Three's Company (which, incidentally, did NOT hold up over time)

So... today's question for the comments is: Do you binge your TV viewing? Have you missed premieres of your favorite shows because they are scattered? How has your viewing habits changed since we went from 3 local network channels (Sept-May) to a million channels all over the place?

Maybe there should be an app where you type in your shows and it reminds you when there will be a new episode. Actually, there probably already is one.

Happy Friday everyone. I will try - key word is TRY - to get something up for Sunday Surgery. Maybe I will binge this week's episodes on Saturday. I hear binging is the way to watch TV now.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Hello, Felicia


As all of you know, a few weeks ago Kristina was a put on contract at GH. I was thrilled. I simply love the woman and the character. She has been with us since 1984 (the year before I graduated high school). I remember going to college 8 miles west of Atlantic City when they filmed their scenes there.

Now that she is on contract, I keep wondering "what now?" Is she going to get a storyline? If she does, what will it be? And since John York is not on contract, will he be a part of it? 

I'm turning to the wub community. I've searched online and found nothing. What do you guys know? Has anything been said? What storyline would you want to see her tackle? I kinda am leaning away from the Aztec storyline. Unless they finally recognize Maxie as a princess.

Or maybe it is contract in name only and this was the budget department jockeying money around. I dont know. I dont work at Disney.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Happy Groundhog Day. People far and wide will wait breathlessly for Punxsutawney Phil to peek his furry little head out of his hole and forecast the weather for the next 6 weeks. I thought about looking up the history of our furry friend Phil, but realized all of you can do that on your own. 

I thought about the whole weather thing with the furrball. The worst case scenario is 6 more weeks of winter, right? Well, today it was 62 degrees and it will be 68 by the weekend. You know what Philbers? Bring it on! I can take it.

If you havent guessed by now, I am filling space. Karen has taken a leave of absence. She has to tend to a family member and I know that family is a priority for any of us and I want her to be where she is needed. With short notice, I have very little prepared for today. I know how much you all love my wit and wisdom! This is the blog for Wednesday. I hope it is a good show. Please comment as you normally do.

Everyone try to stay safe and healthy out there. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022



Much going on in my life right now, I'm not sure when I can post regularly I'll be in and out. 

Hope the show is good! 


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